Campaign: Get Attack On Pearl Harbor To PC!

Look at the fun we could have!

It’s important when co-editing a major independent gaming website to remain impartial, and most of all, not use the site for your own personal gain. Fortunately I’m a maverick who won’t play by the rules, and I really want to play Attack On Pearl Harbor on PC again. The original game came out in 2007 on PC, and quickly clicked with me. Based on the Second Mega War events between the US and Japanese, it was a heavily arcadey dogfighting game from Legendo, that ignored accuracy and physics and focused on ratta-tatta-tat entertainment. It was bouncy, springy fun. This year a complete remake (new engine, new physics, new controls, new everything) came out on WiiWare, but not on PC. And remembering it, having played some DogFighter and Heroes Over Europe, I decided to look it up again.

And it has vanished. So I decided to find out why, and see what I can do about bringing Attack On Pearl Harbor back. “Convince us to create a new version,” says Legendo boss. So we will! It’s time for a campaign! Please click on and help me with this.

The game was originally on Steam. But search for it now and all you’ll find are two trailers for the game, left behind like a dropped handkerchief when the game scarpered from the service. Click on those results and you get taken back to the front page.

More mysterious, developers Legendo Entertainment AB seem to deny ever having made the game too. Their site only bears evidence of the recent Wii version, a complete remake called Pearl Harbor Trilogy – 1941: Red Sun Rising, the PC original covered up like a war crime.

Fortunately for me I bought a copy of the PC version on Steam when it was released, and so it remains in my games list, the data still stored somewhere on their servers. But hidden from public view.

So what happened? I enter interview mode, because the answer lies with CEO of Legendo, Bjorn Larsson.

Larsson: Attack on Pearl Harbor was never available on Steam directly via Legendo Entertainment but instead through Simbin (GTR guys, Swedish too) who acted as an intermediate distributor there (only for Steam). Once the distribution agreement expired, the game was taken off the service for various legal and business reasons.

Which explains that. Larsson also tells me the motivation behind creating the game:

Larsson: It was created with the ambition to make flight games (on the PC) a lot more accessible, an alternative type of experience that had little or nothing to do with the more complex type of flight games everyone else seemed to be making at the time.

Which is why I liked it. It was a flight sim made for people who are me, rather than people who are Tim Stone. And what about the WiiWare version?

Larsson: The recent WiiWare version is a complete remake of that game (new code, engine, physics, presentation, controls) and also includes updated aircraft to make sure the content/props are more historically accurate. The idea was that just because it’s a Wii arcade game doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to be historically accurate for a game bearing the Pearl Harbor moniker.

But what about the remake? Can we expect to see that on PC? Larrson says he would “love to see a PC remake of the WiiWare game,” but is concerned there might not be a large enough audience on our boxes.

Larsson: Personally I love arcade-action games that are easy to get into and don’t require a lot of time, transportation or manuals, but I’m not sure if PC players would agree with that assertion? Any thoughts on that?”

Well? Any thoughts on that? Would you like to see the super-fun, bouncy action of the Wii’s Attack On Pearl Harbor making it onto the PC’s digi download services? Would you play a game like that, if it was for sale? And how much would you pay? I’m doing a poll! And I should stress, I’m doing this entirely of my own volition, rather than at the request of Legendo. I’m doing it to try to convince them it’s worth porting the game, purely so I can play it. I put this idea to Larrson, and he replied suggesting what it could be.

Larsson: Sort of Attack on Pearl Harbor 2.0 on steroids, with multi-player, maybe even some kind of co-op via Steamworks. Convince us to create a new version. That would actually be great, and help me convince Steam, myself, my team, etc.

You may want to take a quick look at the trailer for the Wii version below, because it looks a million billion brilliant, and then answer these questions:

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  1. Lars Westergren says:

    If it has a gripping single player campaign, them I’m willing to pay full price.

  2. alh_p says:

    Good effort John! This is exactly what is needed.

    Playing War of Tanks makes me think it would be a lot of fun to play a “historicaly based” multiplayer game where you can romp around in planes, with joystick support, manually pulling acrobatics (unlike the recent indy dogfighter), but without putting your plane in a spin as in IL2 or being an actual pilot (MS Flight simulator).

    • Tom says:

      I agree. I love IL-2, but sometimes I just want to get in a plane and my joystick in the right direction and blow some planes out of the skies, without worrying about stalling, spinning, engine-management, black-outs, red-outs and other real-life stuff. Just make me worry about the plane in front and behind me.

  3. Antilogic says:

    We will buy it, and you will make money.


  4. NegativeZero says:

    If it’s anything remotely as fun as Heroes Over the Pacific / Heroes Over Europe, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  5. JB says:

    Ok, that looks great. Like an unholy awesome hybrid offspring of DogFighter and the flying parts of BF1942. Sign me up Mr. Larsson.

  6. battles_atlas says:

    Historical flyey shootey things are excellent as a concept, especially if they don’t assume you hold a pilots license. The problem with previous games of this ilk that I’ve tried is that they get dull pretty quickly – putting a dynamic campaign in there would help.

  7. Aninhumer says:

    “Personally I love arcade-action games that are easy to get into and don’t require a lot of time, transportation or manuals, but I’m not sure if PC players would agree with that assertion?”

    Why wouldn’t we agree with an assertion he makes about his own opinion?

    • drewski says:

      I’m pretty sure I’ve tripped over people on the intarwebs that would try to tell you you’re wrong about your own opinion…

    • P7uen says:

      You know him better than I know ourselves.

  8. Seymour says:

    I always had the most fun on San Andreas with the planes, and this is what sprung to my mind instantly as I saw the trailer. Multi-Player would be awesome obviously, with the propper support, but as others have already said; in a game like this MP should definatly not take presidence over the single player campaign. I just have this fear that this is what would happen, as seems to be all the rage right now. I would have to play a demo first but if it ticked all the right boxes, I would be there.

  9. somnolentsurfer says:

    Where’s the “Maybe – I’d pick it up in a Steam sale if it wot-I-thinked well” option?

  10. Caiman says:

    Oh yes, I would most certainly buy that! I’d have bought the original PC version if I’d even known about it. I’d be happy if they just ported the Wii version as is.

    [edit] god damn this goddamn captcha! I’m not blind, you know. Make sense, dammit!

  11. Simon says:

    I voted for a price of 10-15, but if “maybe even some kind of co-op via Steamworks” comes true its worth twice that! :]

  12. neems says:

    I can’t answer those questions, as it would depend on whether the game is any good, and how much content it provided.

    If it was good, and polished and blah de blah, then yes and full price.

    Ideally a demo would be nice.

  13. jrr says:

    I like the cel-shaded-looking graphics at the start and end.. can you play it like that, or is that only for cutscenes?

  14. JonFitt says:

    I can only vote for the less than £10 option nowadays.
    Steam has ruined my concept of game cost. I buy most of my games on a heavy sale and I have such a backlog I can easily out wait new games.

    Looks good though, I may get it on my Wii.

    • Oneironaut says:

      I’m the same way with steam sales. I used to go to Best Buy and think I got a great deal when I got a game for $30. Now $30 is about the lowest price I’ll play, but I get a lot more games for my money.

  15. Komsomol says:

    For the love of god yes yes yes and more yes.

    I been dying for a good arcadey flying title for ages now I thought that whole genre died with Crimson Skies (any one remember that MS game on PC?), my first exposure was with Terminal Velocity of course this is showing my age as this was the time when 3D Realms actually finished games they talked about.

    Coop and large scale multiplayer air war campaign? It could start something big.

  16. Martin says:

    Unlike most posters here the deal breaker for me would be awesome multiplayer. If I can get a co-op campaign going as well then I would def buy it!

  17. Skusey says:

    If they make look like the intro bit to that trailer, then yes. Otherwise no, unless it’s cheap and co-opy.

  18. stahlwerk says:

    I’d like to participate in your campaign, but please help a continental fella in your strange islandish ways… What’s the weight of 15 €?

    • Nick says:


    • stahlwerk says:

      @me 12.5087074 of h. m. pounds!

    • stahlwerk says:

      @nick thanks! I voted accordingly.

      I agree with the sentiment that Steam has ruined my perceived value of games. But with the staggering amount of Deutschmarks of my allowance I spend on games as a kid, I don’t really feel bad about it.

  19. Nick says:

    This looks great.. I’m going to Wiiware it.

  20. Warduke says:

    Yah I’d settle for a port of the Wii version as is, looks like fun.

  21. Alexander Norris says:

    I would pay £20 for it, or approximately 24-25€. I will not buy it no matter the price if they insist on selling it for $20 but magically converting that to 20€ and £12.

  22. ping says:

    With co-op, yes (x2). Else, I had to take further looks into it.

  23. Dan says:

    HIya chaps!

    I’m really stoked that you guys are all for a PC ‘remake’ as it were, I adored Pearl on the PC and really pleased to see that you chaps feel the same way!

  24. Paperflyer says:

    I. Want. This.

  25. Buzzmong says:

    Yes, but only if the controls are done semi-properly.

    I say semi properly because I want independant controls over pitch (x-axis on a joystick), roll (y-axis on a joystick) and yaw (twist/footpedals?) just like Crimon Skies did yet I’ve no need for full on flight surface replication.

    HAWX and Blazing Angels both were semi ruined by the developers deciding to combine roll and yaw into a single left/right control which really ruins the whole point of flying in my eyes and limits your freedom. I should be able to perform rolls without the plane deviating from it’s heading, likewise, “turning left” should really require a bit of roll and alterations to pitch (maybe with a bit of yaw). Reading that it sounds complicated, but it’s the natural way to fly.

    I still want it to be arcady and easy to fly though, so I don’t need realistic physics like Sturmovik or any proper sim.

    Basically, go fire up a copy of Crimon Skies and copy the control and flight mechanisms. Then I’d be sold, because they worked *really really* well.

  26. Jimbo says:

    Looks a bit like Flight Control on the iPhone.

  27. Draken says:

    It’s still available as a physical product on ebay and

  28. Inno says:

    I’ve always been a fan of flight games both realistic and arcade. DogFighter being my latest purchase. I wouldn’t say no to this one but only if it’s done right though. That means polished, a good varied control scheme (keyboard, x360 pad, joystick), good graphics, etc. Co-op matchmaking via Steamworks sounds good. if it’s larger scale multiplayer than having dedicated servers from the get go is a necessity (DogFighter made a big mistake here).

    A minimum price point between 15 to 20€ seems reasonable if it’s all of the above.

  29. wakayoda says:

    I’m buying this on WiiWare when I get the cash

  30. Hydrogene says:

    This story is actually a very good follow up to Tim Stone hilarious interview with Flight Sim. I would love a casual and arcady flight sim with real enough looking planes.

  31. Nemilho says:

    I have this game on CD-Rom, perhaps there are still copies of it about the place or being sold on ebay. Update: In fact there are, I have just checked.

  32. pupsikaso says:

    John, you spelt harbour wrong.
    Darned Brits.

  33. TemaTurk says:

    Thank you administrator ;)

  34. Jonas says:

    If they make sure a PC version this game supports my Saitek X52 flight stick and throttle, I will purchase it immediately. I’m always looking for more games to play with that, and I definitely prefer more arcady games over the serious ones. Sold, basically.

  35. Bob says:

    As long as you don’t need to be a licensed pilot to play I’d buy it. Yes IL-2 Sturmovik, I’m looking at you. :)