“A Lot Of Interest” in Demigod Sequel

The precision-piranha of the games press, VG247, strike again. Analysing a small fragment in a video interview with gamers.fr where he alludes to the possibility of a Demigod 2. “We’ve got a lot of interest in a sequel to Demigod” he says, before moving on hope of recouping the money they invested in the first one. And sending children to college. Go to VG247 for all the rest of the quotes, including some eye-rolls at pirates. The video’s below, with the Demigod related stuff 2:40 or so in…

Gamescom : Interview de Chris Taylor par Gamers.fr
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  1. Choca says:

    Meh. DoTA games everywhere, boring everyone. Hey, here’s a fresh idea let’s put zombies and guitars in them.


    • Monkeybreadman says:

      Right on brother

    • PHeMoX says:

      True, but Demigod is still one of the few that actually really takes inspiration from the tower defense games, instead of making yet another boring tower defense game.

      Unfortunately the balance wasn’t exactly perfect.

    • Sam says:

      Dota isn’t a tower defence game.

  2. Fishdinner says:

    Well yeah, especially if it’s actually *finished* this time ’round.

  3. dantokk says:

    I enjoyed Demigod but memories of the voice acting keeps it off my playlist.

    • Coal says:

      You could turn off the voices… that’s what I do…

  4. Tim Hallows says:

    Valve has a DOTA game of their own that is supposedly going to be announce in the near future.

  5. Galbrezu says:

    Demigod was fantastic, I just wish the fucking multiplayer worked, and it had more then 8 heroes for a 5v5 game.

    • DrGonzo says:

      To be fair they did add two more. And unlike Dota or League of Legends, you can upgrade different skills on characters, which does add variety. But yeah your right.

    • Raum says:

      I was sort of eternally waiting for that content to show up.

      If people were thinking like I did, they would probably have fared better if they had some content to release ready at the outset. From what I’ve gathered from other folks, the real problem with the game was a lack of content.

      I still sort of want to buy it, though. But if it’s not being supported any more, then I’m still quite a bit on the fence. Catch 22.

  6. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    Only if the logo will say “DEMIIGOD”.

  7. Hoernchen says:

    It was advertised as a game, but was only a tiny sandbox that got boring very fast.

  8. pakoito says:

    Worst 40$ ever spent in my life. I’m recovering them in Elemental fo frii.

    • Tuco says:

      Same here.
      And I’m not sure I’m going to be happy with Elemental, too.

      So far is a big disappointment.

    • BruceCampbell87 says:

      I hate pirates

    • LintMan says:

      I preordered Elemental and played the betas, which unfortunately lacked fun and drained away most of my desire to play the finished game. I’m giving it a bit of a rest before I go back to it and I’m really hoping they’ve managed to polish the game a whole lot since the beta ended.

    • lafinass says:


      OMG! A beta that is actually buggy and unpolished instead of being a misnamed demo? What is the world coming to?

    • pakoito says:

      There’s difference between a beta and a non playable game. I played beta for HoN and several others and Demigod wasn’t ready for retail do to bugs and lack of content.

    • LintMan says:


      I never said anything about bugs – I expect bugs in a beta, and overall, I didn’t find Elemental to be all that buggy.

      My main complaint was about fun, or the lack thereof. The pieces are there for a good game, but to me it didn’t feel like it all quite gelled together.

      My hope for improved polish in the release is largely staked on the facts that 1) hope for a dramatic injection of compelling fun into the game in the few weeks between the end of the beta and now seems sadly too much to ask, and 2) a lot of the small “polish” issues beta players were complaining about since the first beta were never addressed *during* the beta. It was announced those things would be addressed after the beta ended, hence my hope for improved polish.

    • pakoito says:

      It doesn’t work on my wooden pc so…….I’ll stick to HOMM.

    • Flappybat says:

      Too true. Demigod was a budget game pretending to be a full one and the lack of extra support it got was a joke. I got ripped off paying full retail for it.

  9. Choca says:

    Demigod was the first game I ever bought on Impulse.

    The second one was Elemental : War of Magic which I bought an hour ago. The funny thing is that I bought it at the exact same time that I bought Victoria II on Steam.

    Right now I could just double-click on my Victoria II icon and jump right in the game while I’m still trying to figure out where the hell is my serial number for Elemental : War of Magic because the mail they sent me certainly didn’t contain it. And why the hell does it require me to enter any serial number really since I bought it from my Impulse client while logged into my account. Way to be intuitive.

    And that Stardock guy cried because Impulse wasn’t in the NPD top 5 online marketplaces the other day… What a surprise.

    They’re just hurting their sales by releasing their games exclusively on this piece of crap.

    • Alex Hopkinson says:

      I bought Elemental through the Impulse software 2 weeks ago. Yesterday it was in my games list and ready to install and then play (until bloody 1am). Have you tried restarting Impulse? Are you sure the game is officially out? I know the release for everyone who hadn’t ordered in advance was supposed to be today but maybe it’s still an hour or two out. Or longer…

    • LintMan says:

      Normally games that you buy on Impulse do show up on the games list without needing to enter a serial number. There’s a way from Impulse to request it to send you all your serials, though. If you can’t figure it out, I’m sure the forum has it in an FAQ somewhere.

      Overall, Impulse is definitely a clunkier system all-around than Steam, for sure. But on the plus side, you don’t have to log in online every time you want to play your games. Worth the occasional bit of extra hassle, for me.

    • Jeremy says:

      Steam and Impulse work the same way for me, click on “Games” then double click the game I want to play.

    • Choca says:

      Actually, the problem I’m having is hilarious.

      I was logged in Impulse (and could see the e-mail adress linked with my account on top of the page), then I logged out to try to fix my problem with the old “have you tried turning it off then on again ?” solution and when I logged back on, Impulse tells me that there are no accounts associated with my e-mail adress (you know the one I was logged on with about five seconds ago).

      What a great piece of software.

      I understant that they’re trying to push the numbers of their online store by making their games exclusive on it, but in the end I’m pretty sure that the overall sales of their games would be far better if they also released on Steam, Direct2Drive, Gamersgate and so on.

    • Choca says:

      HAHAHAHA ! Ok, Stardock and Impulse just made my day !

      I just figured out what was wrong with my Elemental : War of Magic purchase and it’s one epic story of internet security failure :D

      When I actually checked out to buy the game, Impulse logged me off my acount which meant that I wasn’t logged into anything.

      But when I entered my PayPal info, Impulse logged me into a bogus account which used my PayPal e-mail adress, which is hilarious because this adress was never ever linked to any Impulse account.

      So to get back my copy of Elemental, I actually had to create a new Impulse account with that e-mail adress, which means that ANYONE could have created an account with my e-mail adress and a random password (since there are NO password or account creation confirmation sent by e-mail with this GREAT software) to end up with my copy of Elemental : War of Magic without having to pay a dime.


      Seriously, and those guys are whinning that people don’t take their online platform seriously ? Gabe Newell’s Outlook account is more secure than this.

      What a fun night.

      Well, off to play Victoria II anyway :D

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      Yeah, I had a lot of issues in the early days of Impulse because I used a different email account for Paypal and for Impulse. You can change the address associated with a game’s serial key, though.

  10. Frodo says:

    I don’t think Elemental is officially available yet. Give it a few hours.

    And Impulse works fine for me and everyone I know that uses it. It is certainly more stable than Steam, which is sluggish and freezes more often than it should, and requires you to be online to start up your games. Ugh. (And yes, I know about the ‘offline mode’, but half the time it doesn’t even work. It just hangs forever while it “starts up”.)

  11. unholy waffle says:

    That seems really odd, there was a lot of interest prior to and during the beta, but there was a raft of people who left the community (a bit of a mass exodus) a few months after the release. This was not a small issue, Stardock had promised a full refund to those who had bought the game and were dissatisfied with it. And a lot of those people did return their copies.

    Also, there were a lot of critical attacks on the game by members of the DOTA community that there were balance and control issues that caused a large part of that exodus. I’m surprised he’d consider rebuilding that franchise considering how poorly it did. Though perhaps it didnt’ do as badly as I think people were led to believe.

    • lafinass says:

      The limited number of playable characters gets stale very quickly and for some game modes some heroes were just stupidly over powered. But honestly, what made me uninstall was the community. I came from DotA, so I’m used to a certain level of elitist asshattery- it’s a rare game of DotA that doesn’t have at least one person who KNOWS how to play your hero better than you. That said, the Demigod community makes the DotA community look like peace loving carebear hippies. Every game was full of pompous little brats who rip into you from the very start if you haven’t spent all day on the forums going through the numbers to find out the best build, best items, and best strategies for your chosen demigod.

      It’s the least fun I’ve ever had playing a multiplayer game.

    • unholy waffle says:

      That sense of pouring over statistics seems to permeate all of the DOTA style games that have been released in the last couple of years. I don’t think that’s really any different, but the behavior is atrocious no matter which of them you play.

      Do you use the same screenname at eGO? I seem to remember that screenname.

    • lafinass says:

      @unholy waffle

      I’ve used this screen name since the mid 90s and have yet to have a “That name is already taken” error. And yes, I was a member of the TF2 Division’s Leadership for eGO back when we were allowed to govern ourselves and promoted/recruited based on merit. When all that went to hell I had a very loud falling out with ‘management’.

      DotA was pretty bad, HoN was worse, and Demigod fell in between the two. League of Legends has treated me pretty well, still has their share of asshats- but in my experience they’re fewer, farther between, and spaced out by some seriously amusing people. Demigod was fine during beta when everyone was feeling out the game and talking about connection issues or bugs, but when that got mostly ironed out it’s like suddenly everyone is the big alpha male geek that has to ‘school the noobs’.

    • Ginger Yellow says:

      The problem with the DotA genere from a community/multiplayer experience point of view is that a team is only as good as the weakest player, and it’s very hard to recover from an early setback. So experienced players tend to be unforgiving of others’ mistakes or poor decisions. I’m not sure it’s a solveable problem, given the nature of the game.

    • Chris D says:

      If I was designing a game in this genre I’d make levelling up give you more options but not necessarily more powerful, and the same with equipment.

      Then I’d make experience dependant on completing goals, such as capturing flags and destroying towers rather than killing things.

      Basically stuff to take the pressure off new players and keep both teams in the game until the end.

  12. DrGonzo says:

    Fuck their piracy excuse. I won’t buy Demigod 2. I don’t care what the problem is, I bought their product and it should work.

    Plus, the problem with pirates in the first game was that they let them use the auto-updater and other tools along with the genuine buyers. That’s not my fault, or even pirates. That’s a dumb developer.

    Demigod had potential to be excellent, as it is it’s ok. Valve’s Dota project is far more interesting to me now.

  13. Okami says:

    What lafinass said, I had the worst multiplayer experiences ever while playing this game. The pure amount of hate, insults and slurs you get for making even the tiniest mistake really turned me off the game..

    • Frodo says:

      I encountered a similar number of asshats when I tried playing LoL. There’s something about the DoTA genre that brings out the worst in people.

    • unholy waffle says:

      It’s sirlin, and the blind devotion to his philosophy/ethos that brings it out of people. His book appeals to overcompetitve youth, and reinforces it with strong rationales.

  14. Severian says:

    I’d like to sound at least one note of support for a Demigod sequel in this comment list. To be honest, I became fairly addicted to DG – played over 500 games, helped write strategy articles in the forums, etc., etc. Personally, I liked the “slow pace” which some criticized and the interesting decisions-spaces that were created. Yes, it had a ton of problems and I won’t waste time and space here listing them. But I’d jump all over a sequel that addressed the following primary concerns:

    1. A greater variety of maps.
    2. Easier mod-ability.
    3. Better item balancing (or perhaps just faster responsiveness to community feedback)
    4. Better multiplayer stability.
    5. Better match-making service for online games.

    I don’t really care if it shipped without a single-player campaign, so long as the multiplayer was rock solid. All of the issues I note theoretically could have been addressed by patches in DG1, so I’d be happy with DG1.5.

  15. Wr3nch says:

    I am aware that everyone’s experience varies to some extent, but I have never had problems with Impulse. The storefront end does have some searching and sorting quirks, but the software client is very solid. As someone else has already mentioned Impulse is far more stable for me than Steam has even been (FYI I love Steam and about 80% of my games reside in that platform).

    Sure, Impulse doesn’t have the massive game catalog that Steam does nor is it as competitive with its sales, but I grow tired of the “I just wish they offered it on Steam and used Steamworks” argument which I am not claiming anyone here is making. That actually used to be my own thought process, but now I value the diversity of having my games library purchased from different vendors with different clients. The Modern Warfare 2 bans (though rectified) are an example of a scary future if Steam had more of a monopoly on digital distribution.

    I actually think that Impulse has matured nicely over the years and their Reactor service (similar to the Steam in-game overlay) is debuting today with Elemental. Impulse is shaping up to be a worthwhile competitor to Steam on some fronts.

    • Wr3nch says:

      Reply fail…this was directed at earlier comments criticizing Impulse. Sorry.

  16. Walsh says:

    The sequel no one asked for. God this game sucked, I don’t understand what’s so fun about DOTA games. And the unit animations/visual effects were terrible.

    It’s an RTS where you control one unit and spam build orders for others, B-O-R-I-N-G.

  17. trjp says:

    Not really wanting to bring up the piracy debate AGAIN but you’d think developers would realise it exists and stop WHINING about it.

    120,000 people playing online – 18,000 sales : sounds terrible BUT 18,000 sales is 18,000 sales and it’s not exactly hard to make playing online difficult for pirates (no-one really objects to the serial-code-required-for-access system do they??)

    Demigod’s real problems were focussed more on the state of the game at launch and the disaster which was the online aspect – and it seems from early feedback that they’re repeating the same issue with Elemental which is being released ‘some way from polished or finished’.

    • SwiftRanger says:

      ” it’s not exactly hard to make playing online difficult for pirates ”

      I guess you didn’t play many RTSs over the past few years, practically each one had to disable LAN play in order to not let pirates be able to play online as well. Hamachi and all that. So no, it ain’t easy at all except if you want to compromise your feature set which even Blizzard has done with SCII.

    • Aerozol says:

      When someone’s personal livelihood is at stake, I think they’re allowed a certain amount of ‘whining’.

      But then again, they have to realise that 100k illegal copies doesn’t mean 100k missed sales.
      I had a play on a pirated copy, didn’t like it, didn’t buy it. BUT I wasn’t going to buy it in the first place, and if I loved it, there’s a chance that I may have bought it.

  18. PHeMoX says:

    Oh noes. They’re going to try what many have already tried and failed at. Make a RTS on consoles.

    Then again I loved Demigod and how it’s tower defense-like gameplay worked. But it always felt like a broken and unfinished game.

    With that in mind, they better actually finish that sequel.

  19. Burningpet says:

    The Multiplayer area is stardocks main fault. they were the ones responsible for developibg the fiasco that was the netcode for this game, and they were the ones who basically made sure this mainly online game will not be playable online and therefor killing it in its infancy.

    if it was a single player game with a multiplayer mode, i could forgive stardock excuses for it being their first time developing netcode for more than 5000 players. but this is a multiplayer game! they practically killed it, and it sounds so amateurusih to mishandle this most important aspect.

    i lost alot of faith in stardock because of demigod, and i thats the reason i havent purchased elemental yet. not until i can see its worth it.

  20. TotalBiscuit says:

    Demigod is the worst out of all the DoTA-clones available. I can’t imagine who actually wants a sequel.

    • SwiftRanger says:

      I thought it was the best, at the very least with the friendliest community.

    • Thants says:

      I haven’t played much of Demigod, but I don’t understand how it gets away with having so few heros. It’s like an FPS that only has 2 guns.

  21. rhooke says:

    Elemental is a tragic disappointment. It’s all the worse because there’s plenty of good ideas in there, but they’re poorly balanced, poorly animated, the writing is atrocious (teaming up with random house what?), the UI is a disaster and… well, I’ll just stop now, as this is off topic.

    My only hope is that the devs/the community keep working on this game. Maybe it’ll be good in another 4 months.

    I blame Sid Meier for the embarrassing state that Elemental was released in. “Quick get it out before Civ 5!”

    Ok actually stopping.

  22. cyrenic says:

    I certainly won’t be buying a sequel, not after the terrible design decisions and abysmal post release support the first one got.


    I can’t remember, didn’t GPG write the netcode for the actual game, and Stardock wrote the code for the lobby system? All I know is whoever thought you could run a multiplayer game commonly played as 5vs5 with peer to peer matchmaking was gravely mistaken.

    • cyrenic says:

      *that’s peer to peer netcode, not matchmaking, ugh

    • Burningpet says:

      Hmm, i seem to recall brad saying that stardock was responsible for any network problem the game seem to suffer.

      But you are probably right, as demigod basically use Supreme commander, i am sure they used the same netcode for demigod, hence the weird P2P system.

      However, as i also seem to recall, the main problems were getting into the games, once in game, if all the players had a good ping, the game seemed to be going reletavely well.

    • Burningpet says:


      *use supreme commander engine.

    • Warskull says:

      The problems getting into games or even getting games started were all Stardock’s fault. Stardock torpedoed this game. The P2P issues were when someone tried to run the game at a much higher setting then they could handle and everything slowed down as a result. The P2P systems used in most RTS games these days are horrible, but it really didn’t matter since starting a game with 10 players was near impossible (and this is certainly Stardock’s fault.)

      They basically decided to ignore everyone warning them the netcode didn’t work in the beta, released a non-functional game, and even 3 months out it wasn’t up to a satisfactory level. Then they just started banning players who complained.

  23. Noc says:

    So…DEMIIGOD, then?

  24. Artheval_Pe says:

    I haven’t played Demigod online, but several times over LAN with some friends, and it was a blast. It’s a shame that it had so many issues online because the core design was really solid.

    As for VG247… I kinda hammered their forums and mailboxes with that info to get them to publish that. :D

  25. Davie says:

    Well, this is exciting news. Demigod had an amazing setting and premise that was unfortunately wasted on a mediocre DOTA clone. If they put in a proper single player campaign, keeping the same attitudes towards level design, I think it has the potential to be really amazing. I just hope they shove the multiplayer to the sidelines and treat it as a bonus feature rather than the meat of the game. There are already enough mediocre DOTA clones, and when Valve reveals whatever it is they’ve been working on, I’m pretty sure they’ll monopolize the genre.

  26. Karona says:

    I have yet to play a game made by Chris Taylor that doesn’t have multi-player connection issues

  27. rocketman71 says:

    That “lot of interest” must be from his wife, because the game was buggy, the documentation was awful, the tutorials didn’t help at all, the promises of support were as valid as Valve’s, and the servers fuckup at release was the final nail in the coffin.

    Besides, Chris Taylor looks more like Molyneux with each passing day: fantastic games in the past, all hype and smoke nowadays.

    No, I’m certainly not interested in a second Demigod.