Multitasking: Morplee

This is all games.

Stop what you’re doing and play this: Morplee.

It’s a collection of three-second minigames, of which you must complete as many as you can in 60 seconds, at the same time as preventing aliens from reaching the ground. Get a high score, post it below, watch as others mock you because theirs was higher. Go. (Cheers to RevStu for the spot.)


  1. Richard Beer says:

    My brain can’t quite take that on a late Friday afternoon at work, but:


    is my best so far.

  2. Sobric says:

    2740. No more, please no more.

    • Sobric says:

      3068, defeated the spaceship with 5 secs left.

      *closes browser and smarms*

    • Sarlix says:

      After having played this 15 times I am highly suspicious for your score. You are either lying or have a bionic hand.

    • clapperdude says:

      I see his score on the board so must be the bionics :)

    • P7uen says:

      I couldnt see how it was possible, but I finally managed it as well.

      This game is a testament to the perseverance, learning ability, dexterity, OCD levels and idiocy of gamers everywhere. Hurrah!

  3. westyfield says:

    Ripe apples my arse, they were brown. No-one would choose to eat a brown apple when there are perfectly good green apples right there.


    • Sobric says:

      haha my bane is the spot the difference once; too often they look identical.

  4. John Walker says:

    2972 is my score on beating it.

  5. Lambchops says:

    740 first time.

    1640 second.

    1780 third.

    That’s it for me

  6. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Nice.. but a bit too frantic. Also, it’s friday, man!

  7. Tauers says:

    2220. My mind is going to explode. Great game.

  8. Laco says:

    Finally finished! I hate that damn spot-the-difference.


  9. Max says:

    3046 tough.

  10. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I told you I am tired.. or maybe old.. I got 1900.

  11. MacBeth says:

    3065… couple of missed clicks :(

  12. Xercies says:

    Nope my brain can’t handle that…600

  13. Sarlix says:

    920 :-(

    I wasted all my time on the ‘spot the difference’ one. What was the difference!?! This will drive me insane!! Arrrrrrgh *bubbles*

    • westyfield says:

      The difference has been, uh, different every time I’ve played. Usually it’s one pixel that’s changed, like the hand having fewer fingers or the teeth being slightly longer.

    • Sarlix says:

      One pixel! ONE PIXEL!

      This game is clearly not meant for the visually impaired.

  14. Jockie says:

    2440 points and a Stroke are my rewards for playing that.

  15. radomaj says:

    2912, beat it, though I had a friend to help me add the dice.

  16. Nonentity says:

    Beat it with 3086. That spot the difference one I basically had to click in an area if i couldn’t immediately see the difference, something about the stripe on the left. Couldn’t physically see the difference with my eyes.

  17. mlaskus says:

    2740 :(

  18. Skippy says:

    This trackpad is not conducive to scores above 1280.

  19. Doyle says:

    3,000 points exactly for what I thought was a perfect run-through, dunno how people are getting more :/

  20. Cooper says:

    What? Third time and I got 1500. These numbers are lies, lies I say!

    • Cooper says:

      Ok, after a couple of more goes I’m blaming the tool – this netbook and cheapo mouse just aren’t up to the task. My excuse. I’m sticking to it.

  21. Skinlo says:

    I’m stuck on 300.

  22. Chewy says:


  23. ZuluEcho14 says:

    2982, I was able to kill the mothership at the last second.

    /feels proud of self

  24. The Walker says:

    2920 on my third win or so. I think I have ADD now.

  25. Ricotta says:

    I was struggling struggling struggling to beat it…. then the last run through i had 7 seconds left….

  26. Flimgoblin says:

    2992 on completing it – that game is cool :)

    (spot the difference = mad clickaround ;))

  27. Rikard Peterson says:

    Only played it once (1150, I think) as it’s not really my cup of tea (too stressful), but it was a better game than I thought it would be by the description. Cool idea.

  28. Kits says:

    Up to 2640 on my third try, no great desire to keep trying until I finish it. Cute though, and kinda reminds me of the frantic minigames in warioware.

  29. geldonyetich says:

    My mouse sensitivity is not sufficient to this task.

  30. JohnnyMaverik says:

    I got 2400 and now I give up..

  31. Rob says:

    Currently 5th place with 3150, took about 6 tries to get it. Fun game!

  32. Sucram says:

    Aha! 3031 on my 3rd (or 30th forget which) try.

  33. Bujjick says:

    I found crossing my eyes and lining the guys up on the “spot the difference” helps. Sorta like doing one of those side-by-side stereoscopic pictures. Whatever is different looks weird and difficult to focus on when you do it.

    • Bujjick says:

      Actually after some practice, you don’t need that. Just check the teeth, then the hands. That seems to be the only place it does it if I’m not mistaken.

  34. adseib says:

    1200 ow that’s bad :( Took me like forever to get that car around the track. Let me guess…THAT WAS EASY FOR YOU! not me.

    • Amarth says:

      I always cheated with the car. If you click it three times in rapid succession it’ll cross the line (driving in the wrong direction) but that seems okay.

      Not that I condone cheating or anything.

  35. BigglesB says:

    Damn you reaction based mouse games! Why do you hate my trackpad so? WHY??!?!

  36. iffi says:

    My highest score is 3311 (I posted it under the name ‘Dak’).
    I was able to beat it with 15 seconds remaining once or twice, but I usually don’t do that, as shooting down more aliens is usually better for score.
    I can beat this almost every time I play it, except when I get really unlucky on the ‘Catch’ minigame. It really gets mechanical after a while.

    • iffi says:

      Also, it won’t let me submit any scores now because I have yet to beat that score.

    • iffi says:

      Oh, I played it on Armor Games. No wonder why I didn’t see any of the scores from the previous comments.

    • Razz says:

      Oh yeah well I once ate a butterfly THIS big

  37. Corrupt_Tiki says:


    Might Try it again.
    Small things pwn small minds haha, great little game!

  38. Jones says:

    I beat this, but I only got 2866 cos I messed up a couple of times.

    link to

  39. JuJuCam says:

    2869 is my completion score, my advice to anyone struggling to get to the end is to remember that you can skip levels on the tower and hope for a mindless clickfest like apple eating while you’re waiting for something like the ninja catch or while you’re adding dice.

  40. Caiman says:

    1800, for the same reason that I’m still in the Bronze league at Starcraft 2

  41. mcnubbins says:

    WarioWare mixed with Space Invaders. I like!

    My score was around 1100, my brain works slowly in the morning :(

  42. drewski says:

    2260. I suck.

  43. Sarlix says:

    I take my hat off to all those who have managed to get 3000+ Although it makes me wonder if you have some kind of dual mouse setup. I clearly have to spend my Saturday trying to beat this thing.

  44. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    I managed 2920, but it was a fluke which vastly overstates the true extent of my powers.

    I like that people are getting stuck on different screens. The ‘sort the shapes’ one always throws me.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      3172… and it would seem that the difficulty changes drastically with the speed of your PC. Before I was playing in Linux (i.e rubbish, slow Flash player), and I could only just barely finish it as the time was running out.

      Switch to Windows: the game runs about twice as fast but the clock counts down at the same rate. Plays like a completely different game. I now have the time to finish it comfortably nearly each time I play it.

      With this in mind, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the scores.

    • Sarlix says:

      Oooh, I’ve been playing this in Liunx too. Maybe that’s why I’m so shit. Yes that’s got to be it!


  45. onetime says:

    finished 2909

    it is fun and i was really screaming when i finished first!

  46. JohnDoe says:

    3040, finished with 6 seconds to spare.