Fancy Hats: Mafia II Demo

Willy kick!

Have you heard of Steam? It’s apparently a sort of electronic shop, from which you can buy games without even leaving your house! Via this frankly terrifying-sounding system it has become apparent that one can download a demo for Mafia II. It’s just over a GB, and will let you get a decent glimpse of the 1940s/50s open city.


  1. Jimbo says:

    I can’t tell if the AA option actually does anything? It looks hella jagged either way. A shame, because it looks like it would look glorious with a healthy dose of AA over the top.

    I dig the rest of it though. The driving feels great on ‘simulation’, the shooting/cover is solid and the cutscene banter amused me a couple of times, which bodes well.

    • V. Profane says:

      I certainly couldn’t see any difference with AA on or off, extremely jaggy either way.

  2. Rick says:

    In ten minutes, I had my shoes shined, got into a fist-fight with the paper boy, bought a hot dog from a stand, had a cup of coffee in a cafe before robbing it, accidentally annoyed a street gang by carjacking someone they didn’t want me to in the robbery getaway, got into a firefight with the police over consequent trouble with the street gang, crashed my car and had to repair it myself, bought a casual suit and a brand new revolver, had five glasses of brandy and then shot the bartender three times. Unfortunately, Vito was drunk by this point; the shots only wounded the bartender, who then killed Vito with a single blast from his shotgun.

    Good lord there’s a lot of random, but fun, crap you can do this game!

    • Sarlix says:

      lol wow. All I did was went straight to the misson. Me = boring :-(

    • sfury says:

      I made a very similar adventure only the police was after me, I crashed my car in front of the bar and stormed in it, waiting with the gun pointed at the door to see if they’ll follow me inside.

      A couple of seconds later someone shot me in the back – turns out cops could follow you in the bar but chose the front door instead of the side one I had some into thinking it was the only entrance (turns out later there was even a back door).

      So while I’m assimilating this information and trying to aim and shoot at the cop who had outflanked me, that same bartender pulled off a shotgun and gunned him down. Amazing.

      Oh yeah, and later when I was shooting through the fron door at the other cop outside, the bastard bartender killed me too, I guess he didn’t take kindly people barging in and shooting guns in his fine establishment…

  3. clive dunn says:

    i accidently shot a cop, ran into a diner and hid behind the counter. The lady running the diner starts ringing the police, i’m cowering behind the drinks machine. I can hear cops arriving. A cops walks in and slowly walks along the other side of the counter, i’m thinking, ‘is he gonna see me?’, i panic when he gets close and pop a cap in his arm and go back to cowering. I’m loving the ‘cower-system’. Then, well the cops just meander about for a bit, four of them, kinda just ambling. The lady is screaming. Even the customers are cowering. I run out the back door, through some gardens and i’m a free man.
    This game is pretty hot!

  4. The Pink Ninja says:

    “Fancy Hats: Mafia II Demo”

    Give this is the internet I feel obligated to say “ZOMG, TF2 RIP OFF”

    That or “Al Capone does not bid on new pants”

  5. LionsPhil says:

    Performance good. Styling rich and beautiful. Actual game so tarpit mediocre at best.

    Several times I died because the stupid protagonist had velcro’d their spine to a bloody pillar and wouldn’t let go. Please die, sticky cover systems.

    And the car physics…ugh.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Oh yes, and that BLOODY SHOULDER CAMERA. God DAMN that’s annoying.

      For crying out loud, Max Payne worked out how to make an inoffensive third-person camera almost ten years ago. (And more recently Call of Juarez 2 had a cover system that was at least improvisational enough that you could run away from it.)

    • DrGonzo says:

      It would be impossible to use Max Payne’s camera. I used to make maps for it years ago. Everything is very out of proportion in Max Payne and very tall. Mafia 2 is an open world so I imagine doing that would make the world look stupid.

      As for the cover system, I found it ok once I had got used to it. I liked using e to switch around corners and things.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I find that kind of surprising given that Max Payne didn’t entirely shy away from more open settings: there are whole streets that look perfectly normal from arbitrary angles. And of course MP2 has a whole building site, so lots of Z-level work.

      I did discover one fun oddity in the Mafia 2 demo: cops on your tail? Drive into the sea. You’ll miraculously respawn on the shore unharmed, and no longer wanted, at the cost of a car you can just jack a replacement for.

      While you’re down by the pier, run up behind a fisherman and click, too. Tommy Vito, overgrown schoolboy.

      (Also, oddly enough, spending money on things like car upgrades and coffee seems to buy you a few seconds more time. You can get the clock up above ten minutes.Go figure.)

  6. Walsh says:

    Umm sticky cover system? You mean the fact you have to push left ctrl to attach to cover and left ctrl to detach is sticky?

    • LionsPhil says:

      …yes? I’m not sure why it has become vogue to add buttons for something that was always a transparent action, and add in this non-obvious modality. This is not good UI design.

      Give me back my lean keys, damn it. When someone flanks me I want to turn/reposition and shoot them, not have to stop to detach my spine first.

  7. BillyBoB says:

    Im downloading the demo right now for PS3…I still got 33 minutes left…Do you only get 10 minutes to play & thats it??? Can you replay the demo?? Please Answer…

  8. g says:

    Why do you say that? You’re not going to get banned from VAC, mostly because it’s not online, and isn’t even supported on almost all third-party games. Valve doesn’t care what you do with your games.

    The only thing you need to worry about is the .exe cracks for this will give you lots of false-positives from Anti-virus software, so it’s easy for someone to put a trojan in and say it’s just another false-positive.

    Here’s a link to a DUI way:
    link to

    No chance of virus.

    • Rugged Malone says:

      Driving Under the Influence? =T

      Come to think of it, hex editing would be more enjoyable with the consumption of alcohol…

      (I’ll have a 73 63 6f 74 63 68 on the 72 6f 63 6b 73 please!)

  9. Al3xand3r says:

    Have to disagree, there’s just as much copy paste in Liberty City (don’t start listing landmarks or something, just look at one section of the city, just as we have only a small part here in the demo), not to mention how bad the interiors were, and as for the animations, I still find these better. Maybe Euphoria offers more variety but not higher quality in my opinion. And even without Euphoria they still had animations for most any circumstance, your guy generally didn’t clip through things but adjusted his position to have his leg step on whatever was in his way somewhat decently. Animations in GTAIV were often lol-worthy in the cut scenes, here they’re more natural and the facial animation is better too. Shooting and taking cover looks better here too. Physics wise,, I don’t know, I didn’t miss anything from GTAIV (without phjysx myself as well). Small objects still broke fell over and tumbled, ragdollls looked awesome (guy falling down the stairs for example) and it just wasn’t as easy to make it so that you can kick things around across the whole city but I didn’t miss that and physx probably does add it (and makes it so the game runs as awfully as GTAIV probably).

    This reply will probably fail…

  10. The Juice says:

    Game is very reminiscent of the original Mafia.

  11. Irish Al says:

    Does it have excellent music like the original ?

    • Rick says:

      The title theme isn’t as distinctive, but its still something that you can sit back and enjoy.

    • Sarlix says:

      I recognized 3 out 3 of the tracks that were playing – If you’ve ever seen the film ‘stand by me’ basically the songs that were used in that film.

    • sfury says:

      Sadly I found out just yesterday Vladimír Šimůnek – the composer of the original Mafia score has died in 2008. link to

      So probably the game won’t have the same (amazing!) score, though it was long in the making so who knows maybe he did contribute, but the period music is also working good for me now.

  12. Schadenfreude says:

    I’m loving this. It happily regognises the Xbox pad, updating the icons etc and then intelligently switching back if you start using the mouse and keys. Got it running smooth as butter at 1080p on my HDTV too (Unless I enable any kind of Physx of course). So happy I invested in that 5m HDMI lead. :D

  13. RGS says:

    Brilliant artwork. Artists are really looking and caring about what they’re making, *much* more realistic and authentic than most over games. Was the same with H&D2 and Mafia 1. Well done Illusion/2K Czech – Happy to see your standards haven’t slipped only improved!

    Playboy pinups and a conversation I heard two women having about becoming lesbian seemed out of place with the rest of the demo though from the little time I’ve had with it so far (sounds like someone from marketing got involved…).

    Also runs *brilliantly* on my GTX480 @ 2560×1600 too (yes, it’s a fast card, but you never know until you actually get the game running + rest of my system is top end, or rather it was… 3+ years ago!).

    Very pleased, well done indeed to the devs.

    • Sarlix says:

      What is the ‘rest’ of your system? Need more info!

      I was surprised I got the frames I did on my old amd x2 6000+

      An average of 40FPS from the benchmark – thats with everything maxed out & with 16x AF and default AA, probably x2 or x4.

      My system

      x2 6000+

      HD 4870

      3GB RAM


    • RGS says:

      Win 7 Ult. x64
      QX6700 Extreme (at stock)
      4GB Dominator RAM
      1,000W Enermax Galaxy PSU

      Lots of good HDDs, good creative sound card, Silverstone TJ07 case, Apple ACD 30″ and the GTX 480 (Zotac).

      Can’t remember my benchmark score but mostly hitting 50-60FPS @ 2560×1600 (capped with v-sync on) in game, all settings on max but no AA. Drops to 40-45 FPS average with AA.

      (tried a couple of ATI/Sapphire 5870 2GB Vapor-X cards prior to the 480 purchase, but got the GSOD ATI issue with both – RMA’d. Happily back with nVidia now)

    • Sarlix says:

      Thanks for the detailed info! Sorry to hear about your ATI woes :-(

      I should just point out I was running it at a lower res – 1400×900

    • sfury says:

      The game runs reasonably well (30-40 fps avg) even on my slower machine – Athlon x2 5600+, 4850 512mb, 4GB RAM – everything is maxed out on 1680×1050 except AA for which I see no difference between switched on and off, maybe drops the frames a little bit but I didn’t wait long enough to test it – turned it off a few seconds after I sawn none of the jagged edges changed at all.

      Plays very smooth, looks amazingly well, which is a nice surprise compared to GTA4 which made me weep last year.

    • Harlander says:

      I had some minor weirdness running at 1280×1024… seemed to slow down every couple of seconds or so. I dropped it down to 1168×768 or whatever it is, and it was smooth.

      To be honest, I expected better from my weeks-old HD 5670 (though I only bought it because my 1900XT’s fan died in a heap)

  14. Jackalope says:

    Enjoyed the demo a lot, used that ptch to remove the time limit so I could enjoyit better. I was pleased you could actually take money from the cash registers. Even managed to soup up the little red Corvette-a-like and make it “legally” mine and use it as a very good getaway vehicle as I each and every bar, shop and gas station. I loved the orignal Mafia, even though the main story was a little bit depressing.

    One thing I wish they would do next; after walking round Empire Bay in my swish new suit and raincoat, I was left wishing they would do a spinoff where you play a Fed or a gumshoe, either private or police. The fisticuffs system was enjoyable, getting to legally beat the snot out of some hoodlums for info would be a nice change. As Elliott Ness probably didn’t say “Let’s do some good!”

    • Harlander says:

      Man, I don’t even have to play this game to know that I’d sell your mother for a police procedural or noir-esque mystery as well-realised as Mafia 1 was.

    • MWoody says:

      Make it generate new areas of the city and crimes on the fly, for a procedural police procedural!

  15. Mahel042 says:

    Why did they remove the manual transmission and sidewalk physics? every other change I can take but those where the most fun things in the first game.

  16. Gurrah says:

    A demo? 3 weeks before release. I was going to buy it anyway, but this just made the whole ordeal so much sweeter. Seriously, with all thsoe developers moaning how much time and effort it takes to produce a demo, them releasing it weeks or rather months after the games release, this is THE way to make the customer happy – try before buy.

  17. Sprafa says:

    What most people seem to forget is that Mafia came out right after GTA 3, and in fact, it was the better game. You couldn’t take out people’s tires in GTA3, you could in Mafia. Driving was realistic, there was an inventory system, and dear beejeesus there was a mission where you had to take out a plane (and take out the people the family of rats trying to escape in it), a racing mission and an opera mission. It had an epic story, and I must’ve played it six times before getting tired of it. When you flipped a car without a hood you’d be crushed instantly. When you shot a cop in the head and ran no one would be informed of your crime. The shooting in it was incredible. The driving was maddening, using a speed limiter to avoid getting caught by the cops over some stupid thing like running a red light.

    Yet most of these features are now either commonplace. or no longer in Mafia II. After Mafia, Vice City and San Andreas started including some of these features, until GTAIV took essentially all of its lessons and gave it a one up. I remember a local magazine saying that what they really wanted was the action of Mafia within the GTA world, and GTAIV delivered that.

  18. Tombeld says:

    Has anyone experienced red lines and shading appearing after about 4 mins into the demo? I’m running a Dual core i7 2.80 ghz with 8 gig of ram and 1.2 gig Geforce GTX 250 (not bragging – that’s just the way it is) and can’t work out whether it’s my graphics card or my monitor (benq 24″LCD) . The only other program I seem to get this with is the original Mafia. Any ideas?

  19. sxn says:

    I had the same problem with an ATi 5650 (laptop)