Black Ops Multiplayer Looks Like This

I have very rarely played Modern Warfare 1 or 2 online, so pray forgive me for not knowing which bits of this video specifically-prompted the internet-wide squeeeee! earlier today. Looks broadly like I would expect it to look, and as I suspect it should look if it’s not to create titanic outrage – although I did particularly like the exploding crossbow. (Even though Timeshift did it first.)

“Full multiplayer reveal in September”, eh? I know Activision have been making some enormous claims about how much they’ve invested in that side of the game (even claiming CODBlOps is their biggest-ever launch), but it can be incredibly hard to differentiate between business-minded chest-thumping and genuine promises of spangly newness.

The game’s due for November, but I rather suspect we’ll be unable to escape coverage of it come September, as Activision may elect to steal the Autumnal limelight from Halo Reach and Medal of Honor.


  1. chopsnsauce says:

    Anyone know if we’re going to get dedi’s AND matchmaking???

    Colour me controversial, but I LIKE getting into a totally standard, non modded game at the click of a button.

  2. Bowlby says:

    Looks like a wackier version of Modern Warfare 2 – and Modern Warfare 2 was pretty damn wacky. It also looks like fun, though I can’t say I’m all that fussed. I’ve played enough MW2 on the 360 for the time being, and this feels all too familiar.

  3. paragrim says:

    mw2 was just a dumbed down CoD4 with some kill streaks added.

  4. Brobdingnagian says:

    My god man. I would buy that.

    The RPG-7 would only exist to provide a rocket jump launch to start the juggle with. You also have the power of stopping tank shells with your bare hands. Sniper rifle? For shooting the grenades off the enemies’ belts, causing them and their comrades extreme embarrassment, whereupon they switch to bayonet close combat/turn into demons.

  5. Vandell says:

    I can see that little remote controlled bomb car being quite annoying..

  6. Alex says:

    why does the guy in the first picture appear to be out of the map?