Sunday Platform Envy

I would like these electronic ‘home console’ videogames to be converted for the IBM-compatible personal computer system, please. They will be treated with kindness, respect and mild euphoria.


Can’t hear enough good things about it. Common consensus is that the trial and error nature doesn’t harm the mood, tale, and dream-like aesthetic one bit.

Joe Danger:

VIDEOGAMES VIDEOGAMES VIDEOGAMES VIDEOGAMES. Also, the Hello Games guys seem super-clued-in, in terms of game design, self-marketing and preventing bigger boys from crushing their spirit.


A game about exploring. Four words that will always catch my interest, instantly.

That it’s created by Cloud’s Jenova Chen only pushes up the Yes Please factor. Not out for a while and there’s no video, alas. Here are some pictures instead, and then you should definitely read Chris Donlan’s preview over on Eurogamer.

We got Braid eventually. It’s not impossible that these esoteric delights might also trickle down to our hallowed omni-box eventually. Please?


  1. Alexandros says:

    @ Alec Meer: If there is a chance that this article will motivate them to release the games on PC, I’m with you. However, personally I would rather read a piece on people who actively support our favourite platform, that’s all I’m saying.

  2. Butler` says:

    My current GOTY.

    Bunch of us sat and played this for four hours last night with two complete (female) non-gamers, and everyone had a lovely time.

  3. EthZee says:

    You can have those games.

    But we want Shattered Horizon, the latest STALKER title, and that WW1 Combat Flight Game (Knights of the Sky).

    This seems fair.

  4. perfectheat says:

    Limbo has the best art direction direction since the beginning of time. It’s that good.

  5. Cinnamon says:

    Eric Chahi’s Project Dust would be something I would want for PC if it wasn’t for that whole Ubisoft DRM thing.

  6. np says:

    I have been playing Limbo and it is indeed and absolutely stunning and utterly wonderful thing of beauty.

    A must buy when it is undoubtably ported to the PC guys!

  7. Nolan says:

    Scott Pilgrim, Limbo, and Fez. That’s all I’m asking for guys.