Compoperation Arrowhead

Oh for heavens sake, yes we know they’re not strictly tanks but… anyway, want a chance to win a copy of ArmA 2 expandalone, Operation Arrowhead? Want to play a big old co-op ArmA 2 game with fellow RPS readers and writers? If “yes”, then click the digital King’s Shilling below to find out more.

Join us!

We’ve not covered Operation Arrowhead in too much depth, but only because we were worried about the monster squid of arcane complexity that lurks inside in any game from Bohemia Interactive. Nevertheless, now is time to wrestle that squid and for us to investigate the game as a team. That means we need you guys.

Idea Games have air-dropped twenty (20!) copies of Operation Arrowhead into the reinforced RPS hyper-bunker (we left a window open so we could hear the birds arguing) and we thought there might be no better way to test drive this particular Hummer than to let you lot have at it in some kind of cooperative battle-event-thinger. So this is a recruitment drive. RPS needs soldiers. But more importantly, RPS needs YOU to be AVAILABLE! We’re going to dish out 20 keys, but only to those happy few who promise – cross fingers and hope to be poked in the eye by Quinns – to be around for our own little D-Day on Sunday 22nd August at 2pm BST. If you really can’t make that date and time, please don’t bother applying. Winning a war involves being there in the first place.

To help with this, we’re limiting this giveaway to registered folks. To have a chance of winning you need to be registered to RPS so you can receive private messages via the forum, and you need to leave a comment below. Give us a reason why you should win. The best twenty reasons why – as judged by the hivemind – will win the keys, and join us for a special mission on the 22nd.

We’ll be doing a detailed After Action Report of the battle-event-thinger, so acts of extreme bravery are encouraged and will be rewarded with Fabulous Glitzy Prizes, just like in real war. In this case the Fabulous Prizes For Excellence will be 10 copies of the as yet unreleased British Forces DLC, only given for Victoria Cross levels of Stiff Upper Lipness Under Fire. Other, less heroic (or downright suicidal) acts during the event could earn you a map/poster or T-Shirt. We may even be able to make room for those of you who’ve already got a copy of OA! Stay tuned for details on the server and so forth, which are yet to come.

Also: see competition rules for, you know, the rules.


  1. Antilogic says:

    Because suicide runs are my specialty ;) Can you strap explosives to players in this game? :D

  2. AndrewC says:

    I will be busy! Damn you real life, my old enemy!

    Have fun. Play as goats.

  3. Dyst says:

    22nd of August? I’m free! LET’S DO IT!

  4. Chizu says:

    I’d ask for one, but the graphics card from my games capable machine is visiting its parents right now, Because it has been bad.
    And I’ve no guarantee it will be back by the 22nd :/

  5. HexagonalBolts says:

    I’m an ArmA virgin who was at first scared away by the complexity of the demo, but in what I’m going to call “the dwarf fortress phenomenon”, that complexity has a strange sadistic lure which keeps tempting me back, gently and evilly seducing me to give it a go. And this seems like a fantastic opportunity. I guess you guys are the same. I’m free that sunday and just about every other hour of the week as I’m a smelly english literature student with long holidays and then only 6 hours a week of actual contact hours. I have also been commenting this site forever and a day, which is hopefully some small affirmation that I’m not an utter knob…

  6. Zone says:

    22nd of August? I’m free! LET’S DO IT!

    I repeat, Lets do it!!!

  7. Senethro says:

    Hello, I can be there! I’m ready to join the doomed youth in the warzone.

  8. darkrei9n says:

    I can be there.

    I am a wonderful pilot with suicidal tendencies, I love flying planes 50 feet or less from the ground and I can fly helicopters upside down.

    For about 5 seconds, then the gravity kicks in.

    I’m up all day and all night so I’m available. So would you kindly pick me.

    • Antilogic says:

      Can you do a barrel loop in a chopper?

      Because that would just be awesome.

    • Allandaros says:

      I believe that the Westland Lynx can follow Peppy’s instructions and do a barrel roll, which is Pretty Awesome.

    • darkrei9n says:

      Yes, I can do a barrel roll in a chopper if I’m high enough.

    • Snubber says:

      I, too, must be stoned to attempt such ridiculous rotocraft hijinks.

    • darkrei9n says:

      I do it sober, you put me on any kind of drug and let me fly I might just break the game doing something. Triple barrel roll in a helicopter anyone?

  9. mlaskus says:

    Oh, that’s extremely nice of you.
    I don’t have OA and I will be available on the 22nd.

    Now why would you want to pick me? I’m a good medic!
    Are there any medics in this game? I don’t know, but there damn well should be.

    Oh, and I loved the original Flashpoint and as much as I would love to buy OA, I’m a poor student and have to choose between it and food or beer. Though I’m a hopeless drunk so cutting into my beer expenses is quite unrealistic. Thus if I buy the game myself I will have no money for food and starve to death.

  10. Usul says:

    Nice, I will be there.

  11. Turin Turambar says:

    I have 200+ hours of experience with Arma 2 / OA, i will be there to help the noobs. :P
    (i don’t need another copy of OA, don’t count me for one of the 20 copies. But one copy of the British DLC would be nice :))

  12. AJ says:

    What time zone is that?

  13. RiptoR says:

    I’m free the 22nd, and I’m ready to get virtually raped by Kieron…

    If I had to play any virtual war, it would have to be one where I can blow little bits of the RPS gang.

  14. Meatloaf says:

    Curses! I think I’m moving back to Uni that day! Ah, confounded education! Well, someone record it, please.

  15. Man Raised By Puffins says:

    Oh for heavens sake, yes we know they’re not strictly tanks but…

    Not strictly tanks? Now that really is taking the MICV.

  16. necromental says:

    Because I could Flip a ChinHook in operation flashpoint. Because we once got a laser guided bomb through an attic window (after 30 tries). Because I can drive one of those boyracer’d volvos like a motherlover. and because I am completely and utterrly crap at flying planes and could never figure out how to fire the bleeding Scud launcher! That’s why you need me. Also, I’m Nigel and I’m nice.

  17. Mac says:

    22nd of August? I’m free! I like blowing shit up too … bonus !

  18. Usul says:

    Ah yes forgot to mention that, I too have Arma 2 / OA. British units caught my eye.

  19. JB says:

    I can make it on the 22nd. I’ve been playing OpFlash for donkey’s years. Last few months I upgraded to ArmA (the first one) and myself and my main gaming partner have been cranking out more missions to amuse ourselves with. I’m happy to take a support role like medic, or arm me with a laser designator, I enjoy lasing things =)

    Equally, I’ll cheerfully drive a Humvee/Stryker into an enemy base and go down in a blaze of glory!

    Forward, RPS army!!!!

  20. Heliosicle says:

    Poo I’m on holiday!

  21. Vague-rant says:

    Buggrit. Busy on the 22nd. Oh well. But if I had to give a reason:

    Because winning isn’t everything.

  22. Brumisator says:

    Oh baby! Playing my favourite game of the last 2 years with RPS folks?
    Sign me up!

  23. scott2100 says:

    Hellz yeh, sign me up for the 22nd!

  24. Duoae says:

    Huh…. i don’t have the original. I guess i can’t be included in this expandathon :(

  25. SteveTheBlack says:

    Count me in!

    Every good war needs a HERO SQUAD, the men who do all the extremely dangerous and downright daft things that the regular soldiers won’t do.

    Need a tank punched to pieces? There’s a SQUAD for that. A three kilometre bayonet charge? There’s a SQUAD for that. I can get you that SQUAD.

    (It’s mostly just me.)

    • Petethegoat says:

      Three kilometre bayonet charge made me lol, genuinely.
      Alas, if only I could enter.

  26. Dave says:

    I suck at the original and dont have time for any games other than Eve plus my computer died and i dont think my backup machine will run it. Thats why i should get a free copy of modern warfare 2 expansion standalone bolt-tip

  27. WTF says:

    I am most definitely free then and would love to take part – my only concern is that I am one of the luckless types who has never gotten ARMA2 to run very well on my rig. I have it installed now and it is, by virtue of being more or less the only game on there I suspect, working quite well but the FPS are still terrible.

    Is this new fangled expandalone designed and coded any better? What are my chances of actually seeing the people as they shoot me in t he head a lot?

  28. PrepareToMeetThyGod says:

    I can make it. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 33 years, I’m pretty damn sure I can make it. That’s reason enough right? If not, well, as an added bonus, I’ll kill things with a suicidal lack of skill. BUT I WILL SUCCEED!

    Oh, and I’ll also join Steve TheBlacks’s HERO SQUAD. Splendid ^_^

  29. Code Monkey says:

    I’m an ArmA noob, and am free on the 22nd. I should get a copy of the game because I’m a complete loner with no social life who rarely leaves my bedroom for things other than food and need something to stave off the long hours of boredom.

  30. SF Legend says:

    I can almost definitely make it at that time, and I can fly a chopper to the extent that I won’t immediately crash and explode. I can even land them safely most of the time! So while I may not be the best player, I’m definitely reliable.

  31. Demon Beaver says:

    I’d love to join, but sadly, can’t promise to be there on time.
    Too bad, I have real life army experience, meaning I could yell contradicting commands which no one would follow, and then crash my helicopter into a bridge.

  32. AJ says:


  33. lostrootpass says:

    I’m available and ready.

    Always wanted to try ArmA 2 since I have a bit of a thing for tac-shooters.

  34. UW says:

    I’d love to join in. I’ll definitely be available.. and quite frankly I look for any opportunity to shout things like “FALL BACK!” and “COVER ME!” at people I don’t know.

    Sometimes they even listen.

  35. klumhru says:

    Shame that I and the wife already own copies of A2 and OA, or we would have entered for this.

    Are you thinking about having a very large bash, ie with room beyond the 20? Would love to blast me some RPSies. Oh wait, coop. Heal me some RPSies then :)

  36. Bobzer says:

    Because I enjoy punishment and Arma 2 is the only game out there that can give me a decent spanking….

  37. Fringe says:

    I can do it! Sunday afternoon gaming is my favoured time.

    Also, I’d like a copy because Operation Flashpoint was my favourite game for ages but I haven’t bought Arma II because I thought I’d never find a decent bunch of people to war alongside (Flashpoint was at it’s best played in coop). The RPS folks on the TF2 server are awesome so I hope the same or similar people dive into this too.

    OpFlash is the only game to have tempted me into a clan too. I remember my trial where I had to destroy a roaming BMP as part of a special ops team at night. I managed to crawl right up to the vehicle without even MY team seeing me, set some satchel charges in place and then retreated to a nearby garden before blowing it sky high. They were impressed, I was accepted, and the moment was fixed into my mind as one of the greatest and most enjoyable gaming moments I’ve had.

  38. Thatidiot says:

    Tonight… you pukes will sleep with your rifles! You will give your rifle a girl’s name! Because this is the only pussy you people are going to get! Your days of finger-banging old Mary Jane Rottencrotch through her pretty pink panties are over! You’re married to this piece, this weapon of iron and wood! And you will be faithful!

    With wise words like that, and the assurance that I will be there, it is obvious that I will teach you maggots how 2 ARMA2!

  39. ninjapirate says:

    I can make sure that I’ll be at home and completely undisturbed (save for nature calls) on August 22nd!
    I spent years playing and replaying the original Operation Flashpoint, ArmA 2 finally sounds like a game that could bring back the good old times!

    As it would be too bourgeois to say “pick me, I’m an RPS subscriber,” I will instead point out that everything is better with pirates. ;o)

  40. Gbroderix says:

    i can do i as well, but i suck at it, but i love arma so much, i keep trying and trying it is best game ^^

  41. Phinor says:

    I’m a two-year World War 2 veteran with plenty of experience in the following arts of war: holding the front line for twenty seconds, falling in the front line, not communicating with my team after the enemy has snuck behind our lines and of course once a year (so twice during my career!) miraculously killing the enemy team guaranteeing us a victory. Oh yes, I’m talking about the original Day of Defeat. I’ve seen my share of middle-European towns like Caen and Ramelle and I’m ready to move on to Takistan!

    On the plus side, I guarantee to be among the worst if not the worst player on the server so no one else is put to shame. On the negative side it won’t make a very good movie if one guy keeps dying all the time. Just give me orders, point the direction and I’m off!

    Well ok, I’ve played other games (damn that buggy ArmA 2 campaign) besides DoD but I thought it made a fairly average story so I decided to try it out. If Kevin Smith has taught us anything, it’s to aim to be average and talk a lot.

  42. Nimic says:

    Why, because I don’t own it from before, of course! Also, I’ve been through hell to get my PC in order. We had a lightning storm this summer, just about the first one I can remember since I was 4. First, it took my internet (and only my internet). Then, a day later, my computer shut down. I figured it was the PSU, so I bought a new PSU.

    Turns out, right, it wasn’t. It was the Motherboard. So I bought a new motherboard, which means I bought a new everything. Except the DVD-burner, because that couldn’t possibly cause any problems. Oh, it probably didn’t, in the end, but I’m just below the level of tech-savvy that made me capable of figuring out why it didn’t work when I removed my final IDE HDD. So I went out and bought a new one. And it worked!

    Of course, now I’ve got a computer actually able to play the game, so really, it’s fate.

    Yes. Definitely.

  43. Romanx says:

    I’m definately interesting in this because I don’t already own it and my computer definately needs the test of this to challenge it’s awesome prowess.

    Also i just want to shoot Quinns for an great big cock during the Solium Infernum journal =D


  44. Emphursis says:

    Pick me because I’m more bad-ass than Lando Calrissian!

    • Emphursis says:

      Oh, and because I’m an idiot and spelled ‘hotmail’ wrong, my forum name is Emphursis1

  45. Swanky says:

    I am both willing (oh, free copy!) and able to fight for RPS. Just point me at the enemy. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!

  46. Web Cole says:

    I wish to own OA because I am a BF2: Project Reality player, and PR is coming to ARMA 2: link to

    If the amount of hours I have put into BF2:PR in just 6 months (700+) is any indication, then there will be very few people who will get more of a time effective use out of OA than I. So by giving me a copy you’d be supporting the mod community ;-)

  47. Kid A says:

    Knowing my luck with ArmA games it’ll move at about 15fps and get stuck on a bridge, but still.

  48. frenz0rz says:

    You damned well want me there gentlemen. Why, you ask?

    I am a mindless peon – a subservient nothing willing to fight and die for our glorious RPS overlords. I will charge ten thousand mounted machinegun posts on command when there is no hope of success; I will leap from the highest plane with no parachute, supported only by the vague chance of landing on an unfortunate enemy to secure that 1:0 kill ratio; I will run, climb and swim my way forward and onward like a glorious one-man army until I am unfortunately gunned down by a chap sitting in a tree two miles away. You want me, RPS! We can win this war damnit!

  49. The Tupper says:

    Hi there.

    I’m rather late to this party, but I’m doing nothing except gaming that day and love all things free; if there’s a copy of the game still available I’d love you all forever if you sent it my way.

    One caveat: I’m not very good at the ARMA games, but I write fantastic war poetry while soiling my cyber-fatigues in a cyber-ditch.

    Go on: gie’s a copy. Go on….go on….

  50. Haggai Elkayam says:

    I can make it! And you want me there because I pwn noobs. Some of our opposition will, undoubtedly, be composed of noobs, which I can pwn.
    I might be pwned by people who are not at all noobs, because I’m probably an ARMA noob myself, but you should pay no attention to this tiny, tiny flaw.