Red Orchestra: The PAX Trailer

If this morning’s interview caught your interest, then you’ll probably want to watch this. It’s an in-engine FMV sequence, rather than being actual game footage, but you get the idea. Tanks, men with rifles, machine-guns, hats. Lots of grimness. Yeah, there’s really quite a lot to look forward to at the minute, isn’t there?


  1. Curry the Great says:

    The dismemberment looks great, but I think the tank is quite a bit too small.

    • TychoCelchuuu says:

      It’s not Red Orchestra’s fault that real life tanks weren’t always gigantic.

    • M says:

      Wasn’t it a bit Lego-like?

      The rest of the trailer was great though.

    • sneetch says:

      Well, after the Germans captured Denmark, maybe they converted the LEGO factory to produce parts for their tanks? ;)

      This looks cool, I just hope that you can move your view about a bit to look through the vision slits (and possibly even fire a lucky shot through them).

    • Jambe says:

      It doesn’t look small at all. It looks exactly like a Panzer IV pulling around the corner.

      @sneeth: did you read RPS’s piece from today about the game’s vehicles?

      The first thing that we’ve done is what we call a virtual interior. The player can actually look around in the interior and very easily interact with the interior. Want to look out of a view slit, just look at the slit and press a button. Want to stick your head out of the hatch, look up and press a button.

    • Curry the Great says:

      Is it really that small? The scale just feels off between the infantry and the tank, they’re at the same spot and if I compare I think the tank looks too small. If I see a ww2 tank irl I’m usually suprised by the size of the thing, pz4s included. I felt like the crouchy-sprinty guys were about as tall as the hull of the tank, where I think in real life a guy standing up barely looks over the hull.

      Could be cause of the zoom-in though.

  2. Berm says:

    Oh wow. Awesome, brutal trailer.

  3. Andrige says:

    Oh my… looks awesome.
    I was particularly impressed that they showed the interior of the tank, small touch perhaps but it’s just amazing to watch.

    • Brumisator says:

      Then you should read the interview posted here earlier today.

  4. BruceCampbell87 says:


  5. MJS says:

    Kaboom! Lovely stuff.

  6. utharda says:

    First of all, games need more explosive dismemberment.

    Second, war really is horrible.

    Third, Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox is my daddy.

    • Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox says:


    • Brumisator says:

      War…war never changes.

    • Unaco says:

      War! It’s Fantastic.

    • TimA says:

      War! Never been so much fun…

    • Dozer (who occasionally drives John's bus to town) says:

      Brumislator – that’s a quote, isn’t it, from the game that Unskippable covered with Yahtzee from ZP? “I’m going to go eat a stick of butter” because a catchphrase in my house for far too long after that…

  7. Davee says:

    Woo! One can never have too many trailers. Right?

  8. John Gibson Tripwire Interactive President says:

    Jim, the video actually isn’t FMV, it’s all in engine footage not CGI, using in-game assets and animations, and showing actual gameplay features. With that said, it is a cinematic sequence, but it is representative of the actual gameplay.

  9. Novotny says:

    I love Red Orchestra.

  10. Fred Wester, CEO of Paradox says:

    Oh boy, more tanks! RIGHT!

  11. John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive says:


  12. Roger Tripwire, Owner of Tripwire says:

    This is silly.

    (/Eurogamer forum meme)

  13. Zimbob says:

    It’s going to have lag compensation… right?

    Purchase-decider for me.

  14. coldwave says:

    I’m reading comments in a linked video thread and I am not happy.

    So many CoD fans who say ‘meh’ just because graphics are not shiny.

    • xxx says:

      thats gametrailers community for you

    • drunkenirish says:

      COD fans hate on RO:HOS cause its not a arcade game.

    • Berm says:

      I don’t really understand, Stalingrad was a bleak place and the graphics reflect that and are actually pretty great.

      I can’t be the only one who thinks this may be the best looking UE3 game I’ve seen in a long, long time? I honestly can’t understand the criticism aimed at the graphics, for an alpha build they are looking already head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen in the PC this year.

    • Skurmedel says:

      It is gonna play like ten times better compared to Call of Duty. Bolt rifles separate the men from the boys.

  15. Man Raised By Puffins says:

  16. drunkenirish says:

    Looking great! . I foresee RO:HOS drawing the COD, MOH, DOD crowd; with added features, the improved graphics, and good solid community.

    • Berm says:

      Yes I can see this game easily becoming a PC classic with the largest MP population around.

  17. Megadeth89 says:

    The tank moves and sounds and looks amazing, God, this game is going to be amazing.

  18. Bane says:

    All my brain blood is in my boner.

  19. Subjective Effect says:

    If there is any sense in the gaming world this will be huge. The RO mod was fantastic and always well populated but Ostfront seemed to always lack popularity.

    For me the two greatest things about RO are the ballistics (a game where you have to actually be a good shot!) and the damage model. One shot = casualty (unless you are very lucky).

    Looking forward to this. The very real Tank Fear is great but please un-nerf the MGs. In the UT2004 mod they were commanding weapons, in Ostfront they were far to inaccurate.

  20. drunkenirish says:

    I would agree. Not sure about how well advertised RO:OST was in the beginning all I know I got the last copy at FRY ELECTRONICS for $20. Afterwards, I asked a few on my regular DOD server if anyone had heard of it, The overwhelming reply was NO. Same exact responses on MOH and COD servers I’ve played on.

    The best $20 on a game I’ve ever spent.

  21. Plopsworth says:

    Whot? No bouncy tracer ricochets shown off when the …errr, plate-fed Degtaryev opens up on the squad? One of the best effects of the original Red Orchestra in my opinion.

  22. JustFilth says:

    Nicely put togther TW, looking forward to this even more so …… top job


  23. BlindPsychic says:

    Oh man the DP MG sound takes me back. That was my favorite russian gun

  24. Bald Space Marine says:

    Is there an option to pre-order this game?