The Scourge Project Gets A Demo

Unreal-powered shooter The Scourge Project has a demonstrational download version. It’s here at 1.5gb.

Jim: 4-player co-op, we should all grab that, for hot co-op action.
Alec: Nice.
Quintin: Oh it’s fucking terrible. I reviewed it for a mag. It’s properly abysmal. Cyberpunky Gears of War with tedious level design, shoddy shooting and awkward mouse support. If we played it together we would never play a videogame together again.
Alec: That only makes me wanna play it more.
Quintin: Nooo!


  1. Flameberge says:

    That’s what I call an endorsement.

  2. Ian says:

    +1 sale.

  3. Heliocentric says:


    “it’s fucking terrible.”
    “It’s properly abysmal.”

    The joke is, if they stuck “Cyberpunky Gears of War ” on the box it would drive sales.

  4. James Allen says:

    Actually with a couple of patches, it’s not too bad.

  5. Kid B says:

    So, now that Quintin seems to be a member of RPS. Which one of you will have to sit out during 4 player co-op games?

    I’m guess John (rubbish healer)

    • Ian says:

      Well if it’s a game involving healers then it’ll be John, but he’ll be first on the team when there’s 4-player co-op adventure games. Which must be soon, surely?

    • Kid B says:

      f*ck typo

      guess = guessing

    • WiPa says:

      I’m sorry, you must have missed the part where John is a pro adventure gamer.

    • Aftershock says:

      Quinns will sit out if the game involves iron.

    • BeamSplashX says:

      Kieron will sit out if the game involves harming electropop musicians.

  6. MadTinkerer says:

    This reminds me: I bought it during the Insane Summer Sale (I think it was 75% off, which short of being a game with UbiDRM or similar horribleness, I am not going to argue with) and haven’t gotten around to trying it yet.

    • Jad says:

      Same here. Stupid backlog. Stupid steam sales. I saw that it was $5, that the consensus was “okay not great derivative Gears of War shooter”, and I bought it. My operating principles are that mediocre shooters can be far more satisfying and fun than mediocre examples of other genres — as long as the shooter is cheap. Also, similarly, that being derivative and non-innovative can be a problem at $50, but much less so at $5.

      Too bad I am still swamped with a backlog full of actually good games without enough time to play mediocre ones. Can’t pass up a sale though =)

    • Heliocentric says:

      Its a terrible time for pc gamers, too many good games.

    • Grot Punter says:

      For the love of all that is good with video games, DO NOT play this game. I couldn’t turn on my PC for a week after trying this, and I regret spending $5 on it. Calling this game’s controls abysmal is being nice to it. Aiming is shoddier than a drunken rat holding a pistol, multiple times attempting to vault over a wall will cause you to teleport backwards, and then there’s the infamous “fail conga”, where in one of your good intentioned, but idiotic AI buddies will rush headlong into oncoming gunfire, fall to his knees, and then cause one of the other teammates to attempt to heal him, only to suffer the same fate.

      This game is a pestilent, cancerous tumor on the ass of shooter gaming, PC gaming, and gaming in general.

  7. TeeJay says:

    Is the guy on the right holding his nose?

    • MonkeyMonster says:

      He had a nose, it was shot off just before he then sneezed as you can see by the spray cloud.

    • neems says:

      Luckily they can find it with the scanner on the back of the other guy’s head.

  8. P7uen says:

    What is he holding with his right hand?

  9. Stompywitch says:

    Downloaded the demo last week, tried to run it, crashed before even getting to the intros. Repeatedly.

    Gave up and played Din’s Curse instead.

  10. Mashakosha says:

    Why didn’t I heed the warning? It’s somewhat between the realms of terrible and atrocious.

  11. Horatius says:

    I hope we see some quality GoW clones come out for PC. Even with the comically bad writing, co-op action-hero shooty-bang cover-hugging games are great fun.