Boarder Patrol: Guardians Of Graxia

Ooh, I do like a nice board

While we’ve been all over End of Nations we haven’t brought any attention to Petroglyph’s other game they’re releasing. Which is a little odd because it’s out sooner. And also… well, it’s a little odder in another way. Guardians of Graxia isn’t just a direct download PC game. It’s also a board game. You can order the latter already (and also the other Graxia-set game Heroes of Graxia), and the actual PC-version is available soon. The PC version is apparently a solo game “with potential additional releases later”, though the board game is 1-2 players with a variety of scenarios. More details on the site and the trailer follows.

Frankly, I’m a sucker for PC-based board-games, so I’ll be certainly having a nose when it turns up.


  1. Brumisator says:

    I tihnk I’d pee myself in fear if an orc riding a bear 5 times the size of a castle came knocking at my door.

  2. Dyst says:

    It looks like it’s right down my street. Do you know if it’s coming to Steam?

  3. Ignorant Texan says:

    Hmmm, early summer? And, potential further releases(based on sales, no doubt). Visuals look better than Elementals, I suppose.

    • riadsala says:

      you know, I think I must be one of the few people who like Elemental visuals. I’d probably go as far as saying its the best part of the game (which I agree is broken, unfun with a nightmare UI). But I quite like the graphical style they’ve gone for.

    • pipman3000 says:

      if elemental looked anything like the pre-release mock-up shots i’d agree. they were awesome looking. i wonder how a game that looks so bad can get a frame rate so low.

  4. Alexander Norris says:

    Is Border Patrol even in 8th edition? They removed Kill Teams from 40k’s fifth. :(

  5. tomeoftom says:

    So what’s all this about 4 million, eh?

  6. Freud says:

    It’s hard to imagine what gameplay is like from the video, but it looks like it could actually be an addicting experience.

  7. pakoito says:

    <- May want it.

  8. amanda says:

    Now, please.

  9. Clovis says:

    The nice thing about PC games based on board games is that the rules aren’t nearly as complicated as traditional PC strategy games. Making an “accurate” board game of CIV would be a disaster. There’s just too many rules and too much math involved. It’s too easy for PC games to get so rule heavy that they are not really strategically deep, but simply obfuscated. I don’t think complicated is always better.

    Say with Carcassonne, I find that once you add expansions that the players never want to play vanilla Carcassone again. I don’t think the game is actually better with the expansions, just more confusing and maybe interesting. The vanilla game is great as is. I mean, would Go be better if you could upgrade a stone with enough XP or something?

    Anyway, if the boardgame is designed really well it will be as strategically interesting as almost an PC game, but not require min/maxing. So, bring it on!

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      Also, board games don’t require an internet connection or electricity, or use DRM . They do generally require at least one other person in close proximity.

    • FunkyBadger says:

      About the only maths involved in board Civ is counting up to 32.

      Actually that’s not even maths, its arithmetic.

    • Clovis says:

      @FB: I don’t mean an actual existing board game based Civilization. They would obviously reduce the rules from the PC game down to something playable that only required basic math*. Think about the by-hand number crunching involved in a board game that uses the exact same rules as the PC game. I guess some wargamers enjoy that kind of thing.

      *Yeah, and screw the ‘s’, grammar nazi. I know no one would say “mathematic”, but everyone says “math”. It’s cool if you want to be that proper, but do your trolling somewhere else. Read the FAQ. Seriously, what’s the point of your post?

  10. getter77 says:

    This has been living in my bookmarks for some months now, just a matter of waiting for it to actually release and see how things shake out…

  11. danarchist says:

    It reminds me allot of a ….Genesis? game I once played that was turn based conquer the map with your griffins etc type game. Cant for the life of me remember what it was called, just that me and my roommates had a 2 day long game once.

  12. Lykurgos says:

    Dyst, a post made by one of the developers on Quarter 2 Three indicated that a demo would be made available via Steam, so I expect the full game shall be too

  13. amanda says:

    I can has gooey blob?

  14. Gothnak says:

    Errr, wtf… I’m the geekiest boardgamer of all my friends, and i hadn’t even heard of this.. Demo please, and expect i’ll buy it…

  15. PiP says:

    These bears look like angry hairy pigs.
    Also, I’ll be checking this game out – could be nice for multiplayer.

  16. Tony M says:

    A Community Manager on the Petroglyph forum had this to say: “There will be a full campaign that has a detailed backstory where you follow Draknal through each of the maps (which get quite large and extensive in some cases!).

    There will also be a Skirmish mode where you can play on a variety of maps (small/large, multiple continents where you have to use portals, day/night, etc.) against the computer.

    We have a lot of plans established for introducing additional sequels and expansion to the game, though those will highly depend on how you guys like the first!

    We’re still working with multiple digital download services to finalize how the game will be presented. It’s look good so far, though we can’t really establish a determined “next week” until we have this locked down. It’s happening though as we speak, I can say that! “

  17. Undecided says:

    Quite frankly I am full of spite, disdain, p*ss and vinegar about the fact that it’s some stupid card based ugly-map abomination from my first impressions, but having actually played Armageddon Empires twice (and figured out how to exploit / beat it and subsequently gotten uber-bored with it), maybe there is a small shard of hope that something like that might be enjoyable.

    But I have to be honest and say I would much rather have something like Grotesque-Tactics or any other TBS battleground game with at least a small leveling up / resources / expansion-or-buildup mechanism game than a “sure do hope I gets lucky with that next card!!11” play-it-once-then-it’s-gone-and-throw-out-the-TFT-if-you-by-1-hitpoint-lose-the-most-important-card type of thing.

    We’ll see though. I don’t think it’s impossible to make this fun, just incredibly hard for someone like me.

    As for oversized peepz over small buildings and TBS in fantasy setting: Fantasy Wars.