You Can Be Slow Or Fast: Cities In Motion

Cities In Motion does make me wish it was a game about enormous cities on legs fighting with cannon though

Paradox have announced a lot today, which we’ll get back to shortly – but the trailer to Cities In Motion especially caught my eye. It’s a transport-simulation game, set in Europe across 100 years from 1920 and generally covers pretty much any way that people get objects from A to B. Bar gyrocopters, which is only me, at night, in my alter ego of the Clockwork Basher. Anyway, here’s the trailer…

And, yes, the strapline is totally because it makes me think about the John Barnes rap in World In Motion. Pop Music!


  1. Yfel says:

    Oooh, TTD 3D!

  2. Oak says:

    Yes please.

  3. Duffin says:

    … but you must get to the line

    • Rosti says:

      I know this isn’t the first RPS reference for The Greatest Foot-to-Ball Anthem of all Time, but I certainly hope it won’t be the last. Here’s a bit of Tube Dubber action for those so inclined.

      Also: Auto-mobiles, planes & trains! Not necessarily in that (New) Order!

  4. Tei says:

    I use to have Trasport Tycoon Deluxe running in a comp 24/7 on my house ( the way other people have fish). The sounds and economic dynamics are beautiful.
    The Linux version is excellent, …is probably the only game that is as good as the first day of release.
    This looks like a gorgeous version of it.

  5. Javier-de-Ass says:

    yeah this looks fantastic

  6. Mr_Day says:

    That is ‘like clockwork basher’, you ham wristed ne’erdowell.

  7. westyfield says:

    Cities in Motion – c’mon, how can this not be a Mortal Engines game? Get your priorities right, games industry.

  8. Sarrisan says:


    My almost forgotten OTTD bones are starting to go all a-jitter.

  9. fallingmagpie says:

    It’s got very pretty water effects, but not my cup of tea gameplay wise. Bit tame.

    • sassy says:

      I also found myself admiring the water.

      Trees were crap though

  10. Mister Adequate says:

    Paradox are making a new TT?

    Oh shit. Because they haven’t taken enough of my life with EU3, HoI2, and Vicky 2.

    • RedFred says:

      That’s what I thought too. I just can’t get into OpenTTD so this may work.

      Although the video was hilariously lame. “Advanced simulation of: Economoy, Traffic.” That line is going to shift some units!

    • Clovis says:

      Yeah, not to mention a whole 4!! cities and 30 vehicles!!! Borderlands had like 2 billion weapons. Numbers need to be larger.

      I somehow never played Transport Tycoon, but I’m always thinking that a game about transportation would be great.

    • Pie21 says:

      Play Transport Tycoon. It is GREAT.

    • jsdn says:

      Well, the whole reason I quit OTTD is because of the lackluster economy.

  11. Wilson says:

    Ooh, interesting. If it’s anything like TT, it’ll be a must buy for me. Though it does concern me a little bit at how exciting I find the idea of realistic traffic simulation…

    • sassy says:

      As a gamer you shouldn’t be concerned about that. We could get excited about grass growing if it were packaged right.

  12. stahlwerk says:


    • Surgeon says:

      I used to love A-Train.

      Remember Santa Claus flying across the map on Christmas Eve?
      Awesome :)

  13. Navagon says:

    If this is anything like Transport Tycoon then consider me sold. First Kalypso bring back the awesomeness of DK now this? A lot of publishers are competing for my love right now.

  14. Nilokey says:

    This looks a lot more like JoWood’s game, Traffic Giant. Especially the tram graphics.

    link to

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Yes, it seems like the game mimicked this time is Traffic Giant, not Transport Tycoon.

      Which is a shame, as Traffic Giant was only entertaining if you were high.

    • Ragnar says:

      Traffic Giant was semi-fun. Too shallow, but interesting premise. I hope this game is better.

    • Levictus says:

      I though Traffic Giant was pretty fun. It’s definitely no TTD, but it has it’s place.

  15. Edawan says:

    I immediately thought, it would be so cool to combine that with Introversion’s procedural cities !

  16. konrad_ha says:

    TT in gorgeous detail? GIEVE NAO!!!!

  17. Joel says:

    Hard to say so far, but it looks more like a pure people-mover as opposed to the full cargo of TTD. Though, the “Advanced simulation of economy” could indicate otherwise.

  18. psyk says:

    “4 different cities”

    Doesn’t sound much like transport tycoon deluxe to me.

  19. c-Row says:

    So, no player-built roads or railways? That would be a big letdown, though it still looks appealing to the TT-fan in me.

    • c-Row says:

      Yes, the press release mentions an “advanced editor”, but that sounds like city and road building are not an essential part of the standard game.

  20. Ragabhava says:



    MIND THE….

  21. Ragnar says:

    This! And Crusader Kings 2!


  22. neolith says:

    Nice! But after experiencing OpenTTD 4 cities and 30 vehicles doesn’t sound that sandbox to me…

    • Ragnar says:

      You are making a mistake if you think this will be a Transport Tycoon clone. More kin to Traffic Giant.

  23. sfury says:

    No bikes?

    : \

  24. loGi says:

    Quite pretty that one

  25. ghableska says:

    I do love that song. Anyone happen to know what it is?

  26. Brian Rubin says:

    Oh, this looks fantastic. Want. Badly.

  27. Rocket Fellow says:

    I’ll get you yet, Clockwork Basher, if it’s the last thing I do!

  28. Anonymous says:

    This looks incredibly boring.

  29. Araxiel says:

    This looks like a lame version of TTD in 3D.

    I think, the transportation of passangers should be a part of a transportation game…but not it’s core!