After Murder Park: Serial Killer Rogue Faked

Yes, I was right to be suspicious. The previously reported Serial Killer Rogue-like was a total fake. It was initially apparently claimed to be some manner of university project but very rapidly reduced down to a plain shoulder-shrug and admission of trolling. Why did he do it?

Because I can? Do trolls need legitimate reasons to do what they do? It was fun and I was bored. I didn’t use an existing game as a template and I made the videos using flash. Didn’t take that long, maybe an hour for the first game play footage. Much less for the other one. The response was extremely positive though. Didn’t expect that. I figured I’d run with it anyway, throwing out possible game play elements. Why not?

Of course, pinch of salt. You can trust his words about as far as you can trust a serial killer’s. One thing’s for sure, I fear. Expect to see someone to do it.


  1. Pascal Leduc says:

    I dont know, for me it feels like Modern trolling is an excuse to say nasty things and then mock people for assuming you were honest when you said it. In the backgroud there is the argument that the troll is holding an idea or a belief that is extremely out there and marginal, basically mocking the audience for actually believing that such a straw man person would actually exist. Now this to me is strong evidence that many trolls live in a rarefied environment. because they often take up ideas genuinely held by some groups of people.

    Case in point, a while back there was an article about a senator who had said that women weren’t as competent as men because if they were then employers would pay then as much as men. In the comments was a guy saying that women are in fact less capable then men and not surprisingly he got jumped on by the other commentators, in fact he wasn’t the only one to say something like that in the thread but later on he comes back and mocks everyone for thinking that he actually genuinely felt the things he said he felt.

    I guess my personal opinion that we should always start by assuming that someone is debating in good faith makes me an easy victim for trolling but it is kinda the basic requirement for a conversation so its not like I could get anything done if I didn’t. I hold myself eternally thankful that the kind of sites I frequent just aren’t conductive to trolling (LOL I cant believe you’re such idiots to think that i would support first past-post electoral system within an bicameral legislative process!)