Armoured Hugs: Space Marine On PC

only war, and pixel shaders

“The loyal PC audience is incredibly important to us here at Relic,” says a guy. Or, to put it in other, MORE EXCITING words: the Warhammer 40,000 third-person action game Space Marine is coming to PC, despite formerly being pitched as console only. Oh yay! Oh yay!

And the screenshots? The screenshots look great.

(Click for bigger, more grimly dark pictures, by the way).

Whether that was down to the petition we pointed at a while back, or simple common business sense (“a lot of people who play PC games also play or used to play Games Workshop stuff”) I dunno, but it’s good news. If only to experience Relic trying their hand at something way out of their comfort zone. They already gave it a go with The Outfit on 360, but we’ve not experienced it on PC, and most certainly not with the brand they’ve increasingly become synonymous with.

Here are words and pictures.

Combining intense melee and ranged combat, Space Marine puts players into the boots of one of humanity’s elite soldiers, genetically engineered and equipped with state of the art weapons and armor. Players are dropped right into the action as they battle to defend an Imperial Forge World, from an invasion by the savage and brutal Orks, using the most devastating weaponry mankind has at its disposal.

Jonathan Dowdeswell, General Manager of Relic Entertainment commented: “The loyal PC audience is incredibly important to us here at Relic so we are delighted to be able to announce the PC version of the game.”

Travis Plane, Vice President of Global Brand Management commented: “Delivering great content the fans want to play is the key goal in the core games division at THQ so we are pulling out all of the stops to make this the best possible game for PC and console audiences alike.”

Set in the rich Warhammer 40,000 universe created by Games Workshop, Space Marine will be released worldwide for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and PC in early 2011.

About Space Marine

You are a Space Marine, one of humanity’s elite warriors, the last line of defence between mankind and its enemies. Through extensive genetic modification, psycho-chemical conditioning and years of rigorous training that would kill a normal man a Space Marine becomes superhuman.

When one of the industrial ‘Forge World’ planets where humanity creates its greatest weapons, comes under attack and the thousands of imperial soldiers stationed there are overwhelmed the only thing standing between this planet and its total destruction is your Space Marine. For more information, please visit


  1. TychoCelchuuu says:

    Yeaaaah baby.

  2. Miker says:

    Just saw this news on Eurogamer, fantastic news. Hopefully it doesn’t come with GFWL though :-/

    • Centy says:

      Yeah that’s my only problem with Relic hopefully they will see the light and go with Steam works it’s more reliable than GFWL and of course Relic online which I would still rather have over GFWL.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      As we understand it, THQ have dropped GFWL and will be using Impulse Reactor. That should mean that this game does not have GFWL.

  3. TotalBiscuit says:

    One of their biggest commercial failures was a console only release. Just makes sense to bring it to a platform where they have consumer loyalty.

  4. Vinraith says:

    Cynical jackass response: Oh, how original, another third person action game where we play a space marine.

    Real response: Being as it’s 40K licensed and Relic developed I suspect it’ll be more fun than the concept has any right to be.

    • Azazel says:

      Agreed. It could be like Gears of War, but with all the burly manly men replaced with burly manly batshit religious crazyheads.

    • Antsy says:

      Spot on Vin. Its another nail applied to that 40k itch, so its guaranteed to satisfy on some level, even if it gouges a bit. I even enjoyed Fire Warrior (can I say that?)


    • Grot Punter says:


      Can you claim to have beaten Firewarrior, as I can?


    • Jacques says:

      Not just any Space Marine though, but Space Marine’s of the superhuman catholic space nazi kind.

    • Wulf says:

      At least the marines are brightly coloured this time around!

      Brightly coloured future-soldiers all most got me into Global Agenda, until I realised that joining a guild-like thing was vital in order to enjoy the PvE.

      Soooo… for that and a few other reasons, I’m mildly interested in this, at least.

    • jigahaganaga says:

      I to enjoyed fire warrior, though in saying that it was my 2nd fps after doom so I thought it was awesome that I could aim upwards at the time.

    • Azhrarn says:

      I rather enjoyed Firewarrior, if only for the insane roar of the Chaos Bolter (once you got your hooves on one) and the fights against space marines (who are thoroughly hard the first few times since your weapons do so little to them).

      As for the PC release of Space Marine. Oh yes, that will be lovely. Yes it’s the usual cliché of Power Armoured Space Marine vs Whatever happens to be in your crosshairs, but it’s the original set of Power Armoured Space Marines, so it’ll probably be awesome.

  5. Kirian says:

    The enemies of the Emperor fear many things.

    They fear discovery, defeat, despair and death.

    Yet there is one thing they fear above all others.

    Shoddy ports.

    • Kirian says:

      That makes no sense, does it?


    • Sporknight says:

      I’m trackin’. I even read it to my roommate in my Space Marine Voice!

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Ok here’s your chance at redemption: complete the rest of the lines in this stanza/chant.

      “To be reviled, that is the fate of the shoddy console port…”

  6. Surgeon says:

    Can’t wait to get Astarted playing this.

  7. JohnnyMaverik says:

    YES!!!! Thank fk, I really didn’t want to play this on console ^_^

  8. Sam Crisp says:

    Is this the game with the Cinemactions?

    • subedii says:

      Nah, that was being done by a separate dev in Australia I think. Got canned eventually.

    • Kommissar Nicko says:

      You mean the one where you “orchestrate your Ballet of Death?”

  9. mandrill says:

    When yousaid Space Marine I thought you meant the tabletop Space Marine. The one with the huge armies and massive tanks and Titans and insanely large bore guns.

    Sigh, oh well thats another hope dashed.

  10. Daryl says:

    I was looking forward to this game even before this announcement, and I’m very glad it’s coming to the PC now. I hope it has some depth and isn’t just a run-of-the-mill, God of War type of button masher. Not that there’s anything wrong with those types of games every now and then, but I’m expecting a little more than that.

    I’m also hoping it’s not a console port. I am not a huge fan of Relic’s games but I do appreciate them for releasing PC-exclusive games in the past with very little DRM, but I don’t want to see them go the way of so many other developers.

  11. Coldwave says:



    • EthZee says:

      You bought a console… for one game?

    • Lemon scented apocalypse says:

      At least you have Team Ico.

      BOT: This is joyus news indeed

      Distrubingly, my captcha says: LIeS…….

    • coldwave says:

      Relic making WK40k console-only game was a last straw.

      Well, at least I have Valkyria Chronicles now.

  12. pkt-zer0 says:

    Blatant Starcraft: Ghost ripoff.


  13. Dood says:

    Yay, Space Fascists on the PC. This is a joyous day.

  14. Chad Warden says:

    Oh boy! I love bald Space Marine, duck ‘n’ cover shooters! I take 20!

  15. DrugCrazed says:

    Looks like fun. Though I prepare to have my dreams shattered.

  16. Stompywitch says:

    At last, some real Space Marines, not those girly-boy roid-ragers.

    And 40K is well known for being quite colourful, too!

  17. Fox says:

    Nice, though I wish they’d show some love for the other races in the franchise, here and in DoW II campaigns. Playing an Eldar Farseer as a TPS would be pretty sweet.

    • malkav11 says:

      I agree with you for the most part, but hey, the last 40K action game did have you play as a Tau Fire Warrior. Pity it was one of the most dreadful shooters ever made.

  18. ChampionHyena says:


  19. wyrmsine says:

    That ork, with the rokkit? That’s what I want to play as, please.

  20. Tei says:


  21. Freud says:

    I love the aesthetic of the 40k universe. I’m not a huge fan of third person shooters but when that third person is a space marine, I might be ok with it.

  22. Ryz says:

    Awesome news.

    Hush cynical people! PC releases are good things, even if you might not be interested in it, remember?

  23. Navagon says:

    Good to hear from a supporting the PC standpoint. But the early footage made the gameplay look very, very pants indeed. Even by console standards. Hopefully that’s something that has been improved dramatically during the development process.

    • pkt-zer0 says:

      That version’s been scrapped AFAIK. Different developer, hopefully better gameplay.

    • Navagon says:

      Great! That’s good to hear. Consider my interest restored.

    • MWoody says:

      Ahhh, was wondering what was going on here. These screenshots looked awesome, and that earlier vid was anything BUT awesome. Color me interested again.

  24. Bascule42 says:

    There is no such thing as a poor port, only degrees of guilt.

    or to put it another way…

    Burn the XBOX. Kill the PS3. Purge the Wii.

  25. Jonathan says:

    Orks! Orks is best! Orks for the Ork God! etc.

  26. Jimbo says:

    I don’t know much about Warhammer, but I enjoyed the knowingly OTT tone in Dawn of War 2. This could be fun, as long as you don’t spend the whole time hiding behind cover.

  27. Eversor says:

    Well, this is good news. Glad to see petitions sometimes can get something done.

  28. Dominic White says:

    There was a trailer a while back that shows you taking on an Ork air-force at one point.

    Deff Skwadron need to make a cameo for that level. It’ll be pretty generally awesome to take on the orks in the sky, though – their aircraft are straight out of Catch the Pigeon, and completely at odds with any Grim Darkness the setting tries to sell.

    • EthZee says:

      Awww yeah. Deff Skwadron ruled.

      They need to make an ork-centric game. I still haven’t forgotten my disappointment when the Gorkamorka game they had planned for the Dreamcast went into development hell.

      They need to make it now. NOW.

  29. Isometric says:

    Bloody good news chaps.

  30. Tim Ward says:


  31. Depressed says:

    Well rejoice all you want, this used to originally be a really awesome third person brawler with various, chainsaw-and-guts sporting finishing moves, and then was mutilated into a kind of diabloesque clone and moved to another studio.

    Pathetic, as I SO would have enjoyed stomping out Orcs and Chaos Marines first hand.
    But nneewwww, you PC gamers can’t have that. That would be feeeeeeeewn. And god forbid PC owners get that.


    • subedii says:

      What’s a ‘feeeeeeeewn’?

      Apparently I’m supposed to get one somewhere. Do they stock them at Tesco?

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Judging by the reactions, I think we will have fun with this game. Good to see you are happy for our sake. Thanks, mate!

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Yes. It got moved to a better studio and made more original than some dumb tenth-rate God of War clone.

    • MWoody says:

      Did you SEE the original footage of the game? It was shit. Like from a butt.

    • Depressed says:

      Yes I have seen it, hence my being annoyed at the sudden turnaround.

      The footage can be found here
      link to
      or here
      link to

      I don’t know about anyone who may be missing a set of testies or what, but to me the idea of a WH40k game with main focus being “intimate brutality” rather than yet another DOW2 remake seemed thrilling and invigorating.

      I’m going to check the “new” version out regardless, but for once I would have liked to chainsawswordslay my enemies properly, up close and personal.

      (Btw – those videos were heavily compressed early alpha preview stuff..I wouldn’t make any GFX judgements, but the CONTENT was already looking highly promising. No idea why it had to be pulled..)

  32. Choca says:

    Dear Relic,

    I love you.

    Sincerely, Me.

  33. Hmm says:

    Dear Relic,
    PLEASE avoid Steamworks. Find a neutral solution that will allow you to reach the widesest possible audience, that it is, all digital distribution channels other than Steam.
    Thank you!

    • subedii says:

      Steamworks games can be and often are sold on other DD platforms.

      And personally, if it was between GFWL and Steamworks, I’d take Steamworks, no doubt. GFWL made playing Dawn of War 2 a freaking chore at times.

    • Hmm says:

      What DD platforms? All ONE of them – Direct2Drive? What about Impulse? What about the idiocy of bundling Steam store client with a boxed copy? What about Valve banning people for no reason – see MW2? Doesn’t that show you you can lose all your Steam games if Valve say so?
      Sorry you’ve had problems, but there are people who never had any troubles with GFWL, yet had plenty of problems with Steam.
      What about Impulse Reactor, due to launch this summer? I hope it works as advertised.

    • Hmm says:

      By the way, if other DD platforms distribute Steam games, you still have to install Steam, which kind of defeats the point of getting your game from other sources than Steam.

    • subedii says:

      So basically your issue isn’t actually with a game’s availability, but its usage of Steamworks. Which is separate.

      If you want to complain about Steamworks in itself then I can see that. But it doesn’t preclude the game being available elsewhere.

      You say “what about Impulse” without irony. So basically you have no issue with Impulse being bundled with Stardock games and being required to play? It’s the same deal, different developer.

      The reason that developers choose to go with Steamworks, or with GFWL, or with Impulse, is because they feel the suite of tools offered grants them a cost effective means of implementing features that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to offer. Or at least, not to the extent provided by the other services mentioned.

    • DrGonzo says:


      I agree with you. But, Impulse is nowhere near as intrusive as Steam. It isn’t required to be running for you to play the game.

      By the way I love Steam.

    • subedii says:

      And that’s fine if you feel Steam’s intrusive. I can see that.

      It’s just not every company is Blizzard and can afford to spend 10 years making their own completely functional back end multiplayer network and community system from scratch. And at that stage, you either drop those features, or you go with a 3rd party. Steamworks is one of those, and it offers a lot.

      Other companies have had just as much opportunity to choose to make use of Impulse. Most of them so far have decided the featuresets offered by Steamworks and GFWL are more wide reaching and more preferable, and I can see why. And of the two, I’d say it’s not even a question of preference, about the only thing that GFWL offers over Steamworks is TS matchmaking, the rest, Steamworks does with better implementation.

      As for Impulse Reactor, we can only see about that when it gets here.

    • Hmm says:

      Have you ever used Impulse? It doesn’t work like Steam.

      First of all, Impulse is not, I repeat, NOT required to play Stardock games, nor does Stardock bundle it with their games. It is only required for patching the game and you can totally uninstall it afterwards, your game will run fine. Try that with Steam.
      Impulse Reactor is meant to totally work without any client and make it possible for games using it to be sold on Steam as well btw, we’ll see how it does when it launches soon.
      When I asked “what about Impulse?” , I meant that Steamworks games cannot be bought from there, because the client is bundled with games.

    • subedii says:

      That Stardock doesn’t want to take on Steamworks games is not the same as Valve preventing them from stocking steamworks games, as it doesn’t prevent D2D or Gamersgate from doing so. Unlike other DD services, Stardock doesn’t want to stock steamworks games as they have their own competing system in Impulse. That’s fine, but it’s their choice to make. And at that point it’s the prerogative of the developer as to whether they want to make use of it or not.

      To put that another way, Gas Powered Games originally worked together with Stardock on Demigod, and made use of Impulse for the multiplayer architecture. When it came to Supreme Commander 2, they went with Steamworks instead because they felt it offered them a better multiplayer architecture and featureset, and they’ve actually made really good use of it to date.

      Defence Grid is on Impulse. Defence Grid makes use of Steamworks on its Steam (and store based) releases, but it’s not present on the Impulse version (or even the Greenhouse version, which makes use of different systems). It’s not an either-or situation, it’s up to the developers to implement how they see fit.

      And saying that you can uninstall Impulse each time you patch but you need it to patch every time doesn’t really strike me as a real improvement. I can’t imagine that you uninstalled Impulse every time you patched Sins of a Solar Empire or Gal Civ 2, I know I didn’t, that would be pointless. In real terms, you still need Impulse if you’re going to play the games. If I’m installing a title, I still need to verify it with Stardock. If I’m re-installing from a backup, same deal. If I’m playing online, my version is checked with Stardock’s back-end. As a feature it’s there I suppose, but on its own, it doesn’t mean much.

      If it were the case that once I’d bought the game from Impulse I never had to check in with Stardock ever again, then that would be a feature I’d appreciate. As it stands, the winner there isn’t Steam, it’s not even Impulse, it’s GOG.

  34. BobbleHat says:

    Great news. Given that the Warhammer 40k Space Marines are the best kind of space marines, I’ll forgive them for making another third person game about space marines. My only complaint is that I collect Eldar, and would have rather seen a game about them.

  35. Lambchops says:

    I will only buy this game if it features MANFAT HARDFACE. ~This is all I have to say on the matter.

    link to

  36. BigJonno says:

    These “Oh noes, not more space marine shooty games” comments just go to show how completely unaware of the 40K setting most people are, even after playing DoW. They are nothing like typical shooter space marines and hopefully Relic will get that across in this game.

    The bit about it being set on a Forge World is interesting. It seems like a good excuse to have weapons and upgrades to collect, because they’re pretty much the only place in the Imperium where the Marines wouldn’t already be carrying the best gear in the whole system.

    • Zwebbie says:

      “They are nothing like typical shooter space marines”

      Yeah! Other Space Marines shoot space nazis or space aliens, these Space Marines shoot Orks or other Space Marines! It’s a completely different cliché!

    • BigJonno says:

      Thanks for proving my point.

    • Zwebbie says:

      You’re welcome.

      Now, I think you’d be surprised at how much I actually do know about 40k fluff, but I still don’t quite get what the major difference is that you’re implying. Is it that they shout about the Emperor all the time? I’d love to hear some arguments :) .

    • subedii says:

      Yeah, if the game went out of its way to portray the Space Marines as anti-heroes or even outright villains, then I could see something there. But for the most part I expect it’s going to be more heroic slaughter as the good guys face the enemies of man.

      I think this is something DoW1 actually did a little better. A big part of the plot was that Gabriel effectively enacted an exterminatus of his entire homeworld, and by the end he was proudly unrepentant of this. But the way it was presented was just enough that you understood that this was his zealotry coming through, rather than that we should actually view the extermination of a whole planet as the “good guy” thing to do. Basically the game didn’t shirk away from portraying the Space Marines as so obsessive and zealous that they would wipe whole planets of life in “service to the Emperor”.

      Then come DoW2, and I was disappointed that they are just portrayed as heroic heroes.

    • BigJonno says:

      For starters, they’re physically enhanced beyond the typical FPS grunt. They’re about eight feet tall, they have extra hearts and lungs, they can spit poison and absorb the memories of the dead by eating their brains. They can seal themselves against vacuum by sweating out this waxy stuff that hardens into a protective coating.

      Adolescent boys are implanted with the seeds of these enhancements so that they grow throughout puberty. The source of the modifications are special organs that develop in full-grown Marines. As a result, holding on to the bodies of the dead is a big deal for them. The original source of the enhancements is the Primarchs, twenty genetically-engineered “sons” of the Emperor. The Primarchs were snatched and scattered by Chaos while they were still infants and their DNA was tampered with. As a result, all Space Marines are flawed and more or less insane. The range of flaws goes from the Imperial Fist’s obsession with scrimshawing and pain (in one of the novels, a Fist sticks his hand into a vat of acid until the flesh is dissolved away, then covers his entire hand with tiny carvings of the names of his two fallen comrades, before heading to the med-bay to get his flesh replaced,) to the Blood Angels, who grow fangs and eventually turn into raving psychopaths after being haunted by visions of the death of their Primarch. The one guy who survived this, on account of being trapped under a collapsed building, turned into a vampire.

      Add the general religious fanaticism and the fact that they’ll quite happily wipe entire planets clean to complete their mission and I’d say they stand apart from Marcus Fenix and chums.

    • Zwebbie says:

      BigJonno: Nothing I didn’t know there, but I fail to see how any of those are an improvement. Vampire Space Marines? That’s different, all right, but not something I’d boast about.
      The whole premise of 40k – you’ve got to dump some morality if you want to survive in the ruthlessness of the universe – isn’t too bad, actually. DoW’s story, which subedii mentions, focuses on that and it’s not bad at all. But once you get into its details, it’s full of crap like Viking Space Marines, eating brains to transfer memories, kilometer high robots, robot mummies, space Jesus, and what-not. Let’s not even start about the amount of quotes stolen and maimed.

      “It’s a Space Marine, but with twice as many organs and he’s a vampire” sounds like the kind of thing a twelve year old would come up with, to be honest =/ .

    • malkav11 says:

      My complaint isn’t that they’re like standard shooter space marines. it’s that 40K games almost always have them front and center. There are other factions that could use some time in the limelight. To date I can only think of two 40K games that for certain focus on something other than the Space Marines: Rites of War, the Panzer General clone where you play Eldar, and Fire Warrior, the godawful Halo knockoff where you play a Tau.

      And multiplayer doesn’t count as far as I’m concerned. I never play it. So I’m -still- waiting to get some time with a non-Space Marine race in Dawn of War II.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Well basically, they’re better at it than everyone else.

      What with the being able to crush a man’s head with one hand business going on.

    • BigJonno says:

      So all the stuff that does make 40k Space Marines different from, Gears of War or Halo or Doom or Quake space marines doesn’t count because you think it’s silly? That’s a great argument there.

      I’ll agree that, for the purposes of these here ‘puter and vidja games, they’re still guys in armour who shoot stuff, but I would have thought that was oversimplifying things a little. Personally, I think that being genetically-enhanced, psychopathic religious fanatics sets them apart from the typical “soldiers….in space” cliches that get trotted out every five minutes and I hope that this comes across in the game.

  37. taikonaut says:

    ´twas “orchestrating the ballet of death”. My gawd.

  38. mrpier says:

    Great news!

  39. Rick says:

    Kill the heretic. Burn the mutant. Destroy the consoles. Serve the Emperor!

  40. Durns says:

    I think you just proved his point….

  41. Barman1942 says:

    Now the question is; will it be a sloppy port with mouse smoothing you can’t turn off, limited video options and no mod tools, or will it be a quality port?

  42. Vodkarn says:


    Can you claim to have beaten Firewarrior, as I can?


    I got TO the last level, but it crashed every time early on.

    And frankly, why would you do that to yourself? That’s self-loathing.

  43. jonfitt says:


    Any word if you can repaint your player character or are you forced to play as an Ultrabland?

  44. zakkmiester says:

    Sadly, I bought an xbox for this (and catching up on games I had missed in the past couple years)
    It was on sale though, so no real loss.

  45. ZhouYu says:

    I’m not exactly sold on THQ’s record on fps PC releases/ports (Red Faction Geurilla anyone? Frontlines fuel of war perhaps?) But if I can finally melt face and play as an actual space marine… yeah I’m going to pick this up.

    This is not just a console port. This is a W40k console port.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      It’s also made by Relic, who had pedigree when it comes to PC releases. Pedigree matters.

    • blargh says:

      Ha! Of all crap ports you could have mentioned, you mention Red Faction Guerrilla? Really? And not Saints’ Row 2? REALLY?

      RFG was one of the MUCH better console ports in recent memory from THQ and Volition. I really really enjoyed that game on PC, looked great and ran great most of the time with very little issues! It’s not as good as Capcom’s in-house ports obviously, but compared to Volition’s previous game on PC, it was like night and day!

      Pretty much sold me on Red Faction Armageddon.

  46. blargh says:

    YES! <3 Relic!

  47. terry says:

    I never got those colours in my paint set >:(

    • subedii says:

      Just buy a set of smurfs and paint angry faces on them, you’ll be good to go.

  48. Kakrafoon says:

    Thank the Emperor! Our prayers and petitions to the Ecclesiarchy have been heard! Oh, and thank Relic too. I cried tears of joy.

  49. Max says:

    Finally we get to experience the squad-based combat and morally gray zealotry of the space marines first-hand!

    Oh wait, no. They’re reskinning Gears of War as a Warhammer game so that they can push more units. How exciting.

    Personally, I like Warhammer enough that I want a game that does more than just look like the right thing.

  50. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I can’t say this was unexpected. Relic is known to release a lot of their games for the PC and including rather popular warhammer 40k-related ones. I am more surprised by the fact that they didn’t announce it earlier.