Finnished: Conquest Of The Americas

That’s a pun, you see, because it’s made by Finnish game studio Nitro Games, but it’s also finished and available to pre-order. Anyway, Paradox Interactive’s latest historical naval war and management game, Commander: Conquest Of The Americas, is actually released on July 30th, and it’s the semi-sequel to East India Company. I didn’t really get on particularly well with EIC, despite feeling like it got the diplomacy stuff right, and the sea-battle stuff mostly right. I just sort of tired of the grind of it, and left feeling unpleased. Anyway, it clearly made enough headway and charmed enough of you lot to get this follow up, which sees familiar perfidious European powers vying to take control of the Americas. Bloody bastards. Trailer below, if you’re interested.


  1. ChaK_ says:

    nice pun

    • Paul B says:

      I liked the explanation – just shows, Jim is not immune to punning.

  2. Canape says:

    I’d prefer a remake of the remake of Colonization, with the old heart and soul restored, plus the nice sunsets in this one.

  3. Oak says:

    I’ll wait for the reviews this time around, but I really do hope they learned from their mistakes with East India Company.

  4. Torgen says:

    I was such a pig during the Steam Summer Sale, that I’d have to see a demo before adding it to my queue.

  5. Dastompinata says:

    HAHAHA I get it FINNISHED!!!!! hilarious

  6. Jimbo says:

    I quite enjoyed what I played of EIC, but I eventually got to a point where I couldn’t continue my campaign without it crashing – this was less than ideal. This also happened with Empire TW and Hegemony, so hooray for this type of game.

  7. Berzee says:

    I want there to be a Foreign Language DVD Set that teaches you Finnish, and it will be called “From Start to Finnish.”

    There will be others in the series. “From Start to German.” “From Start to Latin.” et cetera

  8. Huygens says:

    So is this a turn based game on the strategic level and real time for the battles, or pausable real time throughout? (haven’t played EIC, lukewarm reviews kept me away)