Dead Weather Report: Bulletstorm Footage

It's nice that every so often we get a videogame which is exactly what our mums think videogames are.

It’s been at least two months since we posted some Bulletstorm footage, and considering it’s the most absurd shooter currently in development that’s about a month and three weeks too long. Forgive us. Look! Here’s some hot & spicy footage of Bulletstorm fresh out of GamesCom, featuring a couple of new monster reveals and voiceover from Epic Games Producer Tanya Jessen in which she tells the story of the game’s four-barreled shotgun. The cutting edge of videogame news, right here.

If I was making a Serious Sam-like absurdo-shooter I’d have a bit where you find a Minigun, and in the room directly afterwards you find a MAXIGUN and the minigun is immediately abandoned. I think that’d be pretty good.


  1. Freud says:

    Game looks wonderfun. The running commentary is atrocious. Hope they tone it down a lot before release or it may be unplayable with sounds on.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      If I was god for a day then my very first ruling would be that in no game trailer is a person permitted to say any variation on ‘one really cool thing about…’ or ‘this is really cool…’. In fact, I’d probably just scrap cool altogether.

    • gryffinp says:

      If by running commentary you mean not hearing Steve Blum and Jennifer hale in your ears, then I cannot disagree with you more.

  2. sana says:

    “Cliff always wanted a four-barreled shotgun.”
    Woot! The Quadshot!

    • DrGonzo says:

      I see he’s an ambitious man.

    • Tacroy says:

      One of the Just Cause 2 DLCs is a quad barreled shotgun that shoots rockets instead of bullets. Does that count?

    • disperse says:

      Pshaw. If I ever designed a shooter, it would have a five-barreled shotgun.

    • l1ddl3monkey says:

      @Disperse: Nah, I’d make it a minigun that fires shotgun rounds :)

      And my CAPTCHA phrase is YMCA. Erm…

    • Antlerbot says:

      Howsabout a minigun that fires shotguns that in turn fire rockets.

    • ChampionHyena says:

      Holy crap, I remember the Quadshot. Odd that it took it this long to make it into an official Epic release.

    • Bobic says:

      how about a platinum/diamond plated automatic desert eagle that fires explosive rounds

    • Spectre-7 says:

      Hmmm… can I get a gatling gun that fires space marines, each armed with their own space-marine-firing-gatling-guns, etc., ad infinitum? I’ll call it the Infinite Recursion… or maybe the Murderizer. I’m not sure which.

    • psycho7005 says:

      @Spectre-7 Except you wouldn’t be doing any damage because there are no bullets, unless your plan is to literally crush the enemy under the tons of weight all that power armour would have.

  3. BobJustBob says:

    I want this game so hard.

  4. DrGonzo says:

    Game needs the Captcha gun. In multiplayer, you get hit and have to enter a Captcha before you can move again.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Cheaters like me pick up the Just Register You Idiot powerup.

    • yabonn_fr says:

      Bugmenot Powerup : imba for pvp?

    • tomeoftom says:

      I can just imagine that being the true form of the DEATH WORM! boss shown above: a flash of light reveals a previously-hidden monocle, and your character yells “AW, FUCK. BOOKWORM!”

    • DrGonzo says:

      I have Registered power up. But I keep getting hit by the Browser Forgets Password wea… Sigh I can’t be bothered with that anymore. Yeah Chrome refuses to keep me signed in now. And I know this is my issue not RPS’s but I’m lazy.

    • MToTheThird says:

      True fact: The original UT briefly had a mod called the URifLe, created when the mod author realized that the SDK had an undocumented security flaw feature that enabled you to open an arbitrary URL in the default web browser. You can guess what the effect of the gun was, and (given that a certain shock site launched the same year as UT) what the URL most servers chose to use was.

  5. Assaf says:

    she has a great voice.

  6. Dominic White says:

    The cheesy dialogue is fun.

    “Do you go around pissing off EVERYTHING you meet!?”
    “Mostly.. Yeah.”

    Game looks like it could be a fun ride. Don’t really see it being much beyond a rental, though – I tend not to buy shooters at full price anymore, unless they offer a fairly beefy multiplayer component that I know will still be going in a few months.

    On that note, I shall show my Traitors colours and say that the only game I’m buying new in the next couple of months is Halo: Reach.

    • Psychopomp says:

      Resi 4 was here
      Bulletstorms cheese is smalltime

    • Monkeybreadman says:

      Well boys looks like we got ourselves a console playin’ rootin’ tootin’ yellah belly.

      Rental. Next thing you’ll be saying is you’ll buy it second hand….

    • Nallen says:

      Just think, DNF could have been this with a gruff voice.

  7. stahlwerk says:

    That sidekick’s voice actress… an awesomely pissed off Jennifer Hale, by any chance?

    • Nallen says:

      Is that female Shepard? sounded like her to me.

    • stahlwerk says:

      Yes, she voices (female/the-one-true) Shepard. So you hear it too? I’m asking because there’s no bulletstorm imdb entry yet, and it’s not indicated on hers either.
      If it is her, it’s nice to hear her pulling off an entirely different kind of “angry”.

    • TheTingler says:

      Bastila Shan.

  8. Monkeybreadman says:

    One word – BIG

  9. ScubaMonster says:

    Wow, the first thing from Epic I’ve actually looked forward to in a few years.

  10. Nehacoo says:

    Looks dreadfully boring to me. But then again I’m having an increasingly hard time with these kinds of tightly scripted linear games lately. I want some freedom, man! When I’m just following a preset path doing whatever side characters are shouting at me to do it feels like I just do what the developers tell me to, rather than act on my own accord. Like I’m their bitch. Augh I should stop overanalysing things like this.

    (But please, more Doom-style open levels in shooters.)

    • Severian says:

      I totally get you, but there’s a guilty-pleasure side of me that also *likes* being on a rail for some games. I fall for the “game as movie where you’re the hero” thing all too often, and tight scripting allows for better pacing in plot progression. See Bioshock. Sometimes I want the openendedness, sometimes I want the script. I think there’s a place in game world for both.

    • Urael says:

      I was just thinking the same thing. It looked very ‘on rails’, tightly-defined, linear – whatever you want to call it – in the same way Transformers: WFC was. It was fun, sure, and some of the set-pieces were great but I felt penned in the whole time playing that, guided by my companions, funnelled by walls leading me to more checkpoints and further setpieces, instead of being allowed to roam free. I’ve been playing Stalker: Call of Pripyat all week and am loving my freedom to roam and pursue objectives at my discretion.

    • Dominic White says:

      “(But please, more Doom-style open levels in shooters.)”

      That’s where my brain broke. Doom didn’t have open levels. It had narrow, claustrophobic tunnel networks. You had to backtrack now and then because you got a key on one side of the map that opens a door on the other, but that’s just as linear – it just uses walking back through areas you’ve cleared to pad things out.

  11. Radiant says:

    I’d really love a light gun game ala Time Crisis that looked like this.

  12. Army of None says:

    That looks incredibly bland :/

  13. DarkNoghri says:

    Um, isn’t that Godzilla?

  14. Yes says:


  15. Flaringo says:

    By “movies and other games”, did they mean the “Gears of War”-series?

  16. Urthman says:

    Ugh. I just don’t understand people who are willing to play a FPS with a gamepad. It’s so boring – it’s like the main character is the Tim Burton Batman and he can’t move his neck up and down without bending awkwardly at the waist. He has to either hold himself in the “straight ahead” position or the “up” position.

    You can see how you need something like that energy lasso to slow down your foes so you can slowly, ponderously aim at them.

    I like how the game looks — the exploding environments, the creatures, the weapon effects — hopefully they’ll find some way to put in some action that is more than this slow, plodding shooting.

    • Will says:

      The real icing on the cake was when I let my friend play Left 4 Dead on my PC the other day and he said he can’t play shooters with the mouse

    • Mh says:

      Game developers that include “shitty workarounds for shitty gamepad shit” mechanics in a game that is then released on the PC / planned to be released on the PC from the outset should be kaned and skinned.
      Consoles and console players are crippled players when it comes to FPS and RTS and grand strategy and bringing, no, rapeforcing these genres over to a base that was built on Jump ‘n Run, Brawlers, Sidescrollers, Racing, Action&Fun was the most stupid thing to happen parallel to people like Sony pretending that the *aystation was a PC.
      Just as stupid as pretending the Xbox was NOT a PC and plugging a gamepad into a miniature desktop PC instead of going on developing games for the REAL PC.

      Consoles remain a plague instead of a fun, different type of play alternative not because the platform itself fails, but because the way the developers, publishers and marketeering forces have ruined things the last 10 years.

      It’s sad, and imho PC gaming has suffered tremendously from it by getting compromised(subideal textures, control mechanics, clipping, watered down size / format, lower res cinematics etc pp) games that could/would have been utterly great as pure for-PC developed games that then got “chopped down” for console, instead of the other way around.

      Also, other mechanics that have no justification on console or PC seem to oddly only exist on consoles.
      I mean, who the f.. has the idea that to climb a rope you need to press leftrightleftrightleftright a million times to advance instead of just pushing/pressing forward button/stick?
      That’s like forcing people to press once for each step, each ladder bar, once for every bullet shot.
      Oddly enough, only console developed crap seems to have these type of “ideas” and I suspect it comes from the same place of crazy that has made completing a level or shooting 3 people an “achievement” instead of natural gameplay.


  17. DXN says:

    Looks like some fun, blastyshooty schlock with very pretty graphics. Yay for that, I say! I really don’t mind if it’s just a linear shooter that doesn’t do this and doesn’t do that: as long as it’s done well, I’ll give it a playthrough or two.

  18. Tei says:

    It will probably be fun, but looks like a extreme corridor shooter. Almost a arcade-saloon type of experience, almost none freedom to explore, all the spawns scripted.
    A game like that may have very litte replayability, if don’t give the players all the tools very soon.

    • Mh says:

      I’ll take a fun(!!!) corridor like / painkillerish experience over “Respawn-until-walking-across-invisible-trigger-line-X” Modern Warfare / Medal Of Honor / Call Of Duty bollox any day.

    • Tei says:

      Borderlands have all the freedom, with all the other bonuses. Why would you craft a world so detailed and cool, and only use it for a sequence that last 4 seconds? Is a waste of resources.

  19. Nehacoo says:

    @Dominic White:
    I’d say Doom did have at least sort of open levels. (I considered placing citations marks around “open levels” in my first post but decided against it.) Open as in, you can always run back and forth through all rooms you had been able to access before, aside from temporary traps you were never forced forward, doors didn’t lock behind you and ceilings didn’t collapse to prevent you from moving (again, aside from temporary traps). Try that in any modern linear shooter.

    While I won’t refute your complaints about the labyrinthine design of many levels of at least the original Doom (many levels in Doom 2 are very open), I’m quite sure having to return to rooms you’d previously visited was very intentional. This was pretty much the first game of it’s kind, and according to Romero they did this for player’s to get a better understanding of the “3d space of the level”.

    Buuuut I’m going pretty far off-topic, but that’s what discussion’s for, I guess.

  20. Nehacoo says:

    Aargh reply system woes. But it may have been my fault this time.

  21. ssi says:

    I was briefly exited by the reference in the title. But apparently I was wrong.
    link to

  22. Navagon says:

    Having just been playing through Painkiller I’m really interested in this one right now. But yeah, it does look a lot less free form than Painkiller – a game which actually encouraged you to test what was possible with the environment with some really tricky secrets. It may be prettier, but will it be as fun? Hmm…

  23. Helm says:

    “in Epic games style, we like to make our female characters attractive, but not like, over the top, and uh, she’s definitely become a total badass”

  24. aaron says:

    Yes, that is a thing that was said.

  25. DJ Phantoon says:

    It has a grapple beam. It had me sold from the very first blue laser grapple rope.

    • Flaringo says:

      I have grapple beams, too. They’re called arms.

      Or, uh…

  26. Daryl says:

    Looks alright, but I’m wary with anything relating to Epic nowadays. I’m sure at the very least it’ll be a console port and not worth paying full price for – but that seems to be the status quo nowadays.

  27. Radiant says:

    There were elements in Painkiller that were fun but some design decisions were completely baffling.
    Like going into a Polski Sklep and finding the Kinder Surprise eggs right next to the sausages.

  28. Thiefsie says:

    how decidedly generic… should be interesting in a singularity kind of way I hope?

  29. bleeters says:

    Is… is that Steve Blum again?

  30. pupsikaso says:

    So… why again is this going to be fun? Or any different from all the other “cinematic” shooters?

  31. Commissar says:

    Does anyone else think this game looks awful?

    All I can see is Gears of War with hurr durr over the top 90’s FPS that tries too hard.

    • Phinor says:

      I’m with you. I got tired of this game 30 seconds into the first footage we saw some months ago. It just doesn’t look fun.

    • Mh says:

      Aside from the mention of GOW – that’s exactly what’s to love about it.

      Finally more of something that doesn’t try to be sober and all huffypuffy while failing utterly at it (Starcraft and just about most “modern” FPS), but somethin that remembers that games were made to be fun, shooters were made to SHOOT STUFF and that when a lot of shit blows up and stuff flies through the air, hilarity ensues.

      I say bravo, more please.

    • Commissar says:

      I enjoy the over the top 90’s FPS like anyone else, but this just smacks of trying too hard. They are no 3D Realms and I don’t think that sub-genre has a place today.

  32. Player1 says:

    I can’t believe that so many people here are eager to play this game. It’s one of the most derivative pieces of software I have seen in many years and reminds me of Unreal and Unreal Tournament. Sure the graphics look pretty, but a four barreled shotgun? Come on! I it has to be a shooter, then I would really love to see inventive weapons like in Duke Nukem or Time Splitters. If I want to play a standard shooter I stick to Serious Sam…

  33. neofit says:

    IMO it looks great, great effects and animations. But it’s just another of those slightly interactive movies, where the game will allow me to go from A to B if I press this button here and this one there, showing me a scripted destruction of something around location C, and gracefully letting me shoot a dozen mob_X around location D, all by myself, weee!

    And why compare this to Doom when discussing open levels? Compare it to Borderlands instead.

    • Rane2k says:

      I´ll have to agree with Nehacoo over Doom style level design. (This thread is all over the place)

      Just remember levels like “The Citadel”, “Industrial Zone” or “Suburbs” from DooM II with modern shooters, and you see the freedom the player had in that old game.

      On Borderlands:
      I think Borderlands is a game that did many things right, but I think the open world level design failed. There was just not enough content in that world. And how many deserts, junkyards and desert junkyards can you get into one game?
      If I could choose between DooM II style levels and Borderlands style open world I would choose DooM every single time.

    • Rane2k says:

      remember = compare

      Hopefully not reply fail. *sacrifices a slice of cheese to the reply button god*

    • neofit says:

      “Just remember levels like “The Citadel”, “Industrial Zone” or “Suburbs” from DooM II with modern shooters, and you see the freedom the player had in that old game.”
      Wow, you remember THIS? I can’t remember a single level from Doom2. I can only remember the first level of Doom1, because I’ve played it not so many years ago in some fan remake.

    • mrmud says:

      Suburbs is a really open map d2m16 if im not mistaken.
      It also makes it a very good deathmatch map.

    • Rane2k says:

      neofitt: Yeah, I remember that, but that might be because I have still occasionally play it (*1).
      That 1994 game holds up to modern games quite well. I think it´s level design was superb, and it beats many modern shooters in that respect, even if it only was 2.5D (no room over room possible).

      mrmud: Yeah, a very open level, with a little island in a slime pool with the blue key on it. Of course, if you take the key a shitload of monsters gets released, always fun to make them fight each other. :-)

      *1: There´s still some players online every day (using ZDaemon), tough I am not playing as often as I used to, since the players for some reason gather on servers with bad mappacks. Coop from time to time is still fun.

  34. Amun says:

    Except that Bioshock would have been 12 billion times a better game if it had been more like Myst or Riven. Give the player a mystery, let them solve it.

  35. EyesWideShut says:

    I’m actually going to stop watching any sort of previews for this, as I am actually firmly convinced that despite the stupid consolification that’s built into it, the game should be highly enjoyable for me, and I don’t want to have a similiar effect as watching a movie trailer which in 3 minutes has all the highlights of a 2 hour movie and ruins it.

  36. DXN says:

    I was hoping these guys would be soundtracking it:

    link to

  37. A-Scale says:


    Who writes this shit?

    • Urthman says:

      Pretending you like to eat gross stuff makes you Badaß! It just does, okay?

  38. Josh W says:

    Actually if what she said about weak-spots is true, and is part of more general design principles, this could actually be quite a fun game; being presented with properly differentiated enemies who you have to treat with more discernment than “point reticule at silhouette and hold fire” or “point reticule at top of silhouette and press fire once” is one of the basic things that a game like this needs in order to make it work. If it has that, crowd control via positioning and interesting target choice decisions then it forms a type of game similar to the sidescrolling shooter, with enough depth to make it fun, if not profound.