Arma II: OA, Wednesday Night

Update: the password is “rumpus”.

Server is up and called “RockPaperShotgun”. I will restart and password it tonight just before the game, and post the password here.

So the ongoing saga of getting a proper co-op game of Arma II: Operation Arrowhead with RPS types – and particularly our competition winners – should be coming to an end. JestServers have sorted out a lovely, glitzy server and we’re going to host a game on Wednesday night at 8pm BST. Don’t worry too much if you can’t make it then, because we will do another game in a week or so, probably at the weekend, for the sake of getting everyone on board. Hooray!


  1. Slippery_Jim says:

    Please film it, players!

    • Alexander Norris says:

      s/players/journos wot it’s their job and all (because I’d rather someone who’s used to doing these things do it, and also I am lazy :P).

  2. Alethron says:

    Woo, can’t wait

  3. Dood says:

    I’d really like to join the fray and be part of the huge mess that this will inevitably evolve into, but another 30€ for the add-on is just a bit too expensive.

  4. Vae Victus says:

    I wasn’t one of the winners but I’m a salty dog when it comes to Arma 2. I’ll jump in and lend a hand.

  5. Alexander Norris says:

    Huzzah! We ended up trying to play a little after Sunday’s fiasco but had to steal empty pub servers and then people kept voting the Chernarus maps on and causing half the RPS chaps to disconnect since they didn’t have Combined Arms.

    So yes, very much looking forward to this. Should we compo winners expect the details via PM/emails, or will they just be posted on the front page?

  6. DrGonzo says:

    Oh I love Arma 2 but I don’t have the add on and I can’t afford it. BOO!

  7. Unaco says:

    Oooh… I have my (practice) Viva Voce tomorrow (Tuesday), and then some time off. I am tempted to pick this up (huge fan of OFP, and ArmA I Multiplayer/Co-Op if organised correctly), but have been put off by the poor SP campaign, and the requirement for organised, Co-Op play for MP to be at it’s best. Would/Could this be a regular thing? If not RPS, does anyone know any groups/clans/collectives looking for new members (I don’t need to be Rambo… my single greatest MP experience in ArmA was when I was in a massive Co-Op game, as a lone SpecOps soldier, behind enemy lines, spotting and lasing Shilkas prior to a massive assault on a city, didn’t even fire a single shot. I’m also a fairly good LB pilot, or was, when lag didn’t kill us all)?

  8. tyrspawn says:

    if you guys want to play some teamwork oriented, mature play check out – it is a public server on 24/7 that is bound by principles of cooperation and tactical play.

  9. Bluester says:

    Ooh co-op, sounds good. We run a co-op Combined Arms and an OFP server at Plug over.

  10. Nilokey says:

    Woo! I’ll be there, and square.

  11. Luomu says:

    I hope Jim has a good co-op mission or two at hand, stock OA only has a couple for larger player counts.

    • Nullkigan says:

      Evolution, AirCav and Domination would probably be good bets to get people started, if there are versions that are pure OpArrowhead.

      Your team is assigned a series of capture the town objectives, with occasional optional side missions such as intercept a convoy or destroy a radio tower. The players are split into a small number of squads rather than each leading their own squad (as is the case with Warfare/CTIsland) which helps focus the players. You don’t have to worry about purchasing AI squaddies or vehicles, which as we saw on Sunday, can get confusing. Most importantly, you only ever deal with one main objective and one optional secondary objective at a time. This means the players are concentrated in one or two places and have to cooperate, rather than scattering to the wind until someone can afford a chopper to go basehunting in.

      Of course, all three allow some distinctly non-simlike stuff such as teleporting to forward command APCs, buying sniper rifles/javelins, respawns (although I think you can limit the number of respawns and enable the medical module so medics can revive people), etc, which might be different from the desired flavour of the session. They could still be useful for getting people coordinated and practiced, though!

  12. darkrei9n says:

    Sweet, I’ll just barely be able to make it to this, I’ll be late by like 2-5 minutes. Never before have I been happier that I got my parking permit for school.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      shittttt it takes you till 8pm to get home from school? Doing English Literature at university has made anything more than 6 hours of lessons a week seem intense…

    • darkrei9n says:

      I get out at 3 PM EST. Which is 8 PM BST.

  13. EBass says:

    So what be on the RPS Steam chatroom at 7:30?

    Are we going to be playing “Dynamic Co-Op” Like evolution or pre set scripted missions with clear defined objectives?

  14. HexagonalBolts says:

    arghhh it’s unlikely I shall be free on wednesday, I’ll look out for the weekend game :(

  15. humptygrumpty says:

    your arse is your face. as the kiwi’s say.

  16. blargh says:

    Will Mr. Stone be in attendance?

  17. Gosh says:

    are regular people able to participate, also are you using regular OA or with british special forces?

    • Nullkigan says:


      The latest OA patch includes British Special Forces content (BSF-Lite), so you can play on servers that use it. However, it’s at vastly reduced quality in terms of textures and audio quality, the latter of which can be quite annoying when the AI starts jabbering because you’ve spotted a bush…

  18. gildron says:

    I might be about thirty minutes late, but I’ll definitely make an attempt at being there.

    (I want free stuff, dangit! … Will you ship to the US?)

  19. tigershuffle says:

    for UK ……..£14.95 free del at Zavvi………………and £14.99 free del at

  20. Senethro says:

    I’m getting shafted by technical difficulties. I was playing on Sunday night with no problem but get stuck joining the RPS server at Recieving Data.

    Any suggestions?