Terminal Witch: Witch Hunt Trailer

Oh god. Are RPS going to do another post talking about boobs?
September 7th is looking like a bad day for people find themselves bleeding from every orifice whenever Bioware release Downloadable Content. They’re going to be painfully jettisoning twice the fluids they may have expected, because as well as Lair of the Shadow Broker for Mass Effect 2, they’re releasing Witch Hunt for Dragon Age: Origins which basically takes your Warden out for the final part of the story where you find out whether Morrigan ever decided to start wearing sensible clothes. Trailer follows, which includes spoilers…

You can get more details at the site.


  1. Freud says:

    Mafia 2s DLC will be released that day too. May it be officially known as pay-up-bitches-day.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks the DLC thing is a faux-clever way to avoid breaking the 49.95USD barrier we’ve had for the past decade. It’s, what, 21USD and counting for ME2 content DLC, and something approaching 35 USD for Dragon Age? If I buy either of these, it will be in GotY editions, hopefully on sale. Having finally finished playing ME1 and being disappointed I couldn’t snuff Liara along with Williams, I guess I’m officially done with Bioware. I’ll just wait for the Witcher 2.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      Yeah, $30 of DLC on the same day really opens one’s eyes to how that stuff adds up. Not sure that was a wise decision for the schedulers.

      Minerva’s Den for BioShock 2 should be on PC any day now as well.

    • Freud says:

      I think part of why I don’t embrace this trend is that quality of DLCs is so uneven and it is quite hard to get good information about what we are supposed to buy. Am I paying for something that is over in 90 minutes or 7 hours? Does the DLC make any real changes to gameplay mechanics? Does it re-use stuff from the original game or is there new artwork, models, weapons?

      I don’t have a problem with DLCs per se, but I think lately there is a planned money grab element to it that I don’t quite like. I am one of those that fondly remembers when Epic released map packs for Unreal Tournament for free. These days companies don’t do stuff like that because someone taught them the word “monetize”.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      With modern developmental costs, I can understand why the ‘complete’ game on release can now be viewed as the way ,at best, to break-even, and ,at worst, a loss leader, to later make a (hopeful) profit on DLC. It’s the implication that the release is incomplete that really sticks in my craw. Just raise the retail, and deal with the fallout.

    • jaheira says:

      “Just raise the retail, and deal with the fallout.”

      Why? Surely it’s better to pay in installments. That way if you don’t like the game don’t buy the DLC, and save yourself some spondoolicks.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      Or wait for the GotY. It’s the narrowing window between release and the inevitable paid DLC I ‘m bitching/whining/ranting about. At this rate, paid DLC is going to be announced and available BEFORE release. They’re either going to have to raise retail on the AAA+ titles, or start subs, if analysts and publishers are to be believed about how money is being lost at 49.95USD. Which is a matter for debate.

    • kjr says:

      Hey, doesn’t dead rising 2 have a paid demo?

      Pre-release DLC!

    • Dominic White says:

      Not really a demo – it’s a two-hour-long prologue (not part of the main game at all) that you can get for $5/£3

      Two hours, and with replay value – multiple endings and a bunch of hidden stuff. Quite frankly, I’d be in favour of more developers offering ‘first bite’ chunks of games like that, rather than modern 10-minute long demos.

    • Sonic Goo says:

      “Just raise the retail, and deal with the fallout.|”

      Or, you know, work more efficiently?

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      How do you suggest they work more ‘efficiently’? By cutting wages? Moving everybody from staff to contract positions? Out-sourcing to China? Gamers are understandably demanding ‘NEWER!’ ‘SHINIER!!’ games,which increases developmental costs, but are unwilling to pay more for them. I include myself in those who are resistant to paying more than 49.95USD for a AAA title. But I am also aware this is why more and more DLC is being developed along with the core, hell, used to be in the core. I remember the shit-storm when DO:A was released with ‘DLC’ on the disc, you had to pay to unlock content that was shipped with it.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      Cutting budgets would be a start… things are kind of out of hand when a game needs to sell a million copies or it’s a complete failure.

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      I take it we are still discussing AAA Titles.

      Cutting budgets sounds good, but where do you cut? Q&A testing? Then people will rightly say you’re releasing a buggy, broken mess. Environments? World seems flat. Character animations? Characters are lifeless/wooden. Voice acting? Too few voices, they should have spent money on actors. Writers? Story/dialog is shit. Y’all can come up with more examples.

      I’ll find it easy to say developers/publishers are undisciplined, spend-thrift idiots. Some are, most aren’t. Just like any other art form, no one sets out to create a piece of shit. Money isn’t the answer, but a lack of it is worse.

    • mihor_fego says:

      Advertising and executive wages, perhaps?

      Just get a decent demo out and the game sells itself. Also, developers need to get the most out of it, not some executives.

      The cost to create a game is no excuse for the DLC we’re getting. If they have faith in their games, they can ask for more money and give us expansions. You know, like in Baldur’s Gate and Morrowind? I’d gladly pay equal to a whole game if an expansion is worth it.

      The problem is some of us feel we’re missing a lot with the DLC trend. I’m one of those who loved Fallout 3. The first DLC gave you game-breaking gear, the second was better, but it could merge with the fourth into a proper expansion if they were into it. The third should be in the original game. Don’t know about Zeta, cause it seemed as disconnected from the game as the first, so I didn’t buy it.

      Now, after that experience, I didn’t buy ME2 and DA:O because I want the whole games complete. So I’ll have to wait for GOTY editions. Not a good way to make my purchase an early sale figure, is it?

    • Ignorant Texan says:

      mihor_fego –

      Executive wages, if the asshats who ran the world’s economy into the ground response to that very excellent suggestion is any indication, is a no go. As to advertising, if people don’t know about something, how are they going to decide they want to buy it?

      If I come across as a shill/pimp/apologist for devs/publishers, then I’ve been unclear. I’ve been playing Debil’s advocate as to why this DLC on release phenomenon is growing exponentially. At least more of the money is going to said devs/pubs, since the retailers are cut from the money chain. Which is as good an explination as any as to why it’s occurring.

    • Circlestrafe says:

      With 96 hours in ME2, and over 76 in DA:O (including various DLCS for both), both of which I’m still playing, the two games are well worth the price. There are other games I’ve purchased and didn’t receive near the entertainment value, and there are some where I received multiple times the value (thousands of hours in the Battlefield series). Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Those of us that DO get our money’s worth, we’ll buy it.

  2. Jason Moyer says:

    I was wondering where I could find N64 ROMs. Thanks, guys!

    • Zogtee says:

      Yep, the weekend is saved. Mario 64, here I come!

      My first thought watching the clip was really about the graphics and how much better ME2 looks compared to this. Great game, though.

  3. Tei says:

    I will, of course, follow Morrigan. Even if she is the devil, she has gained more than one opportunity to redeem his debts. The choice I made was about to kill a monster, and free a “old god” (has she described it). I will face the consequences.

  4. fearian says:

    “September 7th is looking like a bad day for people find themselves bleeding from every orifice whenever Bioware release Downloadable Content. They’re going to be painfully jettisoning twice the fluids they may have expected”

    wha- what is this i dont eve n

  5. Vinraith says:

    This is another one that would be incredibly intriguing if I had any confidence in Bioware to actually make a lengthy, meaty, substantial DLC. I’d really, really like for this one to surprise me, as the entire Morrigan arc is quite good IMO, but if they blow it off with an hour of mediocre gameplay and an arbitrary sex scene I’m likely to become even more disillusioned with Bioware.

  6. Pace says:

    I can only hope that the choices you made in Origins have a significant impact here. You’d think they clearly should. As in big, huge impact.

  7. Jimbo says:

    My Warden can’t make it – she’s too busy being dead.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      I assume it works like Awakening and other content, you can import anyway, the game don’t care. If you care story-wise I guess you can probably make a new character just for the DLC? One assumes you can.

  8. The Codicier says:

    The choices regarding here were really some of the most significant in the game and it will be really interesting to see how it plays out.

    I suppose though giving that they are moving from the open ended story & world building of Origins to a story much more tightly focused on one character, that tying off loose ends is essential.
    I can’t sadly see that this DLC can have anything but a fixed ending since although having choices carried on from one core game to another seems reasonable allowing choices made in a DLC to influence the new game would just get too complicated. Whatever Morrigans fate is i doubt we can effect it, only witness it.

  9. Pijama says:



    So, when I finished Dragon Age and my warden died doing his damned job, how this DLC will work?

    p.s. – whereas I found the setting quite good, I couldn’t bear do more than one playthrough, let alone reinstall this to play the oh-so-inspired DLC…

    • Jimbo says:

      You can use your Awakening character or make a new one, or presumably retcon your original character back to life if you want, like you could in Awakening.

      Presumably this DLC will have the same problem that Awakening had, where you can’t use a new character whilst keeping your old decisions, which would really suck in this instance.

  10. Heliocentric says:

    2 shag the female npc dlc from bioware on the same day? Oh wait, the blue alien isn’t technically female.

    Thats okay then.

  11. James G says:

    Is any of the Dragon Age DLC worth grabbing? I’ve heard a few good things about Leliana’s song, but I’m not sure if this was a case of people saying it was worth it, or just that it wasn’t as terrible as some of the rest.

    • Kadayi says:

      Leliana’s song was decent, it added a bit more back story to her character in terms of how she came to be in the Chantry etc, as well as adding a bit more colour to the Orlesian Empire in terms of how it operates. However I wouldn’t say any of it is essential. I’ll probably get Witch hunt as I’m interested to see what Morrigans been upto though.

    • bleeters says:

      Honestly? Both. Leliana’s song is quite decent, yes, but I’d be lying if I said it filled some nagging void in the rest of the game. You won’t be left wanting by skipping it. The rest so far has been varying degrees of passive to terrible.

      Besides, even if the upgraded item rewards each DLC offers tickle your interest, there’s plenty of free fan-made armour sets available. And hey, they bothered to give them new textures, too.

  12. Nick says:

    I remember when Bioware romances were long moderately well written mini stories that tackled various emotional issues and progressed slowly. Now its just 3-4 conversations and a fuck-scene. We’ve come a long way since BG2 I guess, go progress!

    • Vinraith says:

      Part of that is honestly because their RPG’s have gotten so much shorter. It’s harder to interlace a nuanced romance story into a larger narrative game when you haven’t got BG2 length to play with. That’s one of the many sad things about the AAA trend towards shorter games, really. There’s just plain less time for character development.

    • Jim9137 says:

      Then we have Awakenings, using the same exact engine, mostly the same models, with cloned NPC/Companions (with slight recoloring), and all you get is the keg and random bits of conversation for characterisation. They even forgot the dog. COMPLETELY. :(

      Oh well, Keg. <3

    • V says:

      And part of it is that companies are too cheap to shell out for more voice acting. Witness the completely silent squaddies in Mass Effect 2’s Overlord. It’ll probably be the same in Lair of the Shadow Broker.

    • Vinraith says:


      The two are connected, to some degree. Part of the reason you don’t see long, character driven RPG’s from AAA developers is because they feel the need to voice every scrap of dialogue and that makes the whole exercise impracitcal. Back in the days when all you had to do was write text, it was a lot easier to have tons of dialogue to match an 80 hour game, and provide the player with a huge diversity of choices, responses, and consequences. The high production values and voice acting inherent to this new generation of “cinematic” RPG’s that devs like Bioware are making simply disallow that kind of length and depth of choice.

    • Nick says:

      I actually liked the way they did it with, say, the first line voiced and then the rest you could read, it made you read it in their voice for a start.

      Ah well, even our protagonist has to have a voice now. I am starting to hate gaming.

    • Kadayi says:

      Seriously guys, the market for 120+ hour AAA games just isn’t there these days, especially if your looking to build a franchise. Its rare if ever that people will play the second of a series if they believe playing the first game is essential. You go down that route and you’re inviting diminishing returns. That’s why DA 2 doesn’t feature your DA:O character (plus let’s not get into the logistics). Most gamers have busy lives, so working through a time vampire game like Dragon Age is a major time commitment for a lot of people. If I’m lucky I might manage 2 – 3 hours gaming a night weekdays and maybe 8 – 12 hours at a weekend. I recently finished Dragon Age (clocking up about 140 hrs in total including some DLC), but I played it over several months on and off, in and around other things. Yet by most of my friends standards I’m viewed as a fairly committed gamer. A 40-50 Hour RPG is 2-3 weeks solid gaming for someone like myself and that’s plenty fine in terms of how much time I want to put into a title. Not everyone wants to poop sock their games.

    • Nick says:

      Yeah, but how about the fact games that you and other poor busy people (thanks for insinuating we have no life btw!) are a dime a dozen and Dragon Age was about the only potentially long form series from a previously specialised in that sort of game developer out there? Because you can’t find the time to play one of a very small amount of “long” games means no one should have the opportunity to? If games that take up lots of time aren’t popular why are MMOs so huge?

  13. Gritz says:

    Thank you Bioware for wrapping up MY WARDEN’s story so succinctly. I had originally been worried that my choices, decisions and character would carry over into future iterations of the series. It’s good to know that nothing I did in that game will have any meaning beyond the scope of a 2 hour DLC pack, and that the Dragon Age story from here on will follow the Hot-Rod Badass Hawke you created for me. You always did know best!

    It amazes me that a company that never misses an opportunity to bemoan that they made Throne of Bhaal an expansion instead of a full game is doing this.

  14. perilisk says:

    I wonder if a Warden with the Dalish origin will have a different experience of this DLC?

    • danarchist says:

      Even more curious if my female dalish elf that had the equal love mod and a thing with her will work =P

  15. Nick says:

    Your character’s storyline is not yet finished, please insert coin.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      But I didn’t die! I still have like three lives left!

  16. Rinox says:

    As I like Morrigan and her storyline (and since my character romanced her) I would be interested in this if it turned out to be pretty good. It’s just such a shame that you can’t buy it with regular monies and have to buy Bioware points or whatever they’re called. :-(

  17. bleeters says:

    Dalish sure do love touching magical, forboding mirrors don’t they? No wonder they’re on the verge of cultural extinction.

    Well, ho hum. I’ll no doubt tell myself that I’ll wait and see this time, given Dragon Age’s unbroken trend for pummeling dip-fed disappointment into my face ever since Origins was finished, and no doubt fail and buy it on release day anyway.

    Perhaps if I can finally put that tiresome wretch against a sword once and for all, all will be redeemed. Because yes, you heartless bitch, I am going to start rescuing kittens from trees next just to spite you.

  18. MooMooCachoo says:

    I hate games that have DLC, i do buy them, but never have i bought DLC that did not come with the package deal, IE: Dragon ages orgins.

    I can see 10-15 MAYBE even 20 for DLC, IF and only IF it is HOURS of enjoyment not 30 mins like most of them.

    Just another way to suck money out of players, ruin immersion, and destroy the art of making Video games. :'(

  19. MooMooCachoo says:

    *Addition to last post*

    Half-life 2 and Episodes that where basicially FULL GAMES, those where worth the money.

  20. whatisthisshitgoddamn says:

    Yeah, but that’s valve; they’re too awesome to be compared with other devs.

  21. Torqual says:

    Wow time to play roguelikes again.

    Have a nice dungeon crawl.

  22. neofit says:

    They better release them on Steam or, if on their site, start charging real money. I am not buying a larger amount of their bioware monopoly dollars.

    • neofit says:

      In response to my own post (how responsible is that?):
      I’ve just checked the Bioware site, and it is now possible to buy the exact amount of Bioware Points for almost all DLCs (which negates the need to make us buy Bioware Points and then buy something with them, but that’s another issue). DLCs cost 400 or 560 points, and it is possible to buy exactly these amounts, not only 500 pts or whatever it used to be a few months ago.

      Works for everything but their fluff Gifts and Pranks DLC, no way to buy 160 or 240 BPs .

    • Dean says:

      It was certainly possible to buy 560 points on launch (as I did it to get Warden’s Keep).

    • bleeters says:

      The amusing part being that whilst tthe Dragon Age site sells points in the exact amounts required, the Mass Effect site doesn’t, but the two use the same points system. It’s a little bizare.

  23. Subject 706 says:

    Those were wise words. Vinraith for president!

  24. Freddie says:

    Throne of Baal was THE BEST ever expansion pack man has ever seen!

    Nowehere else did you get to destroy an entire army just because you couldn’t be bothered to show a passport!

    Don’t dare to bismirch its name!

  25. Jan says:

    Anyone remeber what sten said . .he was going to go back to his homeland now that would be a fun adventure right there I think

  26. Klaus says:

    Would get if DA:O wouldn’t lag like crazy for me. Hell, I might get it anyways. Skipped Leliana’s nonsense and that golem nonsense.

  27. Dhatz says:

    same games should never be played. it was crime to develop cliche and obsolescense-ridden game as DA.

  28. akemichan88 says:


    In the case of 4 month old dark spawn


  29. bleeters says:

    Just to mention for the sake of mentioning, this is out now, and it’s actually really quite good. Quite suprising really.