Orion Prelude Evolves To Commercial Project

Astute (and handsome) readers will recall that we’ve been following the hyperbolically ludicrous-looking dinosaurs-versus-jetpack-battlesuits-plus-other-stuff Half-Life 2 mod, Orion: Prelude since it started looking like a contender. Now, however, it’s pushed itself even further into the realms of awesomeness by becoming a commercial project, Orion Project. The mod team have formed “Spiral Game Studios” and say: “ORION: Prelude pays homage to other classics that we grew up on that entertained us as gamers as well as inspired us as developers. You will see inspiration from classics such as the Unreal Tournament series, Quake 2 CTF, Starsiege: Tribes, early Counter-Strike betas and plenty of our own unique takes and twists in the design and mechanics.” There’s loads more information and some more visuals here, as well as confirmation of “Dinosaur Interaction” on the feature list. Happy days. Oh – and here’s some footage of the previous Orion Source Multiplayer Beta to give a vibe. First real video at PAX.


  1. Chris says:

    confirmation of “Dinosaur Interaction” on the feature list

    We can talk to the monsters?

  2. Sarlix says:

    I was astute enough to remember the previous coverage, but not astute enough to remember it correctly (maybe I’m not handsome enough?)

    Anyway I thought it was the dinosaurs that got to wear the jetpacks, but that screenshot would suggest not :-(….Unless it has just run out of fuel and that’s why he (or she) isn’t gliding elegantly through the air biting mens limbs off. I supposed I can live in hope.

    • Malagate says:

      Sarlix, that’s Jetpack Brontosaurus you’re thinking of, this one is Jetpacks Vs Dinosaurs. However, “Dinosaur Interaction” could possibly mean interactions between dinosaurs and jetpacks not previously shown, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

      This news makes me happy in my mind-box, because we need more dinosaurs in shooty-bang games that are not Turok (which, in the end, disappoints by being more about dinosaur-ish things rather than actual dinosaurs).

  3. John Q. Arbuckle says:

    Is it just me or Is every FPS turning into Tribes?
    Just saying.

    • Bru says:

      I wish. The first Tribes was a true gem. It hasn’t been successfully replicated by anyone – including the original creators.

      Now if someone could capture the essence of the first Tribes while adding in the geomod tech from the original Red Faction, I think I would fall in love. Even if it still looked like it came from 1998.

    • Nallen says:

      What is this Internet wide fascination with ‘Just Saying’ at the moment?

    • Gabe McGrath says:

      I don’t know.

      I hope that it can be avoided on RPS as much as possible. This isn’t MySpace, people.

      “Just strongly suggesting, with a hint of menace as I pick up quad-damage”

  4. Dominic White says:

    Taking inspiration from early CS beta? Oh dear. They’re one of *those* studios.

    While I hope this turns out to be something good, I expect a flop on par with Fortress Forever.

    • KindredPhantom says:

      Fortress Forever is a mod, not a retail project like Orion: Prelude. Fortress Forever is a semi-popular mod and does it own thing.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      Fortress Forever is a direct (and awesome) copy of the TF formula, the released Orion you’re judging is a mod just like it, and the currently non existent Orion that is a commercial project is something you cannot judge, because it doesn’t exist just yet, and isn’t likely to include a lot of the content (the maps, primarily I suppose) that is seen in the mod. Especially the default Source stuff which is the only “stolen” (lolz) thing from what I can see in their videos that show their actual content, mister internet white knight.

    • Dominic White says:

      I don’t think you’re allowed to call someone a ‘white knight’ when it’s you leaping to the defense of the studio, and I’m the one criticising them. Unless we’re doing Backwards Mondays again, and nobody sent me the memo…

      It’s a simple fact that anyone who claims to want to bring gaming back to the ‘CS beta’ era is living in denial and will likely produce something with almost no fun to be had for anything but the most hyperactive internet gremlins out there.

    • mlaskus says:

      Anyone who sees CS as an inspiration deserves to be flogged and forever exiled from the dev/modding communities.

    • Dominic White says:

      Even worse than CS, though. They want to take examples from the CS *betas*, which were notable for being packed to the gills with bunnyhopping hip-sniping twitch freaks. It was like Quake 3 with more one-hit kills, and the ability to actually be shot through walls, so there’s even a solid chance you won’t even be in the same area as your attacker.

      The sad thing is that those early CS builds were the first real online shooter experience for a huge number of people, and they’ve got it into their heads that it was the pinnacle of the genre. Thankfully, reality and industry pressures tend to beat the stupid out of them before they can release something.. most of the time.

  5. James Benson says:

    God, please don’t give these guys any attention, they are complete idiots. Here’s some tasty quotes from the mouth of their developers.

    ” I’m seeing barriers and limitations being broken, and I’m seeing real innovation. Spiral’s a team of gamers, doing what they love in full bloom: making games.”

    ”We study the fundamentals of design, and we attempt to better understand abstract concepts like “fun.” We know that any group of passionate gamers can attempt to make a game, but if they don’t understand the basics of what makes a game easy to control and fun to play, they are doomed to fail or at best, fade to mediocrity”

    They are well known for plagiarising art from other games/mods and making up features that are not in the game. This game has been in development since halo 1 came out. It’s a re-skin of hl2 deathmatch and now they’ve switched to UDK, unreal 3 deathmatch. I urge you to do some research and discover why this project isn’t worth covering.

  6. Schmung says:

    I’m not usually one to badmouth budding developers as making games is a tricky business, but I’ve heard nowt but negative things about these guys from other modders :/

  7. Al3xand3r says:

    You’re a very angry man, how about you let the players decide if they like what they’re doing instead of act like a jealous brat? Considering at least a few of the features they implemented (correct me if I’m wrong but they do have jet packs, iron sights, and classes among other things, yes?) and the wealth of art content (is it STOLEN?!), it’s certainly not a HL2DM reskin, so the hyperbole works against you.

    I also don’t see anything that’s outright copied for you to say it’s plagiarised, unless you also consider all modern military shooters are plagiarising each other. Sure, 10 years ago, when it was a HL1 mod, they had stuff that looked exactly like Halo designs. Now they don’t. Hell, even if the mod version does still have some things heavily inspired by other games, so what dude? It’s a free mod, they spent years of their free time on it just for the hell of it, so what is it to you? Any potential commercial version likely won’t include such content for obvious reasons. Get over it, and move on.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      PS: nice animations.

    • Joe W-A says:

      Yeah, Benson’s on the money here. These guys are known for this type of crap – painting over other people’s models and calling it concept art, pumping out T-rex concept images for years without ever implementing them. Allegedly having vehicles and dinosaurs fully-functioning and then releasing a deathmatch mod that has neither with the stated reason being that an engine update broke all their code.

      Praetor sums the real problem up pretty well though, which is that they’re staggeringly arrogant and don’t seem to be aware of it. Recently they staged a 14-day “event” called Mystery Days, where every day they’d release a small and garbled part of an image, revealing the whole jpg on the 14th day. On the second or third day someone posted the whole image, which turned out to be concept art the artist had posted on a forum six months earlier, showing vehicles and dinosaurs. The hilarious part was they kept right on with it for the whole two weeks. Their press release on going retail features extravagant praise of the company by the company itself. My favourite quote:

      “When attempting to create what is to be a “successful” game, you cannot only take into account the features, design and mechanics, but you must also take in account for human psyche – what the person is thinking when playing the game, what we want them to think when playing the game. This pertains to all aspects of the game -ranging from how the player moves in the game, how they navigate through menus as well as how every aspect compliments another.”
      -DAVID PRASSEL, CEO / Founder of Spiral Game Studios and Creator / Lead Game Designer on ORION.

      I hope one day to be half as full of shit.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      You cannot be serious… Their crime is rose tinted glasses for their mod’s presentation? WOWZERZ.

    • Okami says:

      @Al3x: The way I see it, their crime is not beeing good while thinking that they are. There are rose colored glasses and then there are delusions of grandeur.

  8. Tei says:

    I demand that “All today games are look alike” draw, to be remade to include this.

    That all call of duty of heroes look alike is normal, but the same exact weapons on a futuristic game? come on!

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Halo with dinosaurs and boring guns.

    • Rane2k says:

      Exactly my thoughts.

      The vid says “12 weapons”, I guess it´s 8 machine guns, a pistol, a shotgun, grenades and a weak rocket launcher.

      I want my plasma sprayers, freeze rays, rapid fire rocket launchers and shrink rays back. :-/

    • KindredPhantom says:

      The video is for the current sourcemod version of the Orion.
      According to their newspost Orion: Prelude will have “30 WEAPONS, ITEMS AND GRENADES
      ORION: Prelude is shipping with a vast armory, ranging with both alien weaponry and human fire arms”.

    • Rane2k says:


      Ah, thanks, I kinda skipped right to the video after I read Quake 2 CTF, so I missed that it was about a previous version.

      Let´s hope it´s not 25 machine guns then. :-)
      (Just kidding!)

  9. Bru says:

    Hmm, lots of vitriol there, and a bit of misinformation. I can’t see anywhere where it says they switched to UDK. And while I’m no fanboy of this, as I just discovered it via this post, this seems a bit more involved than a “reskin of hl2 deathmatch.” I’ve played quite a few different Source mods, and nothing in the screenshots looks terribly familiar to me ‘cept shared Source resources – which is hardly stealing.

    I have to ask, are you confusing this with another game?

  10. Praetor says:

    +1. Another cringe-worthy quote:

    “We’ve developed over 12,000 years of back story pertaining to the ORION universe.”

    IMHO, as an indie dev myself, I think that these are some talented people as far as art goes, but they’re aiming way too high and putting way too much confidence in a thoroughly generic concept.

    I don’t know what to call it, but it feels like they’re trying to act like some big popular game studio with a big franchise with big feature lists and press releases, when it looks to have just been another pretty but generic HL2 mod. They obviously don’t have the resources to compete with big studios in the “generic manshoot” genre and overambition to the tune of “12,000 years of back story” isn’t going to do them any favors.

    • Praetor says:

      Reply failure…. that was supposed to be a reply to James Benson.

  11. James Benson says:

    Honestly, if you guys were involved in the mod scene, you’d understand. here’s an example I found after 2 seconds of looking. I don’t hate these guys, but there’s so many more deserving mod projects, and they are inCREDIBLY arrogant.

    This one one of their concept art piece overlayed with concept art from another mod.

    link to imageslim.com

    • KindredPhantom says:

      Primal Carnage is a game not a mod, and the t-rex from Orion does look somewhat similar to the one in Primal Carnage it is hardly proof they copied it as t-rex’s generally do look the same.

  12. Joe W-A says:

    Reply failure, meant to reply to Praetor. Whups.

  13. KindredPhantom says:

    I have played the Orion source mod for quite a while, i was one of the beta testers for it and it was fun but not fun enough for myself and lots of other players to stick around and play it. The playerbase for the mod died out faster than I’ve previously seen in a source mod.

    I knew they had been working on a UDK version for some time but i was surprised to learn they were going independent for it, i was under the impression they were porting the mod over. They have previously leaked information about Orion on UDK by posting on the official forums recruiting for people to work on it.

    I wish the development team luck on this as i am not sure how successful the game will be, judging by their development process and history i can see this being a bit of a mess to play.

    • unaco says:

      “The playerbase for the mod died out faster than I’ve previously seen in a source mod.”

      Faster than Neo-Tokyo? Wow. Did Orion have ‘Doors’? What about hitbeeps?

    • KindredPhantom says:


      I forgot about Neotokyo haha. I do think it may have beaten it.

  14. John Q. Arbuckle says:

    Just saying,
    I agree, Jet pack based multiplayer CTF FPS reached perfection in 1998 along with Acidrock.
    Is there a fad? I don’t think i have ever been part of one before. D =

  15. WarlockSyno says:

    Ahem. The Half-Life 2 mod is called, Orion. The game studio is called Spiral Game Studios. Not sure if you guys meant it to be funny, but you tore it up pretty bad.

  16. Al3xand3r says:

    Oh no, a mod that had somewhat of a development hell, unable to deliver on some concepts and taking too long to implement others. Let’s burn them at the stake because what the fuck are they doing to us, we paid good money for… err, wait… I take it you also hate Dystopia for not delivering vehicles? Meh.

    As for a player base that dropped “faster than any other” you must have not played many, as most die super fast. For whatever reason, after the HL-era, mods just didn’t attract much interest. Not for UT2004 (it was so hard to find players for AS and even RO), not for HL2, not for others. Despite some great stuff.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      And yes, before you say anything, there are exceptions, but not like the HL era where even lesser mods were easy to find people to play with (Vampire Slayer, Buzzy Bots, Firearms and Holy Wars right alongside the likes of Day of Defeat, Natural Selection and Counter-Strike anyone?).

    • KindredPhantom says:

      Orion did seem to me to drop faster than any other, from having a pretty large player base to none in under two weeks.

      Vehicles on source suck so hard (unless you have engine access), Dystopia dropping vehicles was a good thing.

    • James Benson says:

      They’re trying to make this into a commercial venture, not a mod. and the problem with them isn’t that their game is uninspired or whatever, it’s that they lie about stuff they’re doing, what they’ve done, they rip off other peoples work (seriously, go and look at the gif I linked, and watch the legs/feet, they didn’t even TRY to mask that). And through the entire process they are so arrogant on the modding forums. I just think it’s a shame they’re getting coverage when there’s so many cool things happening in the mod scene. But it doesn’t really matter I suppose, go d/l the beta and have fun.

    • KindredPhantom says:

      @James Benson

      The t-rex gif doesn’t seem much proof to prove your point. If you have better proof please do link to it.

    • Joe W-A says:

      I hope nobody’s actually contesting the obviousness of the ripoff depicted in that gif. I’m just going to paste someone’s analysis from another forum:
      “Look at the print on the tail, the details on the feet and the tiny scales on the body, the details are all in the same spots but they just warped the PC T-Rex render proportions slightly, painted over it in Photoshop and called it their own “concept art.” I mean even the lighting is the same. The shadows on the feet are exactly the same in both of those images. Did those artists pick the exact same lighting conditions for both of those images?”

    • Al3xand3r says:

      It’s not a mod it’s a game? Really? Excuse me, have you PLAYED this currently NON EXISTENT BUT SIMPLY PLANNED commercial game you want to twist the argument into? If not, then you’re judging a MOD, ie the only thing available to judge at this point, and a thing that is FREE. End of. If when the commercial project is out some developer sees his work used without permission, he can SUE. You whining about it like an internet white knight with no proof is just childish. Their T-Rex model in-game is unique even if the concept art isn’t, though that’s certainly to be contested with proof such as “someone’s analysis from some forum, on the internet” or whatever, yeah, so very legitimate dude.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      Also, RPS isn’t shy about promoting mods, maybe those “more worthy” projects you speak of just don’t do a good enough job promoting themselves? It’s not hard to send an e-mail to the RPS folk, you know. Internet white knights like you aren’t needed and promoting others should be about their product, not about trashing someone else’s product like you’re doing here.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      @Kindred – the vehicles part of the comment was for Joe, who accused them of the despicable crime of not delivering all they wanted to deliver (zomg, never happened in a mod project before, ever). As for the player base, I maintain what I said already, most mods that seem to have quality content get people at launch then drop like a rock unless they’re the exception that clicks with people enough to get a limited fanbase like a couple only Source based projects have done the last few years.

    • Joe W-A says:

      I didn’t think the analysis (which is, indeed, from some guy on some forum) needed sourcing. You just need to look at the bits of the dinosaur mentioned to see how right the guy is.
      I think people are within their rights to call a team out on plagiarism, and that’s inevitably going to colour their perceptions of everything else the team comes out with.
      I also don’t see that Benson is twisting the argument at all since the article we’re commenting on is about Orion going commercial.

    • Joe W-A says:

      “the vehicles part of the comment was for Joe, who accused them of the despicable crime of not delivering all they wanted to deliver (zomg, never happened in a mod project before, ever).”

      Missed this – my point was more that the reason given for suddenly not having vehicles was bogus. They repeated constantly that the code that they’d written wasn’t compatible with the Orange Box engine (which they were moving to) and couldn’t be ported, which doesn’t make sense, and that the new engine completely broke support vehicles, which was also untrue. This is getting needlessly in-depth but the entire thing came across as an elaborate excuse for having lied about what they’d gotten done. I’m totally sympathetic to not being able to deliver everything you want to, but the dishonesty was silly.

      As for playerbase I don’t think having a small one is much of an indicator of quality one way or the other.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      Really? He’s not twisting the argument when he trashes the commercial Orion project announced here, a project he has no experience whatsoever of, by mentioned his pathetic little peeves with the currently released mod project, as if they’re one and the same even though he tells us this is even on a different engine and thus will need all new content and scripting (aside from some models and textures I guess, but neither models nor textures have been claimed plagiarised here, nor has there been any proof of such shown)? I love how you avoid the vehicles issue, I suppose you know it was absurd to call them on failing to deliver this or that since it’s a pretty common and natural thing for a mod project, as was absurd to call them for pimping their own stuff with nice words.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      Ok I see you responded to that now. Well, since i assume you never saw their code, and they did show vehicles working in a video or two (hey, Dystopia did the same, surprisingly enough), you have no authority to say they lied about it, you’re just guessing in an obviously biased manner. Maybe their implementation sucked beyond comprehension and that’s why it broke, but still, it’s plausible.

    • Joe W-A says:

      Hey, nobody’s claiming the entire mod is plagiarised, or that any of their ingame content is. But it reflects terribly on them that it even happened with concept art. Nobody’s saying that the game’s going to be terrible, either – I’ve wished Praz well, and they certainly have a better chance of meeting their goals on UE3 than on Source. We are expressing some serious and well-founded doubts about their competence and integrity, though, and I don’t think Benson or myself are out of order at all in that.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      Anyway, skimming through my replies I see I’ve dedicated too much time to you. Keep up your internet white knighting and accusing people of this and that while being unable to show a single screenshot or render of actual stolen content in their mod, yet still trashing a future project you’ve yet to see based on such claims. Hey, remember that Metal Gear concept? Maybe you can use that against them too, as if they’ll put it in a commercial project and it wasn’t something they wanted to do for potential fun. Oh wait maybe that was an early Nuclear Dawn thing, not Orion. I’m not sure anymore, so many people like harmlessly putting in their mods stuff they like from actual games that I get thngs mixed up.

    • Stenl says:

      You keep using the word white knight. I don’t think you know what it means.

    • Fumarole says:

      “You keep using the word white knight. I don’t think you know what it means.”

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  17. Jambe says:

    Hm. I think I’m still more interested in Primal Carnage.

    But really, anything dino is good in my book.

    I still think the team behind Primal Carnage should just do a full-on dino-sim.

    Walk around and graze as a giant reptilian herbivore, perhaps defend yourself (or your relatives) from occasional predators, etc. Or be a predator. Or be a tiny little proto-mammal scurrying around beneath everything, enjoying the scenery and snacking on bugs.

  18. MrTambourineMan says:

    Hmm… will this turn out to be Limbo of the Lost (TM) of the modding industry? Just saying… eeerm… asking.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      Yeah, I don’t think some guys claiming plagiarism and showing a single piece of concept art as proof (no in game content whatsoever) or blaming them for failing to deliver on a feature or three is quite the same as a game that used actual screenshots of other titles as backgrounds.

    • MrTambourineMan says:

      I do agree with you btw, but they are – however – overly ambitious, over at MODDB they stated – and I quote “Spiral Game Studios currently has 5 unique game series that will span a variety of game titles” – ehmmm… They can’t be serious with that statement (5 series – that’s like Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein, Rage and say Commander Keen – all Id’s series spanning over 17 years / or if you want Half Life, Day of Defeat, Portal, Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike > all of Valve series spanning over 14 years or so (since they gained license for IdTech1)). I really do hope that they’re serious about making Orion: Prelude but due to some of their statements, like the one above, I’ll reserve for my self benefit of a doubt.

  19. James Benson says:

    Yo Alexander, I guess you’re pretty mad. I don’t like the guys who make this mod, the way they conduct themselves within the community is really bad, I’m saying absolutely nothing at all about the quality of their game, I’m saying I dont like they way they act. I guess either you know them very well or you think differently after following their progress for a while? Either way, I respect the fact that you think they’re cool guys, and I’m not interested in carrying on the conversation.

    • Al3xand3r says:

      Nice try but I neither know them nor think they’re cool guys since I don’t know them, nor do I say their work rules because they’re cool guys (or rules in any way, actually). I just commented on what I see, ie, the mod, and your attitude displayed here. If you can’t handle it, don’t start it. Had to reply since you tried to turn me into some mad scientist on a rampage but yeah, I’m done too as I said earlier.

    • D says:

      Ha. You’ve done that well enough on your own, mr rampaging mad “internet white knight”

  20. Berzee says:

    Dinosaurs are boring to me. :(

  21. TychoCelchuuu says:

    I worked on the HL2 mod for a little while. I think a bunch of my third person gun models are in there and I know my sandbags are, at the very least. This thing has gone through a million iterations.

    This mod and this game are basically David Prassel (the guy quoted all over the website). Everything and everybody else is like, incidental. It’s been his project since day 1 and everyone else has come and gone. He’s a nice guy but also a little overconfident or arrogant or something (if you couldn’t tell from the stuff on the Spiral Game Studios website).

    I dunno what’s been up with it since I left the “team” (and by “team” I mean a bunch of people helping Prassel out, because he’s a pretty amazing administrator and seems to exist to coordinate work so that it turns into a mod), but it looks like things went a little downhill if that dinosaur .gif is anything to go by. On the other hand it might just be a lame concept artist. Who knows?

    In any case, I think the jump to retail game is a little premature, especially because most of the positions are “not compensated at the moment.” I mean, I was fine working on this when it was a mod, but I’m not sure I’d want to work for free so someone else can earn money…

    • MadDog says:

      Hahahaha too true! I’m programming for him now and make no mistake, this is Prassle’s baby!

  22. Jakkar says:

    Avoid with extreme prejudice, or at the very least politely ignore – another mod project achieving note solely by the grandiose ambitions they proclaim, rather than a design or production of any merit.

    Having played the multiplayer beta, the best I can say for it is that it’s competently dull. This will not amount to anything worth playing. Remember Damnation?

  23. Schmung says:

    I think a lot of the anger here is because this thing is getting the attention when it’s pretty much a windbag with an inflated sense of importance posting concept art and vague promises and getting the pageviews that RPS will generate while other mods are tucked away in the weekly mod roundup. Mods that have actually been released – like Fistful of Frags and so forth.

    • Dominic White says:

      Hell, just a couple of days ago, one of the biggest, most ambitious Doom mods ever got released. I’ve posted about it in comment threads, mentioned it at length in the forums… nobody is biting.

      Yet this mod? Or rather lack of one, gets a huge comment thread? That sucks.

    • MadDog says:

      What’s this mod? Can I get a link?

    • Dominic White says:

      link to stronghold.drdteam.org

      Stronghold: On The Edge of Chaos. Been in development for years. It’s by some of the biggest names in the Doom scene, too. Essentially, it’s classic Doom spliced with Tower Defense. Place turrets and friendly AI marines to help you defend various points against increasingly angry waves of monsters.

      It’s full-game length. 34 mission campaign, secret levels and various unlockables. Right now it’s effectively in open beta – V0.9. There’s still some tweaking and bughunting to be done before V1.0 comes out.

  24. Sulkdodds says:

    ‘Going commercial’ is the last refuge of a mod with too many years under its belt and too little to give anyone.

  25. David.Prassel says:

    Holy poop, batman.

    Guys, guys… take it easy.

    I can’t believe how much blind rage is being unleashed here. While I don’t feel like I’ve personally wronged any of you, you guys are taking it pretty steep and far.

    The way to look at this is,

    There is a new game studio, they are trying there best to make a great game for all of you. If we fail, that does not affect you – don’t buy the game and we will continue trying until we get it right.

    If you personally don’t like me, well I apologize for that. But please don’t take it out on the game as there are a lot of hard working people pouring everything they have into it – and if anything, that is something to be appreciated.

    And if you want to continue hating, at least wait for more things. We are going to be releasing the official teaser trailer soon… hopefully we can convert a few more of you people.

    And about that dino concept thing. It’s a T-Rex, anyone claiming to steal anything regarding how a T-Rex looks is ridiculous in the first place. Not only that, but we have plenty of concept artists, we’ve had dinosaurs in the game since 1999, and we’ve released many images of the T-Rex both in game and in concept form over the years. That is literally one of the most insane things I’ve heard regarding me.

  26. MadDog says:

    Hey guys, Orion programmer here. Wow I have never seen that comparison between the feet of our t-rex and the other… Maybe David instead we SHOULD be talking to our concept artist… That is a bit too close to be a coincidence. Other than that heaps of valid criticisms and stuff we should be thinking about.