King Of Xong

This is how I imagine the inside of Jim's head.

This is tricksie, but I think you may find Xong interesting. It’s basically a cross between Arkanoid and Rogue. Which is a bit of a cheat, but hits the key “bouncing projectiles to remove blocks” and “randomised levels” aspects of the game. Basically, the game’s aim is for you to i) kill all the baddies by dropping direction-guide-things in the path of the baddies to lead them down the black hole ii) change your puck into the correct colour to bounce at the key-lock-monster-centipede who is wandering around while not iii) dying or losing your last puck or similar. It’s genuinely quite abstract in that reprocessed early-80s-through-90s-filter way, and takes some getting used to, but it’s good to see people following Spelunky down its particular hole. For more have a nose at the Play This Thing review. You can pick it up for PC and the other two PCs here and there’s a remix compo going over at the developer’s site. Also worth popping along to the site to see the developer roll his eyes at people describing the graphics as ASCII or ANSI. I’ll describe the graphics as shit. Quote that one, eh?


  1. Meat Circus says:

    Video gaming stupid. Best viewed through a synthetic rice diode.

  2. kikito says:

    It does seem to include some bits from tron, too.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Bozzley says:

    “Rock, Paper, Shotgun review. Incorrectly describes the game as having shit graphics.”

    Do it!

  4. Demon Beaver says:

    KG, could it perhaps be that you missed a major point of the developers? The real deal with this game is that all of it is released under GPL, and tries to be as easily changeable as possible. You can switch any graphic file or code with your own version, restart the game and see the results. They even have a contest going on their site.
    While I didn’t particularly enjoy the game, I think it’s an interesting experiment, and I do like the developer’s general attitude.

    Oh, I’m totally not a plant! :P

  5. Gotem says:

    That screen reminds me of when I was learning to program in assembler

  6. David O'Toole says:

    Hi, thanks for the writeup. I think the graphics for XONG looked better in version 1.2; for 1.4 I added some texturing to the colored block tiles, and it sort of messed everything up. First on the TODO list in my own Xong remix, is to change the tiles back to solid color.

  7. David O'Toole says:

    Also, XONG is my earliest released game, and I chose it for the contest because it’s relatively simple and small. Easier to remix etc. With practice I got a bit better at graphics, thought I would eventually like to hire a Real Artist (TM). See my games page for some shots and links to my other games.

  8. perfectheat says:


    I think it’s the most exiting indie game since ever. And I’m a game designer so I should know! ;) Ok, if you want to change anything, make it so that you can 4x the number o pixels pr pixel, and make the colours washed out, kinda like these: link to but more pastel… ohh wait I can do that!


  9. Kieron Gillen says:

    To stress, I’m playing around with the shit graphics line.


  10. David O'Toole says:

    Hi KG,

    Hey, I know :) no worries. However it is a valid criticism. My remix entry will have special graphics attention :)

  11. David O'Toole says:

    Hello KG, I’ve written up an article on how Apple’s iOS SDK terms prevent the contest touching the iDevices like the iPhone. It’s here at my site: Thoughts on iOS Games and it explains why I will not be releasing any of my games on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. I hope people find it informative.