Postal III Depicts Wanton Apple Theft

The wet soggy end of gaming.

I posted recently about the reappearance of Postal III – a game that’s seemingly been in development for seven years, and still hasn’t committed to a release date. I also pointed out that we’ve seen relatively little footage for a long time, and that which we have seen hasn’t really shown us much of the controversy that has made the series far more famous than it probably deserves to be. So thank goodness, eh, because a collection of new videos have finally arrived. They’re all collected by Gametrailers, and are below. And you should be warned, the footage contains apple scrumping.

Of course there’s also tastelessly cartoonish Taliban enemies to fight, Uwe Boll to help or kill, and some pan-racial racism. Oh, and “mopping jizz”. It’s looking to be a bit more divided into distinct levels, rather than Postal 2’s more sandbox weirdness. I think we can safely assume the HUD is placeholder for now, and the game is currently set for some time next year. (It’s definitely not reasonable for me to find it a bit funny when the developer demonstrating the game keeps complaining about its apparent unfairness.) The new website for the game is here.


  1. UsF says:

    Controversial games for consoles? Yea right.

  2. Metal_circus says:

    You know, I really hate the way the video game press suddenly turns into the morality police the second they hear about postal, like, they just turn into these moronic back-slapping moral high ground fuckwits. You know what? Postal 2 was great, great fun. Postal 1 was a piece of crap, and if i’m being really honest, Postal 3 looks as dull as a hammer at the moment, but I will say this now: Postal 2 was damn. good. fun. It was so completely fucking ridiculous and I thought it was great.

    • qrter says:

      It’s political correctness gone mad!!!!!

    • Klaus says:

      Postal 2 was great, great fun. Postal 1 was a piece of crap, and if i’m being really honest, Postal 3 looks as dull as a hammer at the moment

      I share these thoughts. This game looks ‘meh.’ Maybe I’ll have to ‘get into’ all the mayhem to enjoy it. Or maybe I am too highbrowed now. Probably not that.

    • DoucheMullet says:

      I’m sorry, you appeared to have mixed that up.

      Postal 2 was a piece of crap and Postal 1 was great.

    • Malleus says:

      No, you all mixed it up.
      Postal 2 was great, great fun, and Postal 1 was great.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Damn straight, Mister Circus.

  3. Nick says:

    Wait, you can kill Uwe Boll in it? Hmm, tempting revenge for accidentally renting Tunnel Rats without realising it was by him until it was too late.

    • dadioflex says:

      Tunnel Rats was a good flick. And his Darfur film was praised by Ron Howard. Neither of them VG movies, you’ll note.

      Far Cry wasn’t a great film, but I’ve definitely seen worse and, you know, I rather enjoyed it. Where In The Name Of The King could have been an okay 80s era Fantasy flick, if it wasn’t for some appalling cheapness in places, Far Cry maintained a standard throughout, an admittedly low standard but a consistent one. Besides, what’s not to love about the headshot gags throughout.

      Transformers 2, OTOH, which was on Sky Movies that same weekend I think, I had to turn off. Megan Fox and Giant Robots and it was unwatchable. Boll could have made that film for a tenth of the money and I doubt my intelligence would have been insulted in worse fashion.

      Ah, whatever.

    • Nick says:

      “Tunnel Rats was a good flick.”

      No, no it wasn’t. It was utterly awful, completely without merit. As was Transformers, I’m not sure what your point is exactly, that a big box office hit was utter crap therefor Uwe Boll can’t be as well? Shit comes in many packages, but it still tastes the same. I’ve only seen one other film by him, Alone in the Dark, which wasn’t good, but wasn’t any worse than tons of other rubbish like most Syfy originals or whatever.

      If you think Tunnel Rats was good I suggest you watch pretty much any other Vietnam film ever made. Or any competently written, shot, lit and generally well made film. Your mind might just explode.

    • Starky says:

      Rampage was pretty good, dark but humorous at the same time – very black.

      It wasn’t great but it was a competent budget movie. 6-7/10

      I have great respect for Boll, not for his movies – but for his shrewd business skills. Managing to earn himself millions of dollars and become reasonably rich in the manner he did – which also trolling overly possessive videogame fanboys (which is a bit of a plus for me).

      I’ve actually met the bloke in France at a screening and had a few drinks with him, he’s shockingly intelligent, if slightly arrogant – but you can tell he enjoys messing with people.

      Fun fact, Boll was on of the few people using that German tax loophole as it was intended… for a few years almost every major movie had a German investment company in the credits to abuse this law major Hollywood features safety netted by German tax payers. Hollywood movies which always make a loss due to Hollywood accounting so they don’t have to pay royaltees – Lord of the Rings made a loss according to New Line.
      While Boll used German crews, German actors (for extras and minor parts, but a few names roles too), and German pre/post production.

    • sinister agent says:

      If a film is made by Uwe Boll, it is terrible. This is a universal constant of such reliability that most physicists would kill to have discovered it.

  4. Seamus says:

    Honestly, I really look forward to playing a game this unashamedly dumb and juvenile. I suppose the novelty will wear off quickly, but attacking your enemies with a rabid badger? GENIUS!!

  5. Al3xand3r says:

    Is the guy doing the presentation stoned or just bored out of his mind? Is it the same guy as the very first presentation? I seem to remember an equally bored/stoned douche…

    And yeah, what the dude above said. Though I didn’t like Postal 2 either.

  6. Simon says:

    That guy talking (the producer?)… Does he have a problem, or is that an accent? His voice is extremely annoying, and to add to that he doesn’t seem at all enthusiastic about the game.

  7. Freud says:

    They are dragging the Bada Bing name in the mud.

  8. Zombat says:

    Anyone else notice that the only one laughing at the game was the dev?

  9. Legionary says:

    Lots of ideas in there that should work (badger saws, for example) but it looks really dull in terms of gameplay, not to mention old fashioned. Such a cheap design asthetic too, even ignoring the UI.

  10. jeremypeel says:

    AaaahahalookI’mpickingappleshowincongruousahahahSURPRISE! APPLES AREN’T THE GAME, ATTEMPTED CONTROVERSY IS! Did you notice how funny and surprising the apples were?

  11. John says:

    These guys occasionally come close to clever satire, but any smart ideas are ruined by wrapping them in overt racism, sexism, animal cruelty and general crudity.

    Only certain types of people think shooting cum at women to make them vomit is funny. And they’re not the type of people I want to associate with.

    Oops, does that make me a ‘high moral ground fuckwit’? Or just someone with a sense of decency?

    • Csauli says:

      The former.

    • JackShandy says:

      How DARE you not enjoy shooting cum at women to make them vomit! If you ever wise up, sir, you’ll find me talking with those that APPRECIATE games as an ARTFORM. GOOD DAY.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      Only English speaking people have a problem with those things. Because they live in that weird US/UK hypocrite fake morality thing, where you have to act like you think that’s bad.
      Just because someone is another sex or race, or it shows pixels that look like someone being hurt, doesn’t mean he/it gets special treatment, like not being made fun of.
      You, my friend, are the actual sexist, racist, for coming up with that stuff. I think if female Arabic and Mexican women want to make a game full of stereotypes about British and American people, that you then have to kill (remember: NOT. REAL!), then they should do it! Because it would be hillarious! :D
      Sadly they never do. Maybe I should. ^^
      Gotta go… acquire a pseudonym! :D

    • bleeters says:

      Postal always seemed less like a game, and more like a wet dream of an angsty 13 year old. If not splitting my sides with laughter at spraying people with bodily fluids makes me a moral high-ground fuckwit, then I’m honestly ok with that.

    • Klaus says:

      If not splitting my sides with laughter at spraying people with bodily fluids makes me a moral high-ground fuckwit, then I’m honestly ok with that.

      Not to me. But refusing to associate with such people would make you one, I believe. After all, it’s a game. I don’t care if some fictional woman got fictional semen sprayed on her. I just blew some fictional guys head off and sold some fictional child into fictional slavery!

    • Davie says:

      Here’s another moral high-ground fuckwit. The Postal series just comes across as incredibly juvenile, despite how edgy and controversial they try to appear. Just Cause 2 had all the political incorrectness and unnecessary cruelty you could ever want in a game, and it pulled it off with some wit and taste. Good day, sirs.

    • Zogtee says:

      A sense of decensy, without a doubt. I think it’s embarrasing to see apologists defend this game and the others in the series, and THE BOLL on top of that. It is juvenile utter trash and the demo, where the dev giggles like a girl made me cringe. Look I’m sticking a gun up a cat’s bum! Now I’m kicking hockey moms to death! Jesus fucking christ.

    • Huh says:

      “Only certain types of people think shooting cum at women to make them vomit is funny”

      I would assume the same people that watch porn and enjoy sex with women. Especially if the vomiting part is optional.

      So, me, for one.

      Also, the former. You disgust me. You and all the other people that get off on pretending they are in superior by disliking a videogame that is intentionally designed to have them dislike it.
      I mean, duh.

      You were meant to be insulted, you feel insulted, welcome to Doltville. It’s kind of the point.
      _WE_ already get it(the ones still able to enjoy fun in violence and catharsis).
      It seems you don’t.

    • bleeters says:

      @ Huh

      Heh. And people say we’re the stuck up ones.

    • Huh says:

      I will take that as a “No, u!”.

    • bleeters says:

      As you wish. There’s a wonderful irony to folk to anyone who accuses Other People Who Dislike X for Reason Y of being ignorant high-horse types, is all.

      Unless we just don’t find it funny, and found the gameplay to be shallow rubbish? Naaaaah.

    • bleeters says:

      Urgh, typos. Shoo, excess “to folk”.

    • psyk says:

      Then why post in a thread about the game?

      “Postal always seemed less like a game, and more like a wet dream of an angsty 13 year old. If not splitting my sides with laughter at spraying people with bodily fluids makes me a moral high-ground fuckwit, then I’m honestly ok with that.”

      Your words, so you obviously don’t like the postal series but you still come in to an article about postal and start gobbing off even though you know you aren’t going to like it basically your troll.

    • bleeters says:

      It’s a comments thread, about a game. This implies there will be comments about a game. Shockingly, they’re not all going to praise it right down to the binary code.

      Every point of view is valid, regardless to whether you consider it right or wrong. Welcome to how the world works.

    • Klaus says:

      I’m fine with people not liking the game because it doesn’t ‘mesh’ with them. But the melodrama is ridiculous. I mean, it’s not difficult to dismiss a child’s shitty artwork as a shitty picture drawn by a child. It doesn’t make you a better art critic.

    • Zogtee says:

      “Your words, so you obviously don’t like the postal series but you still come in to an article about postal and start gobbing off even though you know you aren’t going to like it basically your troll.”

      What, so everyone has to agree or they can’t post here?

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      “I mean, it’s not difficult to dismiss a child’s shitty artwork as a shitty picture drawn by a child. It doesn’t make you a better art critic.” – LOL? haha, anyways, myself I found that postal 2 had some awesome elements to it, like going to get something from the service station, pouring petrol on the worker, setting him on fire and pissing on him to put it out, I’m sorry, I found that incredibly funny, and the graphics that felt like Duke Nukem 3d just added to it..
      It’s like [some]people say, it’s fictional get over it, and yourselves while your at it…
      Worse things in this world than potty humour and stereotyping… why take more fun out of this shit ass world..

  12. Razz says:

    This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen :’D. In more than one way!

  13. Miker says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but I laughed my ass off throughout the entire thing. Something about the stupidity, and that guy’s voice (the badger song) just cracks me up.

  14. Nesetalis says:

    some of it was pretty clever… postal 2 was excellent.. but this one looks a little badly done.

    honestly, the dev couldnt handle the controls, that probably means the controls are bad.. notice how many times he missed with the kick? :p

  15. Rollo Tomasi says:

    W.T.F.. This game is a sad excuse for puerile and base behaviour. You people (mostly yanks I bet, judging by the time of postin) have a high tolerance for racist and sickening behaviour. I guess your all just desensitised, seeing this kind of thing every day. Your all so sheep like and brainwashed you just feel the need to join in. Well someone should take a stand, and wipe this filth off the planet.I suppose deep down its just a lack of self respect but, get a grip, spunking on women till they vomit is not fun. Saying “its not real” is a flimsy excuse to hide deep seated disrespect for the female gender and to say it is fake morality is itself a fake apology for amorality. Its not bad because it hurts someone, but because you don’t question why you like it.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      What’s funny about your post is that I think us “yanks” are too reserved, politically correct and sensitive.

    • Klaus says:

      Feeding? Hmm..

      Well someone should take a stand, and wipe this filth off the planet.
      Alternatively, there are actual, real people out there who could use your time. And I believe it would be better spent and more wisely used helping out them. The people who want this game will have it, whether you approve or not.

      spunking on women till they vomit is not fun.
      Which is why you’re not actually doing it. Just like how I didn’t really kill 5 billion people in GalCiv2 when I blew up their planet.

      Saying “its not real” is a flimsy excuse
      It’s a fine excuse. Otherwise I’d have to restrict myself to Tetris out of fear of propagating the hidden messages of other games. Unless Tetris is about communism or something.

    • dadioflex says:

      “spunking on women till they vomit is not fun”

      But it’s all that will get me to sleep of a night!!!

    • Reply says:

      Rollo Tomasi. Sounds italian. Hay, what did those italians do around 1930-1950ish btw?
      I here they wurr morally highgrounds.

      Anyhow, I feel this warrants a quote of a post from the other P3 thread:

      “How is it we can have bases and units that spout blood in SC2 (along with people incinerating / cleansing whole planet populations here as well as in star wars etc pp), games like Stubbs the Zombie that eats brains, Plants vs Zombies that has “Braaiiins” as call, Kane&Lynch that features essentially a psycho that shoots helpless and bound people/civilians/cops, various zombie mutilation games as favorite pastime etc, all the GTA and Mafia stuff,


      when Postal in it’s amateur way tries funny violence it’s suddenly the bane of all existence and must be banned, forbidden and shunned?

      Sorry folks, but here’s news…truly “evil” games like General Custer(tied up indian girl rapey?) / Commando Lybia(chaingunning down peepz, mowing down people against a wall and decapitation) and so on and so forth have been not only what people wanted to PLAY, but what people wanted to CREATE since day one.
      That doesn’t make the games themselves any better, but the games are what they are BECAUSE THEY REFLECT PEOPLE and who they are and what they feel.

      If something goes seriously wrong with people, then you get seriously wrong games.
      How wrong or right you perceive them can be a question of your value set and humanity etc, but let’s not forget that it is at times also a question of what the intentions are/were.

      Here(with the 2nd and 3rd postal at least) there’s clearly an aim of over the top hilarious(it even says so literally) and not an attempt at being the most vile and brutal thing ever, in order to properly depict hate and singling out just one minority or similiar.
      If you want to be upset, be upset about these things in real life, actual political issues and the origins that create the really bad stuff(games, movies, books, whatever).

      Don’t go off shouting about the media. They’re just really big – sometimes funhouse like – mirrors.
      Go and talk to and change the world and people.
      No, that does not include shouting “Ban this, ban that”, it means actually approaching origins and reasons and cores, not effects, outcomes and symptoms..

      Everything else is just high-horse bollox and hypocrisy, because we already DO live in a day-to-day hype/consumerism/vote-cow/money-over-everything/morals-depend-on-useful-it-is-for-me-personally

      Your own nose, closer than someone elses, it is.

      Personally I suspect this is all more about rubbing one’s engorged pseudo-moral peen in public until those type of posts ejaculate out (after which the VERY same people go back to reading bad newspapers/ watching bad TV movies and console/PC games with similiar or worse content, living happily in their double/triple/etc standard) and we get to suffer them.

      Srsly people, wtf.”

      Especially the bit about rubbing your own moral peen in public.

      Seems you like shooting your moral jizz into comment sections until they vomit out replies to bolster your self-righteousness score, sir.

      Agreed that the game could be better and do the violence more realistically though.

    • Legionary says:

      @Reply: Rollo Tomasi is the name of ‘the guy who got away with it’ from LA Confidential.

  16. Risingson says:

    Postal: that conservative saga disguised as punk or something.

    Videogamers: those people who really don’t know what the meaning of “adult content” or “political correctness” mean.

  17. psyk says:

    I have an idea if you don’t like the game and think its below you how about you stop reading information on it? is your life really that sad that you need to come online and troll to try and make it that little bit more bearable? I’m English and think postal 2 was a laugh i’m guessing the troll posters above are the same people who don’t like cannabis and look down on the people who use it because it’s a “drug” but at the same time they regularly drink alcohol

    • dadioflex says:

      Dude, cannabis is a gateway drug. Everyone knows if you start using cannabis you’re going to move on to far harder drugs and become addicted. Tobacco WILL kill you! Plus, before you know it you’re on three packs of Maryland cookies a day.

      Drinking booze makes you sexy and improves your fighting skills. Where’s the downside?

    • psyk says:


    • Klaus says:

      Drinking booze makes you sexy and improves your fighting skills. Where’s the downside?

      Must be why I’m so unsexy and weak.

  18. Tetragrammaton says:

    Bang bang bang on the idiot drum.

  19. Kid A says:

    Is that… Source? And have Valve drastically lowered their standards on who they license the engine to?
    AH who am I kidding. It’s a few bucks towards Gabe’s lunch.
    Seriously, this looks… dull. No more controversial than Frankie Boyle after a couple of pints.

    • psyk says:

      “You also decided to use the Source Engine for Postal 3. Why move away from the Unreal engine?

      We wanted something different, Valve wanted to work with us and we went with it!”

      HAHA amazing.

    • stahlwerk says:

      ouch, yeah wikipedia says it’s Source. Whodathunk? The graphics look more like “Larry’s Box Office Bust”, in other words: ass.

      (possibility of OS X support… uh, yay?)

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Wikipedia likely says it’s using the Source engine because of that interview I linked. There’s no citation on Wikipedia confirming use of the Source Engine (imagine that) so I did some Google Searching to confirm/deny it.

      Just because something is on Wikipedia, doesn’t always mean it’s correct or true.

      It’s likely in some other interviews with the dev’s too but that was the first I found.

    • LionsPhil says:

      @stahlwerk: Postal 2 runs on OS X. Hell, the demo is even a PowerPC binary.

  20. Ricc says:

    Postal 2 was hilarious and the expansion was even better! The developers included themselves in the game, complete with FMV, and made the Dude kill the head of their former publisher. It was just a bunch of guys, that maybe didn’t even start to make videogames, because they love them so much, but because they could use them to say what they wanted to say and have fun with it, is my guess. Yes, that’s some crude humor, but the Dude is still an “equal opportunity lunatic”. Absolutely everbody gets dragged through the mud and horribly killed in their games. Why should there be no room for a game like this? Postal 2 is some of the best free style, no-compromise gaming out there and I hope Postal 3 will be able to repeat that in some ways.

    You don’t have to like it, but here is something that the Activisions and EAs of this world wouldn’t and can’t ever do: “Wouldn’t it be fucking hilarious, if…?”

  21. Huh says:

    You know, I was all like “Oh crap, another game with refilling health, designed by people unable to play a game worth crud without godmode(i.e. clueless of game mechanics)” and starting to get depressed at how terrible the funhouse physics were and how unprofessional it all seemed..

    and then…

  22. Cinnamon says:

    I suppose that this would be funny if I killed my few remaining brain cells with jazz woodbines.

  23. stahlwerk says:

    This is the worst comment thread ever. Peoplez pleaze! Stop being trolled by obviously trolling trolls, and stop trolling! It’s as if people on the sidewalk would begin pointing, shouting and screaming at dogturd, instead of just acknowledging and avoiding stepping into it.

    Also, this is what happens when developers outsource their work because (I’d bet) they are too busy making dick and fart jokes and burning money. You end up with “producers” not even knowing how their own game works.

  24. Tei says:

    These videos are more sad than fun for some reason.

    • stahlwerk says:

      The nitpicker in me had a field day with the “soccer”/”hockey”-mom inconsistency. Also great job on the “.0/12 Hockey Moms left to force out of the :” overlay in the last video which also overlays with the ammo overlay as can be seen in the playmate video. Quality? “Hurry up, dude!”

    • stahlwerk says:

      Oh no, Muphry’s Law is a harsh mistress. “overlays” should say “overlaps”.

  25. yhancik says:

    *should make a greasemonkey script that replace the word “Postal” by “Portal” and vice versa*

  26. Daniel Carvalho says:

    I agree with you brother. Bad company corrupts good character. Don’t want to have a possible run in with the law? Probably shouldn’t hang around drug dealers. Logic seems pretty sensible to me.

    Even though the Postal developers are going for that depraved, overtly stupid, gratuitous theme (if I can call it that), doesn’t take away the fact that Postal is basically the equivalent to a fart joke.

    Frolicking in depths of human filth and outputting superficial shit like this doesn’t cut the mustard any more. Anyone can do it, it’s not hard, clever or creative. It’s kinda sad that this is true, but controversy is so 1990’s / early 2000’s. It’s cliché and boring. Society has become numb to things that would have caused them to gag 10 years ago.

    • psyk says:

      As someone said above custer’s revenge released on October 13, 1982 (Rape a tied up indian) also gore porn (hostel and the sicker foreign offerings) er nazi exploitation flicks any exploitation flick really. “sick” and controversial stuff has been getting made for a long time and will continue to be made.

    • SheffieldSteel says:

      Stuff like this will always continue to be made. And it will continue to be shit.

    • Sadray says:

      I’ve spent most of my puberty around people who drank obsessively every weekend and smoked more weed than the gangster rappers they listened to. Some also dealt.
      All grownups I knew (and know) went out to drink and got drunk regularly.

      I have never once in my life viewed or considered drinking alcohol as a good, smart or sensible thing, nor ever willingly drunk any of it. Neither have I ever smoked weed or taken any “drug”-drug.

      I also don’t believe in organized religion, love sex, Terry Pratchett and do rather enjoy violence in videogames.

      I feel quite strongly that if you smoke and drink because everyone smokes and drinks, then you’re a stupid superficial run-along retard without a spark of individual thought or reason and are exactly the type of person I would not want exposed to propaganda, demagogues or various other things.
      Also wouldn’t want that type of person to have a vote(Their next-cabin cries of “Deydookerrjeebs” are ever so distracting), but hey, whaddacannayado.

      But that doesn’t stop ME from wanting, enjoying and feeling good with smart literature, movies, humor, and, especially violent, gibby videogames and similiar means of simulation based as opposed to reality based catharsis.

      If all people were (cap-)able to vent their frustrations with a videogame as opposed to beating their wife/gf/catdogmouse/next person in the bar or being passive-aggressive or some other dishonest bollox, then we’d have a far better world on our hands imho.

      But not everyone has the same brain and emotional feedback equipment, I guess.

      Anyhow. Everyone is damned to individual freedom and no two ways about it.

  27. Dr. Wily says:

    I’m probably just feeding trolls here, but I find it ridiculous that whenever anyone criticizes the Postal games in any way there is this army of defenders ready to accuse the critic of being a small minded morality nazi.

    I think I speak for a lot of people when I say for the record that I am not against video game violence or nudity as a concept, but I am against things that are juvenile and brainless. In a similar way, I am all for topless ladies as a concept but I find Benny Hill to be pretty stupid.

    This is not meant to say that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your peepee and poopoo simulator all you want, but I probably won’t buy it.

  28. Don says:

    Cat grenades, beehive mines, badger saws etcetera. In theory hilarity should ensue but going by these trailers mild depression is more likely. I’ve seen much funnier things happening in supposedly far more hardcore games. Although the commentator obviously found parts of it side-splitting, proving that Germans do have a sense of humour, just not mine.

  29. aaron says:

    Postal is the “Scary Movie” franchise of gaming. Those of us who roll our eyes at it don’t do so because we hate fun and violence and gratuitous nudity and all of those wonderful things. We hate them done poorly, and with a middle-schooler’s sense of humor, because we are no longer middle-schoolers. And I mean, it’s fine. You can like those things. I’m sure you really enjoyed Vampires Suck this weekend and you’ll be excited to hear that White Chicks is getting a sequel next year. It’s okay to have bad taste, but don’t get your panties in a bunch because the rest of us point it out to you.

    • Razz says:

      Finally someone says what I was thinking. I think the majority of people hating on this game aren’t doing so because they think it’s MORALLY UNJUSTIFIED to include cat grenades in your game or shoot women with cum. If they’re anything like me they’re hating on it because it’s really fucking stupid. Every single comments thread which is about a game on this site (the majority, I would say) is filled with both negative and positive comments on the game in question. “I hate this game because it has turn-based combat”. “I hate this game because it’s another Bioshock”.

      Can’t I hate a game because it’s really, incredibly and unquestionably fucking stupid and idiotic beyond belief? The same reason I hated Scary Movie. Of course you can go ahead and enjoy it! Can’t you also accept some people would rather not play games which are really fucking stupid? “There’s no arguing with taste”, you might say. Yet each and every one of us constantly criticises games for a multitude of reasons. Postal has an inherent quality of being really fucking stupid. I’d like to be able to criticise that quality without being called a moral highground fuckwit. Just like I did with Scary Movie.

    • Roger says:

      The problem is actually that I/”we” don’t like Postal because it’s done extremely badly in the graphics/art/phyics/mechanics department.

      I like it, because for once it let’s me do what I feel as an impulse in almost every other supposedly free world game.
      I’m a guy with a gun in Mafia 2, yet I can’t even shoot up a booze shop, as the engine just says “No.”.


      So, er, yea. I would actually love for this to be on a Duke Nukem Interaction level with Mass Effect/Modern Warfare / Mafia 2/Starcraft 2 cutscene/whatever you like in terms of looks graphical level.

      I would also love for it to have Red Faction 2’s destructability and high-end Physics.
      And decent enemy AI for SOME opponents(stupidly fun AI can be okay for stupid peoples).

      But I don’t want to miss the killing, shooting, goring, nastyness, going all out, being nutty, being over the top, etc.

      I do want quality, but if nobody who CAN do quality is willing to go outside of the morality box and mainstream developing, then it’s hardly my / Postal’s fault.

      By all means, redo these kind of games with a high-end, triple AAA title approach in terms of “wrapping”. Just aim for the same mad content, because THAT is what I enjoy. Utter and complete freedom to be nuts and just blow everything to pieces, for once.
      And not save the country/world/princess/whatever, since literally every other game has already done this to death.

      Some days, you want to just be encouraged to shoot people, and I personally enjoy doing it solely virtually. YMMV and all that.

  30. Dr Liam Fox MP says:

    I am glad to see that this game has the player opposed to the Taliban, rather than allowing players to ‘be’ Taliban fighters. That would be highly inappropriate while members of the British armed forces are risking their lives daily in Afghanistan.

  31. Igor Hardy says:

    Portal 2 is not even released yet and they already announce part 3?

  32. LB says:

    I’m not sure if the dev was laughing or crying during those interludes between commentary.