Huzzah! Hussars! Total Forumitude

These could be Hussars. We don't know. Someone ask Tim Stone.

We follow any lead if it’ll take us to a story, including our own comment threads where Creative Assembly’s Craig Laycock writes to say that they’ve launched their new Total War Forum. “I couldn’t/could care less!” depending on what side of the pacific you’re on, you may say. But if you do, says Creative Assembly, you get a personalised War Room where you can see stats from your campaigns, battles, achievements and HOW MANY YOU HAVE KILLED. “Pah!” someone will say, inevitably. All right, says Creative Assembly, if you do, you get a free unit for play in Napoleon. “Is it a Hussar? I love Hussars” says the Hussar fanciers. “It’s the 10th Hussars!” says Creative. “Huzzah! Hussars!” they say, and rush off. “What’s a Hussar?” says John Walker before resuming weeping.

Craig! Mail us next time! In other notes – er – I have a Creative Interview I really should transcribe. Soon! Honest!


  1. Heliocentric says:

    Okay, thats nice. But you know what I’d really like? !

  2. SF Legend says:

    Surely instead of depending what side of the pacific you’re on it should instead say “depending on your capacity to think about what you say”?

    • Rich says:

      Hear, hear.

    • westyfield says:

      It doesn’t matter how American you are, “I could care less” is wrong and stupid.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Unless you are actually stating a capacity to be even more indifferent.

    • Novotny says:

      I keep noticing more and more errors of this nature creeping into the language as the bewling bastards of the last 20 years somehow manage to attain ‘adulthood’ without having actually read anything.

      Get them off my lawn.

    • Web Cole says:

      Verily dost thy young scoundrels corrupt our mother tongue in ways so cruel and unfounded!

      For shame. Why, in my youth a man could earn tuppence a week labouring in ye olde coal mines, and never be happier for it! It’s a travesty and etc etc, get over yourselfs. ;-)

  3. Rich says:

    “I have a Creative Interview I really should transcribe.”
    I hope you shouted at them to stop being such silly buggers.

  4. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    Boo Hiss.
    For signing up to the forum, they could, instead, give you the promised multiplayer campaign for Empire!
    Or, prefearbly, my money back.

    • SF Legend says:

      Can you still get the code for the beta of it from this link? (clicking accept just tells me that I’ve already requested my code, so I don’t know for sure if they’ll still hand them out)

  5. Chris Hansen says:

    Damn right

  6. Mad Doc MacRae says:

    I hope there are DLC forum skins.

  7. Heliosicle says:

    I have killed 50,000 mens.

    And yet I feel nothing.

  8. Ricc says:

    Would somebody please give John a hug?

    • Xercies says:

      I would so love to give john a hug, but everytime i want to he seems to run away from me. i tried knocking on his house door but nothing…after awhile some man forcibly put handcuffs on me and gave me something called a restraining order.

      Why don’t you love me john walker? :(

  9. Jeffthewonderbadger says:

    Ummm. Didn’t this happen a month ago? I’ve had the free unit at least that long…

  10. zakkmiester says:

    I just have to say, I found the curfew game through kotaku.
    But when I saw the intro credits… :D
    Haven’t played yet, but it better be good, Kieron!

  11. mlaskus says:

    There were quite a few types of cavalry named Hussars in Europe. After a quick Google search I have found out that the Hussars they are giving away are some British light cavalry with rifles.

    Which makes me sad, because like with Space Marines, there is one proper, most badass type of Hussars. They had wings and pretty much steamrolled over anything else on the battlefield.
    I would link to a picture but I have to find a properly badass one first. ;)

  12. deanimate says:

    John Walker: I ask of you, what are these Hussars?

  13. jalf says:

    I got an email a week or so ago telling me that I’d got a private message from a CA person on their new site, where I logged in to get a message that was pure gibberish, telling me that they had a new forum and if I did……. something…. I’d get a free unit.

    I’m still not sure if I was supposed to reactivate my original forum login somehow, or create a new one, or how it gets me a free unit. When I tried to sign up, I got “Forum registration has been disabled by the administrators”.

    Then I tried again a few days later, and apparently ended up creating a SEGA PASS. I have no clue if that is what they wanted, but it doesn’t seem to have magically granted unto me any hussars, free or otherwise.

    So I gave up, and loaded up ETW sans free unit instead.

    So, what am I supposed to do again to get the free unit?

    • jalf says:

      Here’s the email I got:

      Subject: Join our new Total War forums!

      Hi Jalf,
      You have a community message from SenseiTW on Total War.
      You can view your message here:
      link to

      Thank You,
      Your Friends at

      Now, I have no clue who are, or what they’ve got to do with anything, but apparently I’ve got a message. Let’s check it out.

      Apparently I’ve got a login on this thing, so I managed to log in after a few guesses at my password, and here is the infamous message:

      Hi guys, With Shogun 2: Total War announced, we decided it was time for a fresh coat of paint around here to mark Total War’s 10th anniversary. Therefore we have launched brand-new forums here: (bookmark the link!) If you were a member of our old Yuku forums, please use your old username when signing up to our new boards so that everyone knows who you are. You can also use your new login details to get a free War Room and exclusive FREE DLC unit – the 10th Hussars! See you there, Mark O’Connell The Creative Assembly

      This was a community message from SenseiTW on Total War.

      So, they have new forums, and they even gave me the link (although as plain text, not a hyperlink, so I had to copy it into the browser’s address bar manually)

      I tried going to that page and sign up, and first, got the “registration disabled” message, and was then taken to this Sega Pass thing… Now where are my hussars?

      Why do I get the impression that this message was fired off in approximately 3 minutes, before the coffee break? Someone sure was in a hurry to get it out the door, without stopping to actually consider whether it contained all the relevant information.

    • SF Legend says:

      You need to sign in to the actual war room (and maybe link your steamid).

    • jalf says:

      and where is the war room? ;)

    • SF Legend says:

      It’s linked right up there in the article.

  14. Gothnak says:

    I’ve just come back to E:TW after a long abscence due to huge amounts of work… I also installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 to speed it up… It crashes every time i have a battle… I’m not happy……

  15. Total War player says:

    Yea, Hussar in my rear end! Cheap crap! The new forum that Creative Assembly created doesn’t even work. I can’t even register on it and they are nowhere to assist. They should be working to improve the GAME ITSELF. The game is not finished and is long overdue for updates and improvements. Lazy bastards and liers!

  16. PiP says:

    if you want those bestest hussars you can try and get this
    link to
    special ed of Mount & Blade

  17. Rob says:

    Oh lordy.

    I have all the things ever for Empire: Total War and Napoleon: Total War.

    But I never, EVER EVER EVER EVER play either.

    Conceptually, they’re amazing things to me. Then I boot those games up and have my nose broken by the cold fist of “YOU BEEN PLAYING TOO MANY DAMN FPSES HONKY. YOUR FEEBLE ATTENTION SPAN CAN’T DEAL. GO BACK TO YOUR LEFT 4 DEAD 2 AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID.”

    Anyways. I have Hussars now. So whenever I can get past a tutorial, I’m sure I’ll build a shit ton of them.

  18. MattO says:

    how do you play as Ottamans in Egypt Campaign …i can’t seem to work in out

  19. ninjafoot says:

    Awesome! Hussars! Now all they have to do ist to fix multiplayer games >1v1 and it was worth the money!

  20. Craig Laycock says:

    “Craig! Mail us next time!”

    Alright, it’s a deal :)

  21. Koldunas says:

    any news on that interview?