The Game “Worms Reloaded” Has A Demo

I have mixed feelings about Worms. On the one hand they’re one of my favourite invertebrates, down there in the mud. But on the other, well, the game of Worms was one I was forced to play by my chums for almost a year. Every day they would come around and say “hey, is your PC on? Perhaps we could play the turn-based comedy side-scrolling tactics games, Worms?” Actually they didn’t put it like that, they just insisted that I “get worms on,” which sounds much cruder. Those brutes. Anyway, you can take it upon yourself to imagine what playing Worms for an entire year must do to a man by playing the demo for Worms Reloaded, which is available now on Steam. The full game is out too, should you wish to take the experience further.


  1. Choca says:

    The game Worms II again and again and again and again and again has a demo

  2. ran93r says:

    Been playing it since it unlocked Wednesday night. It’s pretty much the same game they have been releasing for years and this one is almost a carbon copy of the XBLA versions but we haven’t had a decent 2d release on the PC for a while. Whilst waiting for this to unlock I reinstalled World Party but just couldn’t get the graphics to work.

    • MD says:

      Have you got a copy of Armageddon? That one’s had a massive load of patching done by fans who were given access to the source code by Team 17. I’m pretty sure it’s playable on modern operating systems. The fact that Team 17 made that possible is one of the reasons I felt okay about pre-ordering Reloaded, against all of my usual game-buying practices. Even if it doesn’t turn out well, they’ve earned my goodwill.

    • ran93r says:

      I still have Armageddon floating around somewhere but I haven’t tried running it for a long time. Might look into it, I didn’t realise there had been any community patches.

  3. bill says:

    I know what it’s like.

    Everyone knows what it’s like.

  4. MD says:

    It’s currently not the same game as the previous 2D PC versions at all, as the physics are different. Most importantly, they’ve messed with the ninja rope. I haven’t given it enough of a go yet to make a definitive call, but from everything I’ve heard roping is basically ruined, rather than different in a fun and interesting way. Team 17 have said they’ll be listening to feedback and releasing patches though, so who knows.

    • Eggy says:

      also the last several Call of Duty games have each been unique and interesting and distinctive from each other.

    • ran93r says:

      I’m not really down with all the rope hate, it’s fine. It’s not as light and stupid as Armageddons but hey ho, it’s never been as much fun since they changed it from Worms 1 when you could airlift yourself by shooting it into the ground.

    • MD says:

      I haven’t played any of the CoD games since the first one, but I presume you’re taking the piss. I never said Reloaded was “unique and interesting and distinctive”; I was just pointing out that the physics are fundamentally different. In my book that makes it a very different game, though at this stage a much less interesting one.

    • MD says:

      @ran93r: Each to their own. The only thing I’m claiming as an objective fact is that the rope physics have changed very significantly. The significance of that for the rest of the game will depend on what gametypes you play, and good old personal preference.

    • ran93r says:

      I never really got into shoppa gameplay, fair play to the guys for creating their own rulesets and playing how they want to but it wasn’t for me. I can see on both the T17 and Steam forums that there are enough old skool Armageddon players out there who are seriously unhappy so T17 might make some changes if there is enough shouting.

    • MarkSide says:

      Ropey roping!?

    • James G says:

      Yeah, the T17 guys have already said that they’ll be having a look at the rope physics. It doesn’t bother me a whole amount personally, as although I loved my roping, I never got in to the competitive shopper gameplay, even if I did occasionally traverse the entire map in a turn. On balance, I think I actually prefer the new rope physics in traditional gameplay, as it makes such epic journeys more difficult, making positioning more important. (Not having played WA recently though, its possible that I’m missing some of the subtitles of the complaints. I’m assuming that the main issue is the increased difficulty in obtaining upwards momentum, particularly wrt vaulting moves. I have managed to pull off a few vaults, but it doesn’t appear to be as easy)

      My main issues with the game are the slightly clunky interface, which takes up the whole screen, and the somewhat cumbersome server browser. I’ve not actually played online yet, as I can’t quite get a handle on what’s happening there. Tried joining a couple of games, but ended up in a lobby full of French people. Might just have been coincidence, but I felt like I was intruding.

      Missions also lack a bit of inventiveness compared to WA, but are solid enough, and the puzzle missions make up for it a bit. I’d also like to see an increase in customization, you could achieve some pretty spectacular stuff in WA with the fiddler back before the XP patches. As it stands customization of schemes is reduced from native WA. Fewer weapons as well, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.

      Need to get some online games going. Also keen to see where T17 take this, as I get the impression that we’ll be seeing some reasonably substantial patches.

  5. GC says:

    If I remember correctly Worms Armageddon had multiplayer up to 8 players, this one seems to go only up to 4… So I’ll never buy it.

    Why do every dev think gamers have only 3 friends ?

  6. Toby Wintrmute says:

    Is it bad form for me to point out that the following sentence is missing one word and using the wrong tense for another?

    “Anyway, you can take it upon yourself to imagine what playing Worms for an entire must do to a man by play the demo for Worms Reloaded, which is available now on Steam.”

  7. MrSafin says:

    I don’t know why but this one doesn’t catch me. I played it yesterday but I didn’t have fun, even though I was a big fan of Worms World Party and Armageddon.

    Maybe I’m getting old.

  8. MaXimillion says:

    It seems to me that the rope can’t do quite as much as it could in previous games, which is a good thing. Multiplayer in previous games basically became a contest of who had the most roping skills, since you could pull off insane stunts with it. The rope change will hopefully lower the skill gap, which IMO is great for a party game (which is what Worms really is).

    • Skinlo says:

      Thats like saying no guns should have headshots in any FPS, because it becomes a contest of people with the most accuracy,

      Ninja ropes are a core feature of the game, they shouldn’t be messed with.

    • Robert says:

      I presume a few people, including the devs, disagree that the rope ‘should’ be a core feature. Which, at first view, I agree with.

    • psyk says:

      If it’s the same as the xbla version then as far as I could make out all they did was put a limit on how many times you can re-swing think its 5 times before it stops working.

    • KillahMate says:

      @Skinlo Comparing the things that shoot in a first person shooter with a rope in a turn based shooter is not the same thing.

      The ‘core’ feature of a game containing worms with bazookas are the bazookas. And they work just fine in Worms Reloaded, as far as I can tell. Rope physics, on the other hand, are totally a matter of preference. And I prefer the version of the rope that is not holy and capable of miracles. If you absolutely have to get to the other side of the level, use a teleport. Which will use up a turn, but that’s the point – it’s about game balance.

    • Skinlo says:

      Maybe I’m irritated because for me Ninja Ropes were the best things in Armageddon, and the only thing I was slightly good at.

    • LionsPhil says:

      @psyk: The re-swing limit has been around since Armageddon, if not 2.

  9. jon_hill987 says:

    My main problem is the GUI is clearly designed to be seen from the other side of the room. I don’t need to do that, and frankly it makes the weapon select hard to use.

    • Mavvvy says:

      That was driving me crazy last night aswell, my eyes had to refocus everytime I brought up the inventory.

  10. psyk says:

    If this is just a straight port of the xbla version DO NOT BUY it’s way too gimped, you can still do crazy stuff with the rope though. vertical rope balancing ftw.

  11. Lambchops says:

    Ooh, I pre ordered but didn’t realise it had unlocked.

    I’m looking forward to some Worms action; it’s been a long time since the last 2D Worms game for PC. OK it’s the same game all over again but it’s a good game and it’s nice to see it all integrated into Steam.

    Though I still don’t get this obsession with hats. Since when did some silly feature from a game I have never had any urge to play become so prevelant across multiplayer gaming? Or maybe I’m just bitter because I always look stupid in a hat. Put a hat on me I look like a twat. I can guarantee it.

    • Lambchops says:

      Boo! Game is crashing at Team 17 screen. That’s not much use is it?

  12. DJ Phantoon says:

    You can also get a hat for the Soldier if you buy this game before September 2nd. In TF2. But really who else has a class entitled “the Soldier” that’s worth mentioning? No one, that’s who. No one does.

  13. Brumisator says:

    I wish I’d tried the demo instead of buying this.

    The stench of a console port is unmistakable. The more I play it, the more I wish I were playing Armageddon instead.

    The way the worms scream when they are about to get exploded is adorable, though :)

  14. RiptoR says:

    Reading the productpage on Steam, it seems as if Team 17 wants to forget they ever released Worms World Party. I quote: “Ten years on from Worms™ Armageddon and the turn-based comic mayhem continues in Worms™ Reloaded, an all-new edition available for PC through Steam.”.

    Oversight? Or intentional so they could say “Ten years” instead of “Nine years” which doesn’t sound as cool?

    • Thermal Ions says:

      They’re strangely ignoring all the 3D versions that came out during those 10 years too.

  15. karry says:

    So wait, if i have Armageddon, and its easily available for purchase for anyone else who wishes to do so, why should i buy this again ?

    • ChainSOV says:

      Steam Achievements ofc :-D

    • Red Avatar says:

      Community. Dumb question. Armageddon does work online when patched but a) getting a friend to patch the thing is a nightmare (I tried) b) the community is TINY so what is the damn point? c) the game still doesn’t properly work on modern systems.

  16. poop says:

    why is the demo for a worms game 1.5gb

  17. Tunips says:

    The demo alone is 1.5 GB. For a 2d game, that has not changed significantly since 1997. How can this be?

    • PleasingFungus says:

      1) The full game is also 1.5 gigs, so it’s probably just them being lazy about what they include in the demo files.

      2) They have gratuitous 3D backgrounds. I… honestly don’t understand why.

    • LionsPhil says:


      It’ll also suck more of your electricity juices through a hungry GPU because nobody writes real 2D code any more when they can do everything as textured quads for no real reason.

    • Mo says:

      @LionsFill: Rendering textured quads is much faster than rendering in software. So it’s not for “no real reason.” :P

    • Tei says:

      I have notice, before deletion, that the game create two entries in the game list. One for the full game that give the option to “Buy this” , and another for the demo. It could be that these gigs download the full game. And the demo is a particular mode of the game, so if you buy the game, nothing downloads… or just download a patch, no 2GB again.

    • LionsPhil says:

      @Mo: Come back when you’ve profiled that claim. “It involves my super-powerful GPU” does not automatically mean “is loads faster”.

  18. Commander Gun says:

    Sound doesn’t seem to work on my demo, anyone else has that problem as well?

  19. mejobloggs says:

    I still think Worms Armageddon is the best Worms I have played

    It has been kept up to date as well

  20. Blackberries says:

    I’m loving it so far – it’s Worms. On Steam. – and have sunk around 10 hours into it since it unlocked for pre-orders on Wednesday, I’m both surprised and angry at the 4-worm limit on a team. Worms 2 I played to death over a decade ago allowed for more than that. What is up with this?

  21. Nny says:

    Now, that is a day 1 buy for me. Sod Mafia II and Kane and Lynch 2.

  22. AlexW says:

    Reloaded hates me, clearly. It has a curious set of horrible bugs (just now crashed my computer) that seem to suggest it is so opposed to the idea of me winning that it will literally break Windows in order to stop that from happening.

    The fact that there are any such bugs whatsoever in a game apparently still somewhat based on the Worms 2 code is astounding, too, and the UI is rubbish to the point of not even pointing out that it apparently has open-channel mic support enabled by default, but at least it’s Worms, and nostalgia reigns for the moment.

  23. DarkFenix says:

    I’d sincerely advice not buying this game. It really is a shoddily ported insult to fans of the Worms games of old. That sounds like a bit of a trollish statement, but allow me to quantify:

    Team 17 have improved one thing with the game. They’ve added high res textures.

    Now let me get started on the list of things they’ve fucked up, brace yourselves ladies it’s not short:
    – Massively reduced weapon list; missing now are the Carpet Bomb, Sheep Strike, Handgun, Minigun, Flamethrower, Ming Vase, Old Woman, Salvation Army, Mad Cows, Mail Strike, MB Bomb, Longbow, Nuclear Test, Aqua Sheep, Super Banana Bomb, Battle Axe, Scales of Justice, Mortar, Bungee, Freeze, Magic Bullet, Mine Strike, Mole Bomb, Mole Strike and that’s just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The replacement weapons are nothing like as numerous and nothing like as imaginative or powerful.

    – “Spoiled” Ninja Rope. While I never played the old competitive rope game modes, I liked the old rope mechanics, they worked. The new one irritates me no end. More to the point though, Team 17 have destroyed an entire set of game modes with the new rope.

    – Appalling interface. The interface clearly hasn’t been changed since the PSP/Xbox releases, because the font is a huge size 72 balloon font made to be seen 3 miles away rather than the 3 feet most of us are from our monitor. Hell, small phrases like “Bazookas and Grenades” require scrolling text to be able to read the whole thing. Then there’s the issue of all the menus being designed for use with a gamepad, not a mouse. Remember the old graphical tile based customisation screens from Armageddon? Those don’t exist anymore, now you have to scroll through each individual setting or weapon and set them one by one.

    – Utter lack of customisation. Have 5 people who want to play? Tough, you can only have 4. Want to muck around with 8 worms on a team? Tough, you can only have 4. Want to customise weapon damage and crate probability like you could in Armageddon? Tough, you can’t. Yeah, long story short you can’t customise much anymore, you play the game pretty much as they dictate you have to.

    – Reduced map size. This may well tie into the 16 worm limit, but it remains its own problem. With 16 worms on a map, it’s bloody crowded. Combine this with the new slippy slidey physics and it’s basically fluke whether you live or die because the map is so damn small with so many places to go off the edge.

    tl:dr version: The graphics have improved but Team 17 have removed everything that made Worms Armageddon the pinnacle of the series. Do. Not. Buy.

    • DarkFenix says:

      Oh and one further point. If you’re living in the UK they’re ripping you off by charging about 50% more than people on the continent or in the US pay. Thankfully I got a friend to gift me the game, at least meaning I didn’t pay quite so much for a sub-standard product.

  24. colinmarc says:

    I have extremely fond memories of armageddon, but have not played a worms game since. The level where you had to shoot arrows at the Eiffel tower so you could climb up it? classic.

  25. HYPERPOWERi says:

    Enjoying this a great deal.

    Still have WWP and Armageddon. Bought Reloaded mostly to play with a decent resolution.

  26. Miko says:

    I already played Worms about a decade ago. Tens of hours of it. I can’t imagine wanting to play it again.

  27. B414 says:

    Ahhh, what a deception, i though this worms game could be the resurrection of the 2d worms. (the 3d versions sucks, i never had fun o had a good laugh when playing with my brothers or the single player missions), i could be cool with the new physics , but the reduced list of weapons? i always made crazy and fun schemes with odd weapons in wwp like having the longbow and the mods of 10 ten seconds don’t end your turn and double damage, fun times.

  28. cruize says:

    Team 17 should just rename themselves The Worms Company.

  29. Oreo says:

    They are supposed to be rolling World Party into Armageddon with an upcoming patch. So having either disc would work. The Armageddon patches are fantastic and should work on modern machines.

  30. LionsPhil says:

    Worms 2 was the best. You could do much more customization of weaponsets and maps than in Armageddon, too. (The Internets tell me this one doesn’t even have a soundset editor?) Just a shame that Team 17 are such terrible, terrible programmers that getting it running means a near-perfect Win9X install with a single CD drive that does CD audio (which QEMU and VirtualBox don’t, sigh).

    Thankfully, old laptops to the rescue.

    • Jimmy says:

      I have WWP running fine on virtual box (Guest is XP x86. Will run fine if you 1) install guest additions in safe mode 2) disable both 2D and 3D acceleration). I noticed it had a better interface and features as well. Started playing it this week after an eight year hiatus….

    • LionsPhil says:

      That’s nice, but World Party is not Worms 2. Worms 2 will crash out if it can’t play the title CD audio track. That’s how well-made it is.

  31. SuperNashwan says:

    Don’t need a demo, I’m going to wait for the Amiga Power review.

  32. moyogo says:

    mb just old @ heart

    I did the prudent thing and pre-ordered it to MAKE myself excited. That’s what aging’s all about.

  33. James says:

    Armageddon won’t work without a lot of pain on Windows 7. Even with the patch, I never got the colors to not be inverted.

  34. Jimmy says:

    Don’t think I will be buying Worms Reloaded / 5 blade razors / new improved washing powder. The point with such a basic game is that it should run on the most low-end present-day laptops. I am not going to run Worms on my high-end PC any more than solitaire. If it ran happily on a 1024*768 intel integrated graphics “work” laptop then I would consider it. Too old for this shit.

  35. Mctittles says:

    Unfortunately I think their main selling point is the fact that they never got Armageddon to work on XP/Vista/7/etc, which is why I’ll be buying it. If I could load up Armageddon and play it right now I would.

    So, their bad product support is why they will be making sales. I wonder if they know this?

    Before anyone says something about not supporting an older game, keep in mind they still sell Armageddon on their website for download.

    P.S. Grrrr! Why can’t I login? I click the login button, which goes to wordpress and I login to that. It goes to update my profile page from there. If I try to navigate back to RPS I am no longer logged in?

    • MD says:

      I’ve been happily playing Armageddon on XP without any problems. I’ve got the latest patch installed, but I’m pretty sure it also worked fine without it.

      In my case, their awesome support for Armageddon (I’m not sure whether the guys who update it are technically doing it on behalf of Team17, but either way, giving them access to the source code is more than most companies would do) is probably the reason I was happy to take a risk on Reloaded. I usually wait and see, but in this case I felt that they’d earned my support. I guess I wouldn’t have felt at all right if their support for Armageddon became a reason for me not to buy Reloaded.

    • MD says:

      Also: link to
      Apparently a lot of people have problems running W:A on Vista and Windows 7, but that’ll be sorted out in the next update, and until then there’s a workaround.

  36. What Was Done says:

    Getting old is only in our mind.
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