Fancy Hats: Mafia II Demo

Willy kick!

Have you heard of Steam? It’s apparently a sort of electronic shop, from which you can buy games without even leaving your house! Via this frankly terrifying-sounding system it has become apparent that one can download a demo for Mafia II. It’s just over a GB, and will let you get a decent glimpse of the 1940s/50s open city.


  1. mlaskus says:

    Without leaving your house? What kind of devilish trickery is this?

  2. Lukasz says:

    Doesn’t work
    Physx SDK doesn’t want to install :(

    • Eggy says:

      You’ve got an Nvidia card? If so, go to and download the latest drivers, remove the display drivers you have installed at the moment, reboot, install new drivers, try running Mafia 2 again.

  3. Mac says:

    10 min demo – you can either just dick around or do the 1st mission …

  4. WTF says:

    Worked fine for me.

    Gotta say, this game is stunning looking and runs very well. 35-50FPS at all times on max details, 1600×1200. Good cut scenes with impressive acting. Nice feeling gun play. Can’t really judge the driving as I was on keyboard but even then it was more than acceptable.
    The engine seems a little shaky (I had hardware Physics disabled as I think it just doesn’t add enough to counter the FPS hit) in places as the physics kept going nuts. Dead bodies would flap around like they were being electrocuted, their limbs apparently enough to move cars around (a good distance, not just a few inches) and I kept getting bodies stuck in floors, doors and elevators.

    These aside though its pretty damned tasty. Only real complain is that the demo is less than 10 minutes long =(

  5. The Colonel says:

    Ahhh… but can you play it without leaving your own house? It’s all a gimmick I say!

  6. LewieP says:

    Elements of the 2 demo are very impressive. I knocked a rubbish bin, and all sorts of rubbish came flying out. Driving fast across the large bridge on the way to the mission feels fantastic.

    I think I have to be less reckless though, I died in car crashes twice.

  7. Jerricho says:

    Is that 66.5 Peggles then?

  8. Quark says:

    You can get your shoes shined in the park by a guy that sounds just like Gilbert Gottfried.

    Pity the publisher is price gouging Steam users in Australia yet again, I really wanted to buy this game.

    • Zerotonine says:

      You can still buy from real stores ya know, I know of some relatively cheaper ones in Melbourne like Adrenalan which is selling it for $60 AUD, five bucks off for cash. Postage of course costs extra if you don’t live near Melbourne’s CBD. But it’s better than the $80 alternative available on Steam.

      There is also Dungeon Crawl just around the corner from it, another independent retailer:

      While I wholeheartedly agree that digital distribution is a great move forward, people should take the time to check out the few independent retailers still out there offering some great deals. I still get excited when I buy a game during my lunch break and look forward to installing as I flick through (admittedly smaller than previously) manual.

      Back on topic, based on the impressions it appears that it’s shaping up to be a nice game, the original was ace, except for that racing level. I don’t think I’m even going to try the demo and just go straight to purchasing on release!

  9. lhzr says:

    here’s a patch for freezing the timer. you need to apply it to your mafia 2 executable.
    link to

    haven’t tested it myself yet, but it’s supposed to work.

    • Antlia says:

      For those who are about to click that link – don’t.

      Like it wasn’t obvious

    • lhzr says:

      it modifies the game’s executable. your antivir is prolly giving you a generic/heuristic warning.

      here’s what other antivir tools have to say about it:

      link to

    • Kakrafoon says:

      I don’t know, it worked fine for me. It just stopped the timer at 9:59, Antivir didn’t say anything about it and I could explore that small slice of Empire Bay as long as I wanted.

    • lhzr says:

      you can do this by yourself, without the patch, by getting a hex editor and going to line 000F5380. overthere look for D9 56 4C, and change it to 90 90 90.

      as seen here: link to

    • Navagon says:

      Cracking Steam games = not a good idea. It could result in bad things happening to your account.

    • lhzr says:

      bad stuff can happen if you play online a modified game(i.e. cheat). afaik, this is a single player demo.

    • Xercies says:

      “Threat Has been detected”

    • ScubaMonster says:

      While I’m not doubting this could be a false positive, I’m wary of just bypassing my antivirus and running it anyway. Tried that with bit torrent once. List of people commenting on the file at pirate bay saying the file was clean. Ran the file, sure enough, virus infected my PC.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Almost every crack ever gets detected as a malicious file because it is! It’s altering files to make a game work.

  10. stone says:

    Well, I gotta do SOMEthing while I’m waiting for a playable version of Grim Dawn, so .. where’s that bridge I can drive recklessly over ?

  11. Sidorovich says:

    Do you get a Tommy gun? I’m only downloading it if I can get a Tommy gun.

  12. Sobric says:

    Good fun. The shooting is surprisingly solid, and the cover system works well (as in, it’s necessary but not annoying). Nice voice acting/writing although it’s hard to judge from such a short sequence.

    The cars handled a bit weird, especially once I’d tuned one up, but I guess that’s part and parcel of the era anyway. Also, head on collisions at speed will kill you dead.

    I think the thing that sells it to me, however, is the style. It oozes ’40s American charm in a way that appeals to me much more than the setting of the GTAs.

    Now, question is, do I preorder or wait for inevitable sales?

  13. Sidorovich says:

    It’s all about price inelasticity ain’t it?. If this turns out to be any good vendors will be ‘doin’ a Starcraf’ , slappin’ a 35 quid price tag on it and refusing to discount anytime soon.

    • Dyst says:

      Well it’s going to be £40 on Steam once it comes out, I think, but shopto has a preorder available at £26. link to

    • Freud says: has it for £30, which makes it cheaper than the €50 Steam, unless you have some really messed up currency rates.

  14. oceanclub says:

    “I think the thing that sells it to me, however, is the style.”

    Yes; I hadn’t been paying that much attention to this game ’til I saw this trailer – love it:

    link to


  15. Alexander Norris says:

    They got rid of the “reload dumps a whole magazine” feature. I am sadface. :(

    • Schmitzkater says:

      Yes I noticed that too. Now you can reload after every shot and not lose a single bullet.

      Also whenever you get out of a car now, it automatically turns the motor off. In Mafia 1 you could either press the exit button to let the car run (and get away faster in case something happens) or hold the button to shut it off.

      Still, minor gripes.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Hopefully it’s a difficulty thing and the uppermost difficulty will be called “Realistic,” have proper reloading and the car engine stuff, and not half a health bar and regenerating health. I doubt it will, but one can hope. :(

      At the very least, I hope they provide modding tools so these things can be modded in, perhaps even with a more realistic wounding system.

    • Schmitzkater says:

      Oh yes, PLEASE let this game be moddable, at least as far as those small tweaks go.

  16. Freud says:

    Having already pre-ordered, I think I’ll avoid the demo. I want to experience it all with virgin eyes.

  17. Curry says:

    First thing I see is the magazine, I pick it up and I’m greeted with pornographic pictures. That was something I certainly was expecting from Mafia 2.

  18. Risingson says:

    Again: this is the game with the most gorgeous male 3d models ever made.

    And. Those. Noses.

  19. stone says:

    @oceanclub: now there’s a nice piece of trailer. Think I’ll put on some Sinatra for the demo..

  20. Isometric says:

    It’s bloody marvelous. Everything feels so right from the shooting to the driving to the amazing attention to detail. I went into a bar and held up the casier only to be shot point blank with a shotgun. Didn’t expect that!

  21. Supraliminal says:

    Oh nOes, really.

    That’s what I’d call bumbing down

    • Supraliminal says:

      Bloody ‘ell typo AND reply fail.

      Dat was for Alexander Norris

  22. Rick says:

    20fps average with lowest settings on my brand new laptop (its not a gaming one). Not brilliant performance, but still surprisingly smooth to play. Seems that they learnt from Rockstar’s mistake with GTA4: this game’s been properly optimised. Plus, even the lowest graphic settings look great (though I’m glad I didn’t get into a big firefight with the building coming down, that would have crippled my processor) and the gameplay is great.

  23. Nero says:

    Although my rather old computer can’t really handle it (froze two times, many graphical glitches) I could still enjoy it. Shooting sections flew better than the driving and since I loved Mafia 1 I would be all over this if I had a better computer. Will buy it at a later upgrade certainly.

  24. Jeffrey says:

    It’s a console port. Say goodbye to my 50 bucks.

    • Rinox says:


      Didn’t play like a console port at all.

    • neems says:

      Early reports suggest that the console demos have some severe performance / visual / tearing issues, while the pc demo plays like a dream and looks lovely. It also supports steering wheels as well as controllers (and will probably be moddable).

      Otherwise I dare say it is much the same game.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yeah I would say this isn’t a console port at all. I don’t come anywhere near the reccomended specs but can play the game maxed out smoothly, I only get 40fps but that appears to be smooth as butter. Also, I have the PhysX turned off.

      Really really happy with this now. I had convinced my self I wouldn’t be able to play it because I would need a quad core but this is a really well optimised game.

  25. Dozer says:

    Will it run on my Pentium III?

    I really liked the ‘reload loses what’s left in the clip’ and ‘get out with the engine running’ features in Mafia. It made the game different from – well, every other drivey-shooty game. Along with the other things that made it different, to be fair, but I’d miss those features.

    If I had any chance of playing the game at all, which I don’t.

  26. Mechazawa says:

    So, you can collect vintage Playboy playmates in the game.

    Count me in.

    (Felt quite solid, and pretty, too ! I’m pumped for it now)

  27. Davian says:

    I kept trying to order Vito to jump out of the car while driving at full speed, having been spoiled by GTA4, but he just wouldn’t do it :( Does anyone know if you can shoot from inside the car?

  28. Koozer says:

    “GTA: The Past” is what I couldn’t stop thinking. I got bored fast with GTA IV’s plot, I missed my flamethrowers and tanks from GTA 2.

    Apart from that, the floaty mouse on the menus is very annoying, cars drive like bricks covered in soap and not flying out of the windscreen when I collide with something is disappointing.

    Apart from that, it’s all right.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I got a floaty mouse too. Then I turned the graphics up and ran the benchmark and now it’s gone which is very weird. If that doesn’t work try switching off v-sync. That is usually the culprit for floaty mouse controls.

  29. BobbleHat says:

    25 quid off Not sure if it’ll still be that price after release though.

  30. Al3xand3r says:

    I approve of their toilet rendering techniques.
    link to

    Well hello there…
    link to
    link to

    Such a nice engine and art style. The overall result is miles beyond GTAIV. More importantly, the animations and controls are excellent. The shooting reminds me of Max Payne but there’s a cover system instead of stunts. It all works really well together. I suppose there are some restrictions with the engine though, I couldn’t get in water at the shoreline and all the pools in the city seem empty. But that’s a minor drawback and the game’s more story driven than something like GTA so they’ve done plenty for that type of game. So, yeah, Mafia II is awesome, and runs so smooth (without physx).

    • ulix says:

      Have to disagree somewhat. While the engine runs very nicely, and the shooting feels very good too, and while I like the art style, I do actually feel like this city is much blander than Liberty City (many more “copy & paste” buildings, less detail beside the roads and houses), and the animations (or body physics) are (thanks to GTA4’s Euphoria) definitely much worse. They are still good, but GTA4 still has by far the best animations I’ve ever seen (with Red Dead Redemption, which uses the same animation engine).

      Also, physics in general didn’t feel as good as in GTA4, but I had Physix turned off.

  31. Celkiasian says:

    Why Eggsy?

  32. Celkiasian says:

    A couple people on here have been warning that modifying the demo’s files could lead to “bad” things for your account. Does anyone have any evidence this is the case?

  33. [POo [POo says:

    well, the Just Cause 2 demo had similar time extending patches and that didn’t cause any problems.

  34. Al3xand3r says:

    The time limit is not a big deal, it’s not like there’s much to explore in this section of the city, and you can do the included missions fine. If you’re just exploring you can also just get yourself killed somewhere and if you haven’t started the mission you’ll just respawn back at the house (last story checkpoint you see) and have another 10 minutes to explore a different area. There’s no reason to use any patch, so just play and don’t worry. I usually hate time limited demos but this works out fine. As for confirmation of the patches causing issues, you aren’t gonna get any, Valve’s system is supposed to be clever in that it doesn’t insta-ban so you never know what the exact cause is. If it considers the crack a cheat of sorts or not is not something anyone can confirm just yet, so just enjoy the demo itself.

  35. Bowlby says:

    Strange. After I quit the demo the screen brightness refused to revert back to the default, and when I tried to reset it via changing the screen resolution I couldn’t go back to the native 1440*900. Then, after I rebooted, chkdsk decided to do a scan.

    Could just be coincidence or something funky with my Radeon 4850 driver, but I thought I may as well mention it to see if anyone else has experienced this.

    But yeah, Mafia 2. It’s alright. Here are some bullet point reactions for ya:

    *Like, around 99% of the demo ran above 30 FPS on high settings (no AA, though), and it looked okay. *Not thrilled about the Playboy magazines; feels a bit misplaced and pervy, tbh.
    *Driving’s a bit weird, as it’s way faster than in the previous Mafia (which, in itself, was too slow), and the handling feels off with the keyboard.
    *Gunplay is pretty good – good sound effects, enemies animate well when hit, and the cover mechanic works really well; it’s almost effortless.
    *Uh, the Times New Roman format can look a bit ugly during the menus (very minor, I know).
    *Voice acting is not noticeably bad, nor astonishingly good. But this is based off very little, and the characters in the demo are your pretty standard Italian Mafioso stereotype.


    AMD Phenom X4 955 @ 3.2 Ghz
    Radeon 4850 512MB GDDR3
    3GB DDR2 667 Mhz
    Windows 7 Home

    • Kingmarzo says:

      I have the exact same brightness problem. Radeon 4850

    • Bowlby says:

      Bringing up the ctrl-alt-del menu and then cancelling to desktop will revert the brightness to your Windows default.

    • Xercies says:

      Had the same problem and it was 4850 as well. Weird.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I have a 4850 and don’t have this problem. I haven’t bothered to update my drivers for about 3 months or more so that could be why.

    • Bowlby says:

      May be a driver issue. I’m on the 07/07/10 official release, which puts me a little behind.

    • airtekh says:

      I had the same problem with my 4890. Must be an ATI thing, bloody Nvidia.

      Bolwby’s fix is the same one that is on the Steam forums, and it sorts the problem out.

  36. mbp says:

    I am afraid to download this.

    I so fell in love with the original that it stands out as one of my greatest ever gaming experiences. I cannot bear the thought that the sequel will disappoint.

  37. Plopsworth says:

    The car driving felt a bit odd, as if the car was rotating around its geometric centre instead of the rear axle. Then again, this was from a limited impression of driving the sporty two-seater around in “simulation” mode.

    Otherwise, it seemed solid enough. With Kane and Lynch 2 I now have two solid cover-based third person shooters competing for my August salary. I may just have to get them both.

  38. Jonathan says:

    Ahh, that was every bit as fun as I expected, and it ran surprisingly well on this old machine too. I love the period music — the “Boom boom boom boom” in the trailer at the end was perfect. Also, Vito is quite a looker!

  39. Nimdok says:

    Kinda sorta unimpressed. Yes, the full game’ll probably be fun, but the demo is just a shooter with a big world to drive from point A to point B in. I dunno if it’ll be worth full price or waiting until it drops to bargain-bin price. If it’s moddable, though, it might be the best platform for some old ideas of mine… The Tales Of Tony Tastey, anyone?

  40. AndrewC says:

    Ooooo, it’s nice. And, quite apart from the period, it feels like an old-fashioned game in the sense of being coolly serious about it’s characters and plot, it’s attention to detail, it’s assumption that the player will pay attention to detail. Nice.

    Also, and this may be the advantage or ruthlessly linear missions – but it’s cover-mechanic was the smoothest i’ve ever played. There was no bumbling around doorways for me!

    So yes, nice. Whole game please.

  41. dAniel says:

    Does anyone know where the light switch for my bed lamp is ? I don’t want to leave it on all day.
    Also i think my radio is broken. I always need to change the station before i can turn it off.

    • Rinox says:

      It’s the 1950’s! They don’t care about silly things like “user comfort” and “energy saving”! I’m sure radios and electricity were all free back then. (at least, if I had to believe my grandparents)

  42. klumhru says:

    @Wheel support

    I couldn’t configure the game to recognize my Logitech MOMO Racing… Prolly a demo thing, as it wouldn’t let me set any controllers what so ever. But I don’t have a X360 controller (finger cross, hissss).

    Looks great though, and the shootey bits were nice.

  43. Dhatz says:

    just hope it doesn’t have stupid imperfections like max payne 2 had with weapons(almost every anim and sounds didn’t match, plus all sounds were boring as hell,that’s why you need mods like “payne effects 3”-the gamechanging mod or “paynfull audio”-the audio only). Probably was duw to fixed shipping date, but Mafia had few delay, so I still have faith.

  44. Slithy says:

    I saw a nifty little convertible outside my house and thought I’d hop in a pop off a few cats on the street. How come I can’t drive and shoot at the same time?

    • Vandelay says:

      You can’t shoot and drive? Kind of crazy if you can’t, as you could in original. The chase sequences were fantastic, with you trying to control the car and shoot at the same time. It took GTA right up until 4 to get anything even close to it.

      Do you have any pistols in the demo, or is it just two handed weapons?

    • sfury says:

      Nah, couldn’t shoot with the pistol too.

      I think I saw a mission in the trailers where you shoot with a tommy-gun when you’re a passenger, but I hope that’s not all. I’ve become quite accustomed to driving with the WASD and shooting with the mouse (though some find this troublesome, well duh, you’re driving AND aiming/shooting in the game, that should be hard), so it would be sad if I can’t use this again.

  45. Barman1942 says:

    Even the animations in the game absolutely ooze 40s/50s gangster. For instance, when you right click while using the tommy gun, instead of aiming down the sights you bring the gun up to your hip. Spray n’ pray, true classic gangster style.

  46. Davian says:

    Figured out you can’t shoot from a car. Wow. Has that rotten reek of dumbing down for consoles all over it.

    • Xercies says:

      Hmm GTA 4 had firing out of windows in the car and that was a console game. So its not dumbed down for the consoles its just the designers i guess never thought to put it in. One thing i hate now is this stupid fecking consoles have dumbed it down because of a fecking minor niggle here and there and people that put prophecy of doom. not signling you out but it fecking pisses me off.


  47. clive dunn says:

    maybe, just maybe, (apoligies for being an optimist) you gain the ability to shoot from cars later on?

  48. laikapants says:

    I remain amazed at how smoothly it runs with max settings. I was pretty sure I’d have to knock it down to medium or worse.

    I’m a little sad that in the midst of a shoot out with the coppers, I couldn’t get in the back of a car, stick a gun in the driver’s face and tell ’em to just drive. True, I wasn’t expecting such things but I kept thinking it as I hunkered down by the rear wheel well.

    Can’t wait for the 24th.

  49. airtekh says:

    Just had a quick go of this myself.

    It seems solid enough. PC controls seem to work very well.

    The setting and the story are going to be the main selling points. I found it hard to distinguish the gameplay from that of GTA IV (apart from the cars handling like they are on a block of ice); but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    It definitely seems like a game I’d buy, but not immediately; it doesn’t have the ‘must play now’ factor for me. I’ll get around to it when I work through more of my backlog of games. (AKA ‘Mount Everest’)