Star Trek Online Season 2 Goes Boldly Forth

A nice fixer-upper, said the estate agent.

(trad.) Anyway, a big content patch for Star Trek Online has gone live. Subtitle “Ancient Enemies”, we speculate it involves some enemies of ancientness. A scan of the content seems to confirm this, with a whole load of new Klingon missions involving the return of the Fek’ihri. Oh God, I hate those Fek’ihri. They really are shits. Perhaps more interesting to my Star-Trek-Online inexperienced-eyes is the new option for the Federation – that of joining the Dilplomatic corp, going on first contact missions and generally not setting phasers-to-kill. Also, a new alien race, regular episodes with a new neutral race (“Deferi”) and the introduction of the gambling game Dabo. You can still try the demo, or have a gape at the new trailer, which shows very little latinum-betting and chatting, but a whole lot of the ancients being enemies. Hence, boom-booms.

Oh – and, as a bonus extra news, Bill Roper’s departed Cryptic after a couple of years.

As a matter of interest, is there many Star Trek Online players out there in the RPS readership? What’s your take on it now.


  1. trjp says:

    Played STO for the first month and found it so underwhelming that I gave up and have never fancied going back.

    Aside from the bugs – which most MMOs have at that point in their lives anyway – the game was nothing but a challenge-free, tedious grind.

    The big issue, I think, is that space looks the same pretty much everywhere and the planets/spacestations were repetitive, small with ground combat being particularly bad.

    Some of the space combat was quite decent but advancement was glacial and some encounters seemed to last FOREVER.

    Unless it’s massively improved (there’s talk of difficulty sliders and other improvements?) I see no reason to consider it however much new content they add because the fundamental game underneath it is – well – it’s shit.

    • Stromko says:

      Seconded, including that I thought the space combat was pretty good but was dragged out far too long. Seemed like there just wasn’t enough content to hook me, it seemed to me like there’d be a week of solid work just to get my first ship hull upgrade.

  2. Mats says:


  3. jon_hill987 says:

    The Star Trek game I always wanted would have combined Bridge Commander with Elite Force. As in you could freely wander around the ship/away missions (and shoot things as necessary) and order people around when on the bridge. From what I have seen Star Trek Online is not this game.

    • trjp says:

      Basically it is Bridge Commander+Elite Force except that both parts have been programmed from memory in about 20 mins :)

      STO’s development (and weight of licence) probably did more harm than good really – the original concept whereby you’d have to co-operate with other players to fly a spaceship was junked (imagine how bad that would have been!!) and the whole job landed at Cryptic with a super-short “must release in Q1 2010” deadline and so we get ChampTrek Online with spaceships.

      As I said earlier, the space bits are OK but they go on – and on and on and on – with almost no ‘carrots’ to keep you playing.

      The ground-based stuff is just bad – end of.

    • Sarlix says:

      For the record you can walk around the bridge and go to other peoples. And there was talk of expanding it to the whole ship, but I doubt that ever happened. You can order your crew about in a limited fashion, just not while on the bridge…lol

    • jon_hill987 says:

      I think the idea of cooperating to crew a ship is a good one, but paying Quake Live (CTF) last night and having some twat on my team shooting me with rockets on purpose (doesn’t hurt but the knockback is irritating) makes me realise that that level of cooperation is simply not possible on the Internet.

    • Ovno says:


      Cooperation on the internet is easily posible, especially in an mmo, look at eve for instance, cooperation in an online deathmatch/ctf however is not as likely….

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Yeah, I suppose Wurm Online requires a similar level of cooperation to crewing a starship and that works. I suppose they could just set it up so that anyone who is ruining things can be shoved in the brig until the play nice… But you will still always find people who seem to enjoy making things less fun for everyone else.

    • Mad Hamish says:

      Yeah I followed this games development til they changed the direction of it completely. A ship where the senior staff were the players was doable it just required an ounce of balls. And jon_hill987, I’m sorry but saying that level co-operation on the internet is not possible is total horse shit, anyone who has played pretty much any type of game online can testify to that.
      They just fell for the whole “me too!me too!” mentality of developing an MMO. They want a piece of WOWs pie so they play it safe with the gameplay, tried and tested formula. Don’t they have business minded people in these companies to tell them that spending all their money on a AAA game to try and compete with the huge anomaly(a subspace one perhaps) that is WOW will be the death of them?

      Anyway, I’m just bitter that they haven’t made a real Star Trek since A Final Unity.

  4. Godl1keStev3 says:

    I went back to it last month to see how it had progressed….

    It hadn’t.

    It’s simply not Star Trek, Star-something maybe, but not Star Trek.

  5. Sarlix says:

    I played for sometime when the game was first released – I think I may have already typed about it in a previous RPS post. I had some fun with another player who looked like a desk lamp and managed to get verbally seduced and then later stalked by a really creepy Dr McCoy look-alike.

    My main gripe with the game was the lack of openness. What I mean is I never felt like I was exploring but rather just going from instance to instance. It had a really claustrophobic feel to it, which is the exact opposite of what you would expect from a space game, let alone a star trek game.

    I still have a one month code that I never used. Cryptic screwed up and gave me three months free, so I never had to use it….I will probably use it now and go-see what changes have been made. But I dare say the ‘openness’ issue still remains.

  6. LieutLaww says:

    The bridge is available to walk around, you also have a ready room as well now, then u take a turbolift down to crew quarters where u can wander around, and also the engineering deck is available to walk around too. Oh and you also have your own quarters as well.

  7. Bostec says:

    Good job Bill Roper is gone, everything he touched after Diablo turned to shit. Why he got employed by Cryptic is beyond me.

    • bob_d says:

      Bill Roper is great at what he does, which is P.R. (he’s not a designer or even an actual developer); he’s good at getting people excited about a game. In fact, he’s probably too good at it – Hellgate suffered as much as it did because of all the attention and expectations he managed to raise.

  8. Webster says:

    I was in the Open Beta (thanks, RPS!), and about three weeks ago I activated my free 30 days that came with the box. Cryptic aren’t billing me till the end of September though for some reason, which is fine.

    It’s still fundementally flawed but it is certainly heading in the correct direction. Dan Stahl who is the new head of something important to do with STO game development in Cryptic is spending a lot of time communicating with players and has listed a number of improvements currently in prodction to make the game a better, more Star Trek experience (including scrapping sector space and redoing the concept from scratch). Have a read of his most recent Q&A, there are some really interesting things in the works (including potentially user generated content and fleet owned starbases).

    link to

    Diplomatic missions are a good first step. I’d expect to see significant changes to STO in the coming months.

    • Sarlix says:

      Thanks for the info Webster. Getting rid of Sector Space can only be a good thing, although I can’t think what they’ll replace it with…Think I’ll wait for a bit before using my one month code…

    • Webster says:

      I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit at the moment, but I’m also thinking about not renewing my subscription when my free time runs out – not because the game’s particularly unplayable at the moment, but because I want to play it with the new crew features (executive officers, bridge officer backstories etc). So long as you don’t particularly feel like playing right now, waiting for season three is probably a good bet.

  9. LokiZero says:

    I’ve been playing it for the last 2 months and it’s a lot of fun. Feels like Trek to me.

  10. Dante says:

    I really enjoyed the beta and opening month, the ship to ship combat really is a lot of fun. I’d probably still be playing it now if there was anyone to play with, sadly I seem to have been the only one who liked it.

  11. Kyrne says:

    I’ve been playing it for a while now and i still enjoy it. The scripted missions are usually always enjoyable and worth it. Ground combat is still iffy, and the ‘random’ explore cluster missions dont vary as much as they should so can feel like a grind if there are no missions available

    The only real complaint i could have is that Season 2 released with a fair few bugs, and a whole lot or server instability,meaning every weekend having a emergency maintenance period, usually about miday for the UK, night time in US. Doesnt particulaly bother me but there have been a fair few complaints on forums.

  12. Sonic Goo says:

    Won’t Dabo cause problems in countries with strict(er) gambling laws? Like… most of Europe?

  13. Dylan McCall says:

    I haven’t played it, and I don’t intend to, but I do have to thank this game for something.

    Its trailers have helped me master the Picard Facepalm.

  14. dethgar says:

    This was a game that was never very well-planned out.

  15. trjp says:

    If they get rid of Sector Space it may as well become a single player game with a couple of fucking huge lobbies¬!?!???!?

    As people have said, there’s no sense of exploration, no sense of advancement and lots and lots of repetitive, instanced nonsense to hack through – which is ironic given the material available.

    The bit with the magic time travelling ‘donut’ sign was brilliant tho – that times 1000 = great game!!

  16. ruaidhri says:

    this is a bit sad but I’m sure the giant Klingon empire sign at 1.05 is upside down.

  17. Ace says:

    Personal Rule: Any alien civilisation with an apostrophe in its name was poorly and thoughtlessly named. Yep, “Klingon” is cool, “Fek’ihri” isn’t.