Put A Ring On It: Chime

I miss you, Redeye

There’s a charity-based theme to my posts today, it seems. You know Chime? Zoe Mode-developed 360 casual music-based puzzle game developed pro bono for the OneBigGame (meaning some money goes to Save the Children and the Starlight Children’s Foundation)? Features music by Philip Glass, Orbital, Moby and other folks? Always reminded me of Qix with a bit of a beat? Quite good, apparently? Anyway, it’s coming to the PC on Steam, with the addition of the ever-lovable Still Alive. Should be out on September 6th and its pre-order page exists. Sadly, you can’t pre-order at the time of writing, as the price isn’t up, but it’s the thought that counts. 5% of the purchase price will go to OneBigGame which… wait, 5%? Well, better than nothing, I suppose and the game is pretty nifty. Here’s the PC trailer…

In other notes, game companies who have an umlaut in their name can just sling their hook.


  1. iainl says:

    Chime is AWESOME. I”ve easily put enough hours into the 360 version that cost an absolute pittance to justify paying whatever it takes for the Still Alive level. Although I might need to buy a 360 wired pad to make the transition without swearing about the different controls too, which puts the price up a bit.

  2. Miker says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this. If it’s $10 or less on release, I’ll most likely be getting it.

  3. Jae Armstrong says:

    Chime was passable, but it reall didn’t have enough content to hold my attention for long.

  4. terry says:

    Any word on whether this will support importing mp3 music? I’m tempted but it doesn’t seem to be mentioned.

    • John Peat says:

      You can’t import mp3 music into a game like Chime – it requires the basic music and then samples which are played over that music separately.

      e.g. the music has to be made with the game in-mind…

  5. cruize says:


    I mean, I’m getting it because of the Philip Glass et al., but I really would have expected more to have gone to charity.

    • John Peat says:

      At least 60% of the XBLA purchase went to charity (the developers royalty part I suspect) – perhaps in this case they aren’t willing to work for nothing??

  6. Brumisator says:

    I just don’t “get” music games.
    I hate guitar hero, I fall asleep on audiosurf, I’d probably get bored and leave with Chime.

    AFAIK it has nothing to do with me playing real music IRL.
    The only one I could get into was elite beat agents on DS.

    Internet, am I normal?

    • cruize says:

      You fall asleep in audiosurf because of your lame taste in music.

    • Brumisator says:

      Well that sure was an answer worthy of the internet…bravo.

    • cruize says:

      I’d have said that in real life as well, in the same way that I’d throw a cat in a bin in real life.

    • Chris Hansen says:

      Cruize, I was hoping for a cat-in-a-bin reference. Thanks xD

    • MWoody says:

      Frequency and Amplitude were the only music games I ever liked. Audiosurf, Guitar Hero, et al bore me to tears.

    • Mo says:

      Try Lumines. It too has nothing to do with actually playing music, but is more about feeling the rhythm and base in your actions. It’s amazing.

      If you have an Xbox 360 (or a Dreamcast) try Rez. It’s basically the greatest music game ever made.

  7. ste says:

    Hello! I’m afraid you can’t import music into Chime — the way the game works makes that impossible. It’s all about fragments of songs, loops, in-key sounds, samples and melodies, so constructing levels takes our music team quite some time and isn’t a process that could eve be automated. There’s a lot more info about this on the blog on the Chime site (which I’ve linked above).

  8. ste says:

    Yeah, the 60% was all of our cut from the XBLA release (not just our profit). We wanted to continue to support OBG as it’s something we believe in but we’re a business, not a charity, and ultimately we have to pay our staff somehow. So mm, 5% might not sound like a lot, and I suppose it might end up not being a lot if no-one buys our game. But I think it’s a pretty positive thing, particularly if it encourages more developers to do the same.

    (FWIW, I have a cold heart and no emotions to speak of and mostly just want as many people to play Chime as possible so it doesn’t really affect me either way.)

  9. ste says:

    I clearly don’t get the concept of threaded comments, do I? That’s a bit embarrassing. Mind you, it is my first time on the internet.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Don’t worry. Our reply system is nob.


    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Consider yourself lucky..it ate the last two developers showing up here!*
      kudos for showing up here, btw :) I must say it looks a lot like Lumines to me…which is not a bad thing, mind you

      *With the exception of cliffski…he is too gratuitous

    • Dominic White says:

      The reply system works fine. You just have to remember to click the Reply button.

      I’ve tried it in four different browsers in various states of plugin-clutter, and it works with all of them, too. Five, if you count from my iPhone.

  10. Tei says:

    Looks like something from the future. Can I touch it? I feel my hands are too big to touch this gem of a game.

    • Robert says:

      Should be fine! (you are insured… right?)

      Looks awesome fun. Time to check it when it comes out for the old machine.*coughs* I seem to have missed it on XBLA. *coughs* As I of course don’t play consoles.

  11. John Peat says:

    I should add that I was JUST about to buy Chime on XBLA when I found out it’s coming to PC and I spend far more time idling in front on a PC so that’ll do me NICELY.

  12. John Peat says:

    Given Phillips Glass’s inclusion here I’ll have to roll out my “probably not true but you never know” anecdote about him.

    Story goes that Mark Moore (DJ/S’Express founder) once took Glass to a nightclub to experience the then new ‘House’ and ‘Electro’ music (this would be late 80s/early 90s). Glass apparently sat in a corner and listened, with his eyes closed, for some time before getting up, saying “Ah – I understand it all now” and leaving…

    Most people only do that AFTER drugs but I guess it works either way :)

  13. Mo says:

    I’m curious as to what the controls are going to be like. I *really* hope they’re mouse based. I liked Chime on XBLA, but felt like the awful dpad hindered my enjoyment.

  14. Lucas says:

    Great, I really wanted to play this ever since I saw the first video of it.

  15. ste says:

    Controls are mouse-based (and the game’s been rebalanced around that, obviously). It feels slightly different and, comfortingly, exactly the same.

    • Mo says:

      Hurah! :)

    • iainl says:

      Mouse-based? But that will make it completely different to what I’m used to!

      Actually, that’s probably a good thing, isn’t it? Ah well, it’s not like I’d consider not buying it anyway.