EA GC2010 Press Conference Round Up

The EA GamesCom 2010 press conference has been wrapped up – and there was no Battlefield 3 showing – but there is some interesting material in there. I’ve quickly jotted the relevant stuff below.

– The Sims Medieval looking pretty promising as a kind of pseudo-RPG adventure, complete with faux-medieval simlish. There it’s a classic fantasy template with wizards, sword-fights, and evil princes, and will apparently enable you to craft “medieval” quests and adventures in a way similar to that seen in The Sims 3 (it’s pretty much the same engine and so on.)

– Meanwhile, in a quite different way, Dead Space 2 looking, well, pretty mental, frankly. An amazing (although presumably fairly non-interactive) sequence of Isaac taking a rocker-propelled ride through space/hefty particle effects made me get a bit giddy. – Medal Of Honor does an authenticity dance for us, with identity-obscured advisors from real military soldier places talking about how much their feedback has delivered realism the Medal Honor we’re going to be playing. It’s looking like it will at least be entertaining.

– Dragon Age 2 had an impressive CGI trailer in which the lead character fights some kind of demon fella, before getting so cross that fire comes out of his eyes and he has sudden access to crazy trans-dimensional magic. So no game footage, but exactly the kinds of baddy-bludgeoning, blood, and chainmail that we were expecting. Oh, and Dragon Age 2 is out March 8th in North America, and March 11th in Europe.

– Crysis 2 was a little unclear, to be honest. I liked the chatter about the configurable nano-suit, which implies you’re going to be able to modify the game to play according to different styles, but the multiplayer was a little opaque. A lot of guys getting shot. The most impressive aspect of it was probably the rank of networked gamers nearby.

– Bulletstorm looked commendably insane, too, although framed in a dialogue made from pure ham. Not sure about the super-busy HUD informing you of all the keeerazy bonus moves you are pulling off, either, but the sheer ludicrousness of a city being torn down by some kind of mega-wormlizard – as well as that four-barreled shotgun – means this game is probably going to get a free pass onto the Rossignol hard-drive. Um.

There was also some news about FIFA 11. I am sure we’ll figure that out later.


  1. westyfield says:

    Can you go find the person/people who decided to make the BF3 beta exclusive to MoH players, and then hit them hard? Thanks!

    • Antilogic says:

      Shooting them would be perfered. MOH is awful, but im hoping that BF3 will be epicness of awesome.

    • suibhne says:

      Correction: MoH multiplayer is awful. The SP might be entertaining – who knows? But yes, it’s ridiculous that BF3 beta keys are tied to that. It’s almost as if EA knows it’s shipping substandard MP and is trying to rope all the BF fans in. But they couldn’t possibly be so venal…right? RIGHT!?

      Seriously, tho, I’m sure a BF3 pre-order will get you beta access too, so I’m just holding out for that. I returned my MoH pre-order via Steam after playing a week of the beta and being bored out of my skull.

  2. mcwizardry says:

    Bulletstorm apparently has a four-barrelled shotgun, this game really is over the top.

  3. Freud says:

    Bulletstorm looks great but the voice actor that does constant running commentary (like Duke Nukem with ADD) got annoying in one minute. I can’t imagine how painful a whole game like that.

  4. LewieP says:

    Yeah, I’d like them to confirm skipable cut scenes and let you turn off dialogue.

  5. Lukeyb says:

    More info on Dead Space 2 please.

    How fast do those rockers go?

  6. somnolentsurfer says:

    I tuned in during the Bulletstorm demo and then it went to to “And finally, here’s Peter Moore to talk about EA Sports Active”, so I turned it off again. I guess I missed the Bioware stuff, but there’s a (all pre-rendered) new Dragon Age 2 trailer on their site. Hawke fighting what looks like one of the new look Qunari, with a voiceover by the *SPOILERS* presumably not dead Kate Mulgrew.

  7. Zyrxil says:

    It’s “Medal of Honor”, because it’s a medal and awarded by the country that spells it that way.

    Also, I haven’t been able to make the comments system acknowledge me as logged in for over a week now.

  8. Adamos says:

    disappointed. Was expecting Mirror’s edge 2 and Battlefield 3 news

  9. Surgeon says:

    Yeah, considering they’ve just announced the ‘pay us loads of money for the Medal of Honour Limited Edition and we’ll let you Beta test Battlefield 3’ news; You would have thought they’d at least mention it.
    The basts!