GamesCom ’10 Report: Day 3

Day 3 was when it all went down. I had appointments to see Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Red Orchestra 2, Guild Wars 2, Bioshock: Infinity, The Secret World and Dungeon Siege 3, among others.

At least, I presume I had appointments. I’ll admit to some amount of shouting and pulling of my arm as I went waltzing into the more exclusive booths, but it’s remarkable how people will reconsider their attitude towards you after a slap.

Also featured in this final batch of hastily typed-up impressions is my own personal Game of Show. What could it possibly be, do you think?

Guild Wars 2

This was the game on everybody’s lips this year. The exact sentence on everybody’s lips this year was, I think, “Holy Shit have you seen Guild Wars 2?”

Everything about this game looks stunning. Its storytelling, what it’s doing with combat, the artwork, how it’s dealing with events- brilliant ideas are applied to every single aspect of MMORPGs, and each of these ideas has a terrifying amount of passion and money behind it.

Take character creation. As well as choosing your race, class, appearance and so on, you also answer questions that compose what ArenaNet are calling your “Biography”. You have to decide whether your Human character was raised by nobles, peasants or on the streets, which impacts your personal story. Little cosmetic touches are applied when you decide what monster your Necromancer paints on his face, or what your Elementalist’s favourite element is. Most excitingly, you can also choose whether your character deals with situations using ferocity, charm or honour, which changes how your character talks to NPCs and how the environment reacts to you. The example I was given was kids either following you, or fleeing in terror.

I’m realising now just how much there is to talk about- how the game’s challenging conventional ideas on PvE, healing, dying, capital cities. I’ll save the rest for a big preview next week, backed up by a big ol’ interview.

Men of War: Vietnam

It’s Men of War! In Vietnam! It’s going to be less vehicle-oriented than its WW2 brethren before it and more focused on commando-style tactics, with traps, tunnels and helicopter back-up making an appearance.

I thought the Vietnam setting would excite me, but the engine doesn’t seem quite so suitable for jungle as it does for tanks and town sieges and mortars and whatnot. But then, they haven’t shown the Vietcong campaign yet. That might change everything.

The Secret World

Everything I learned about Funcom & Ragnar Tørnquist’s contemporary conspiracy MMORPG is under embargo at the minute, so I can’t say a word.

Can I say that it looks pretty great? Probably not, I guess.

Captain Blood

No relation to the ancient and deeply messed up French sci-fi PC game, sadly. This Captain Blood is a Russian-developed 3rd person action game based on the swashbuckly pirate novels of Rafael Sabatini.

When I say “based on”, I mean loosely. I’m not sure if Mr. Sabatini’s Captain Blood carried a pistol so big it had to be bolted to his belt on a giant hinge. I’m also not sure if he destroyed Spanish galleons with a single cannonball. What I am saying is that the game looks agreeably insane, and also a touch fiddly and awkward, but, y’know. Insane!

Death to Spies 3

The next game in the Hitman-like Death to Spies series swaps WW2 for the Cold War. Pleasingly-named protagonist Semyon Strogov returns, but now instead of confounding Nazis he’s carrying out missions all over the globe. The one demoed to me had him assassinating someone in the custody of an American police station.

It was always Death to Spies’ WW2 setting that put me off it, so I’m quite curious about this. If they can infuse some colour and diversity into what was already quite an interesting-sounding series (with missions based on real-life declassified SMERSH documents), I’m sold.

Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad

As a dirty great Red Orchestra fanboy, I was pumped about this and it didn’t disappoint. The team seemed to understand that what I (and I guess most other people) found most enjoyable about RA was is distressing plausibility, because all of the new features in RA2 have one foot in improving the game and the other in making it more realistic.

The new cover system seems perfect. The tap of a button presses you against low walls or corners, and from there you can lean out or blindfire as you like. The damage system’s become a little more elaborate, with you bleeding out of light wounds unless you take a moment to bandage yourself, and there are now specific hitzones for smaller body parts, like your heart.

My own favourite addition is the “Slow Death” that now sometimes occurs from fatal shots to places like the stomach. In an absolutely nightmarish animation, these dying characters start swaying and stumbling in a state of shock, still holding their gun and still able to shoot before they finally lose their balance and fall over.

There’s also a new campaign mode that can link multiplayer missions together, and new options as to what Commanders can call in via radio posts, including rocket strikes and recon planes. Artillery strikes like this have, of course, been made even more visually awe-inspiring / harrowing.

And I can reveal there’s already a team working on a total conversion, with Tripwire’s full support. It’s called Rising Storm, and abandons Russia and Germany altogether for the Pacific Front, with the Americans fighting the Japanese. The producer of Rising Storm pointed out to me that nobody’s done the Japanese involvement in WW2 particularly well, and he’s intent on changing that.


I opted for a liquid lunch. The bar lady was only too happy to provide me with a couple of traditional German cocktails, which I think she called a Meat Spritzer and a Saltsplosion. They were okay, I guess. A bit chewy.

Off Road Drive

Found myself weirdly entranced by this. It simulates the sport of off road racing, which I didn’t realise involves crap like getting your car over tiny cliffs using a winch, deflating your tyres so you can traverse swamps, and travelling slowly over really rocky ground so you don’t destroy your vehicle.

I was pretty exhausted by the time I saw Off Road Drive, but being presented with a racing game where you had to drive slowly made me feel something half-way towards a religious epiphany.

Dungeon Siege 3

So it turns out my Dungeon Siege 3 interview was with Chris Taylor, who’s only a consultant on Obsidian Entertainment’s game and so was unable to tell me much.

What I did learn is that DS3 is going to be much, much more story-driven than DS1 or 2, and will be all about direct control of your character with rigorous co-op support. Also, you won’t have a mule in your party, but he will have a “cameo”.

I’m not sure what to expect, really, but I am still very keen to see some game footage.

Final Fantasy XIV

The most interesting thing to come out of my FFXIV interview was the discovery that the developers of this MMORPG are designing the game’s three nations to appeal to different types of human beings.

Let me explain- the forested land of Gridania is beautiful and relaxing, and it’s meant to appeal to women. The shining commercial centre of Ul’dah is designed for businessmen. The floating city of Limsa Lominsa is bold and dramatic, and should be the natural choice for a younger audience or thrill-seekers. And then the content in these three territories is being designed with its particular person in mind.

I keep turning this idea over in my head, and I’m pretty sure I like it.

Stronghold 3

Stronghold’s back! Back again! Stronghold’s back! Tell a frien– oh, I guess friends might be a sore point for fans of medieval architectural strategy.

Stronghold 3’s looking pretty great. The developer said that they were keen to address the complaint that Stronghold 2 was needlessly complex, so they’re returning to the template of the first game and then using new technology to improve it.

Physics and lighting are the two big improvements, and mean more interesting siege warfare and sinister night sieges, respectively. There’s also lots of smaller improvements- walls can now be painted in whatever curves you like, hovels grow in size the closer they are to the keep, and there’s a new option to fling animal carcasses into besieged castles.

And now! My Game of Show…

Bioshock Infinite

…was not my game of show. It won the official GamesCom Game of Show award, and Levine went up on a stage and said some thankful words and everything. But it strikes me as an unfair choice.

As lots of people have already said (including Kieron in his preview for us), the game footage of Bioshock Infinite doing the rounds is scripted and choreographed to the point of absurdity. It has the hypnotic pace of a music video, and it features all kinds of set-pieces that only work because the player does exactly what’s expected of them and knows what happens next at all times.

There’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that Bioshock Infinite will be completely awesome, but surely Game of Show should go to somebody showing their actual game? Any developer could have made their work seem more dramatic by scripting the shit out of a level, but Irrational were the only people I saw do it.

My game of show was, in fact,

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

GamesCom featured an all-new demonstration of Human Revolution. In brief, it is now my most wanted game currently in development.

When I previewed Human Revolution for RPS a few weeks back I was given the same two-level walkthrough they showed at E3, and the Eidos developer present completed it in an identical way. I said then that if they really wanted to show of their game’s Deus Ex-itude, they should complete the same level multiple ways.

That’s what Eidos were doing at GamesCom. They showed a new level from early on in the game- a Detroit police station, with you tasked to retrieve some hardware from the skull of a corpse in the morgue- and completed it once in a Terminator all-guns-blazing style, once smooth-talking their way past obstacles peacefully with the new conversation system, and a third time with hacking and ninja stealth.

This and Guild Wars 2 were the only games at the show that had me forgoing academic and factual note-taking for just writing “YES” and “YESSSS” in my notebook over and over.

It’s not just that Human Revolution offers multiple paths. It offers more of exactly what Deus Ex offered. The detail in the environments, the chance to talk to an idle population of civilians, the option of nosing through emails- that sense that you’re not just playing through a level but roleplaying a very cool guy in a very long black coat in a very absorbing world.

The menu was brought up at several points, too. There really is still a grid inventory. But there are so many additions, too- you now have 21 individual augmentation slots, and most seem to have their own tiny tech tree that you cherrypick your way down.

Something else that shocked me is the new hacking minigame. It’s dramatically complex- a kind of Uplink strategy battle where you first hide from and then race a server, with extra programs and viruses that can be found or bought and give you a helping hand. Similarly, the dialogue is fast paced to the point of being difficult to follow. I was expecting just about anything from Human Revolution except for it to be more demanding than the original Deus Ex. I couldn’t be happier. When was the last time you saw a great PC game being adapted to consoles and becoming more complex in the process?

Alright, that’s enough from me. I need to start transcribing interviews and turning all this brain-mess into genuine previews.

Gentlemen! Adieu.


  1. Theory says:

    What’s this Bioshock gameplay video then?

    • Quintin Smith says:

      It’s still behind closed doors for now, but it’s about a 15 minute long playthrough that introduces a ton of characters, features and ideas in a kind of machine gun barrage.

  2. Feet says:

    “This and Guild Wars 2 were the only games at the show that had me forgoing academic and factual note-taking for just writing “YES” and “YESSSS” in my notebook over and over.”

    Heh, this reminded me of Alan Partridge commentary. ^_^

    But anyway, woo Quinns! Woo!

  3. Deston says:

    Hell yes DX:HR – I’m looking forward to that and Portal 2 more than anything else right now. Spess Mehreen might just creep up there when I know more about it too.

    Infinite I’m not so sold on yet. I’m definitely warming up to the setting and the Columbia concept, but again I need to know more about the actual game before I start getting excited. Are we going to see the exact same mechanics transplanted into a floaty city, or is there going to be some genuinely new and cool stuff there?

    Oh, and I know it’s been said so many times already, but I feel this is warranted; “Bioshock: Infinite” has to be one of the worst titles I’ve heard in a long, long time *vomit*. Irrational should win some kind of wooden spoony type award for that alone… then whoever actually decided on the name should be bludgeoned in the head with said award.

  4. Marcin says:

    Great news about GW2 and DX3. I hope the final products don’t get neutered between now and release.

  5. Hentzau says:

    God dammit Quinns. I’ve gone /years/ without getting excited over up-and-coming game releases. I was all ready for Human Revolution to be another Invisible War, and then you had to go and write something like that.

  6. Shodan says:

    I am finally excited about Deus Ex 3. This sounds awesome!

  7. Freud says:

    Great writeup. Boo hiss for GW2 trying to lure me back into the MMO swamp. Yay for Deus Ex being Deus Exey.

    Death to Spies 3 being set during the Cold War (60s Berlin?) is inspired.

  8. Xercies says:

    Wow thats just made me want Deus Ex 3 even more. Also i hope we get more information on the secret world…i always have a eye on what ragner is doing since he is probably one of the best games and story maker in the busienss.

  9. Sobric says:


  10. Max says:

    When it was first announced I was quick to claim that DX3 would be another dumbed down consolified waste of a brand, but I’m fully willing to take that back. Please, please, please live up to your legacy!

  11. Tusque d'Ivoire says:

    i’d like detailed shots of your notebook. i doubt that games journalism is anything like real journalism except the “press”-hats! In your position i’d probably keep drooling onto my notes. except that i wouldn’t take any.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      The funny part of games journalists taking notes is when a developer mentions a number during a presentation, like “We’ll have 5 races in the game,” and everyone in the room begins writing as one and stops just as suddenly.

    • Nick says:

      So you are all like ‘5! Oh boy, gee wizz! What a scoop!”

  12. Berm says:

    Heroes of Stalingrad. Want want want WANT NOW!

  13. Novotny says:

    Hurrah for Red Orchestra 2 – I’m very very excited about it.

  14. BarkingDogq says:

    “The Secret World

    Can I say that it looks pretty great? Probably not, I guess.”

    Hoping this is because of the NDA rather than because it looks appalling! Would really like the game to do well.

    • somnolentsurfer says:


      I’m really looking forward to seeing Tornquist do something new, and I’d love for it to be great. When’s the embargo?

    • bob_d says:

      Yeah, I only clicked through for the article in the hopes of some info on Secret World. (The teasing bastard.) It could be really interesting, but so little information about gameplay has been released so far that it could just as easily be a generic MMO that’s not even worth looking at.

    • Warth0g says:

      Yup yup … the only two MMOs I’m likely to play in the foreseable future are GW2 and Secret World… I’m nervous about the latter though.. it’s gone awfull quiet.. any news on a release date? or some gameplay?

  15. bleeters says:

    “The example I was given was kids either following you, or fleeing in terror.”

    I was just starting to think Guild Wars 2 couldn’t impress me any further, too. I’m so naive.

  16. Lambchops says:

    Good to hear that the Deus Ex multiple level playthrough sounded good to you. When I read about it on Eurogamer I thought it sounded along the right lines but I was waiting for a RPS thumbs up before letting my excitement levels increase.

    consider them increased. It’s Deus EX!

    Also I’m not an MMO player but both Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World have piqued my interest.

  17. Dominic White says:

    GW2 definitely wins of all the MMOs on show, by a long shot. There’s a TON of gameplay footage out there now (gametrailers has a 10-segment runthrough of the Human demo area, and a look at the Charr demo area, and culminates in a 60-player open field battle against a mid-level greater dragon boss that looks AMAZING), and it all adds up to something rather exciting.

    There’s some footage of LittleBigPlanet 2 that just blew me away. Between that and Deus Ex 3, this has been a very, very cool show.

  18. Barman1942 says:

    As awesome as DE3 and Bioshock Infinite look, I’d have to say game of show for me was Heroes of Stalingrad, and Guild Wars 2. I’ve been a huge Red Orchestra fan for years now, and I’m really pumped to see what they’re doing with HoS.

    • Berm says:

      Yeah, from the videos taken at GamesCon of HoS the game looks like it could be the best FPS the PC will have in years. Damn those videos look pretty sweet.

    • Andrew Dunn says:

      The way RO2 is going, Battlefield 3 can get to fuck.

      It looks stunning, with plenty of polish to soften the realism and brutality. Lots of cases where they’ve learned from other games, too, and Tripwire are guaranteed to support it post-release with lots of new content.

      It’s going to be amazing.

  19. Azhrarn says:

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution certainly sounds and looks promising, can’t wait to read the RPS preview on it. =D

    Re: Captain Blood, if that’s a pistol, then I’m a demented grandma, that looks a lot more like a Hand Cannon (yes those existed). An unwieldy weapon, but pity the opponent you actually hit with it.

  20. In the fresh says:

    What is it with games journalists making slurs about simulation game players? I understand you were trying to be funny, but I think it’s a little tasteless to imply that fans of medieval architecture simulators like SH3 have no friends.

    Also, just for the record, flinging diseased cows has been in the game since SH1 back in 2001. I’m guessing you’ve never played SH before, eh Quintin? :)

    Never mind, you’re not the only one. IGN have been all over themselves trying to make it clear that only nerds play sims. This is nowhere near as bad.

  21. Moni says:

    Is that Kraken-monster both on fire and drowning?

  22. Jac says:

    News of an inventory in Deus Ex is perhaps the most important thing I have heard all week!

    • Jad says:

      It’s kind of funny my reaction to the news of the return of the grid inventory. The “we must keep the PC gaming race pure and avoid consolitis” part of me cheered. The other part of me, the part that in fact rather dislikes inventory tetris, was slightly disappointed to hear that it’s still a “grid”. Still, I’m relieved, as a clunky inventory is definitely better than no inventory.

  23. Dominic White says:

    Here’s a huge GW2 developer walkthrough:

    link to
    link to
    link to
    link to
    link to
    link to
    link to
    link to
    link to

    Shows everything from character creation to the human intro mission, right up to mid-level stuff and ending in a 60-player cooperative megaboss battle. And that’s MID-LEVEL. Apparently the later stuff is *way* bigger.

    For some reason, the little stuff impressed me more. Like when, while defending a fort from a big monstery invasion with his bow, the player gets caught off-guard by a big dog-like monster. Rather than switch weapon, he promptly punts it full in the face, causing it to fly back 20 feet. Combat is *meaty*

    • Sobric says:

      I love you for linking these.

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      Wish I hadn’t watched that. I have sworn an oath never to play an mmo. “I am a busy man” I said. Now all I have left is self discipline. Im completely fucked.

  24. BruceCampbell87 says:

    Elemental:war of magic 24 august.
    The Witcher 2 e Guild Wars2 looks stunning. And only pc.
    Red Orchestra: heroes of stalingrad is FUCKING GREAT for all us who love the first.
    Deus Ex Human Revolution seems like the first GOD Game.

    Pc gaming is dead!

  25. Centy says:

    Yeah that Red Orchestra 2 mod was announced months ago so it’s not really a reveal. I seriously cannot wait for this saw the shaky cam of the presentation and it just looked amazing exactly what I have been excited about since I stopped playing the original due to lack of players.

  26. Lars Westergren says:

    Bloody hell. If anyone denies that we are in a new golden age of games, and PC games especially, they are nuts.

    Strategy, adventure and RPG games wherever I turn! I would have to take a year off work to be able to play them all.

    • In the fresh says:

      Well said, that man! Hear, Hear!

    • Jimbo says:

      Don’t worry, you might be retired by the time they come out.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Was that a crack at development times, or my age? *glares suspiciously*

  27. PaulOHara says:

    I’ve been full-on excited for the new Bioshock and Deus Ex games, but I’m now somewhat interested in Guild Wars 2 and Witcher 2.

  28. Samuel Bass says:

    And once again, I’m glad to be a PC game developer…

  29. Lars Westergren says:

    “Something else that shocked me is the new hacking minigame. It’s dramatically complex- a kind of Uplink strategy battle where you first hide from and then race a server, with extra programs and viruses that can be found or bought and give you a helping hand. ”

    Anyone else play the old Neuromancer game on the Amiga? I remember being overjoyed at finding a higher level Icebreaker program, or combing through company emails and finding a password in cleartext from someone going on a holiday and asking a colleague to handle his stuff while away.

  30. kulak says:

    You forgot to mention Red Orchestra 2 is confirmed to have Vehicle combat back in (as you can spy on the screenshots of the map (in the key of the map).

    And also artillery will now be capable of destroying buildings, walls, ground etc, which also means tanks should be able to have similar environment ruining ability.

    For anyone who was a fanatic of the first, will know nothing more irritating than having your 100 ton tank get stopped by a rickety wooden fence.

    Also theres a new bullet penetration system, which goes a long way to completing ROs ballistic dreams, not to mention making the MG class more realistic/usable.

    • Novotny says:

      awk now i’m all wet

    • Berm says:

      Man, RO2 may become the killer game the PC needed and may make console gamers get a PC just for it.

      We need to spread the love of RO2 to every single freaking gamer out there.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      You’re right, I did forget to mention all that. Or the new way you can now dial bullet drop into your guns with the mousewheel. One click on the wheel equals compensation for 100 metres’ worth of bullet drop.

      There’s a lot to talk about, I guess. Once they reveal vehicles I think I’ll do a full-blown THIS IS WHY RED ORCHESTRA IS IMPORTANT post.

    • Shadrach says:

      @Quintin, please do, looking forward to it! :)

  31. Thants says:

    Damn you Quintin! I’ve been trying to maintain a protective shell of low expectations about Deus Ex 3 and you’re not making it very easy. I’m now dangerously close to being excited about it and that only leads to heartbreak.

  32. Arathain says:

    Now look, you’re all being far too positive. Doom, I say, doom!


    It is hard not to get a bit excited about this little pipeline, eh?

  33. Moth Bones says:

    Don’t want to be interested in new MMOs, I’ve spent enough on them already. But Secret World sounds cool…

    I’ve never played Deus Ex. Is it good then?

  34. Horza says:

    I, too, kinda wish I hadn’t read that. Now I’m much more likely to be disappointed by Deus Ex 3.

  35. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Guild Wars 2 sounds pretty awesome-o. But meh, I have no patience for MMORPGs (or internet speeds required =( … )
    But this Dues Ex 3 Business sounds right down my ally.
    Alas too bad it will be another few years before we see it, and god forbid Diablo3 might be out before it..

    • Dominic White says:

      You should watch the GW2 videos I linked above. It actually looks fast-paced even by singleplayer RPG standards. They seem to have cut out all the dumb, boring stuff, like wandering aimlessly around towns to gather quests. Instead, you just go out there and be heroic. Co-op without partying either, as you can jump in to help anyone, anytime, and the game will scale the encounter to compensate for additional help.

    • Stabby says:

      Because it’s free to play, they got rid of a lot of the time sinks, especially travelling long distances by foot. It’ll be just like GW1, where you open up the map, click on a waypoint, and you’re there.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, a key thing to keep in mind is that they have no financial reason to keep you playing month after month after month. They’re not getting regular subscriptions. They need raw sales, and those will come from a mixture of reviews and word-of-mouth. Thus, they need to make a game that people want to buy, and then recommend to their friends as well.

      Thus, padding and grind go straight out the window.

  36. Blain says:

    I’m a bit concerned about Deus Ex 3 having twenty one tiny tech trees for the augmentations. It sounds a lot like being able to equip eighteen gene tonics in BioShock 2.

    Do I want to have medical machines, medical kits, or standing in water restore my Eve? Or maybe I should install the Eve Saver, to conserve on the front end. If I really wanted to go plasmid heavy, I could install all of the above. But that means making one decision involved spending time sifting through the tonic list, figuring out what tonics would “align with the new strategy” and what tonics I could stand to do without. The individual decisions and the effects they had were so small that they felt like busy work.

    Hopefully Deus Ex 3 will do it better.

  37. MD says:

    Man, I want to trust you on Deus 3x, Quinns, I really do, but I’ve been burned before. If you pull a Kieron on this one, there will be hell to pay.

  38. Grape Flavor says:

    Remember all the agonizing about how Deus Ex 3 would be “terrible”, “dumbed down for consoles”, “disgrace to the franchise”, “kiddie box crap” etc etc. when it was first announced?

    The verdict’s not out yet but those people should be starting to feel a little sheepish right now. Let’s try to give multiplatform games more of a chance, shall we?

  39. tomeoftom says:

    Getting quite excited reading this. Ideas! Finally, some juice in the popular market.


  40. macc says:

    Really getting psyched for Deus Ex now!!

  41. BonusWavePilot says:

    Liking the sound of that GW2 customisation stuff. I remember Arcanum had a punt at some similar things (though not to the same detailed extent) back in the day. Could choose pre-rolled sets of buffs & nerfs based on a particular history for you character, & people would react to what you were wearing and so forth. Unfortunately in practice the whole thing ended up a bit more linear than such a system would dictate. I remember making a ‘ladies man’ character with everything geared towards beauty and charisma, and in his best suit he was so attractive that NPC women would jump straight to ‘infatuated’ on meeting him. Still had no effect on things when the plot required said women to do nasty things though.

    • Dominic White says:

      I doubt your character creation choices will have anywhere near as many results in the game as Arcanum, but it’s still a major step above your average MMO. Or singleplayer RPG, for that matter.

      Each players campaign apparently has some notable plot-branches in it, too. You have to choose one of several factions to throw your lot in with. While general adventuring will take place in the open, shared world, your personal story arc takes place in instances which you can invite other players into, but they can’t just walk in accidentally.

      Essentially, it’s a hybrid of classic singleplayer, small-scale co-op, and large-scale MMO gameplay. The PvP is apparently all drop-in-drop-out style too, so you can just jump into a match in progress at any point. Levels are ignored in PvP as well, so everyone is on equal footing.

      There seems to be no dedicated healing/support classes either, although you can probably spec your character to be more supportive than others, so there’s no holding off on a quest until you find a monk to join you.

      GW2 is pretty much every good idea that RPGs (offline or otherwise) have had in years, all shamelessly stolen, refined and mashed together into a great big gooey lump.

      It looks totally sweet.

  42. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    *chokes on his coffee*

    Waaaa??! The new Deus Ex isn’t an over simplified console port? Sweet jesus it’s a game I actually want to buy!

    I KNEW I was wrong to give up on you, computer games! NOW WHERE’S MY WALLET!!

  43. Soobe says:

    Form the CODEX discussing this story and the idea that DX3 dialog is very fast paced:

    link to

    I say back off bitches, but it’s still a funny rip. Perhaps he’s not acquainted with RPS?


  44. Dominic White says:

    Here’s a higher-quality version of the Gamescom GW2 walkthrough, all in one chunk:

    link to

    Watch it if you like MMOs. Watch it even more if you hate them, because this one actually looks to be fixing 95% of the stuff that is wrong with the genre. It’s not just developer bluster – they’ve got it all worked out and playable right there.

  45. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Eww! Eww! Eeeeeew! (referring to the Guild Wars 2 walkthrough)

    In short it comes down to the uncanny valley. The characters look like lifeles puppets. If that remains the case.. I doubt I could stand playing the game. Seriously, is it just me?

    • Wulf says:

      The only thing I could possibly even begin to think that you might be talking about are the lack of idle animations in some instances, but that’s why this is an alpha demo, not a beta product.

      Also, in all the time I’ve spent around various Internet hubs, including Guild Wars 2 sites, this is only the second time I’ve actually seen someone say that the demo looked uncanny valley, but in their case it was the lack of some idle animations.

      So there you go.

  46. Lolazo says:

    RO2 and GW2 are gonna be the best games ever in their respective genres, can’t wait for 2011!!