Clone Wars Adventures Open Beta

Surely training to fight with Light Sabres is a risky business?

The new free-to-play Clone Wars Adventure has just gone live. As in, open Beta where you can pop in and play. Since it’s in Beta there’s content unavailable – including the pay stuff, really – but the basic structure is there. And, as far as I can see, it’s basically a glorified chat-room (with dress up) and a whole load of mini-games you can play. In fact, while you can actually go to places in the world to start the games in an atmospheric fashion, it’s much easier to just press the play button and select from the list. It’s a fancy arcade, with you able to hop between Clone-Wars themed archetypal online games. For example, the sword-fighting is basically an Audition-clone, with whoever hammers out a sequence faster gets to win the clash-of-swords. The Tower Defence clone is probably my favourite so far, with the quality of others varying wildly. I did like the OTTP powering up of your guns in Starfighter when you get a combo going. Alas, the typing-game isn’t the Typing of the Dead… with Jedi thing you’d have hoped for. Anyway – you can sign up and play here or watch the new trailer with devs yabbering below…

I’ve just realised that “Clone Wars” is a somewhat ironic title when all the games are seem to be standard clones. I suspect it wasn’t deliberate.


  1. robrob says:

    Kidding, you must be.

    • stahlwerk says:

      *waves stick ominously*
      kidding leads to chuckles
      chuckles lead to laughter
      laughter leads to stitches

  2. Trollface says:

    Is there a mac version?

  3. Lolzalot says:

    I am very intrigued by how this game is looking, i am a devoted star wars fan and i have been waiting for a good star wars mmo.

  4. Dyst says:

    I actually enjoyed Free Realms, so I’m giving this a try with my buddy. I hope it’s better than Everquest Extended.

  5. Colthor says:

    Overseas Trained Teacher Programme?

    (Confused, not arsey.)

  6. Dyst says:

    So, I’ve been playing it for like an hour. It’s a collection of minigames with a 3D chatroom. Not an MMO d:

  7. stahlwerk says:

    Ouch, that’s one awkward cut in the very first sentence. Quality!

  8. derella says:

    If this game had an actual world ala FreeRealms, I think it would have potential. Unfortunately, it’s a lobby and minigames so I just don’t see why people would waste their cash on it.

  9. geldonyetich says:

    Since they have no intention to competing with that other Star Wars online game, it seems that it is by and large a collection of web games with points you can redeem for bling. Some of them aren’t half bad – such as the starfighter game or the tower defense game – but by and large they’re not much different from what you can expect to find on a flash game portal.

  10. Xik says:

    Wow, I get the vibe that the developers/artists in that video are embarrassed of the product. By the way they talk, it sounds like they are Star Wars fans. Probably thought it was a dream come true to work on a Star Wars MMO, “Creating” the Star Wars Universe.

    Then there is a sort of forced excitement in their voice, as if the PR guy is behind the camera trying to get them to be more excited. PETS! “Explore” the errr, rooms,where you can play, uhhhh, MINI GAMES!

  11. fallingmagpie says:

    This looks like a big bag of shit. Which is a shame for the fatty developers who have developed it, because if it hadn’t been so shit maybe they wouldn’t have cried themselves to sleep so much. Fatties.

    I hate fatties.

  12. Generico says:

    This is amazing! Lots of people talk about redefining the MMO genre, but these guys are actually doing it! It’s incredible!

    n. MMO
    1. A game in which a bunch of people stand around in a virtual room, wearing different virtual clothes, while entertaining themselves with a series of single player mini-games.

    2. Massive amount of Mini-games Online

  13. adonf says:

    the art director guy is wearing luke’s outfit from the first movie. now *that* is dedication