Smooth Moves: Brink Footage

Ah, QuakeCon leftovers. Delicious. Here we have two Brink videos via GameTrailers, one being Splash Damage boss Paul Wedgwood talking about the game in some depth – although with plenty of stuff we’ve heard before – and one talking about S.M.A.R.T., which is the game’s unusual movement system. It’s worth taking a look at that second one, at least, because it looks fairly intriguing. A free-running, sliding, leaping, vaulting, mantling approach to movement. And, well, blimey. Getting more excited about this one each time I see it.


  1. AndrewC says:

    But wouldn’t it be funny if the combat sucked as much as it did in Mirror’s Edge?

    • robrob says:

      That would be the opposite of funny. That would be very upsetting :(

    • AndrewC says:

      But Mirror’s Edge movement system shoved into a big sexy shooter – it makes me sort of quivery. Surely such a thing can not exist…?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Shut up. You’ll jinx it. :(

    • Mr Ak says:

      That was actually my problem with the video. All that “you’ve never seen anything like this” before malarkey. I have. In Mirror’s Edge. I’m not saying the game will be bad, but they obviously owe it at least a little bit of a debt.

    • Tom O'Bedlam says:

      Not to mention that a single player game which you can invite your friends into exists too, Borderlands.

    • Pantsman says:

      Combat? Mirror’s Edge? Sucked? What game were you playing?

    • Dhatz says:

      U guys on crack? first someone tells me I shouldn’t compare MEedge and Borderlands to Brink, and now you all get it?

  2. Monkeybreadman says:

    Blimey indeed…. Although i give it 2 days before everyone slides everywhere. And 3 days before everyone starts complaining about sliding everywhere (while continuing to slide everywhere)

  3. BooleanBob says:

    Crikey, Splash Damage appear to employ the most photogenic nerds of all time. Especially glowery brood-o-hero Aubrey Hesselgren, who looks like a cross between a Bletchley Park code-cracker and a BT advert.

    The game looks a wee bit generic from the playthrough stuff. ‘Smart’ movement sounds potentially really interesting, but only time with the game will offer proof of whether it’s not just a deathmatch shooter which you have to hold down spacebar inordinately more to play.

    (IAnyone else vaguely troubled that, by their CEO’s admission, Splash Damage designed and developed the game, but it’s ‘from’ Bethesda?)

    • skalpadda says:

      They are owned by Bethesda, aren’t they?

    • Aubrey says:


      Aubrey Hesselgren = I AM HIM!!!!

    • Aubrey says:

      …I mean about my photogenetics… not about holding down a button a bunch. Don’t embarass me, though!!!

  4. Spacewalk says:

    That guy has the hide to get all shot up whilst his friend is trying to make a phone call. How rude.

  5. Vague-rant says:

    Taste the magic? Ok!

    I suspect this might make me finally stop playing TF2 on a quasi regular basis.

    • 12kill4 says:

      Damn your speediness in arriving at this point before me. I shall have to take solace in imagining this characteristic pervades over your love life.

  6. 12kill4 says:

    Yep… that guy just said “taste the magic”. You didn’t just imagine it.

  7. Alexander Norris says:

    Dear Brink: please don’t suck. I’d very much like you to be my next 300-hour game.

  8. Crescend says:

    The idea of wall-jumping and pulling off ludicrous acrobatics kills does sound rather intriguing… I might pick this up =)

  9. MrSafin says:

    Am I the only one who misses the old shooters like Doom, Duke3d and Quake, where my character moves at 300km/h?

    • Sarlix says:

      I bet your the type that likes deathmatch games where everything is a chaotic mess of bullets and people zapping around at the speed of light. You probably hated counter strike, am I right?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      You’re trying to sound accusatory, but Counter-Strike is shit. It doesn’t exactly help your point. :P

    • Starky says:

      Oh come on, saying CS is shit is like saying Starcraft is shit, it may not be your thing but it’s the most successful example of it’s genre, and the most famous – and earned that place for a damn good reason.

      Ever play it? Even no it holds it’s own against modern shooters (CoD4/MW2 & BC2).

      Personally while I loved CS, I was more of a Natural Selection guy – but CS is still great fun.

    • Starky says:

      Should have said “Ever play it recently”… I’m assuming you have played it in the past, most PC gamers have.

    • rhizo says:

      This. One of the reasons why I loved Enemy Territory was the movement engine. It really made crazy jumps and fast maneuvering a big part of the game. Having played it as my first online shooter for years everything they produce nowadays seems to have ridiculously clumsy movement. ET community had servers just for jumping because while tactically significant in competitive gaming, it was also so very fun. The other reason why ET was great was that it wasn’t just playing tag with rocket launchers or dm for that matter. I was secretly hoping Brink to be a worthy spiritual successor for ET but I’m not entirely optimistic about that.

    • Sarlix says:

      lol, I only mentioned it was because I used to work with a chap who loved playing half-life/OP4 online, but hated playing CS. While I was the opposite. It seems like it’s either one or the other, not both!

    • FasterPCKillKill says:

      So what about me, who enjoyed the crud out of RTCW:ET _and_ CS:Source, did not like Quake 3, but Q2 Multi after the CTF update with the awesome that is the hook and thinks Team Fittriss is teh gay with gfx for a 6 year old?

      What stereotype am I supposed to side with now? :/

    • Sarlix says:

      Oh blimey….I wasn’t trying to stereo type anyone. I just meant it seems people either like the fast and hecticness of games like quake live for example. Or the more slow precision type of gameplay found in say Counter Strike. I’ve just never known any one to likes both…..That’s why I said it’s either one or the other…

    • Alexander Norris says:

      @Starky — no; saying CS is terrible is pointing out a truth that most people somehow miss. The fact that it’s popular doesn’t make it good, sadly. CS is a bit like someone took a list of things not to put in a game and decided every single thing on that list should be in the game, so it could serve as a warning to future generations of designers. It has instakill weapons in a game where you don’t respawn (which rewards camping and punishes taking risks), the cash system makes matches snowball instead of producing a balanced, challenging game, and at least half the weapons are completely useless to the point where removing them entirely would actually make the game better. Valve tried to fix CS:S with dynamic pricing, then botched the application and instead of fixing the application (they basically needed to set a cap on how much the price of a weapon could deviate from its default price), they just scrapped the thing entirely.

      Admittedly it’s been a while since I played 1.6, but I like to reinstall CS:S every couple of months and play a round or ten just to reassure myself that it’s still atrocious and the world hasn’t ended.

    • MrSafin says:

      It’s true, generally I love fast games – Quake 1, Quake 3, Duke3D, Doom series, etc… – because I like moving faster than snail’s pace and because jumping helps a lot developing speed in those games, so it’s a bit like learning an art of its own.
      Those games are hard to master, and the difference between a good player and a newbie is abyssal!

      Although, I have to admit it, I first played Counter Strike when it came out with the first beta, and I quite enjoyed it. There was only one map in the version I tried (I think it was a mansion… quite cool) and I played the hell out of it: It was refreshing, it was the first time I tried something so realistic – even though I played even a lot of Action Quake 2 before CS… I kinda felt CS was going to be the next Action Quake 2 – but I stopped playing it after a couple of versions because it bored me.

      Damn, I hate waiting down 10 minutes waiting the round to finish because I got killed by a damn camper with a sniper rifle. A true FPS player would try to come out in the open and try to blast me with a damn rocket in my face while bunny hopping like a mad man!

      The movement in today’s games feels too slow and restricted, that’s what I hate.
      If I want a realistic shooter with slow movements, I fire up Arma2, a soldier simulator, not Call of Duty!

    • b0rsuk says:

      For me FPS games from Splash Damage strike the balance between fast action and tactics. Weapons hurt enough so you think twice before running into open, but on the other hand stationary targets tend to die very quickly. Keep in mind 1) all or most footage they show is recorded on console controllers so it’s no wonder it looks lame 2) Medium and Light body types are faster, and you can sprint too.

    • Tacroy says:

      Tribes and Tribes 2 were still better than all those other games. 60 man servers, three character classes, vehicles, deployables, deployable vehicles, jetpacks and more loadouts than you can shake a stick at. Why haven’t we gone back that route? I mean, I’d love to even see something like the targeting laser implemented in another game – you sneak around the enemy base, paint something with your targeting laser and bug out while behind you from miles away an entire flying transport full of dudes in heavy armor drops footballs of doom on your target. Or, if you’re really sneaky, you crawl under the enemy vehicle creator, slap a permanent targeting beacon just beneath it, and they won’t have vehicles for the rest of the match because the rest of your team will keep it demolished.

      They were games of unparalleled subtlety and awesomeness. I don’t know why we haven’t seen their like since.

    • MrSafin says:

      Yeah, Tribes 1 and 2 really rocked. Especially Tribes 1, for me.

      I remember the map “Raindance”… it left me a special feeling with that calm rain pouring down on the battlefield.

    • Crispy says:

      “@Starky — no; saying CS is terrible is pointing out a truth that most people somehow miss.”

      Time to counter every one of your ‘truths’ with ‘fact’:

      “It has instakill weapons in a game where you don’t respawn (which rewards camping and punishes taking risks)”

      – Three aspects of the game together reward risk-taking: weapons are instakill, health does not regenerate, you cannot see your enemy’s health (even in Halo you have subtle indicators for when an enemy’s shield is down). Sure, camping is going to give you the edge, but there are features in the game that allow you to counter camping: flashbangs, smoke grenades, he-grenades all offer smokescreens/area denial, and defenders must always split themselves to cover both of the possible objectives so pure camping isn’t viable. The fact a guy with 5HP has an equal chance of killing a guy with 100HP means it’s all down to skill and ambition. If you out-manoeuvre your enemy you are practically guaranteed a kill.

      “the cash system makes matches snowball instead of producing a balanced, challenging game”

      – If one team is consistently victorious the other team gets a big cash bonus. While this doesn’t make up for the fact that one team is better than the other, it is a game of skill, designed for people who enjoy games of skill. If you were rewarded for lack of skill it wouldn’t be a good game, and far less people would want to play it. If TF2 or NS has unbalanced teams there is nothing there that goes anywhere towards re-establishing skill balance (TF2’s autobalance system only looks at numbers, disregarding all of the points data the scoreboard has to offer). In CS there are several methods to gain back the upper hand, none of which exist in those aforementioned.

      You can always steal better weapons from the other team if play in a way that you force early losses. You can also manage your personal and team economies to mitigate this discrepancy somewhat.

      “at least half the weapons are completely useless to the point where removing them entirely would actually make the game better”

      – I won’t say all weapons are equally good, but they do have enough character that a cheaper weapon, if used well, is always better than nothing. No weapon is useless, you just haven’t mastered them yet (this means adapting the way you play; position yourself in places where the weapon excels, not in scenarios where it is weak).

      P.S. I’m also a massive NS fan, have played more NS than CS and prefer it. But you’re ragging on one of the best examples of multiplayer game design ever seen and your arguments are unsound.

  10. Sarlix says:

    Please say this is coming out within the next two months…

  11. Crescend says:

    Hmm this could be totally awesome if this manages to be what they claim.. Pulling off ludicrous acrobatics kills would sound like just my kind of thing ;D

  12. Urthman says:

    It’s Mirror’s Edge with guns!

  13. Tei says:

    I can get 400% more fun from a game if theres a coop system and works. Borderlands worked there (for me, but not for about the 33% of the players). If this is anything like that…

    About the combat, seems the spray and pray weapons are more powerful than the shotgun. The design decision is probably to avoid “2 shots guns”, but the effect seems (judging from the video) that the spray user will be able to kill the shotgun user before the shotgun user can shot 3 times. Hence, the spray user will win. Is a weapons balance designed for consoles.

    If this is a good game, will be brilliant.

    Theres something negative to say about this videos: the color “vibrance” (is that a word?) is less interesting here, than in the screenshots or first videos. Less yellow and orange, much more brown and gray. Is like the game has evolved to become more browngeneric on purpose. Why? the design based on vibrant colors is amazing, a great achievement. Why undo that?

    • b0rsuk says:

      About shotgun vs automatic:
      sure, if you’re too dumb to take cover after shot. You should’ve learned that in the days of DooM. Also keep in mind that even if it takes 50% or even 33% damage, in many situations your opponent will have exactly that much or less. And if interval between shotgun shots is X seconds, you it takes X seconds to fire 2 shots. You don’t really need to reload that one last time if your enemy is already dead. But that’s all silly, it’s a team game and you shouldn’t spend too much time overanalysing duels.

  14. Bzrd says:

    Oh look!

    It’s Toke, from Starcraft!

  15. thefjk says:

    That’s exactly what I was about to say… the shooting kinda looks like every other shooter out there.

    Mirror’s Edge with guns ain’t enough for me!

  16. Demon Beaver says:

    It does look fun. I wonder whether the SMART system will be a hindrance for modders and mappers. If it can adapt to random maps thrown at it, awesome! Otherwise we’ll end up with a lot of broken maps, where you can’t really move around much.
    All this assuming, of course, that the game will be moddable… might not be, for all I know.

    • b0rsuk says:

      They said in one interview that’s it’s automatically generated. It’s based on paths precalculated for bots. So I guess you just run a tool and it works on your map.

  17. fleabitten says:

    I wonder if there will be any weapons in it that are not hitscan? >=/

    • Metalfish says:

      There’s bloody great grenade launchers. Will they do?

    • suibhne says:

      Are we assuming that the ballistics model is all hitscan? Yes, that’s probably the case, but it might be otherwise.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      BC2 shows exactly how bad projectile can be. Hitscan has a lot less of a chance to go wrong, so I’ll take hitscan over projectile any day, thanks.

  18. lolfang says:

    Hmmm… Mirror’s Edge meets a true FPS with a Borderlands-ish artwork. Probably won’t work. Mirror’s Edge system wasn’t so good, neither with Mouse + Keyboards or Joypad.

    • Metalfish says:

      I disagree. Worked great for me. Erm, don’t really have anything to add to that. Hrm. Seems people are saying this is ‘Mirror’s Edge with guns’ when most people I talked to at the time said they wanted Mirror’s Edge without guns, or even punchy punchy. /Shrug.

    • AndrewC says:

      Well, they’d like Mirror’s Edge without guns, but they’d also like a gun-game with Mirror’s Edge movement.

    • Mr Ak says:

      Mirror’s Edge wasn’t just the movement system, though. The art style, the narrative, the concept, all suggested escape and evasion. And the parts where that was the case were so fun.

      Doesn’t mean that a game where you wallrun with a shotgun is a bad idea.

    • Urthman says:

      I didn’t enjoy the combat in Mirror’s Edge, but the movement was fantastic using keyboard and mouse. By the end of the game I was wishing every FPS character could move that way. Can you imagine a Thief game with that kind of climbing and parkour moves? That would be so awesome.

    • Veracity says:

      @Urthman: talking of Thief, “mantling”? Is that where this peculiar use of it originated? Because it means nothing of the sort according to hoity-toity dictionaries.

      I also play Mirror’s Edge thinking “why doesn’t movement work like this in all first-person games?”. Not just the bouncing off walls, though, actually more the way it handles momentum. So I should be interested in Brink, but the more I see/hear of it, the more I think “oh, one of those shooter things”. Not sure being able to vault the occasional handrail or slide where once we might have bunny-hopped changes much. I do hope it finds an audience, since it’s trying to do something at least kind of novel, but I don’t think I’m it.

  19. kulik says:

    I don’t like classes in shooters and i don’t like leveling permanent character. Why do you need always [“ruin” – Ed] a game to get some mmorpg aspect to it? If i want to play support i will play support but not cause my class limits me to it but because im good at playing support. I prefer to play roles instead of classes, role is how you play not who you play.

    • Warskull says:

      Classes aren’t about being like an MMO, but creating a team oriented game. Classes create a well defined strength and weakness system instead of everyone min/maxing characters. Classless shooters tend to end up with everyone gravitating towards the same ‘best’ weapon set-ups and less unique play styles.

      As for the persistent leveling aspect, unfortunately it has become expected by todays gamers. They tend to play more for the reward than the game play and demand their games be skinner boxes. I just hope it doesn’t screw up the multiplayer by boiling down to “play longer, get better stuff” like most games do. It is possible to appease the grind monkeys without making grind required.

  20. teo says:


  21. suibhne says:

    The floaty XP labels are irritating – much more distracting than the same thing in, say, Borderlands. And speaking of Borderlands, Brink damn well better not tie damage and life to level. I’ve really enjoyed a lot of Borderlands, but the level scaling is so extreme that you’re practically useless if pairing with comrades as few as 5 levels above you. Not a great way to encourage a seamless SP/co-op drop-in/drop-out approach.

    Aside from those concerns – the game looks like a potential home run.

  22. Smithers says:

    It’s being developed by Splash Damage and published by Bethesda.

    Splash Damage are also an independent studio, not owned by anyone.

  23. ChampionHyena says:

    Oh, man.

    Oh man oh man.

    Is it… is it okay for me to get excited yet? Quake Wars made me sad, but…

    • Destroye says:

      I agree with ya, QUAKE Wars was like ET mixed with Battlefield as a QUAKE theme. I had fun with this game but it got old pretty fast. I hope Brink is not going to be like that. Hoping, hoping aaaand hoping.

  24. unaco says:

    “Getting more excited about this one each time I see it.”

    This. Was even tempted to pre-purchase through STEAM when it came up… but I’m going to wait. Everything I see or read about this game is encouraging. Was a good ‘hands on’ article on Kotaku yesterday, or day before, describing Classes (briefly) and the Objective system if anyone is interested in those aspects.

  25. WiPa says:

    This is beginning to go from looking great to looking awesome. Editing weapons made me wet.

  26. Stormpax says:

    To Mr AK,
    They were actually working on the SMART system before Mirrors Edge was announced.
    If you don’t believe me, check their website.

  27. Redford says:

    When I say I’m looking for game innovation, I wasn’t talking about people running around shooting generic assault rifles and shotguns while pressing a button on their keyboard to DO SUPER COOL MOVES.

    I am reminded of section 8 here. Being able to spawn anywhere you want on the map sounds like a great thing, until everyone else is doing it at the exact same time. Similarly, notice how in the trailer, only the player riding the first person view was actually using the SMART moves, everyone else were running around on the ground or out in the open serving as nothing but meaty targets for the one person who now has the amazing freedom offered by the SMART button!

    …until you realize, oh wait, EVERYONE is going to be able to do this. And shoot each other with generic assault rifles. Woo.

  28. Shnyker says:

    He obviously meant the PC version. Which I never played, because the 360 version was fantastic.

  29. slinky317 says:

    Sounds like they haven’t improved the god-awful gun sounds that were there in Quake Wars. Whoever they hire to do their sound effects, they should fire immediately.

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