Ooh: Valve’s Mystery DotA Game Leakorised?


Valve hired IceFrog, a developer of Warcraft III mod Defence of the Ancients a while back, and since then there have been persistent rumours that they might be making the mod as a full game. This then seemed far more likely with the surprise announcement of Alien Swarm a couple of weeks back, having hired the mod team who made that too. And now a tweet from voice actor Jon St. John seems to confirm the existence of a DotA project.

Jon St. John is the gravel-voiced man behind those Evil Dead-nicking Duke Nukem remarks. If voice actors are being hired on the DotA project, then you have to wonder at the scale of the project. Perhaps Valve will be moved to reveal some news by the leak… Ah ha ha ha.


  1. John says:

    I’m sure a I missed a huge game somewhere along the way which explains why I never understand the term DoTA. I have to resort to Google whenever it’s mentioned.

    • terry says:

      It’s a virtual kerbstomping.

    • The Hammer says:

      Humour works best when there’s a grain of truth to it, or, in terry’s case, an entire granary.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      I always read it as Day of the Aliens.

    • Rikard Peterson says:

      Come to think of it, *that* game hasn’t shown progress in two years. It’d be cool (but *very* unlikely) if Valve had picked it up.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      I’ve read it as “Day of the Atlantis”. You know: A cross-breed mutant between Day of the Tentacle and Fate of Atlantis. ;)

    • stahlwerk says:

      I’m with John on that one. I never played the game. It’s some kind of tower defence mod for Warcraft 3, right?

      Never played a single game in that genre… Tower Defense.. Defense Grid.. Grid Wars… They just blended together in my perception during my gaming hiatus of 2004-2009, and with me neither owning a 360 nor caring about dual-stick-shmups, my subconcious leapt to the totally rational conclusion of ignoring the tower defense genre as a whole.

      So, reading “DotA” at the most triggers faint memories of an english person talking about her female child.

    • Freudian Trip says:

      Imagine Wacraft 3 was just the heroes basically.

    • JeCa says:

      Actually no, it’s very different from Tower Defense Games and is more one of those games that have formed genres of its own. Imagine it more like a multiplayer adaption of Diablo II which you always play in teams of 5 against each other, and where you can reach max level in 30-40 minutes.

      Yea no, that didn’t make any sense either. Anyone got a better explanation?

    • DrGonzo says:

      That’s how I always describe it. Pretty spot on I think.

    • apa says:

      This video should explain everything: link to youtube.com

    • WiPa says:

      I really hope it isn’t DotA, and that they have hired him to do Saxton Hale’s voice (for some reason). He’s the perfect guy for that.

    • Tssha says:

      DotA is a mod for RTS game Warcraft III. In it you take command of a hero, on a team of 5 heroes (given the limits of Warcraft III, which only allows 12 players including AIs).

      These heroes lead waves of troops which spawn at regular intervals (controlled by the AI). Enemy troops give you gold and experience, which can make your hero stronger. Strong enough to push past the towers defending the enemy’s side of the map, strong enough to push all the way to the enemy base.

      Once the enemy’s command centre is destroyed, the game is over. Of course, even destroying a Barracks can cripple a side, though usually if that happens the game’s almost over.

      Games are ultimately decided by the heroes. Consequently, those who level up their heroes more and earn more gold are dangerous opponents. Killing enemy heroes not only slows down their attempts to level up, it also gives you a lot of gold and experience. A one-sided kill board is often a bad sign that you may be losing.

      It’s a very competitive game that I enjoy but also find…nerve wracking. Still fun though.

  2. Po0py says:

    I call shenanegans on this one. I simply don’t believe that a seasoned voice actor would simply tweet about something as huge as this. This surely knows what an NDA agreement is. I suspect this may well be a deliberate leak. Not that it makes much of a difference one way or another.

    • Thomas says:

      There would have to actually be an NDA in order to keep it, it was probably not a deliberate leak, but it wasn’t a secret either, we already know that Icefrog is working on something for Valve, and it has to do with DotA.

      The only thing that Jon St. John confirmed was that this new project is also called DotA, but that could just be the internal title of the game, but who knows?

    • Malcolm says:

      I dunno – Jonathan Ross managed to blab about Fable III long before it was announced.

    • bit_crusherrr says:

      He was asked after a show, he didn’t realise he wasn’t meant too.

  3. airtekh says:

    Hail to the King, baby.

  4. pkt-zer0 says:

    I’m actually interested in what comes of this: DotA seems needlessly overcomplicated, inaccessible, with a community incredibly hostile to new players. In the HoN beta, I spent three days reading through tutorials and fooling around in single-player, before getting on a “noobs only” server – still got plenty of hate thrown my way.

    Valve’s games, on the other hand, tend to be the exact opposite. So I wonder if they’ll be able to make a DotA even I would want to play. (I really liked the DotA-style mission in the SC2 campaign, actually, but that was single-player.)

    • Mojo says:

      That’s an interesting point. Valve hiring the DotA creator always seemed like a strange move. Yes, he fits into the “hiring modders” pattern, but it’s also an RTS and now that you mentioned it, a highly inaccessible game as well. This could really be one of Valve’s more unique project.

      I always wondered what would happen if Valve moved away from pure FPS development. Alien Swarm kinda showed already that it can work.

    • Garg says:

      You could give LoL a try; it has a reputation for a more friendly community, although you’ll probably still get burnt by “noob” comments on occasion.

      My main question with Valve doing a DoTA is what the price structure will be. Freebie (Alien Swarm), Micro-transaction (League of Legends) or the traditional price at entry.

    • subedii says:

      You see, I agree with that assessment of DoTA. The thing is when I think about it, my thoughts were pretty much exactly the same regarding Team Fortress 2.

      Sometimes Team Fortress was nothing if not an impenetrable clique to outsiders. The community could be really hostile to any new players, and it took ages to learn all the “skills” you needed, like concussion jumping.

      Somehow Valve managed to pull a complete 180 on that. Team Fortress 2 ended up deep enough but easily accessible. They removed needlessly fiddly bits that made the gameplay less fun (the hardcore community howled about the removal of grenades). And they gave the whole thing a cartoon aesthetic that was not only fitting to the style of play, but also visually told you everything you needed. You know the medigun heals because of the little + signs coming out of it. You know the Spy’s in disguise because he’s wearing a cardboard cutout mask of someone else. At any distance you see someone, you know their team, their class, and their weapon. Just from a glance. Go to something like BFBC2 and you need to keep in mind which colour triangle is over their head, and good luck figuring out their class at a distance most of the time.

      I’m amazed even today at just how well designed TF2 is. It may have taken a decade of iteration but the end result is that they got it right.

      DoTA’s pretty much impenetrable. But if there’s one company I could think of that might have a chance of making it accessible, it’s Valve.

    • Thants says:

      League of Legends has done quite a good job at making it more accessible, and the community doesn’t seem quite as bad.

  5. John Peat says:

    The only reason DOTA games have been ‘inaccessible’ thusfar is that they’ve generally been developed by/for an existing community and thus no-one has bothered to lace them with tutorials and hand-holding features – instead everything is available from-the-off and ANY game which does that is going to seem hard.

    Team games where any 1 member of the team being weak makes the whole team weak are always going to attract some aggression from other players too – so a major part of making a less ‘hateful’ DOTA would be balancing that aspect (so that a team’s result is either an average of their skills or perhaps even the greatest of them – where good players can develop/pull along lesser players).

    It’s never going to be easy tho because for all you’ll see Guilds and Clans in online gaming, the vast majority of people play games for their own benefit and not that of others – twist DOTA around that inescapable fact and you might have something tho.

    • JeCa says:

      LoL has made some attemps at reducing those things. There is actually a tutorial (although it sucks) and bots you can play cooperatively against in a “real” game (though they are so bad it will likely make you worse at the game. There are also some features like “death streaks”, that make people who die a lot give the enemies a lot less gold every time they kill them, making feeders less of a liability to the team. The shop is also designed to be easy to understand and they’ve even included a list of “recommended items” for each character (that, sadly, for the majority of champions is really bad)

      They still have a loong way to go though… I hope Valve does an even better job…

  6. Dave says:

    Maybe DotA in this case stands for “Duke of the Atom”

  7. Theory says:

    It’s time to kick ass and use one hero unit to repetitively bash millions of little men. And I’m all out of ass.

  8. pakoito says:

    FUD! But I’m kinda waiting for it…as somebody said the design in Valve’s Games is awesome and my beloved HoN/DOTA may use a touch of it.

  9. Sonic Goo says:

    I always thought it would be a shame if this was yet another DotA. It makes Icefrog seem like a bit of a one trick pony. So if it is that, I hope they’d better do something with it that at least moves the genre forward.

  10. Spliter says:

    I thought league of legends was the standalone dota…
    Or am I missing something?

    • pakoito says:

      Lol is the dumbed down standalone dota.

      HoN is standalone DOTA ripoff with better netcode

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      I like the ‘dumbed down’ elitism from the HoN crowd, when denying is a dumb, out-dated mechanic that unbalances the game and LoL has more skillshot abilities than HoN.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Basically, either way, DotA and its clones are still ridiculous.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I agree with Biscuit. League of Legends is better not dumbed down. And I can’t wait to see what Valve can do to make it even more accessible.

      Because the thing that really bothers me about LoL and HoN when I win, I know it’s not really skill. It’s just me knowing more about the game.

  11. gryffinp says:

    Frankly the name dropping there sounds so forced that it seems like a joke.

  12. Navagon says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was at Gabe’s insistence. Hell he probably even added the line about his awesomeness himself. That said, it does leave Jon John looking a bit unprofessional. So if it is deliberate I hope that’s made clear for his sake.

  13. Mistabashi says:

    The wording of that ‘tweet’ has me convinced that this isn’t a leak – it’s Valve doing some clever marketing / hype building.

    Also, my captcha was DO BS :)

  14. pupsikaso says:

    So Icefroggy is making an actual DotA game, with Valve. As in, not a mod that’s so very limited technologicaly by its parent game, but an actual, from-ground-up game. Now this is a take on DotA I’m looking forward to.

    HoN is copy-paste job with a competitive framework, muddied graphics that make it hard to see what’s going on, and nothing much besides that. And it costs 30 dollars.

    LoL is an interesting take on DotA, making it much more casual-friendly, with a game focus on offensive hero-play rather than DotA’s original farm/turtle-push behind creeps -play. The biggest downside to LoL is the limited number of heroes available for play. There is a lot in total, but you are only given a set number every week to play for free (the heroes to choose from get changed every week, so it’s not so bad), and if you really really like one particular hero, you’ll have to either pay cash for it, or use points earned by playing games. So if you, like me, love to always play a random hero for the variability, you can either cough out a few hundered dollars to purchase all the heroes, or you’re out of luck.

    Demigod looked interesting during the marketing phase, but the game’s failure to have playable multiplayer during the first few weeks after release spelt its doom. A lesson which many developers can’t seem to learn (including Gearbox with their Borderlands game), is to never rely on third parties to create a multiplayer framework. Other than that, the game itself was very slowly paced, with huge levels containing far too many towers and heroes that felt like they moved in molasses.

    Bloodline Champions doesn’t even follow DotA’s goal of destroying the enemy’s base, but instead focuses purely on heroes. There are no creeps, no towers, no lanes, no items. Just your hero, its abilities, and your skills. It’s a hero-arena type play which is more similar to some of WC3’s hero-arena custom maps. The game is still in beta, but is shaping up to look like great competitive team play in a pure hero environment that DotA lacks.

    And so with all those games on the table, none of which other than perhaps LoL being a good successor to DotA, it is very exciting to see what kind of game Icefrog will make with all the genius and resources available at Valve.

    • pakoito says:

      Non biased opinion here chaps.

    • Sonic Goo says:

      I don’t care about multiplayer, so I got Demigod on the cheap. It’s gloriously gorgeous. Love it.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Now I haven’t played HoN or LoL, because I played DotA before it got the silly acronym. Y’know, when it didn’t have so many bells and whistles you couldn’t see the tricycle underneath it.

      You know who looked at DotA when they were remaking it and thought, “Wow, this isn’t inaccessible enough?”

      The people behind HoN, apparently, which I have heard is a lot like Warcraft’s Arena system- To anyone who doesn’t play it, it really makes you seem like the sort of nerd that gets beaten up by other nerds for his lunch money.

      I do not understand the bizarre elitism that goes behind a game which should be so simple. What should be basically a quick Diablo grind with teams has become this ultra serious business tournament style… thing.

      And because they’ve focused on that and only that, anyone (like me) that liked the earlier versions are wondering why the hell they’re constantly getting one shot and how this could possibly be fun. Is it my fault I didn’t buy the Amulet of Plot Device? Maybe, but should I need to know item combinations to be able to even play?

      Taking a simple concept and making it as complex as possible with junk like item shops does not serve the game when you have to have prior knowledge. This is not good game design! Take a look at Team Fortress 2 versus this monstrous beast. TF2 is simple but has room for skill so there can be professional league blah blah blah what a bunch of dorks (although they are very impressive to watch and I could never master the Soldier or Scout like that so I will give them that) but making the game have a learning curve based on the one game itself rather than a genre is not good.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Where do you go if you want to read objective opinions?

    • Manley Pointer says:

      I played DotA for a year or so in college, and I still think it’s a pretty good game. The community is by far the worst I’ve ever seen in PC gaming — the same low-intelligence, high-rage sort of people you see in MW2. I was always shocked to find that most of the people playing the game were over 20, like me, but still acted like absolute morons in it. I usually joined public games with a couple of my roommates, which made it a lot easier to tune out (or not care about) the community being shit. But I’m excited to see what Valve comes up with.

      I’ve been really disappointed in the follow-ups to DotA though. LoL felt a bit slower and less dynamic than DotA…while it’s very subjective to talk about the “feel” of these games, I just never thought LoL was particularly tight. HoN is a carbon copy of DotA, but in a baffling move they dropped DotA’s best game mode, -dm.

      So, in “standard” DotA, you have a maybe 40-60 minute game (if nobody leaves) in which everyone picks a hero at the start and remains that hero for the whole game, leveling up and buying items. (“Easy Mode” play was more common, where heroes leveled faster, creeps did less damage, and games lasted 30-40 minutes usually.) Some people like the standard mode because they can play the same hero the whole game, perfect their build and strategy, etc.

      Personally I think standard mode is terribly boring and turns a lot of people off DotA. The best way to play, imo, is -ardm, all-random pick deathmatch. This means that at the start of every game, you draw a random hero (though you can swap with other people on your team), and whenever somebody dies they come back as a DIFFERENT hero, but keep their old items. This continues until one team’s base is destroyed or they run out of their stock of 45 heroes or whatever. The best thing about this mode is that when a player on the other team starts dominating, your team can gank him and know that he will come back as a different hero and possibly be totally screwed over by his build (if he had a heavy STR build and now has an INT hero, etc.) DM was sort of fun even if you were doing badly, because when you died you might come back as one of your best heroes. It had a reputation as one of the more hardcore modes, but I think it was also more fun for people trying to learn the game (although their teammates might hate them).

      From the random games channel in Battle.net, it always looked like more people played -dm than anything else. When people mention DotA, I think of DM, not the dull standard mode. As far as I can tell, the HoN team tried to implement -dm early in the game’s lifetime, put in a hopelessly buggy version of it, and then removed it rather than fixing it. I hope Valve brings it back.

    • pupsikaso says:

      How can one have an unbiased opinion? Bias is inherent in opinion. All I did was say how I look at these games, which is my personal view, opinion, whatever. And since a comments thread isn’t the place for full-blown reviews of several games, I just did a quick and dirty cons and pros for each game.

      I agree with what Manley Pointer says. If any of you currently play or have played DotA and are looking at one of these games, DON’T. Right now none of the spin-offs are worth it. DotA is still better, and it’s still free.

  15. stahlwerk says:

    At first I thought ME was just KOTOR without SW, but when the tutorial had me running across rooftops I quickly got back to playing GoW to slice up some greek gods. But that got boring too, so I switched back to GOW.

  16. ScubaMonster says:

    Hopefully if it’s being published by Valve it will attract a lot better audience than Heroes of Newerth. Community is abysmal.

  17. Meat Circus says:

    Valve are doing a Tower Defence game? These are a few of my favourite things.

  18. Karhax says:

    Look at the source people, Jon St. John is the voice actor that leaked that Duke Nukem: Forever was still in development after it was canceled.

  19. pagad says:

    For God’s sake get on with Episode 3 Valve you fuckers

    • Meat Circus says:

      Yes. I can’t wait for the bit where I have to shoot some headcrabs whilst waiting for a slow moving lift. The fourth time.

    • westyfield says:

      I am excited for physics puzzles. Maybe one involving a weighted pivot could work?

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      You know, I don’t know why any of you have expectations after a few years for a game. You enjoy something far more if you expected it to be bad and it was good rather than if you expected it to be good and were vindicated.

      I mean, that doesn’t apply to Half Life as it won’t be bad, but it seems it won’t be here for a while so why stay hyped about it? When it comes out it will be a delicious pie with all the flavor you wanted so until Valve decides to mention they’re even still working on it I don’t think you should spend any time worrying about it.

      I mean, why not be hyped about Portal 2? We actually know that’s coming out in the next few years! (2011 could be anything in Valve time, but still)

    • Destroye says:

      I hope they’re working on it, it’s been since I own Ep 1 and 2 that I want VALVe to release episode 3 OR HL3.

    • pagad says:

      Meat Circus: Please don’t piss on my parade, kthx.

      I just find it galling that Valve appear to have entirely forgotten about Half-Life in the slew of shiny other unrelated – or quasi-related, in the case of Portal – games they seem to be working on.

    • Urthman says:

      I just find it galling that Valve appear to have entirely forgotten about Half-Life in the slew of shiny other unrelated – or quasi-related, in the case of Portal – games they seem to be working on.

      Now that’s just silly. It’s not like you can make a game get finished faster by adding more and more people to the project (if anything, that makes the development processes slower). The whole company can’t work on Ep3. Just because they have other teams working on TF2, DotA clone, L4D, or whatever, isn’t going to make Ep3 come out any slower.

      Maybe if they had no other revenue coming in, they’d be forced to push Ep3 out the door before it’s really done. That sounds like a great idea.

    • Ragnar says:


      That actually assumes that they have people working on Ep3. There is no evidence of that.

    • Dominic White says:

      Given that they’ve released official concept art for Episode 3 a few times already, yes, there is evidence that they’re working on it. They’re just keeping quiet, and Alien Swarm has shown us that if Valve don’t want us to know about something, we won’t find out about it.

    • pagad says:

      Urthman: That’s not really what I meant. There’s tonnes and tonnes of press releases etc. for the other Valve series and nary a peep on Half-Life since about February 2009. Some evidence that it hasn’t been forgotten would be nice.

    • Kommissar Nicko says:

      What if they were making Episode 3 into Half-Life 3? Then it’d be worth the wait. Also, both of them are the third iteration of whatever continuity you’d like to consider, making 3pisod3 or Half Lif3 both very viable title options.

    • MD says:

      H3lf L3f3

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      VALVe have previously stated that the HL2 Episodes are “HL3”. They didn’t want to wait around making a new engine as everyone would expect them to do before they write more of the story so they called them “Episodes”.

      Actual HL3 if it ever exists won’t be out until after Episode 3 so cool your jets, enjoy TF2/Alien Swarm/Portal etc until it’s released.

  20. bildo says:

    Jon St. John is the man on so many levels. Most iconic voice in videogame history. Also, DotA wasn’t that much fun…but since there is a sweet voice actor on this I just may follow this and see how it goes.

  21. Internetguy says:

    More like Defense of the Ain’t shit, am I right?

  22. ScumbagBlues says:

    I have no idea why people are compelled to bash HoN and LoL. Both games are great, but they cater to different audiences. It sounds contradictory, but I personally believe that HoN is a better game, but I have more fun playing LoL. (Primarily because I am not at the skill level to be competent enough in HoN to be more of an asset to my team than a liability.)

    Valve’s DotA take will probably be a mix of HoN and LoL and be a great game in its own right.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Because it’s the internet and MY NICHE GAME IS BETTER THAN YOUR NICHE GAME

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      No, Valve won’t have a “take” on either of them, they will make a better game, not limited to any number of reasons including:

      They the experience, skill, design, larger team, etc.

      It’s a games company going to make something that modders did and show them what they did wrong. And then crush them like bug in process.

    • Luckylad says:

      “They the”

      I have to admit I chuckled quite a bit at this.

  23. DrGonzo says:

    I was really hoping this would be Dota but TF2 Style. The TF2 characters seem to fit into the dota template pretty well.

  24. Destroye says:

    If VALVe is publishing it, I’ll buy it.
    Never played DotA though.
    Shame on meh.

  25. Sharkticon says:

    I’ve always thought that the original DotA mod was mostly crap and utterly counter-intuitive. Problems include unbalanced heroes, messy shop/item distribution and last hitting which, as a gaming mechanic, is downright awful and deserves a place among QTEs and other gameplay abominations.

    Playing a melee character was the most boring thing ever, with 90% of the time standing around looking at enemy health bars. Out of all the melee heroes, only one was ever any good at actual melee-ing, and that was Slardar (sp?), who was all wham! Area stun! Speed boost! Chase and hit!

    DotA is a badly designed and badly balanced mod. Usually I wouldn’t care and just ignore any shitty mods, but DotA is so immensely popular. DotA is the videogame equivalent of Crazy Frog.

    Demigod >>>>>>>>>> DotA

  26. markcocjin says:

    I think that if they do something DotAesque, they will definitely call it DotA. The best way to penetrate a sub genre is through the acquisition of an established title. Hiring Icefrog provides them that. Demigod was compared to the original DotA. So was HoN and LoL. It’s pretty awkward to compare DotA to DotA. It’ll only come off as comparing a beta to the gold version.

    If I’m right, then that would make Alien Swarm their first steps into polishing a top down version of their Source engine. Now they have a solid top down camera mechanic, tile mapping, a procedural AI director, class specific bot intelligence, experience in coding for matchmaking and coop, and Google Sketchup integration.

    Or maybe they could just go “Nah… let’s just finish Episode 3 guys!”

    • Luckylad says:

      Is it to much to ask for both games in a timely and well developed manner?

  27. Robert says:

    Oh come on, it will be Defense of the Hats. DotH.

    With JSJ as the MAD HATTER, on his way to steal our precious hats (actually disabling them in your Steam-account if you lose). Command an intrepid hero (one of the TF2 classes) to prevent him doing so.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. Or to make a second account so you can.

  28. Dominic White says:

    To those grumbling about the lack of new Half-Life games released.. you ARE aware that Valve are, effectively, about a half-dozen small studios with a degree of freedom to move between one project and another. Just because Icefrog is working on a DOTA title doesn’t mean that other things are suffering.

    It just means they haven’t announced it yet. And didn’t Alien Swarm teach us that Valve can keep things very quiet if they want to? Nobody knew they were even doing such a thing until about a week before launch.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Key point, nobody knew they were even doing such a thing until about a week before launch when they told us themselves via a news update on Steam.

  29. holy hand grenade says:

    I hear the pat-pat-pattering of the feet of the disciples of Sirlin…great. I’ve never known agony greater than dealing with those people.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      I’ve read the articles on Sirlin’s page even though I don’t play strategy games in multiplayer. I agree with the content in theoretical terms of what he’s trying to tell people but his head is so far up his own arse that it comes off as being utterly condescending/patronising which puts most people off the actual message he’s trying to convey.

  30. P7uen says:

    It’s time to voice-act and chew bubblegum…. and I’m all outta gum.

  31. Snubber says:

    Since that would be “DoTAs”, it appears that you are in fact wrong.

  32. Duke nukem says:

    I’m here to chew some ass and to lick some ass, and there is a great abundance of ass for me to lick on and chew! whew, what a lucky day. My name’s duke by the way. Now what I was saying about this ass stuff- oh yeah

    -Duke Nukem and his epic opening discourse in e1m1

  33. Barnaby says:

    Who said DoTA was inaccessible? I played WC3 for a long time and never had any issues keeping up in DoTA? What is so complex about it? Leveling skills and killing heros/creeps is pretty straightforward. Pls explain.

    • Manley Pointer says:

      I like the game but it has a pretty steep learning curve. To do well, you need to know how to use your own hero’s abilities well (and know which to level up first). You need to know what every other hero can do, and there are a huge number of heroes. You need to know the best builds for your hero. You need to know how to last hit and deny, which are not intuitive to most gamers. You need to know a bunch of unteachable things about when to hang back by the tower, when to go back to base to heal, when to press forward, and when to gank. You need to watch the minimap to see when too many enemy heroes are missing and might gank you.

      Most importantly, you can easily screw over your own team by feeding. One player who doesn’t know what he’s doing on your team in BF2 usually can’t lose the game for you single-handedly; one bad player in DotA can make the game lopsided fast. The reason people find DotA impenetrable is that is has both a steep learning curve and a community of people who get very angry when a noob makes their team lose.

  34. Kantong says:

    What he ment to say was, “Just finished up at Valve recording the voice of Gordon Freeman for Episode 3”.

  35. BeamSplashX says:

    I’ve been waiting for Dance of the Alcoholics to come out for decades, Valve. DECADES!

    At last, I am vindicated.

  36. negativedge says:

    The best part of this is going to be when everyone at RPS goes from dismissing this game due to its tenuous relationship with Blizzard to declaring it the game of the year based on its tenuous relationship with Valve.

  37. Daniel Rivas says:

    Fucking hell, everyone. This game is neither Heroes of Newerth, or League of Legends. Stop it.

    (gosh, I’m assertive tonight)

  38. hoohoo says:

    it is still in developtment. at valve. all this dota crap is just diversion. i really dont think valve went from 160 employees to 300 in 2 years for a dota game.

    • negativedge says:

      they expanded like that because they have several multiplayer games to support. successful multiplayer titles are the quickest way to grow a staff. blizzard themselves employ an absurd 5000 people because of the behemoth that is WoW.

  39. Gabe McGrath says:

    Sing along if you know the words, people.

    (I’m here to kick ass & play cheezy doof… Unfortunately for the hivemind, my supply of cheezy doof is unlimited.)

  40. MadTinkerer says:

    Hey, now occasionally the Steam forums are worth visiting. I managed to follow the thread deciphering the Portal ARG on the first day and it was AWESOME to watch them in action.

  41. MOOncalF says:

    After Heroes of Newerth and that other DoTA based game? Hooboy… Well count me out for a few years untill they make the one where the game world is as MMO-sized, each tower is a city and the AI+player swarms are 400+ huge. Maybe then I’ll be willing to risk that special DoTA hell again. :D

  42. Chakawi says:

    DJ phantoon, I think you want one of those “X hero arena” mods / game from wc3. That’s basically HON without the (or with less) stress / pressure on individual. Basically 1 hour game with diablo-like features and progress.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      No, no I don’t. I want Valve to make this a reality so they can show everyone how it’s supposed to be done so the elitism will seem quaint and laughable rather than obnoxious because everyone is one of these tools.

  43. Coldwave says:

    Thanks to reading into this I learned about a game called.

    Dudebro: My Shit is Fucked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II – It’s Straight-Up Dawg Time


  44. JackShandy says:

    Valve making a DotA game? Seems like the only legitimate conclusion, but that’s kind of odd. Every valve game I’ve ever played has been, if not an FPS, at least a direct-control deal. Never played one of theirs where you order a unit do perform actions, RTS style- you always play as the unit, performing the actions yourself.

    …So, DotA times Tf2?

    I’m already excited.

    • pakoito says:

      That’s just Warlocks or Bloodline Champions. Another genre. Like Alien Swarm in a arena, not the same. Might work but definately not the same.

      PS: Captcha was make, hehe.

  45. mejobloggs says:

    I played DotA

    I then tried HoN for a bit, then LoL for a bit

    Ended up going back to HoN. LoL just didnt feel right

  46. Captain "Kunkka" Obvious says:

    Considering HoN, LoL and Demigod are already out and now all 3 seem to be in working order I hope its not straight up DotA. I’m hoping for something like what Monday Night Combat is going to be, but for the computer (especially since Monday Night Combat hasn’t announced computer support as far as I know).

    Or it could be Death of the Anti-citizen the final chapter where Gordon Freeman dies a horrific death at the hands of the G-Man.