F1 2010 Trailer Has Cars, Drivers, Beats

The trailers, they cannot be stopped. We’re rushing around in the guts of Castle Shotgun, using giant steaming glue hoses to try and prevent more trailers from oozing their way into the machinery, but we just can’t fight them all. Here’s another, right now, from Codemasters! It’s for F1 2010 and contains an extremely slick look at the tracks, cars, weather conditions and all that stuff that should – Gods Of Game Development permitting – make this the most compelling F1 game in years. (Fingers crossed, eh?)


  1. Javaguy says:

    Really, really can’t wait for this. Looks like it’ll be amazing. Bit worried the press conference bits might be a bit contrived though.

  2. Emphursis says:

    I’m going to have no money at all in September!
    F1 2010, Cvi V *and* I start Uni. Oh dear!

  3. Chris D says:

    I want a game featuring Castle Shotgun and glue hoses. Is that wrong?

  4. Ian says:

    I suppose that looks okay, but it’s no F-1 Race.

  5. Jason Moyer says:

    Please be similar to the old Crammond games. Not super hardcore (already have an F1 car coming for iRacing) but with tons of atmosphere and event detail.

  6. chris d says:

    I was hoping for a title like “F1 Cars… With Trailers!”

  7. Lem says:

    It’s looking really nice, but the part that I’m most excited about is the part of the video in the wet where you can see the dry line appearing behind the cars.

    I hope that’s a real-time effect and not just the usual “you’re on a wet track now, and it will stay precisely this wet for the entire race”.

    Have they said much about weather simulation at all?

  8. valru says:

    the weather / water effects in this game are incredible

    • AndrewC says:

      I think in the interview with the developers, they were asked ‘what makes this this F1 game special?’ and they answered (roughly) ‘the graphics and the weather effects’, which felt a bit telling.

      Still: Phwoar!

  9. Skinlo says:

    I have a sad suspicion this won’t sell that well, despite it looking pretty awesome.

  10. Gothnak says:

    Doesn’t look anything like F1, there is overtaking and everything.. :p

  11. piphil says:

    make this the most compelling F1 game in years

    Any of the above would make it the only PC F1 game in years.

  12. somnolentsurfer says:

    All the trailers? Where’s the Secret World news? Ragnar Tornquist keeps tweeting about all the demos he’s given, but nothing’s being reported.

  13. DrGonzo says:

    Pants trailer! It looked great before when they were showing from the driver eyes. The sense of speed etc was great. This just looks like replays from any racing game ever to me.

  14. Phydaux says:

    The only game I’ve been looking forward to for a while now. I just hope it has the awkward back-and-fourth between David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan, otherwise it’s not F1.

  15. Scythe says:

    Hmm. My dad and I played the old F1 sims together about 20 years ago. I remember having to turn off the rear-view and side mirrors because they impacted performance too much.

    I will have zero interest in this if it isn’t a hardcore F1 sim. Anything less is amateur grade.

  16. Mashakosha says:

    I like 90% of this trailer. That other 10% being taken up by that horrible filter they put on every game they seem to make. Codemasters can do so little wrong when it comes to racing games but with their engine, though all the tweaks and changes they’ve made, they have never made it an option in game to turn off the brown-ification filter they put over it all. And the sad thing is that it looks so much better without it. Take DiRT, GRID or any of the other games. I much prefer games looking nice and bright and vibrant rather than covered in a thin layer of grime.

  17. EBass says:

    This has been on my most wanted list for a while, even bought a new wheel for it.

  18. Soobe says:

    If the F1 and F3 cars in GRID are any indication we’re in for a hell of a treat. I can’t wait for this one!

  19. klumhru says:

    This game is released on my BIRTHDAY. Been looking forward to it for so long and then they moved it so that it coincided with my 35ishness. Fate. Fucking fate brings us together.

  20. Bindibadgi says:

    F1: A technical marvel, entertaining on TV (occasionally) but always SHIT as a game. Why? Nothing crashes – no jumps, no spectacle after the novelty has worn off and all the cars look the same.

    F1 2010 – how fun will it be to run around in “fuel saving mode” in the last 20 laps of the race? Yawn. Roll on the next WRC game please.

    • Jason Moyer says:

      If it’s done correctly, then you get the challenge of driving an F1 car faster than the next guy, which is sort of the point of racing games isn’t it?

  21. Barney says:

    Loving the detail on the front wings there, looks like they’ve finally got 2010 models in there. Wonder if they modelled the Red Bull’s front wing flexing….

  22. JellyfishGreen says:

    giant steaming glue hoses NSFW.

  23. DigitalSignalX says:

    On a related note, if you press your lips together pretty tight and wide, and then force air out, you can make it sound exactly like an F1 car screaming by. If you do it wrong it sounds sort of like an elephant in heat. Always good after a couple of pints for a laugh.