Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Sign Ups

The Final Fantasists at Square Enix send word that their beta test for improbably pretty MMO Final Fantasy XIV – which earlier in the week was declared “delayed” due to terminal bugs – is actually opening tomorrow. Let’s hope that isn’t a sign of things to come. There’s a sign up form over here for you to sign up with (tomorrow), should you wish to sign up to this open beta. Is my terrible news writing a sign of the times? Sigh(n).


  1. Baka says:

    I’m anxious to see what the verdict of the RPS community is on this one. Played the closed beta for a couple of hours and found the whole game to be surprisingly clunky and unappealing.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      That’s the impression I had of FF XI too way back when I tried it out once. I guess I can’t say I’m surprised. Supposedly they streamlined things to not be so hardcore, but I don’t really care since I’m waiting for Guild Wars 2.

    • Zogtee says:

      My experience with MMO,s got off to a very shaky start.

      The first one I played was the Star Wars one. I was thinking “Hey, it’s Star Wars! How can it not be good?” and most of us probably know by now what a disaster it turned out to be.

      The second one was FFXI, which was crazy pretty back then and the difficulty was like a brick in the face. I put up with the astonishing grind for a while, but eventually quit. I didn’t touch another MMO, until WOW came along and promised everything would be different and to a large extent it was. I stayed in WOW for a couple of years, until I decided it was time to quit.

      I did a brief stint in LotRO and it was nice, but could do with some work here and there. I’m tired of paying a monthly fee for MMO’s, though, but I will probably get back in again, when and if it goes free.

      Now, I’m really just waiting for Guild Wars 2, but I might sign up for FFXIV just to see if Squeenix have learnt anything from their first game.

  2. Oz says:

    Am I being stupid? I can’t see where to sign up on that site. I signed up for a Square Enix account, but I can’t find where to sign up for the beta…

    • CrowPath says:

      I just made the same mistake without reading: it’s opening tomorrow.

    • Oz says:

      Goddamn. It’s actually the second site I’ve seen without a detailed title. I was searching for ages! :(

  3. JKjoker says:

    ive seen some gameplay videos and it looks incredible slow and boring (they were from the alpha build tho)

    plus they are pushing a retarded “resting” system that reduces your XP gain to 0 after 8 hours of play per week (little more than 1 hour a day, some said the counter is per job others per character and others per account so details are sketchy), it sounds like they dont even want anyone playing the game

    i could accept limits if the multiplayer component was free to play but when im paying a monthly fee they can shove time limits where the sun doesnt shine
    and i imagine it would cause most players to rush to get XP before the time runs out instead of spending some time chatting in town

    • Cooper says:

      As someone who doesn’t want to (and doesn’t have the time to) sink more than about 5-6 hours a week into a MMO, I welcome this.

      Ideally, though, they’d have been a tad imaginative and moved beyond the XP level system; there are a number of MMOs out there who do not have levelling tied directly to time playing.

      But, then, again, a Final Fantasy game without level grinding? As if.

    • Manley Pointer says:

      The descriptions of the resting system I have read have been so confusing that I’m not going to draw conclusions about it until I’ve actually played. There has been a lot of “is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow” outrage, but few specific details have been given about the system.

      I read one fairly detailed explanation that claims the resting system will not affect normal players at all. The poster claimed that the resting system will only affect people who earn a massive amount of experience over eight straight hours, and that the “fatigue” or whatever regenerates whenever you are not earning xp (while you travel between locations, for instance). The poster claimed that the only way to earn enough xp quickly enough to hit the point of diminishing returns was to be part of a group that was grinding an incredible amount of experience quickly (higher levels “pulling” lower levels up quickly by killing tough monsters, etc.) The claim was that even hardcore players grinding by themselves 8 hours a day would not be affected; only the people with fast-leveling schemes (the guys who hit max level 48 hours after a new WoW expansion comes out) will be affected.

      But again, that’s just what someone on the internet said. It’ll be easy enough to play the open beta and see whether I’m being robbed of experience or whatever.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Well to be honest, FF XI was awfully slow and boring too. I tried it out once and just didn’t like it. So I expected more of the same with this one.

  4. Johnny says:

    From my brief test round with the game… The PC version feels like the worst kind of console port. Not to mention compatibility problems with the 4800-series cards. Which happens to be the most common on the market today.

  5. Freud says:

    Is the general gameplay ideas the same as the previous one? That grouping up is mandatory for most tasks?

  6. Xercies says:

    Hopefully you are forced into groups. Why do i say this? because I want a proper MMO not a solo MMO. To long have us proper groupers been sidelined for the solo experience. If you want your solo experience you have many MMOs to catr to you. As for me who wants proper grouping and proper community i will love this game like i loved the last game.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      Quite honestly, every MMO can be a grouping game without forcing it. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you in WoW from leveling with friends, and it goes faster when you do anyway. Not to mention doing instances goes a lot faster as well, especially when you have reliable people to play with. And as for raids? Well yeah good luck with end game without being in a proper guild. End game in WoW is basically forced grouping.

    • Tei says:



      It take hours to create a good group. It take months for people to function in a group.

      What It happends, is that games solo-friendly, most groups fail because people don’t know how to work in a group. The effect is that such games create more soloers. It work like a virus, and It expread and jump to other games.

      Reading that the story instances of LOTRO are soloable almost made me cry. Soloers are destroying the genre from inside.

      Like Xercies say, soloers have ALL other games to have fun. It will be fun if at least one is good for grouping.

    • Wulf says:

      I group because I have friends and I end up playing together with them whenever we’re in the game together. 90% of Guild Wars (all three campaigns and the expansion) I played with 1-2 friends by my side, and we had a blast.

      What do I need forced grouping for? That seems entirely redundant, it just means that when my friends and I aren’t on at the same time I won’t be able to pop in and have some fun, it just seems like an inconvenience with no real purpose?

      Ohhhh, it’s for rude, antisocial people whom I have to pretend I actually like in order to progress through the game. Riiiight. >_< So, why must I suffer for the benefit of people who can't make friends naturally?

      If this game has forced grouping, I think I'll pass.

      This is why I hate MMORPGs that are MMORPGs, as opposed to online RPGs which are trying to not be MMORPGs too much. And yes, I did go there.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @Tei : I’m not talking about PUG’s. I’m talking about grouping with friends or guilds. PUG’s are always bad typically, whether the game forces grouping or not.

      The problem forced grouping presents is it creates a barrier to entry for newcomers to the game after it’s been out for a while. Have to form a group and everybody is level 80? Have fun with that. Sure, some people create alts, but unless you hop into a guild right away, you could be sitting there for a very long time trying to form that group. At least in games where you can solo, you can do something whether you get a group or not. And I’m not talking about just sitting in town crafting.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @Tei: “It take hours to create a good group.”

      And that’s different in forced grouping games how exactly?

    • Tei says:

      “The problem forced grouping presents is it creates a barrier to entry for newcomers to the game after it’s been out for a while.”

      Lol what? you can group at level 1 in any game, I think.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      @Tei : You’re totally misunderstanding what I’m saying. Yes, you can form a group at any level. What I’m talking about is new players finding a virtual ghost town in the lower levels because most everybody is high level. You can’t very well form a group if you can’t find people to group with. In previous mmo’s like EQ and whatnot, you could literally spend hours finding a group. If it was a mmo where you could solo, you could at least do something.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      My idea of fun doesn’t include spending all night spamming LFG.

    • Xercies says:

      You know what most of my time in FFXI was PUGS and it was the most fun i have ever had in an MMO, because it was the same group mostly all the time you got to know people on the server and level with them it felt like a real community. Games now a days you et rubbish PUGS because its not forced grouping you can solo so why would you need to pick up a group. Sure you could be spending 15 minutes asking for LFG but thats why there was all thsoe other activities like craftign and the like. You did that while waiting it created a great community i have to say.

      Modern MMOs you have none of that cimmunity even in guilds to be honest. The guilds in FFXI were much better because they were formed by just what i was saying earlier people being i nthe same groups and forming a band together. real community real togetherness. Real entertainment i have to say.

      Sure you get the proble with newbies after the 3rd year or something but thems the breaks. You wither have a good community where newbies have a tough time. Or no community because evryones soloing

    • Xercies says:

      And actually i never found that problem with FFXI. I played it way in its years like the 4th and 5th year and to be honest there was not that much problem. Sure the lower levels were alittle barren but during times at like 5-8 o clock it was chock full of people to play with, also the smaller community actually made it even more great because you were more likely to group with the same people all the time and get to know some of them.

  7. Scarves says:

    I’m looking forward to it.

    A good explanation of the Surplus system (fatigue) is

    • Scarves says:

      goddamn it .

      link is

      link to

    • geldonyetich says:

      I could see that ticking off hardcore players who play MMORPGs as though they are a race to get to the maximum level in a class first. As for me, however, I’m a chronic altaholic, and am actually somewhat pleased I’ve an excuse and incentive to abuse my habit.

    • Tei says:

      I have pull this from Wikipedia.

      “However, the use of mules is not universally frowned upon. In fact, in games such as Final Fantasy XI, it may be considered a marketing scheme. Final Fantasy XI permits one character for the monthly rate, and additional characters for $1.00 per month, whereas most games provide multiple character slots for no additional fee.”

      I don’t know how it will work for the new FF game, but probably you already know that as was making a sarcastic post.

    • Cymril says:

      Additional characters cost $3 a month, and while everyone gets one for free, you can buy an extra storage character (that can apparently do other economic stuff too) for another $1 a month.

  8. Ruffles says:

    Ahhh, the ‘lololol i trol u’ defence, masterstroke.

    Yeah, I’ve not really been keeping track of this game much, but from what I’ve heard from people in the beta it sounds like I’ll give this a miss, at least for the moment.

  9. Josh says:

    Yeah the whole 8 hours a week thing is false. Even in closed beta where people first started complaining about it i was playing waaaaaaaaaay more than 8 hours a week.

    I’m pretty tired of seeing that line of BS repeated all over the internet. The game is pretty good, but I can see why some people wouldn’t like it. It’s different. It’s not another WoW clone (NAWC). That doesn’t mean you have to go spreading lies about the game.

    The people that think you can only play 8 hours a week obviously weren’t in the beta, or they wouldn’t be saying that. They should probably give the open beta a shot.

  10. geldonyetich says:

    FFXI’s greater appeal is that it wasn’t an MMORPG that cut corners in favor of being casual-friendly. Time will tell if FFXIV follows in those footsteps or not but, given the deluge of casual friendly MMORPGs lately, I certainly hope not. Us more sophisticated powers need a quality MMORPG experience too, you know.

    • geldonyetich says:

      Wow, the more I read about this game, the more of a fanboy I am becoming of it.

      * Quasi-action based combat that retains the tactical sophistication I liked from FFXI.
      * Your character evolves abilities naturally and implicitly depending on your choice of weapons and these abilities remain available outside that class, basically allowing you to grow a custom-tailored character suited to your needs.
      * 11/18 of the clases are crafting classes because the economy is completely player driven.
      * Such attention to detail that everything you equip is visible on the character.

      And so on. This is sounding like an MMORPG worthy of a monthly subscription, where worthiness is measured by feeling like a key to a really compelling virtual world. Provided that, when I play the beta, it’s not terrible in execution.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      FF XI, and now FF XIV, always sounded great on paper. When I tried FF XI however I found it mind-numbingly boring.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      In regards to “Such attention to detail that everything you equip is visible on the character. ” WoW already does that. With the exception of jewelry and trinkets.

    • geldonyetich says:

      With the exception of jewelry and trinkets.

      From what I’ve read in that link, these are not exceptions in FFXIV.

  11. Freud says:

    I wonder if they will continue to have insanely hard boss fights. I know they had to tone down the length of fights when media reported that a guild tried fighting a boss for 18 hours without killing it. Also there was one boss (Absolute Virtue) that no one managed to kill for years, which is kinda cool but also indicative of poor design.

  12. Drool says:

    I didn’t have all that much time with the beta, but my limited impressions were lots of running at a very slow speed over long distances and the only combat oriented thing to do was basic kill X eight times quests.

    You just kind of get them from some magical glowing thing that appears next to you and gives you quests. It’s pretty silly really and very boring.

  13. geldonyetich says:

    I actually did everything I could to prepare for when the hour rolled around that they were issuing keys. I still managed to miss out on my opportunity beneath the crush of tens of thousands of Final Fantasy fans slamming their server. Looks like they’re having is apply for open beta, so it leaves me to wonder if I’d get in even if I could get to that application.

  14. Quizboy says:

    Despite it saying ‘apply’, I’m pretty sure you’re automatically accepted if you manage to refresh enough times that the server takes pity on you – it just parped out a key for me via email, although admittedly now I can’t get the login screen to load in order to register the key, and the one time I did I got a message epitomising Square-Enix’s usual level of English-language user communication that just said ‘this service cannot be logged in to’. Then why is there a login box, S-E? Why is there a login box? ANSWER ME THAT.

    Disillusionment with what everyone I know who’s played it has described as a charmless, grindy, arkward MMO is only 9gb away…

  15. Scoteh says:

    Well I’ve had it downloaded since it became available on the 1st, but no matter how many refreshes i cant get a key. Already feeling as if this isnt worth the hassle as I havent seen anything in this game that makes me really want to play it.

    Wanted to give the beta a bash to give the game a fair chance, dont judge til youve played etc, but with a company managing beta traffic the way square enix are, i hold very little faith for how theyll actually manage the release. Which has put me off straight away

  16. Ezhar says:

    Ouch, that was bad. After all the woes with download troubles, crashing installer and overloaded/disabled website, the game was worse than my already low expectations. The engine seems to be the same horrible port of a console monstrosity as in the last MMO one (I think it was XI? The one that I bought and regretted doing so ever since). You can tell the graphics could look pretty if they weren’t ruined by some gritty texture filtering (or lack thereof) that makes outdoor areas look like poop put through a meat grinder.

    The worst part though is the UI, which was clearly made for consoles and has never been put through UX testing for PC users (or maybe it was but the UX team committed ritual suicide upon first contact with the interface). This is made even worse by the massive lag the open beta suffers from (so don’t expect to be able to play on launch day).

    Then comes the boring long intro (nice cutscenes though), the “go find your own way off this platform and out of this ridiculously big city” starter quest and the endless walking before even killing the first rat.

    This is sad. Clearly a lot of work has gone into this, but I can’t see myself putting up with the stupid UI, long boring travels and rat grinding (though obviously I have no clue if this gets better later on).

    At least the music was good and the player characters well made. But for crying out loud, get the damn tech right – look at Blizzard if you need tips. (Hint: Warning me that Alt-F4 may cause data loss is bullshit).