Mod News: Look What I Made

I’ve been a busy bee on the mod front this week. Like, being creative and everything. Fortunately, I just about still remembered to piece together a roundup of the most interesting and self-promotiony news from the past week. Read on, my pretties.


Obviously, the most essential news this week is that I’m working on another thing. I’ll still be writing Visage, but secretly I’ve been slaving away all year on a new design of my own. Finally, I’ve started to piece the thing together. It’s called Sheltered, it’s a sorta-room-escape mod for Half-Life 2, its ModDB page is here and I wrote a little bit about it on my blog. Hoorah! [Okay, enough with the pimping, Denby – RPS.]

(Actually, on that note, is anyone a voice actor? In particular, a female voice actor? I’m having a nightmare trying to fill two female roles, which is reaffirming my believe that voice acting in games is malicious and dreadful, and that ladies are cruel and unkind. Sadface.) [Don’t make us come over there! – RPS.]

Onto real news, and I was interested to see that They Hunger: Tactical is nearing completion. It’s an update to the classic Half-Life mod which brings everything into the modern age a bit, with new models and suchlike. In accordance with that, there’s also an additional mission taking place in the present day… which seems to have got a lot of people angry, strangely. How /dare/ they do They Hunger in the future?

Still on Half-Life 1, Sven Co-op 4.5 is on the way. They’ve got “a promising release candidate” ready, apparently. Now, I never played Sven Co-op, oddly. But a friend of mine recently tried to play through it with his girlfriend – for whom it was her introduction to Half-Life – and found it hysterically broken. Is he just unfortunate? Is it all his fault? I’m curious to know.

And finally, Battlefield 2 zombie mod Operation Dead Dawn has been totally rebuilt from the ground up. I always hugely admire that. There are few things more painful than throwing away months of hard work, but if it’s not coming together, sometimes it needs to be done. I mean, isn’t that what Valve did with Half-Life? Anyway, there’s a new trailer to show off the team’s progress.


For Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, there’s a delightful new mod on the scene. European Conflict has hit an open beta stage, and initial signs seem fairly promising. There’s new units, buildings terrain, AI… oh, all sorts, really. Here, have a trailer.

And for Command & C– hey! It’s all Command & Conquer mods! But this one’s for Tiberian Sun. It’s called Twisted Insurrection, and it too has released its first public beta this week. This one’s about a second Tiberian war and the fate of the Earth being unknown. Here’s some in-game footage.


Battlefield 2142 mod First Strike has hit version 1.5. It’s a Star Wars-themed total conversion for the game, which has always gone down rather well. The new update makes some AI changes, as well as adding new maps, along with single-player and co-op support. A new trailer exists.

There’s also World in Conflict mod Modern Warfare Mod 2.0 version 4. What a mouthful! This updates the… er. Huh. No, actually, I have no idea what it updates. I can’t seem to find anywhere where it says. However, once again there’s a new trailer.


Ever wanted to make stuff for FOnline? No, me neither, really. But I just spotted that there’s an SDK knocking around on ModDB now. FOnline is an amateur Fallout MMO project, essentially, and you can now piece together your own content for it. Have a read of this for a bit more info.

Ta-ta for now.


  1. Lack_26 says:

    No mention of all the new Black Mesa news? (Take a look at the forums and the link to ; link to ; link to Lots of nice screenshots there.

    • Lewis says:

      The first week I think, “Well there’s no point checking in on Black Mesa, hur hur hur.” /facepalm

      Maybe that’s the secret. I need to start assuming there’s no updates, then suddenly it’ll be released.

    • Lack_26 says:

      That must be the secret, ignore it long enough and they’ll release it.

    • Veret says:

      In case anybody didn’t immediately go hunting for more juicy updates, here’s the preview from Atomic that goes with all those screenshots. Those beautiful, luscious, screenshots…

      Oh, I just noticed Nobody posted the same thing down below. So imagine him saying this instead, up here where you’ll actually read it.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Shouldn’t have linked to it anyway. The dev’s didn’t want the pictures released.

    • JohnnyMaverik says:

      Knowing Black Mesa Source as I kinda do but certainly not on a personal level, those are either old or strictly a work in progress… they’ll never hit the benchmark they set with that trailer though.

      @ Article

      Looking forward to Sheltered… already said it once but hey, it’s worth saying twice.

  2. Dreamhacker says:

    Somehow, the C&C Generals: European Conflict graphics does not look at all european to me. It looks really cool, but not so much european as sino-russian.

    • Dreamhacker says:

      Oops, the screens depicted the UAN (United Asian Nations), not the Euro-team. My bad.

  3. CMaster says:

    I do think that what those guys seem to be doing with They Hunger (adding lots of millitary-esque weaponry, fast zombies, SWAT zombies) does seem to be kinda missing the point of it.

    Still, no harm done really – play it if you like that sort of thing. I thought the general agreement was that They Hunger got less interesting the more straight up gunfighting it got.

  4. Metal_circus says:

    in defence of Sven Co-op; some of my happiest online gaming memories are with that mod. I remember being 15 or 16 (i’m now 22, that’s how old this mod is) and found it to be an absolute laugh riot with the right people. There are millions of maps, most of which are utterly horrendous, but that doesn’t stop them being good fun to work through. The default maps released with the mod itself are usually the best ones, but there are a few brilliant custom map packs in circulation too, and there is some silly “fun” maps around which involve navigating mazes with totally unfair traps littered all over them, which normally would be a painful experience, but with some buddies is actually an exercise in good fun and team work. In fact there are a few maze maps in which the first one to the end gets to control the traps all across the maze, which gives you the amazing ability of being an utter, terrible bastard to your friends still struggling through the maze. Good times.

    And yes, it has been hideously broken since the 4.0 release, and frankly i’m astonished that they’re -still- working on that well over a year after 4.0’s release. But can I just say this: it is immense amounts of fun with friends, and when it’s working properly of course. Ignore the 4.0 release if you can, or wait for 4.5. My advice? Stick with the default maps first. Branch out to some of the custom ones, then dip your toes into the more exotic silliness of the mazes. It’s also good for a LAN party or playing over Hamachi.

    (Now I want to play it all over again. Damn you RPS)

  5. Dyst says:

    You missed out Call of Pripyat Redux releasing this week.

    link to

  6. Danboe says:

    It’s pretty much a troll mod, made just because they can. The “leader” has pretty much said that himself.

    • CMaster says:

      Erm, what mod was that?

    • EthZee says:

      I imagine he’s talking about They Hunger: Tactical.

      Especially since the plot on the ModDB page mentions something called “Operation Coolface” – that sounds like a hint.

  7. Nallen says:

    Are you going to be paying your voice talent?

    • Lewis says:

      No. Partly because I can’t afford to do that. Mainly because it’s a mod, and to my mind, as soon as money starts changing hands within the mod scene, it’s in a bad way.

  8. Gabe McGrath says:

    Speaking of They Hunger, whatever happened to the Source version the original maker was doing?
    That was yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars ago….?

    • Lewis says:

      It went very quiet. Last anyone heard was when one of the other devs mentioned that Neil Manke had been taken ill. Certainly no one in the mod community has heard from him in a while.

  9. ZIGS says:

    (Actually, on that note, is anyone a voice actor? In particular, a female voice actor? I’m having a nightmare trying to fill two female roles, which is reaffirming my believe that voice acting in games is malicious and dreadful, and that ladies are cruel and unkind. Sadface.)

    Is this the best excuse you could find to meet girls on the internet? For shame

  10. J.D says:

    It was the single player we played through in co-op. It was utterly ridiculous. I can understand certain scenes an elements being removed but not big scenes like the tentacle monster in the silo that just failed to appear. That didn’t stop the scripted sequence of the scientist getting dragged through the window though. Yeah, my girlfriend was really impressed with the screaming, floating scientist that propelled himself through the window.

    Really hope the co-op mods for Half life 2 are better.

  11. Moridin says:

    No love for stalker cop redux?