Inquisition: Dark Millenium Online Interview

Seems these are the five classes that'll be available to the Imperium. Go! Go! Try and name them all!

I’m interested in Dark Millenium Online, the 40K MMORPG. I really am. I just wish Vigil Games would reveal more about it, so while I was at GamesCom I hatched a truly brilliant plan. Unfortunately my sock full of pennies and painstakingly sharpened Biro were taken off me at the door of their booth, so I settled for a straight interview with Executive Producer Tim Campbell. You can read it right after the jump.

RPS: So, you haven’t released a great deal of information on the game yet. Is this going to be a traditional MMORPG?

Tim Campbell: We look at it like, there’s two layers to an MMO. There’s the upper layer, which is progression, merchants, getting abilities and all that kind of stuff, and we have some twists and turns in there but for the most part it’ll be quite similar to the other MMOs out there.

Where we want to innovate is in the basic, moment-to-moment gameplay. The first thing we realised is that if you try to do traditional MMO combat with guns, it doesn’t work. You have like, a tank with a gun? It doesn’t make sense. And because the IP is really visceral and powerful, we wanted to amp the action up. So, it’s much more action-based. But we don’t want to talk about that just yet.

What I will say is that walking through these halls, you can spot an MMO from forty feet away. There’s something about ’em. They’ve got a million buttons, and you target enemies and attack them, and the whole thing is so easily identifiable. But because of our presentation and interface, if you walked by our game on the show floor, you wouldn’t think it was an MMO. At that level, it doesn’t play like an MMO.

RPS: There’s a lot of vehicular combat in the trailers you’ve released. Can you talk about that?

TC: That’s definitely one of the pillars of our game, in addition to action combat. Vehicles in MMOs are usually pretty poorly implemented. You can’t get out, there’s no real physics. But the vehicles in our game, you can jump in and out, they react to the environment. I mean it’s not like, super-hardcore physics, you can’t really crash the vehicles. I’d call it “part-physics”, if that makes sense. You can still ram other vehicles and stuff, but you can’t tip over.

RPS: How exactly are you using the 40K universe?

TC: It’s our goal to make players feel like they’re actually inside the 40K game world. The races and classes we’ve chosen are all really iconic. I mean, so far we’ve revealed Space Marines, but that trend’s going to continue. We’ll reveal all the high-level bullet points of the IP.

RPS: I feel like the 40K universe distinguishes itself with a degree of… not maturity, but violence and depression. Bleakness. It doesn’t seem to be on the same wavelength as most MMOs, which strive to be accessible to absolutely everybody.

TC: Personally, I feel there’s a difference between accessibility of gameplay and accessibility of content. I’ve played 40K for 25 years. It’s daunting at first to sit down with someone and show them the universe, but there are a lot of accessible, acceptable, identifiable themes in 40K.

A lot of sci-fi can be weird, with no points of reference. But 40K has loads of points of reference. You’ve seen it in pop culture all over the place- it’s fantasy, it’s sci-fi, it’s horror, but it’s not unidentifiable fantasy-sci-fi. The idea of a Space Marine isn’t weird. Fighting demons isn’t weird. You’ve seen it in a bunch of fantasy games. I think Games Workshop’s great at producing a ton of fantasy content that resonates really easily.

RPS: I suppose what I’m talking about is that most MMOs tend to market themselves at a younger audience than you’d expect from 40K.

TC: I think if you look at our last game, Darksiders, you’ll see that we didn’t “gimp” the setting there. It wasn’t ridiculously dark, but we didn’t shy away from those elements and that’s our style as a studio.

RPS: So, ranged combat’s what you’re using to differentiate Dark Millenium Online?

TC: Well, ranged combat, the universe, and a couple of other things we’ll be talking about at a later date before the end of the year. There’s a lot of things that fall out of ranged combat that make the game not play like a traditional MMO.

RPS: How do you feel about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning?

TC: I played it, I enjoyed it. I don’t really like to talk about other people’s projects, but I think that did fall into the category of a more traditional MMO, and we don’t. You go on missions and you gain levels; we have all the trappings that make you feel attached to the game and the community, but what you’re doing- the thing with an MMO is that you never talk about what you did in the game. You might say that you got cool loot, or you killed this boss, but you never say- like, if you’d played Left 4 Dead, you’d be like “We were in the carnival, and a guy shot the car, and it was crazy, and one of the Smokers got one of our guys who got dragged off on his own!”

The physical acts you did. That’s what you’re talking about. And in an MMO, you say- “I pulled a mob and killed it”? Everybody does that in every MMO in every hallway. You just never talk about it.

RPS: So you’re shooting for something more instanced? More scripted?

TC: There’s still an open world. One of the things I can talk about is that we’ve carved out a little system in the universe where we set our game, and some of the planets are contested, some aren’t. Some are just outright battlefields. So there’s a lot of open, explorable space, but there’s also a lot that’s personalised and scripted.

RPS: Okay. And will the shooting be skill based? Do you aim with the mouse?

TC: Ah… I will say it’s more action oriented. One thing we wanted to make clear is that it’s not hardcore shooting. The weird analogy that I always give is that on one end of the melee combat spectrum you have WoW, and on the other end you have Devil May Cry. But there’s stuff in the middle, like Diablo. It’s not WoW, but it’s not Devil May Cry. Translate that to ranged combat and you can maybe start to see what we’re doing here.

RPS: Will we be able to play Inquisitors?

TC: I can’t answer that, but I will say that I love Inquisitors. I dunno.

RPS: Thanks for your time.


  1. mcnostril says:

    Wait, this is by the guys who did Darksiders?


    • Primar says:

      Is that a bad thing? I thought the general opinion was that it was Fairly Good(tm), although I’ve never played it myself.

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      ‘It wasn’t ridiculously dark’ – no, it most certainly wasn’t.

  2. Andy says:

    My excitement for this is really building but Quinns is right. I need more information.
    I can’t help but feel like I’m intentionally being kept in the dark simply because I might not like the way they’re doing the action; the meat of the game.

    It also sounds like there will be an above average amount of instancing in this too. I’m necessarily against that as long as it doesn’t damage the amount and the quality of the content.

    Still more than willing to give it the benefit of the doubt at the moment but come on Vigil! Give us more!

    p.s. @mcnostril
    I rather liked Darksiders actually. It reviewed pretty well too.

  3. CMaster says:

    So, it’s not an FPS, but not a “click and wait” MMO either.
    Perhaps combat is a bit GTA-ish. You can “lock on” to enemies, but pull the trigger and move yourself? Could work I guess – didn’t Tabula Rasa do something similar?

    Also, it’s worth pointing out that vehicles like that aren’t new to MMOs. Neocron had multi-seat, go anywhere in the outside world vehicles with a variety of weapons 9 years ago. And much like these are being traillered, they were glued to the ground too. (Well, the land vehicles. The “hover” and glider craft really did fly –video of flying vehicles in NC)

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Planetside still counts as an MMO, right?

    • CMaster says:

      Indeed Jim. Sorry, was thinking “MMORPG”
      But yes, Planetside did vehicles pretty damn well.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      From what it sounds like it’s going to be just like Tabula Rasa. Saw a video with a reticule for aiming in third person view. And from this interview it sounds like it’s going to be a cross between shooting and regular mmo mechanics. Which means your aiming is determined by your skill. So basically even if you have good aim, it’s still decided by a dice roll. At least that’s how Tabula Rasa worked.

      I’m quickly losing more interest in this game. Planetside proved that regular shooting mechanics can work. Nobody else seems willing to try it though.

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      Planetside would be an ideal template for a 40k mmo. Cant get my head around why that syle of mmo never took off, its just so much more enjoyable the the grindtastic clickathons we are monthly sprayed with.
      Im also still nervous about having space marines as a playable faction.

  4. Fumarole says:

    Tactical Marine, Scout, Librarian, Enginseer and…?

    Hopefully an Inquisitor makes it in.

  5. CloakRaider says:

    It’s funny, because if they just took Planetside and put it in the WH40K universe, I’d still buy it.

  6. Maxheadroom says:

    I’m just glad to have an MMO to look forward to that isnt yet another beardy weirdy wizards and elves fest, although having played Neocron, Anarchy Online & Tabula Rasa I’ve still to find one that really hooked me.

  7. Paxeh says:

    I want the Guard to be a playable faction. Seriously, it’s always about these stupid Space Marines :(

  8. ScubaMonster says:

    So aiming decided by dice rolls? No thanks. That’s giving the player the false impression of the game using skill but it’s not as long as you have the most rudimentary capability of moving a cross hairs on your screen. The only thing differentiating this from WoW combat is that you don’t have an auto lock and auto attack on your target.

    I get the distinct impression it’s going to be exactly like combat in Tabula Rasa. Pretty sure Planetside just used conventional FPS combat without dice rolling, though I could be wrong. Didn’t play that game for very long.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Ok I need to make a correction in the first paragraph. I should have wrote:

      “That’s giving the player the false impression of the game using skill but it’s not. No matter how good your aim is, it ultimately doesn’t matter. It’s basically using dice rolls to determine hit or miss and damage.”

    • DrGonzo says:

      If they just took out the dice rolls and made it a guaranteed amount of damage it would be a lot better in my opinion. I don’t see why they couldn’t do that.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @DrGonzo: I completely agree. I don’t get why we have to have Hit/Miss mechanics. Damage should be modified by armor and the type of weapon you’re using. I don’t want to improve my “Aim” skill with experience points.

    • Czechton says:

      Surely the mechanics in Borderlands are a perfect fit for a shooter MMO which still wants to retain RPG elements. I am surprised no one has tried something like this yet.

    • dethgar says:

      IIRC, in the beginning TR had straight damage shooting, and they altered it later in an attempt to get more subs.

  9. TheFlyingWooly says:

    I concur.

  10. PacifismFailed says:

    they could put Guard in but have it as a pet class, on your own you arnt a match for a Space Marine but with a squad you would be

  11. Quests says:

    I don’t think Wh40k should feature any PvE.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Yeah I agree. I don’t even really understand how you’d do PvE in WH40K. I realize they did it for Age of Reckoning, but 40K just seems more odd to have PvE in it for some reason.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Maybe it would work if it was just exterminating civilians. And I imagine the Tyranids will be AI. A Space Hulk co op instance would be great fun too.

    • Tetragrammaton says:

      Exterminating citizens would probably work pretty well for imperial factions too.

    • Tetragrammaton says:


    • nil says:

      Blasphemers and apostates unworthy of the Emperor’s protection*

  12. Garg says:

    “You have like, a tank with a gun?”

    I had to read that sentence a couple of times before I realised he meant the other kind of tank.

  13. Quests says:

    And so he’s saying Warhammer40k will be just in the visuals, we will not have any WH40k gameplay.

    Someone kill me.

    • Malagate says:

      @Quests, so you want WH40K gameplay in your WH40K MMORPG? Virtual tape measures, buckets of dice, turn based with a random turn limit and a whole army to command for each player? If you don’t mean that, then what the hell does WH40K gameplay mean exactly?

    • rollermint says:

      I’ve to say also that the idea of RVR with only TWO factions is bound for FAILURE.

      RVR cannot work with only 2 factions, you need at least 3. The problem with two factions is that, in most cases, one side will sooner or later simply wtfpwn the other side, be it through organisation or (most usually) population imbalances. When that happen on a server, mark my words that that server is literally DEAD in the next few months.

      The problem with MMO RVR players is that they WILL jump ship when they feel that their side is being steamrolled by the other faction. Don’t dream of them picking themselves up and try to fight back. Some do, MOST DON’T. They will pack up their bags and either switch sides, switch another server where their side is the one owning the other side or worst case scenario, emorage-quit the whole game.

      Please take the lessons of Warhammer Online to heart. Its one of the major factors why they game literally sank. RVR needs 3 factions because when one side become overpopulated (believe me it will), the other 2 factions will actually have options to deal with it(usually they stop fighting and focus their efforts on the strongest faction). Take lessons on how DAOC and Planetside did it. 3 factions and both games lasted a whole lot longer than Warhammer Online ever did.

      2 factions work for WOW because that game is first and foremost a PVE game with PVP as a sideline that has no consequences other than loss of pride.

      But WAR40k has the perfect setting for a RVR game.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      If tl;dr on Rollermint, what he said was it won’t make the same mistakes PvP wise that Warhammer Fantasy did, because it has three factions instead of two.

  14. ScubaMonster says:

    A big problem I have with this game is that on the website I believe it refers to forces of Order and Destruction. Which apparently means it will work just like WAR with the “bad guys” on one side and the “good guys” on the other. I think that’s ridiculous because if there is one game franchise where races shouldn’t be working together it would have to be Warhammer. I’m getting a bit tired of the whole Alliance vs. Horde paradigm. I realize WoW probably wasn’t the first to do that, but it seems like everybody has to do it, whether it makes sense or not. Sure it might be hard to balance a game with a bunch of individual races/factions working against the other, but I’d like someone to take a risk for once, and not opt for the easy way out.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      To add to what I stated above in regards to factions, I was really disappointed when Blizzard decided to homogenize the factions with the Shamans and Paladins being on both factions. That wasn’t very much to distinguish the two factions, it was just basically one class per side, but still. I liked the fact that there was at least something different between the factions. But all the whiners and cry babies ruined it because of the other class being “overpowered”. And yet they still whine about every single class in the game being unfair and imbalanced anyway.

      That’s probably the single biggest problem devs have with game design for MMO’s. They cater to all the whiners on the forums and try to fix everything whether it needs fixing or not. Disappointing.

    • Quests says:

      that is so true, MMO developers fail to realize that a mechanic used in one game does not work in another.

      In this case factions, but the same goes for PVP, quests and the rest.

    • danarchist says:

      If they are going to be using the 40k world then grouping of even two races is implausible. Seriously, there going to group the Orcs and Necron’s on the “chaos” side even though the entire orc race was created and designed to destroy the Necrons. If a Space Marine were to even suggest working with a Xeno race he would be shot in the head immediately by the closest battle brother as a tainted heretic.

      The 40k world is all about species disparity and conflict. Tyrannid aren’t necessarily evil, they are just biologically driven to kill and eat till theres nothing left to kill and eat. Ant’s do the same thing, doesn’t make them evil.

      Not to mention that it has been proven time and time and time again that any “two faction” type game has crappy pvp, one side will ALWAYS outnumber the other by an absurd margin making the game either annoying or boring. 3 factions at least two smaller can gang up on one larger.

    • Kazang says:

      Agree totally. 3 races or factions should be the minimum in warhammer game.

      Planetside showed this leads to great conflicts and the 3 race paradigm has been the staple of RTS games (such as starcraft) that show that 3 opposing factions is the best way to achieve balance and good gameplay.
      It’s like a 3 legged stool analogy, it just works better.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @danarchist: I totally agree. Apparently all the MMO devs forgot Dark Age of Camelot ever existed. DAoC might not have been perfect but it did a lot of things right, one of which being the 3 different factions. A game like this needs at least 3 factions if not more.

    • danarchist says:

      I was so frustrated with warhammer online came out with just two factions considering it was made by the same team that gave me my beloved camelot. And then my guild stomped altdorf within a month of release because the “Order” side was so small they couldnt field enough guys to so much as present a speed bump. And two weeks later the population disparity between the two factions became so skewed (Lots of order players left to play on a server where order was more numerous) that you couldnt find a decent fight if you looked all night. People dont want to play on the losing team, they will move to the winning team. Eventually you only have one team.
      A two sided pvp or rvr system has failed dramatically in every game that has had it so far, yet idiot marketing guys would rather push a game out the door a couple months sooner to start getting that delicious revenue than to let the dev guys actually finish the damn thing in a working fashion.

    • Jamesworkshop says:

      I can’t agree that actually perfectly in line with what games workshops do with their summer events

      order and destruction was what they used for the black crusade

    • Mohawkx says:


      “Seriously, there going to group the Orcs and Necron’s on the “chaos” side even though the entire orc race was created and designed to destroy the Necrons.”

      You’re assuming Necrons are even going to be playable but with their robotic devoid-of-emotion nature, I think you’re more likely going to see them as a major NPC faction, much like Tyranids.

      They are going to group what makes sense and, as has been said in a previous interview, GW have given it the green light, its their lore, their universe, not yours. At the end of the day they decide what happens and if it makes some extreme fanboys angry because it doesn’t conform to what their view of the IP is then I don’t think they really care.

      “If a Space Marine were to even suggest working with a Xeno race he would be shot in the head immediately by the closest battle brother as a tainted heretic.”

      Maybe you need to check the lore more, many times Space Marines and the Imperium have worked with various alien species, most often with the Eldar against Chaos.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I was gonna bring that up, Mohawk.
      The Dark Library is only accessible to Eldar Harlequins, though as their main goal is to fight the forces of Chaos, they will allow certain Marines (mostly Inquisitors and Grey Knights) to peruse the contents of specific tomes, though only under careful, watchful guard.

      Space Marines aren’t uncompromising Paladins. They’ll let a planet burn if it means they can group up more if fighting now wouldn’t accomplish anything. That’s not to say they won’t fight despite impossible odds, just that they’re a little bit more strategic and a little less empathetic than a given holy warrior. Battle Brothers may mock Scouts for their Sniper tactics, but they can still appreciate the results.

  15. SlayerCake says:

    Planetside had diceroll based shooting, just FYI.

    • Quests says:

      bah, even so, combat doesn’t affect what you do, just how, so it’s never going to be like PS.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Thanks for clarifying that, I couldn’t remember if it did or not. Fallen Earth is another FPS mmo that uses dice rolls.

    • Marcin says:

      No, no it didn’t. If you equipped a sniper rifle and shot someone in the head, they would get hit and they’d take the same amount of damage every time. There wasn’t any aim skill you put points in to improve this.

      What it *did* have is Cone of Fire aiming, which is a really simple algorithm to introduce bullet spread. The cone would get bigger if you were standing and in motion, and smaller when you knelt or stopped. But this was 100% consistent every time – no dice in PS.

      If this is like Tabula Rasa in that there ARE dice rolls and every bullet you fire has a % chance of hitting for SOME random amount of damage, and you’re always locked on … my interest just dropped to 0. :/

    • Sobric says:

      @ SlayerCake

      It’s amazing how many people mention this, and yet are so wrong.

      The complaint is that PS combat “felt “dice-rolly”; whatever this means is a matter of debate.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @Marcin: Okay that makes sense. I didn’t recall PS having any sort of dice rolling mechanics but I didn’t play it all that much and it was years ago.

  16. mandrill says:

    So will marines be playable or not? There are conflicting messages coming from these guys.

    • Beroc says:

      I am sure marines are playable, more then likely chaos, orcs and eldar as well, sadly that will probably be it. I would love to play tyranids or necron. Going through the back story being “immersed” in such a malevolent plot. I can see though that every character would want to be the big orc boss, or marines commander unit. I think that would be the flaw in this system.

      Now, if everyone could fight on the same field, just as your section and not 100 generals out there duking it out. That would be cool too. Imagine as soon as you enter the game, you can pvp/rvr with people who have been there 6 months building. Your not a match, but your not a commander either. That said, I feel that the whole tabletop 10 guys can take out a commander should also be in effect. No matter how much “gear” you have, a gang of lowbies should have a chance. (Especially a gang of lowbies in a demolisher.)

      There could be so much positive that comes about from this game. Changing the whole MMO persona. Or… more then likely, they could just regurgitate the same MMO that Star Wars is making.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Maybe rather than having only upgrades and gear go to your one guy, when you enter a battlefield, you bring X points of NPCs, tanks, artillery, etc that you can choose what they are and what they’re generally going to do. That’d be neat.

  17. Veldjes! says:

    Somebody give me 1 000 000 000$ i will create the best WH40K game ever.XD

  18. golden_worm says:

    “Fighting demons isn’t weird.” – straight from the developers mouth.

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Fighting them is fine, isn’t it? I mean, what else can you do with demons, that isn’t weird?

    • nil says:

      Slaanesh would like to have a word with you…

  19. kit89 says:

    It feels like it could be Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader & Death Watch all rolled into one.

    I wonder if we’ll be able to get our own starships… I would sooo like to have a Sword class Frigate. :)

    • BigJonno says:

      If only. I just want an Inquisitor RPG. That’d be the best 40k game ever, hands down. It’s such a perfect set-up for a CRPG; Inquisitors inherently have the “roaming badass who can handle his missions however he sees fit” aspect that Bioware use with Spectres/Grey Wardens.

  20. Davie says:

    So, it’s not WoW, it’s not Warhammer Online, it’s not Devil May Cry…pretty soon, we’ll know enough games it isn’t like that we’ll get a pretty good idea of what DMO is like overall.

    Well, so far it sounds good. I do hope for some decent melee combat as well–at least something like what they have in Dungeons and Dragons Online. One of my pet peeves concerning MMOs is that bloody stupid melee combat where you just stand there and auto-attack. MUST HAVE MORE INFORMATION.

  21. Polysynchronicity says:

    Is that man wearing a ballgown?

  22. pagad says:

    Given that Space Marine is coming out soon, and that’s going to be a far more visceral 40K experience and certainly not a fucking MMO, I find myself caring very little about this.

  23. Sirbolt says:

    That image kicks all kinds of heretical, chaotic and alien ass.

    • Quests says:

      I agree but christ, a real virtual warhammer 40.000 world, an absolutely coherent and faithful translation of the tabletop to make a total live SIMULATION…

      i would die for it.

    • Quests says:

      …meant to reply to pagad

  24. Duoae says:

    Huh…. Still interested in the game but if those screenshots are in-game then i’m slightly worried. The Space Marines look all girly!

    Seriously! The animation of having a Space Marine running with his legs together, his shin-guards clipping each other as he trips and falls…

    Then there’s the ridiculously small head sizes and abnormally large shoulder guards (for a space marine, at least)….

    Then there’s the vesp-waist on the last image. Space Marines have really thick armour – i understand that….. but the armour continues on over the waist and the looping materials between the plasteel (or whatever it is – i forget) sheeting.

    Just… ugh! I’m not even a massive GW fan but the aesthetics of the Space Marines are completely off for me.

  25. Fullbleed says:

    Perhaps inquisitors will take the place of librarians with their psychic powers, I’d love to be able to choose a career path for the inquisitor and go either radical or puritan. Daemon hosts would be awesome, even if it would turn the Black Templars against you.

  26. pupsikaso says:

    Man! Here I was all excited about this game, and this guy went and dashed all my hopes.

    I hate it when producers talk about their games in the most vaguest of forms possible in order to try to appeal to just about everybody. Because then you know that the game is just going to be shite and all that empty talk about being different and awesome is just PR hype lure.

  27. GitForceGemini says:

    “on one end of the melee combat spectrum you have WoW, and on the other end you have Devil May Cry”

    Trouble is Diablo is lot closer to WoW than DMC. Like the moon is a lot closer to earth than the sun.

  28. SAM-site says:

    This is filling me with the fear.

    This game should be Planetside in orientation, not WoW. If they have any NPCs standing around with punctuation over their heads it is a travesty.

    Does nobody who designs MMOs have any original ideas any more?

    • bob_d says:

      Well, speaking as an MMO designer, I know there are lots of original ideas out there, but developers/publishers are so risk adverse they won’t actually make those games. “Untested” game ideas (that is, game designs that haven’t yet been used in any hit games) have a hard time getting development money. “Proven” game ideas (the ones used by every other game out there) get the money. Also, developing new gameplay takes more time/money than using mechanics that have already been worked out. Since you need lots and lots of money just to make an MMO, you’ll understand why they’re all the same.

  29. rollermint says:

    Let us play as the Imperial Guard. Please.
    And please dont make them the generic Cadian-style.

    (ut could be a pat class which can summon a squad of IG infantry. When you dismiss them, instead of them disappearing like poof!, your commissar character shoots them in the head for cowardice…hows that? COME ON!!!!!!!!!)

  30. Beroc says:

    Honestly, Star Wars is doing the “traditional” MMO using “tanks” with guns. I have looked it over pretty intensely, and it is literally WoW in the Star Wars universe. Yes, I know you have to compete with the giant, but come on, you just lost any identifiably with the IP.

  31. Lediard says:

    More information? I’d have better luck spotting a unicorn in the Wal-mart parking lot this Wednesday. At this point all I’m hoping for are new screenshots.

  32. Darkstaffa says:

    How is copying planetside an original idea?

  33. Hopeful but Worried says:

    I’m hopeful, but the more they (don’t) tell me the more I am worried. I’m really hoping for something that plays more like Borderlands or Gears of War with an RPG element, but it’s starting to look like a damn WoW clone. Nothing against Wow, I play it still, but that style of gameplay would not sit well at all with the WH40K universe.

    I keep hearing about planetside, and how its mechanics worked. Something like that would be great for this game I think.

    I would like to point out Age of Conan’s ranged system. From what I understand, it uses a cone to target and immediately targets the closest enemy in the cone. Something like that might not be a bad idea, since not everyone can aim on their own well enough. Making it a straight up shooter would penalize anyone who had an unsteady hand.

    Well here’s hoping Vigil makes at least a fun game. It being WH40K, I am instantly intrigued, but I’m not getting my hopes up just yet…

  34. Asdrubael Vect says:

    Awesome! so glad there making a 40k MMO at last… However as everyone’s pointed out gonna be a few issues they need to address, but I for one cant see the problem with making it a straight up shooter. I mean I understand that not everyone will be familiar with aiming to begin with but come on we’re not retards how hard is aiming? really? and I’m sure they’ll include damage modifiers based on your gear and stuff e.g. aim assist for better guns?

    And ill be interested to see how they implement all the different races…


  35. spencil says:

    when is it comin out

  36. steve says:

    “RPS: Will we be able to play Inquisitors?”

    YES PLEZE! though I don’t see any room for them….

  37. Svladimir says:

    Old topic here but I just found it the other day and signed up just so I could post here :p

    This game deffinately needs a bit of shooter in it as opposed to: Target enemy, press button on action bar till it dies, rinse repeat, which I know they said will be done, I just hope it turns out alright.

    I would like to see them throw character levels out the window completely but I know they wont so I suggest a ranking system which increases your base stats next to a system that allows access to different wargear based on your experience in battle, possibly gaining ranged weapon experience to get better guns and melee for better choppy things.

    There need to be large scale open war zones mixing pvp and pve (npc’s and npc controlled vehicles along side players) that all players can get into and as someone said earlier allow players with less wargear/lower ranking the ability to take down higher level/geared players with enough people.

    In 40k loot does not drop, if a space marine were to pick up an alien weapon he would be locked up, tortured and eventually killed and his geneseed destroyed. Instead allow players to upgrade their equipment, possibly through a “crafting” system.

    I would love to be able to play as Tyranids, instead of leveling and wargear access they mutate as the player gains experience, unlocking different mutations and allowing the player to mix and match as they please.

    Lastly using a system similar to Global Agendas gear points limiting the amount gear a player can equip at a time, no power fist/plasma cannon combos, and no running into battle with 4 different ranged weapons :p

    Anywho, just some of my ideas, been thinking about this game for a while and I just hope they do right by the IP.

  38. Porcker says:

    Probably late to the party but…In 40K I think we should have at least Imperium, Chaos, and um idk Orks or something doesn’t really matter but have at least three, out of the box.(more would be even better).
    Then they could add a new faction with each expansion/major patches depending on however that works out. Warhammer provides plenty of races and each race is perfectly capable of being its own faction.You’re all right what works for one game might not work for another, in the Warcraft universe 2 factions can make sense, in Warhammer…not so much. At least learn from the mistakes of Age of Reckoning if it didn’t work for them it won’t work for 40K.
    EDIT: Just read the guy above me and thought “Well hey, why don’t I take that gun from the Chaos Marine, and take all the horns spikes and bits before someone sees it.” : D