Compoperation Arrowhead

Oh for heavens sake, yes we know they’re not strictly tanks but… anyway, want a chance to win a copy of ArmA 2 expandalone, Operation Arrowhead? Want to play a big old co-op ArmA 2 game with fellow RPS readers and writers? If “yes”, then click the digital King’s Shilling below to find out more.

Join us!

We’ve not covered Operation Arrowhead in too much depth, but only because we were worried about the monster squid of arcane complexity that lurks inside in any game from Bohemia Interactive. Nevertheless, now is time to wrestle that squid and for us to investigate the game as a team. That means we need you guys.

Idea Games have air-dropped twenty (20!) copies of Operation Arrowhead into the reinforced RPS hyper-bunker (we left a window open so we could hear the birds arguing) and we thought there might be no better way to test drive this particular Hummer than to let you lot have at it in some kind of cooperative battle-event-thinger. So this is a recruitment drive. RPS needs soldiers. But more importantly, RPS needs YOU to be AVAILABLE! We’re going to dish out 20 keys, but only to those happy few who promise – cross fingers and hope to be poked in the eye by Quinns – to be around for our own little D-Day on Sunday 22nd August at 2pm BST. If you really can’t make that date and time, please don’t bother applying. Winning a war involves being there in the first place.

To help with this, we’re limiting this giveaway to registered folks. To have a chance of winning you need to be registered to RPS so you can receive private messages via the forum, and you need to leave a comment below. Give us a reason why you should win. The best twenty reasons why – as judged by the hivemind – will win the keys, and join us for a special mission on the 22nd.

We’ll be doing a detailed After Action Report of the battle-event-thinger, so acts of extreme bravery are encouraged and will be rewarded with Fabulous Glitzy Prizes, just like in real war. In this case the Fabulous Prizes For Excellence will be 10 copies of the as yet unreleased British Forces DLC, only given for Victoria Cross levels of Stiff Upper Lipness Under Fire. Other, less heroic (or downright suicidal) acts during the event could earn you a map/poster or T-Shirt. We may even be able to make room for those of you who’ve already got a copy of OA! Stay tuned for details on the server and so forth, which are yet to come.

Also: see competition rules for, you know, the rules.


  1. PatrickSwayze says:

    I. Should. Win. A. Key. For. Operation. Arrow. Head. Because. I. Talk. Like. One. Of. It’s. Soldiers.


    I. Played. Operation. Flashpoint. Religiously. Nearly. A. Decade. Back. But. Have. Yet. To. Sample. ArmA.


    Free. Copy. Yes. Please.


  2. Montecristo345 says:

    I’m totally down for this, I’ve got that day off and can be there all day. Plus I love ArmA 2. IF there are any spots left i’d love to join

  3. dartt says:

    Sgt. Dartt, HERO SQUAD Logistics & Tea corp, here.

    We’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Dropships on fire on the coast of Oshur, we watched ANTs running in the dark near Hossin warpgate. All these things were lost when our planetside subscriptions expired.

    In 2009, this crack legend unit stopped playing planetside. These men promptly went back to playing Team Fortress 2. Today, still unwanted, they subsist as gaming’s untermensch in the gutter of the internet. If you have a problem, you can shove it up your arse. If you don’t have a problem but you feel like you need one, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire HERO SQUAD.

    If you need us, HERO SQUAD will heed the summons: No mission is too foolhardy, no plan too far-fetched. The bigger they come, they cooler the explosion will be when they destroy us. Amongst our middle names, there are such concepts as ‘Danger’, ‘Fear’, ‘Nunchucks’ and ‘Martin’. Our main weapon is suprise. Just suprise. We are hungry like the wolf. We dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. We are the champions. We are just a band.

    We are HERO SQUAD!

    • dartt says:

      I heroically forgot to log in to post that.

      This is me, heroically logged in.

    • Sarlix says:

      I don’t have a problem but defiantly feel that I need one. I would like to hire HERO SQUAD!

      Do they undertake domestic furnishing removals?

    • dartt says:

      Well. This depends on the type of furniture Sarlix.

      If there is significant risk of the loss of life, limb, sight or sanity then HERO SQUAD are interested; If the furniture is not poisonous or highly toxic to the touch, razor sharp, supremely dense and precariously balanced, antimatter, cursed, demonic, possessed, explosive, radioactive, built from organic or semi-organic matter created using illegal science, or, if the destination is not wartorn, crime ridden, natually hazardous, mythical or non-existent… then HERO SQUAD probably won’t take the job.

    • Sarlix says:

      I have a demonic three seater that thinks it’s a Chaise Lounge. It’s had quite a colorful history that dates back to the 18th century. It was first used by a Victorian cult to summon other-worldly beings but ended up being given to the womens institute were it went on a rampage and ate all the biscuits. Later it fell into the hands of an eccentric scientist that tried to harness it’s demonic powers and use it as a 4th dimensional time traveling device. However he neglected to factor into his calculations a rich-tea biscuit that was stuck behind one of the rear cushions, thus throwing everything out of balance. This resulted in a quantum singularity forming which in turn created a localized black hole which rendered the sofa so dense that one cushion weighs the same as a Volvo estate. As for delivery, it needs to be taken to a right wing paramilitary called the ‘black helmet’ I know it probably doesn’t have the danger factor that HERO SQUAD are used too, but I’m hoping they’ll make an exception. :-)

  4. cRaZy says:

    I’m available that day and I really want to fight for RPS. I love tactical first person shooters and I love Operation Flashpoint. Just point me in the direction of the enemy and I shall slay them all.

  5. Poppis says:

    This sounds like a blast. I’m free on 22th and even though I can’t fly choppers(except into trees), I would gladly get in to the driver’s seat of one of those wannabe-tanks.

  6. LemonyTang says:

    Because, not even joking, the 22nd of August is my birthday.

    Yes, you would be giving me a birthday present. Fantastic!

    I feel writing a paragraph of why I would like Arma 2 after that would be silly, because it just wouldn’t compare to the fact that you’d be giving me a birthday present. Don’t know if I mentioned that.

  7. trooperdx3117 says:

    I’ve been playing Operation Flashpoint since 2002, i’ve played Arma 1-2 and been well versed in the combined army operations required of those games, although alas due to the wonders of our recession the money that I would have reserved for buying Operation Arrowhead had to be spent on such trivial things as food, clothing and paying just enough rent to stay out of a cardboad box under a bridge

  8. Lobotomy Lobster says:

    I’m in. All operations need a lobster

    Proof, if any were needed: link to

  9. MrMud says:

    I never got around to playing any big multiplayer games in vanilla Arma2 so this sounds really interesting.

    If I got a game I would definitely be around on the 22nd for some soldiering.
    Now I just need to set up my trackIR again.

  10. Lobotomy Lobster says:

    Wasn’t logged in ._______.

  11. Kelron says:

    I would like to play. Please may I have a key if I try my hardest not to shoot any friendly soldiers?

  12. jackflash says:

    I should win because I am a lawyer and hate my life.

  13. CloakRaider says:

    I hopefully can make that date providing my PC doesn’t catch fire.

    A good reason that I should be gifted it? I once flew an Osprey, upside down, under fire into enemy territory to rescue a friendly squad in a train yard, and escaped with only a few scrapes, while shooting out the window with a sidearm and playing a kazoo (and those two weren’t in the game).

    I also played ArmA 1 and 2 quite a bit, and a bit of ACE mod.

  14. Alexander Norris says:

    I’ll be around on the 22nd at 2pm BST, so I’d like to enter my name into the list of many people who want a copy of the game.

    I should get one because I am possibly the most rubbish ArmA2 player in the world. Need a chopper crashed barely off the ground? I’m your man. Need a jeep to go racing across some sort of flat terrain only for me to get sniped out of the driver seat and the whole rickety thing to go tumbling into the closest tree as if powered by extremely suspicious magnets that are out to get me? I am also your man. Need someone to sit around with the only gun with no proper scope, peering down the barrel at distant pixels and wondering whether they’re about to kill him or just some sort of particularly stumpy tree? I am your man too.

    Alternatively, if you’d like me to not hit a single enemy in the mission and then blow you up in a hilarious friendly fire incident involving backblast and a low-ish rock outcropping, I am definitely your man.

  15. Dinger says:

    Why? Because my voice sounds a lot better calling in fire missions than the ArmA 2 robovoice does, so you won’t mind when I screw up and drop a load of HE on the general staff’s motor pool.

  16. Dexemplu says:

    I’ll be free.

    I wanna join you guys because I just finished Crysis, which takes up half the real-estate available on the keyboard. I think I’m ready for a shooter that takes up all of it.

  17. Archonsod says:

    I’ll be available. I’m not too great at the fighting, but if you need some ablative body armour or simply someone to run around in circles doing a chicken impersonation to distract the enemy artillery I’m your man/poultry crossbreed.

  18. Geloman says:

    So that I, a weak and feeble gamer, may stand like a blade of grass on a mountain, able to see the glorious heights by being held aloft by things which I cannot see and can barely understand.

  19. Sam says:

    22nd is the day before my birthday, I can’t imagine anything more fun to do on the day before my birthday than playing this with RPS. I own ArmA 2 but I had many technical issues with it so never really played it. I tried the demo of the new one, and it all worked great., so I’d love to try and get into this game again :D.

  20. El_MUERkO says:

    I’ve already got the game, it is awesmoe!

    Looking forward to the DLC :D

  21. Feet says:

    I am lodging a late late bid for a key. I am a doughty medic, I come equiped with sticky plasters and head ache pills in case you are shot! If you are killed I will mourn your death in exceptionally dramatic fashion, and I’ll promise to take the token of love\letter\words\jewelry to your designated loved one back home.

    (I am also free on that afternoon, I own a mic, I won a phat pipe and I own some skillz that I do not use to pay the billz.)

  22. iakrana says:

    I would like to win a copy of the game to shoot the people who won. Those lucky bastards.

  23. Nullkigan says:

    Long time lurker registered and reporting in.

    I should win a copy because, damnit, I haven’t got nearly enough play out of ARMA2 yet.

    Here’s the precis of my compat readiness report:

    1/ Available on the date.
    2/ I have and enjoy the base game (but not Arrowhead). I’m fairly rubbish at it. I’m passingly familiar with the command interfaces for ordering AI at both the squad and high command levels. Possibly useful to have someone give opfor some direction?
    3/ I can just about fly a chopper. When not under enemy fire. I can even land it on occasion! If I fail to do so, at least the enemy will laugh themselves to death. Parachute deployments are more cinematic anyway.
    4/ I can probably fireteam lead for some complete newbies. Otherwise, I make a good medic. Especially if the medical modules are enabled. I’m also reasonably accurate with anti-tank weapons, but horrendously bad with sniper rifles and grenade launchers.
    5/ I can provide 12 man teamspeak 3 server, as well as set up and host a squad .xml so we have matching patches like it’s the 80s again. I *may* look into expanding the TS3 server capacity if requested.
    6/ PONYO.

    However, I have yet to play with ACE2, ACRE or any of the other external mods that seem to pervade the general ARMA community. I’m also obviously not familiar with any changes made by Arrowhead. I will bone up in advance if my transfer is approved.

    Hooray for lunchbreaks to post in.

  24. Chiablo says:

    I’d love a copy, I’ve had an interest in ARMA II but always afraid to drop $20 on it. And I know the real reason you are giving them away… you need some new recruits to act as cannon fodder!

    Well, sign me up!

  25. Webster says:

    God damn it, not only am I denied a chance at winning a game I want anyway but I am also denied the honour of fighting with the RPS ultro-squadron. Why? Because I work Sundays. Every Sunday. From 1100 to 1700.


  26. harvb says:

    Absolutely gutted that I cannot make it, especially as I love OpFlash and ArmA. I’m literally gutted. Gutted.

    Please do another one, even if it’s just for fun and frolicjs. Pretty please?

  27. UncleSmoothie says:

    Ready and willing.

  28. Frantics says:

    Pick me i’m around and have maximum arma skills. judged on the demo and arma 2 i’m good at making missions where i play as many extremely confused soldiers for a few seconds each before dying to someone i can’t even see. i also have a strage fascination with flying crashing attack helicopters. finally a realistic taste of war in my videogames. Multi does sound like it would be fantastic though, chance to see for myself would be great.

  29. Sweedums says:

    22nd… should be free…

    pick me because I don’t really know what I’m doing in the game and feel way out of my depth when I join a random server…. so I’m the perfect squad member as I will happily do ANYTHING I am told to do…. that’s right, anything….

  30. Dr. Evanzan says:

    Why me? Because you may have a lot of heroes for HERO SQUAD but you also need an officer to lead them. I am such, a true blue British Officer with a stiff upper lip. A man of whom it could surely be said, his men would follow him anywhere, if only out of curiosity.

    I’m also available at the appointed hour. Although I wonder how long we expect D-Day to take? (Will we be home for Christmas?)

  31. Bluebreaker says:

    I’m your father. Won’t you give your father a coppy? :S

  32. Bluebreaker says:

    I’m your father. Won’t you give your father a copy? :S

  33. DOS4GW says:

    I would like you to tell you a tragic tale.

    I played Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis for the first time about a year ago and loved it very much. After expressing my excitement to forum buddies about the upcoming OpFlash 2, they told me that I shouldn’t be excited for the game at all. Arma 2 was the game I wanted, they said. Since I always trust internet people completely, I bought a copy of the game from Steam without question.

    Remembering OFP1’s wonderful campaigns, I booted up “Harvest Red” and went to war with the buggiest experience I’ve had since Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Unreasonably bad frame rates, tough drill sergeants who were apparently voiced by 15 year old drama club kids…it was all so unbearable. For about a year, I would keep re-installing and uninstalling Arma 2 (seriously, it was at least a dozen times.) I wanted so badly to experience this one-of-a-kind masterpiece that everyone kept raving about, but every attempt to do so was met with frustration and discouragement.

    Then, about a month a go, something wonderful happened. I reinstalled the game. I tried multiplayer. I spent hours with the map editor. I played EW. I learned to love Arma 2.

    ……and then it burned up my video card.

    I’ve got the replacement card arriving today, after a good two months of saving up…all I need now is a game to play. On Sunday. The 22nd.

    I deserve a free copy of Arma2: AO because I spent a solid year subjecting myself to frustration and disappointment again and again, only to have my beloved 9800 GTX taken away from me when I just began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is the only way the world can be right again.

  34. Nilokey says:

    The camera pans under the pristine forest, birds chirping away their merry songs, sun breaking through the leaves to scatter the ground with its happy rays. In the distance a cow can be heard moo’ing.

    The camera spots a wild rabbit, nibbling away at the emerald grass. It focuses in on it, capturing its innocent charm. Suddenly, its ears perk up, head twists around towards a low rumble.

    In the camera’s background theres movement, coming fast towards the rabbit. The audience has no clue what its about.

    The rabbits gone, the camera pans up. A crackle of an onboard megaphone gives hints to what it is.

    A Russian BMP-2 comes crashing through the trees.

    “Where the hell did that rabbit go?” Says the commander.

    “I don’t know, infrared says it headed east again.” Replies the gunner.

    “Alright then, follow it!”

    They move further into the forest crushing bushes and saplings and ramming through trees at full speed. Only to find the tracks disspear into a hole.

    “Dammit!” Exclaims the commander. “Hold here.” The tank stops and powers down, “Deploy the smoke grenades, mabey we can choke it out.”

    A dull thump, and six smoke canisters pop out of their capsules, releasing thick grey smoke for a rather unusual job.

    Silence takes hold of the valley, not a chirp, the commander holds his breath. The other two following suite.

    The smoke starts to dissapate, then out of nowhere a faint whistling noise can be heard.

    The commander looks up knowing whats going to happen, 105mm lands squarely over the rabbit hole.

    “Get us the f**k out of here now!” Shouts the commander, too late though as a second and third shell land disabling the vehicles tracks. Two more land on the intended target end their short and altogether fruitless hunt for the rabbit.

    This is pretty much the dramatisation of when me and 2 friends decided to hunt rabbits down in a game of arma 2, I fired a smoke launcher to try to confuse the rabbit… unfortunately it didn’t work, and just acted as a massive flare for the enemy to home their arties on us.

    • Nilokey says:

      Also, I just registered for this like the games whore I am. And I have no idea how the system works, but the names Nilokey on the forums.

  35. y2rich says:

    I would like to win because I can be there and I am more than willing to throw my ample frame in front of bullets/shotgun shells/friendly fire to save the hivemind.

  36. Tim says:

    I can be free to do this. I’m gonna go home after work and practice on regular ARMA II.

    • Tim says:

      Whoops forgot to log in. This is the account I meant to send that from.

    • Tim says:

      Also I will do crazy insane stunts in the air vehicles for everyone’s amusement.

  37. CreepingDeath says:

    Why does it have to be during the day on a weekend? The ONE time I cant play games… bah! Make it after 9pm and I would’ve jumped right in :/

  38. jonfitt says:

    I can be there!

    I can promise to provide some human drama in this terrible war. I have only two weeks left until I return home, but have been asked to perform one last mission. Then I’m gong to marry that girl I got knocked up and buy a house in the country.
    What can possibly go wrong!

  39. Joseph says:

    I deserve a free copy of operation arrowhead so i can find an afghan rebel that the moscow bullets missed and ask him what he thinks of voting communist.

    Additionally, with the upcoming expansion, i’d like to stop any british mercenary and check the british bullets in his armory.

    Lastly, i played operation flashpoint religiously when i was a lonely little kid, and i think the pronunciation of ‘tacky-stan’ is absolutely adorable

  40. Amarak says:

    I need a copy of ArmA2:OA

    After what Codemasters did to me with Dragon Rising, SOMEONE OWES ME!!

    No, really, I would like a copy please.

  41. Glendening says:

    awww. 22nd, wish i could join in but thats my birthday so i doubt i would be close enough to the computer to get in and play.

  42. Red Goonda says:

    Because I have an arrow stuck up my arm and need an operaton to remove the arrow and hence need to attend the operation on Sunday for the aforementioned op :D

    Oh i will surely make it too…if that counts for anything

  43. elyscape says:

    Normally I wouldn’t be awake then, but if I get a code I WILL BE THERE in all my sleep-deprived glory. Which, if you think about it, probably makes it even more realistic.

  44. orranis19 says:

    I’m a bit of a war-gamer and I really don’t warrant a copy if you want people who are going to perform phenomenally and have been playing ARMA for a long time, but I am a dedicated RPS follower and annoy you on a semi-regular basis through the subscribers e-mail drop-box.

    Getting free games is cool, as I’m sure we all agree. I’m available at that date and time, and It would be delightful to play ArmA 2: OA with “those British guys wot write good stuff about PC stuff.”


    A man who wants ArmA 2: OA

    P.S. I’m also a Yank, if that counts for anything. If it doesn’t, I never said that. Forget it forever.

  45. radarhead says:

    I can make it.
    Fun fact: As you can see my nick is radarhead, my brothers name is arrowhead. What are the odds huh? My dad (the CEO of bohemia interactive) named this latest expansion after him, even though on its release date it was my birthday….. Daddy loves him more, blatantly :( , hell he didn’t even let me have a copy! Utter batard…
    To this end I think I should be given a copy, with which I can then personalise to say operation radarhead, that and the sound of me weeping openly on comms as we play will help enrich the warsim experience.

    Disclaimer: non of the above (apart from “I can make it”) is at all true.

  46. Ubiquitous says:

    Hey, I like shooty shooty games!

    I can guarantee my presense on said date!

    Also I’m sure I’ll pick up the game really fast, as I try this and that, and put bags of sand under my wrists and stuff.

  47. Jockie says:

    I should totally receive a copy of ArMa Operation Arrowhead because if I do, I totally promise to roleplay in character over the voice comms for the duration of the battle event in the style of the Hiveminds choosing.

    I could be a gung-ho brainless psycho (think Adam Baldwin in FMJ), a weedy mummys boy who just wants to get home or perhaps I could just do an inner monologue throughout, the possibilities are endless..

  48. ostolero says:

    I should win a copy of Operation Arrowhead because [this is an artistic rendition of my fervor for Bohemia Interactive]:

    a: SHARIF DON’T LIKE IT (he think’s it’s not kosher)
    link to

    link to

    c: is my favorite emoticon

  49. TH0TH says:

    I can scare anyone with my skimming of trees, or otherwise deadly gambit which could kill everyone, as well as having studied “How not to be seen”; link to