Eufloria Community Yields Space Fruit

Alex from the Eufloria team sends word that the new version of the game, 2.05, includes a big old community map pack. The game now supports customs maps in the interface, and there’s apparently now some scope for truly inventive modding, with moving asteroids and other cleverness. The update is out on the site for non Steam users, and the Steam version will be updated shortly. I had a bit of a wordthink about the game last year, and most of what I said still stands.


  1. Cooper says:

    Tempted to buy now.
    Dyson filled my “laid back strategy fix”, but I was never tempted to buy the full thing as, well, it seemed a little bit too slow paced with little variation.

    But if modding is gonna add some nice twists and more options, I’d happily give it a shot.

  2. Sam says:

    If this went on offer on Steam, I’d probably buy it, I should really try the demo.

  3. Kadayi says:

    I like Eufloria (aside from the lousy name..pity they couldn’t have negotiated to still call it Dyson tbh). Not exactly strenuous, but more fun than playing solitaire and a decent soundtrack. Worth getting.

  4. Vitamin Powered says:

    YES! When I looked into Eufloria modding, I was disappointed by the lack of ability to create moving asteroids. I’ll definitely be getting into this.

  5. Alex May says:

    Sorry guys, I ballsed up the patch – if you already downloaded it please re-download and re-apply. Should get you a working game.

  6. Kadayi says:

    Will steam update this automatically at some point, or do we need to install it separately Alex?

    • Alex May says:

      The steam patch will go live at some point, I don’t have much more ocntrol over than than I’ve already exerted though.