Finite Crisis: DC Universe Online Beta

Sign ups are open for DC Universe Online’s beta-testing carnival of superheroic fun. Should you bother hauling your digi-carcass over there and signing up? Probably. Kieron’s hands-on write up a while back was pretty positive. I have to admit I’ve not been following the game all that closely, but it’s looking intriguingly action-oriented. I guess I should pay more attention. Bad psychic cobwebs from it being SOE, or something.


  1. Rath says:

    I wish to create a Nightwing-esque character, possibly armed with some sort of laser crossbow. Is this possible in the beta?

  2. DJ Phantoon says:

    No reason to add “or something”, because that’s pretty much exactly why, Jim.

  3. Kid A says:

    In the screenshot… that’s Doomsday. As in, the creature that single-handedly defeated the majority of DC Earth’s superheroes, killed Superman once, and had to be tricked into the entropy of the end of time. And he’s still alive there.

    …hardly seems appropriate even as end-game content.

    • ErrantConstruct says:

      OR the most appropriate end game content. Think about, you could fight that guy forever.

    • Kid A says:

      Superman with a new suit and a shiny box of gadgets from a bunch of multi-dimensional beings could barely survive against Doomsday – he got his arm broken and beaten to crap and back before a massive teleportation ass-pull. Unless this game is going to allow your characters to be several orders of magnitude more powerful than Supes, Doomsday should be able to grind you into meat paste. And if this game IS going to let you be more powerful than Supes, it’s doing it wrong.

    • Jimbot says:

      Maybe they’ll be following Bioware and giving you all the heroic junk from the word go and you’ll fight Doomsday as your first encounter. From there you… do the same thing the entire game? Who needs progression when you can just be the hero of the day the moment you set foot in the world!

    • Bret says:

      Hey, the Deep Flippin’ Six beat Superman bloody once.

      If you can’t get past Superman’s power level, how could one expect to roll with the New Gods?

      (Or, more relevantly, power levels in comics vary all the time, and Doomsday sucks. Makes sense to have kicking his ass be an option at some point.)

    • Ben says:

      Eh, it’s easy enough to deal with. “It’s Lex Luthor’s ersatz clone of Doomsday” “The Time Trapper pulled this one out of time from earlier in his evolution” “The Martian Manhunter is dating a chick that likes him to shapeshift for freaky roleplaying” “Zatanna is f’ing with you”

      Or this might not be an incoming fight. In the Hobbit intro area for LOTRO, you run into a freakin Nazgul. Of course your level 1 n00b does absolutely nothing but cower until someone else chases it off. This could be equivalent.

  4. geldonyetich says:

    Always a fan of the super hero MMORPGs (I’ve some 1600+ hrs logged in City of Heroes) I jumped on that beta application link so fervently that I mis-clicked twice.

  5. Howl says:

    I would love this to be the modern, polished CoH that Champions failed to be but then I see SOE and….

  6. Zyrusticae says:

    To be fair, SOE’s doing fairly well with Everquest 2. The fact that it’s still alive and well, even despite some really strong competition, says a lot.

    That being said, they’re also the company that drove SWG into the ground… so we’ll see what they’ve learned since then, yeah?

  7. utharda says:

    I still tend to think of SOE fondly for my 3 years /played in eq, rather than for swg, etc.. My reluctance is based on past supermmo experience. I just couldn’t get into COH when it came out, and I’m still violently angry with myself for EVER subscribing to champions, especially for paying for 6 months up front. :/

    I think the superhero genre is dead to me now… especially with all the costume related eyeburn.

  8. Gentacle says:

    It’s SOE but I can’t help but get just a tinge irrationally excited when videos show characters freezing other players into blocks of ice or electroballs and then chucking them off cliffs.