Lego Universe Build Trailer Is Appealing

There’s a new video up over on the main Lego Universe site which shows a bit more of the building procedures in the game. For me it’s this stuff – rather than the standard “hit bads for XP” MMO material – that is really interesting. This is kind of a CG mock up, rather than in-game footage, but it’s worth browsing over this and the other videos there to get a broader picture. I get the feeling that the quest stuff is largely going to be secondary, and that – if we’re lucky – it’ll be the user-created content aspect of LU that will really shine. I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed for this one, not because of LEGO so much, because developers NetDevil have much to prove.


  1. Forceflow says:

    It will be a matter of seconds before the first willy-shaped castles will appear at the horizon. That’s the problem with user-made content + the internet.

    • AndrewC says:

      All tall buildings are willy shaped.

    • robrob says:

      I am going to build the first vaginal castle.

    • Tei says:

      I have played APB, a game where cars, characters,etc.. are customized, and in my 260 hours with the game I only have seen a cock once. And thats was at very weird hours in a weird instance where everyone was some weird acting version of trolls. Probabably the 99.9999% of the userbase has never seen any like that..

      Stop defaming population imagination. Maybe most people don’t have a very brilliant and creative imagination, and most stuff that people make is derivative or directelly homages, but not everyone has the brain full of penis, like people like you seems to think. Not in the real world, on the real games, with the real people doing real creative stuff.

      Go and count the number of storys, and how much of these are a bunch of penis joke.

      The “People will make penis” is a attack to giving creativity to the people.

    • Shagittarius says:

      Most of the worlds developers give us to implement our creativity aren’t worth more than a willy or two.

      Willycraft Universe

    • ExitJudas says:

      According to developer interviews from comicon, user generated models that you want to share with the public will be moderated before being released.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    From one of the previous videos, it seems like only one of the classes is build-oriented, and the rest are more standard RPG-style. Is this true? It seems like it’s a kind of missed opportunity to only give some of the players the option to interact with the Lego world by building Lego. Then again, maybe some people just want to be tourists in other people’s creations rather than builders.

    • ExitJudas says:

      having played the beta, i can say that everyone can build and share their creations through a basic in-game model and property browser. You can also program your models and properties with a basic scripting language. pretty nifty stuff! anyway, all this info is available in old interviews on the interwebs

  3. Torgen says:

    The more I hear, the more I fear that they’ve missed the mark. It’s a shame when an official LEGO world product is looking deficient next to indie Minecraft.

  4. TheInsider says:

    Theres a typo in the title (one e too many, in the last word). Try Minecraft, thats a good building game ^^

  5. Dhatz says:

    This should be the final frontier for lego games, but why only use those primitive bricks? it is far more childish than it should be, I’ll be really excited after they release a lego technic mmo.

    • Dhatz says:

      and quite possibly they use the word imagination as imagi nation.

    • Chevluh says:

      that’s because legos are actually pretty tricky to put together in digital form, even the normal one. The existing builder apps that allow to really accurately create technic models are rather complex, certainly too much for a mainstream MMO.