Push It Real Good-er: One Button Arthur

I'm happy to see the growth of the autobiographic indie games.

You remember One Button Bob? Lambchops brings One Button Arthur – a sequel – to my attention, which is a little snazzier but works an identical “one button to solve whatever problem you’re facing” axis. You can play it here. Lambchops did it in what he describes as a “pathetic” 646. I did it in an even more pathetic 668. How pathetic can you be? MORE PATHETIC as evidenced by the following Rage Quit video I’ve just found…

That’s the spirit.


  1. DrGonzo says:

    Well I’m sad to say it took me 843 clicks.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      I did it in 411, and still think it could improve to about 300.

  2. LewieP says:

    Marvel at my slightly less pathetic score of 544!

    Fun, I think I prefer Bob, but I’d probably prefer this one if I’d played it first instead. It’s just more of the same with a few new ideas really.

  3. TCM says:



  4. Berzee says:

    I will play this!

    There’s also a game called “Nano Ninja” that basically amounts to “One Button Ninja” —

    link to flixelgames.net

  5. Helm says:

    500~ on first try, 389 on second try, got the same ending on both. Cool little game.

  6. Tom O'Bedlam says:

    563 :D

  7. artrex says:

    482! That was fun.

  8. Cooper says:

    501 on first try.

  9. Skinlo says:

    I raged. Got bored.

  10. groovychainsaw says:

    530. Most enjoyable :-)

  11. Isle says:

    409 on my first go! Which is apparently in the top 25%. Neat.

  12. Volpicks says:

    462. And I thought I was doing bad at first. I think it was better than Bob though, less dependent on twitch and more on actual problem solving.

  13. Rane2k says:

    578 on first try.

    Didn´t bother to try again, because I got angry at Armor Games when registering an account.

    Apparently I´m not 13 years or older, must have time-travelled back to the nineties without noticing.

  14. Auspex says:

    636 on my first try and 384 on my second go.

    Boss was a lot easier than Bob’s boss and you didn’t have to click very fast for the fast clicking ones.

  15. CMaster says:

    And I actually beat this one, whereas Bob’s boss drove me mad with the amount of times I was one blow away from winning, but never did.
    Annoyed me a little that the sword-fighty sections were pretty much trial and error once the zombies joined in.

  16. Alex Bakke says:



  17. Ginhyun says:

    450 on my first try, likely because I played it right after playing Bob.

    The jumping was less irritating in this game and the boss was much easier, but the sword parts ended up being a bit annoying.

  18. sfury says:


    I almost WIN !!!

  19. Hidden_7 says:

    I was terribly worried that my score would be dreadfully embarrassing, that’s what happened with Bob, but 481 is fairly respectable, all things considered.

  20. Czechton says:

    619 first try.
    382 second try.

  21. CreepingDeath says:

    Bah, I just get a black screen after the armor games logo disappears… :/

  22. Berzee says:

    502, and there’s your cape straight.

  23. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Christ, I’m rubbish. 610.

  24. geldonyetich says:

    386 on my first try.

  25. DrazharLn says:

    904. Woops.

  26. Pani says:

    535, damn those jumping levels

  27. Berzee says:

    I like the switching-doors-in-the-correct-pattern-QUICK-NOOOOO-SPIKES puzzles. :)

    The ghost puzzles I liked the least because I never had time to react and just had to get through by repeated tries.