Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Trailer

That sure is a police car.

While I’ve not ever been captured by the Need For Speed series, I really am looking forward to Hot Pursuit. Developed by Criterion, they behind my all-time favourite driving game Burnout: Paradise, the footage below shows quite how much it looks like their previous epic. Which certainly makes me extremely happy. The video shows not only quite how lovely it looks (and then imagine it with some anti-aliasing on our magic boxes), but also the way the multiplayer will allow you to taunt other players, and race on the fly.

If anything, it looks like Hot Pursuit is going to make the weak Need For Speed World pretty redundant only a few months later. The game is due out on the 16th November. And hopefully this time Criterion will give the PC a little more priority. We’re STILL waiting on that Burnout update, guys.


  1. CMaster says:

    Hmm, seems the annoying “wrests control away from you” of B:P remains then.
    Always made me really annoyed when the game thought I was going to crash, switched to slo-mo of me not quite crashing, then returned control to me after having steered me into a wall.

    It also meant that “road rage” became a bit bizzare – you sometimes had opportunities for multiple takedowns, but could never make them because it would again take away control after a takedown, returning it later. However, as the game wasn’t allowed to crash you during take-down slo-mo, you could do completely suicidal takedowns, knowing that as long as their car was destroyed slightly before yours, you could get away with going 150mph towards a wall.

    Does look very pretty though

    • ulix says:

      You could, in Burnout Paradise, as in the last games, turn off the takedown camera completely. Which we always did.

  2. Xercies says:

    They’ve basically put Burnout on the Need For Speed label it seems…

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    • WTF says:

      Is is a bad thing if they model it on Burnout:Paradise which was a ridiculously terrible game.

      How Criterion got that SO far wrong after so many good games on the PS2 still baffles me…

    • mandrill says:

      It even looks like Burnout. I hope its as much fun (yes I had fun in B:P, and I’m sure ‘m not the only one)

    • Skinlo says:

      Burnout Paradise was a great game :O

    • le poo poo says:

      I agree that Burnout Paradise was the worst Burnout game yet, not terrible, just really really boring.

  3. RiptoR says:

    Burnout Paradise with Need For Speed skins? Now I know why Criterion never bothered to release the Cops and Robbers DLC for the PC version of BP…

    • y3k-bug says:

      You’re not missing much there, Cops n’ Robbers wasn’t very good.

  4. Delusibeta says:

    Burnout with a Need for Speed label is not necessarily a bad thing, mind, and it could be the shake up the series needed. Although Criteron, if you’re going to do DLC with good content, don’t forget the PC this time, eh?

  5. Schizoslayer says:

    Need for Speed 3 is still the best version and about 12 years old now.

    • Tim says:

      Porsche Unleashed was my favorite, but Hot Pursuit was pretty legendary (love that CLK GTR). I hope this ends up living up to the name, and I hope they cut back on the slow-mo stuff by release.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      I loved the II SE – the music, the videos, the concepts, McLaren F1!

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      Hot Pursuit (1 & 2), Porsche Unleashed, and Most Wanted seem to be the most loved games in the NFS series. I’d probably vouch for Porsche Unleashed, if I could actually find the game and a way to run it.

    • Schizoslayer says:

      The driving physics kinda went to crap after Porsche Unleashed and the whole series got much too arcadey.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      @ Frankie: The dinosaur!

    • Nikica says:

      Hot Pursuit 2 is the best NFS ever.

    • Fede says:

      I was expecting something very different from the title, because I loved Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit. Which I think was the best NfS, later titles were much too arcade for my taste.

    • DarkNoghri says:

      Porsche Unleashed was my favorite also. I sunk quite a bit of time into NFS and High Stakes as well, but didn’t play 2 and 3 all that much.

      Am I the only one getting confused that they’re reusing the Hot Pursuit name? They’re not even adding another number, which means they’re using an identical game name to 3, unless I’m mistaken.

      Also, any police force that drives Pagani Zondas scares me.

    • Bremze says:

      I’d say the first three were the best of the series. Car porn at its finest.

    • MartinNr5 says:

      Porsche was a great game indeed but I think I have had the most fun over a longer period of time with Most Wanted.

  6. kikito says:

    Car plate reading direction FAIL.

    • westyfield says:

      It’s backwards so you can read it in your mirror, in case you hadn’t already noticed that there was a police car behind you. It’s fairly common on ambulances and fire engines in the UK.

    • TeeJay says:

      or SECNALUBMAs and ENIGNE ERIFs as they are sometimes known

  7. westyfield says:

    Is this a proper game or a silly micropayment-based bit of nothing?

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      This is certainly NOT an MMO affair like Need For Speed: World. It’s a standard entry in the series.

    • westyfield says:

      Ooh, good!

  8. set says:

    “Car plate reading direction FAIL.”

    try reading LIAF in your rearview mirror

  9. Alex Bakke says:

    Bah, one of the annoying things about the new video service RPS is using is the inability to add them to sites such as youtube doubler.

    I want my Hawii 5-0 double :’)

  10. Simon says:

    Will this have a mode where you play as a cop like the legendarily awesome NFS3:HP? And nearly as important: Will it feature multiplayer in cops & robbers modes?

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      We can safely expect something like both of those game modes to be present. The real shock would be if they weren’t included.

    • Veret says:

      Yes please. I got NFS3 when I was about ten; it got me thoroughly hooked on both racing games and the reckless endangerment of my fellow drivers. If I ever go to trial for 300 counts of vehicular manslaughter I will say NFS3 made me do it, and the prosecution will drop all charges. Because they will remember loving that game too.

    • Simon says:

      Sigma Draconis, you’re being sarcastic right?
      I -expected- those modes to follow in every game since NFS3:HP, yet they did not. I hoped for them in NFS: HP2 yet there was no 2-player police chasing action like in nfs3. I hoped for it in NFS:U/U2 yet nothing. I really really hoped for it in NFS:MW, but was disappointed. NFS3:HP is probably one of my most re-played games… :)

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      No, Simon, I’m not being sarcastic. Just because such modes weren’t in those games doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be included in this.

      More to the point, I doubt that Criterion would leave out competitive (and potentially fun) gameplay modes involving Racers vs. Cops, especially since Burnout Paradise had a Cops and Robbers mode.

  11. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I was never hugely into these games, but I do have some fond memories of IISE and the first Hot Pursuit. Never played Burnout Paradise though, which seems to be the key point of reference here.

    This trailer didn’t really sell me so maybe I should just try to find that for cheaps instead?

  12. Jake says:

    Awesome, a new Burnout game. It seems to have boost and the ability to disintegrate the cars, and hopefully it will have big mad shortcuts. I am not so fussed if they can’t include DJ Atomica playing some Avril Lavigne.

    I’ve pretty much already bought this game in my head and I’m enjoying it. I am not sure it will have the longevity of Burnout Paradise though.

  13. Riaktion says:

    They picked the wrong music for that trailer. That is all.

  14. Coel says:

    Says November 19th at the end of the trailer…

  15. agentsparrow says:

    Please don’t go the Burnout route! We want it to follow the vein of NFS3!

  16. Urthman says:

    I think not getting the Big Surf Island DLC for PC might be my biggest disappointment in gaming ever.

    (No Brutal Legend might have been a bigger disappointment if the game had been better received.)

    (And I sure wish the Mirror’s Edge DLC worked with the Steam version of the game.)

  17. Marcin says:

    Aw hell no. What have they done to my NFS :(

    Oh right, put Burnout into it, entirely too much thereof.

    Ah well. At least there’s TDU2 to keep up the genre of actual arcade racing. :P

  18. R3D says:

    Looks kinda like Split/Second Velocity to me, but then again I’ve never played burnout.

  19. Dhatz says:

    now let’s hope mp works with pirated versions.

  20. Gunrun says:

    Lets hope you get hit by a bus you horrible thief.

  21. Half-(Assed)Life says:

    The colour scheme looks nice but the music could be a lot better.

  22. Aerozol says:

    I don’t want EVERY race game I play to be Burnout.

    II SE was my favourite version of NFS though, a classic

  23. Scandalon says:

    Wait, the cars have magical tire-repair abilities now?

  24. drawcarlos says:

    I dont see whats so special about this game or why people are hyped about it being developers by Criterion, it looks rather bland and seems to be exactly like Burnout…if you liked Burnout why not just play Burnout and save yourself $60?

    • Vinraith says:

      Because sooner or later you need new tracks, if I oculd buy track packs for them I’d still be playing Hot Pursuit 2 and Burnout 3, a great racing game doesn’t need to be reinvented with every iteration. Also “it looks rather bland and seems to be exactly like Burnout” is an oxymoron.

    • drawcarlos says:

      Vin, you forgot to read between the lines, (……Burnout…is….bland……in my opinion,of course :p)

      But I see your point, one does need new tracks after a while, I forget that console games don’t have the tools that allow users to make new tracks, sorry.

    • Vinraith says:

      Sadly even in PC racing games track designing tools aren’t nearly as common as they should be.

    • iainl says:

      Basically, because if you asked me to hand over £50 for another city’s worth of Burnout Paradise I’d do so in a heartbeat, basically. Easily the best racing game this generation.

  25. Vinraith says:

    Criterios are excellent racing developers, Hot Pursuit 2 was the last great Need for Speed game, I think we have a potentially winning combination here.

  26. klumhru says:

    You made SHIFT, and now this crud?! Please just call this B:P2 and make wheel-worthy racers instead.

  27. caged_devil says:

    I may be completely wrong here, but it looks like the track in the vid is from NFS:U2, which I played to death after buying it on the cheap when I had little funds. That also had the annoying freeze shots to highlight things you should avoid, and the ever ludicrous faster or meaner (read tank like SUVs) police cars when your wanted level shot up.

  28. Jordan says:

    More like BP took the NFS licence under their belt. Burnout was better when it wasn’t an open city and more like an arcade game. Pick it up and play. That was the magic of BO. Paradise kills it by turning the menu into a city you have to learn how to navigate and unlock. 2 is still the best IMO.

    NFS Hot Pursuit was one of my most favorite. I cannot wait.

  29. Daniel says:

    does anyone know what that song is called from the offical release trailer??? I’ve been looking with no success.