I Think I Heard A Shot: Shoot First

Don't we all, Big Jack. Don't we all.

I was going to post about Gigantic Army, but this is much better. Shoot First from indie developers Teknogames is the unholy child of Roguelikes and top-down shooters, and it’s great. “But wait!” I hear you squeak, your voice reedy and choked with inferiority. “I thought Gauntlet was the unholy child of roguelikes and top-down shooters…” Oh, my boy. You have so much to learn.

Gauntlet’s no bloody fun. You should know that by now. Go get a MAME emulator, a Gauntlet ROM and find out for yourself.

Or just take my word for it and play Shoot First, which feels great to control, is keen to be fair to you, has a sense of humour and even co-op! Ah, indie devs. You are too good to us.

One word of warning- hitting Esc returns you to the main menu, so any pausing should be done with the pause key exclusively. Now go, play! And if you like Shoot First and want to support Teknogames, any donation at all gets you a Donation Version of the game with 2 new weapons and a new Ice level. Strong!


  1. disperse says:

    I played this when I first heard about it (TIGSource maybe?) and enjoyed it for an hour or two. My only complaint was the passageways seemed narrow. It was tough for me to maneuver my little blue man into branching corridors when I wanted.

    Also, all top-down shooting games should implement Alien Swarm’s laser sights. Makes it tons easier to figure where your pointing.

    Definitely worth a download.

  2. Daniel Klein says:

    This is so weird, but when I was in high school and around 12, I had a good friend and we decided one day we’d found a company that makes videogames and we’d be called Technogames. Ah, to be less lazy and actually achieve stuff…

    This looks splendid, though. Am still at work, so: how is it roguelike? Randomly generated levels? Very deadly? XP and leveling up? Randomly found magic items with randomized properties (that can be cursed and ruin your day)? Deadly street urchins? (Okay, that’s more angband, but still; so many times I”ve been killed by street urchins)

  3. Octacon100 says:

    Is Strong! the new Tight!?

  4. pupsikaso says:

    Haha, this game is great! Now if only it was a bit more challenging…

    • geldonyetich says:

      Surely you’re not talking about Shoot First. This game hands me my arse regularly just to prove to me it’s more awesome than I am. Especially when you run into those super boss mobs.

  5. Dominic White says:

    I just gave the Gigantic Army demo a spin, simply to spite Quinns for forsaking it. It’s.. pretty decent. It’s essentially a fan-made Assault Suits Valken game, but a tad arcadier-feeling than the source material. It’s solid, but for some reason the art style doesn’t really work for me.

    It made me want to play Front Mission: Gun Hazard (awesome action spinoff of the strategy-RPG series) again.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      It’s pretty good! I like the controls a lot. I’d have posted if it was a full game.

    • Dominic White says:

      So, due out this Winter Comiket, you reckon? Hard to find out when Japanese indie stuff is launching at all sometimes.

  6. Antlerbot says:


  7. geldonyetich says:

    Shoot First definitely has that Spelunky vibe going for it. Right down to the rescuing damsels for some bonus health.

    • Hotla says:

      The “rescue the wimmin” shit was shit in Spelunky and it’s shit in this one too. Why tf would they just stand there waiting for THE DUDE? And naturally the reward is “love”…
      To the devs: I’m trying to like your game! I’m trying to like you! STOP MAKING IT SO FUCKING HARD!

      I mean, I guess the idea of “kill em’ all & steal their stuff” is pretty fucked up already but FFS!

    • Devenger says:

      Don’t worry, Hotla. In Spelunky, I used to sacrifice female damsels and male shopkeepers in equal measure. Gender equality go! Also, BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.

      And in Shoot First, I seem to always get the damsel crushed by a boulder or something, so hey, I guess she dies like everything else (except the Hunter, who is the reason that I die like everything else).

      Also, in Spelunky, if you ‘rescue’ (ahem) enough damsels in one game, you gain access to the flipped game where you’re the damsel with the Spelunker’s whip, looting the same caves and saving helpless male Indy-likes. I kid you not.

  8. Penguin says:

    How in heck you change “item slots” to replace rusty ones with new shiny ones?

  9. NegativeZero says:

    Can I play as Han Solo?

  10. Darkdobe says:

    What in the hell is that fast-moving red blob of death that shows up on the deserty-styled levels? The ones with the dragons and yellow minotaurs? There’s this red -thing- that just flies around randomly caroming along the hallways which utterly -destroys- the lil’ dude and appears to be nothing more than a level-meandering hazard of death. If you get caught in a hallway with it, goodbye! A little on the prickish game-design side, as every other trap is avoidable whereas this thing is a matter of (bad) luck.

  11. Zindaras says:

    For anyone who’s debating about springing for the donation version, it’s definitely worth it! The ice level is fun, has a lot of melee-range charging enemies and destructible ice blocks and such. And the two new weapon unlocks are extremely fun, one of them is by far my favorite in the game, although I won’t spoil anything because for me the moment of finally finding one (the one with the very manly alliterative name, for others who’ve donated) and going “Wait… really? Yeessss!” was extremely satisfying, and I wouldn’t want to ruin that for anyone. After all a good part of the game’s fun is exploring and finding new things. ;)

    Also did you know that rocks and traps can do a ton of damage to boss baddies? I ran into Big Jack at level 0 and was filling out my last will and testament when suddenly he got bonked by a rock and fell over dead. I wonder if it works on Hunters…

    • Devenger says:

      I think I killed a Hunter with a rollin’ boulder once, but, uh, a new Hunter appeared off the edge of the screen. You can run, but you can’t hide, I suppose.

  12. jackbnimble says:

    I’m not sure what I feel about it, I’ve died several times before even leaving the first level a couple times to boulder traps which seem near impossible to avoid in many circumstances. Once I spawned, left the starting room went half way down a corridor and got annihilated by a big red boulder of doom before I could even shoot at something. :p

  13. Mulayim says:

    Anyone who compare this piece of shit to Spelunky should be hanged.

  14. EthZee says:

    Teknogames’ stuff is lovely to play. Say something about Das Uberleben!

  15. Exca101 says:

    My favorite part of this game is the hotseat co-op. You don’t get that much anymore, and almost every other game by that developer has it. Glorious.

  16. Galigord says:

    This game runs really slowly on my laptop, but i have no idea why :/

  17. Ugly American says:

    Terribly slow here too.

    No volume control.