The Morning Silly: Two Worlds II Therapy

Cheer up fellows, this one might not be as rubbish.

Last week Southpeak began a rather unique campaign for their forthcoming Two Worlds II. A series of ads mocking Two Worlds. Starring disgruntled henchman Sordahon, the ads poke fun at the weaknesses of the first game. A third part is out, this time seeing Sordahon at the therapist office.

And it’s pretty funny.

And here’s some actual game footage:


  1. Snall says:

    The first one was so horrible even though the idea was cool enough…will need stellar reviews for me to touch new one.

  2. Tei says:

    I dunno. This looks fantastic, but after playing the old title, I fear a similar experience: not *feeling* like you directly control the character, very buggy even for the very low standards set by other similar games (Gothic). Playing Two Worlds actually cause cancer and burn your eyes, with fire.

    Also, the main character ***SLASH*** scheletons tryiing to cut then down in parts. Is not a silly adventure stabbing scheletons. This make me thinks this people know his thing (medieval fantasy). Not like the other dudes.

    • Tei says:

      Note to self: Wen crafting fireballs, make then explode on contact. Making fireballs go “wooosh” and just burn people looks unprofessional.

  3. Demon Beaver says:

    If I had this guy as a therapist, I’d try to kill him, too

  4. Guinaur says:

    hehe, seems i’m one of the very few people who actually enjoyed (and finished) Two Worlds… I cant wait for this one ^_^

    • Snall says:

      Interesting…and what do you think that says about the relationship you had with your mother?

    • bagga says:

      Mention my mother again and I’ll kiss you.

    • UK_John says:

      Not the only one, one of 1.8 million in Europe alone. And Two Worlds 2 sold one million units in just 3 weeks, and that doesn’t include the UK or the USA. Goven they bring a game to market for under £12 million, when the Bethesda’s of this world spend £30 million, you can see that with Two Worlds selling around 2 million and Oblivion selling 7 million, Two Worlds brought in just as much profit! Talk is Skyrim will be $35 million to bring to market….. What’s the betting Two Worlds 2 didn’t cost much more than two Worlds 1, so who’s going to be around in 5 years? Topware with their now £20 million games, or Bethesda with their now £70 million games! :)

  5. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    *waits for Larington*

  6. HopperUK says:

    I turned off the voice acting within the first five minutes, and then Two Worlds became hilarious and fun. I sticky-taped eighteen identical swords together into one sword and then smacked baddies over the head with it. Mind you, I only paid £3.99 while the Steam price was broken. Might have been more upset if I’d paid more.

  7. manveruppd says:

    This is everything I like about cheesy, sub-Tolkienesque fantasy: the fact that even the people creating it don’t take it entirely seriously! :)

  8. exfate says:

    The animation looks to be just as bad as the original judging from that trailer.

    Taking the mick out of Two Worlds is only going to work if Two Worlds II is substantially better. If it’s not then it’s going to backfire big time and give the “series” an even worse reputation than it already has.

  9. Dr Chi says:

    @Guinaur I’m with you. Once I got over the bad voice acting, I really liked the game. I didn’t have nearly as many bugs as people complain about (and I was on the 360!), and what few bugs I got made for some hilarious game stories. Like the time I was running from a tower’s worth of necromancers and my horse killed over right out from under me for no reason. lol.

    I did eventually lose interest in the game after about halfway through it, but I still had a lot of fun. Heck, I even liked the multiplayer (when it worked).

  10. Wolfox says:

    Awesome video. It’s good to see a company like Southpeak with such a great sense of humor. I might end up buying Two Worlds 2 just to support that kind of behavior. ;)

  11. Wooly says:

    My goodness, this actually looks… intriguing! Also, I definitely like the Swordahon saga :D

  12. Matthew Minix says:

    Two Worlds was terrible on release, but after a few patches South Peak did turn it into a good game, but as they say First Impressions are everything.

    I’ll definitely be picking this up on release day, even if it is buggy, South Peak has certainly earned my trust that they’ll fix stuff.

  13. BeamSplashX says:

    The trailer keeps discussing the fate of THE world in a game called Two Worlds. I assume the other serves as a kind of neutral vacation hotspot, then?

  14. megalomania says:

    Well it certainly looks pretty. And makes me realise how tragically rare it is that a game lets you play as a mage with a pointy wizard hat.

  15. MadMatty says:

    Epic edition should be a bit better, fully patched and on
    Seriously tho, dump the bloody orcs, slap a few different animal parts together and you got a new race.
    German RPG´s seem to be as inspired as their porn´s.