Slam Shuffle: Doooors

Oh, this is taking me back. Indie browser game Doooors (courtesy of the Indie Games blog) is exactly the kind of taxing puzzle-platformer I used to scratch my tiny head over on the Amiga when I was a kid. If I wasn’t in Los Angeles on business, I’d be inclined to run out for some Wotsits and Opal Fruits. What did American kids snack on back in the 90s? Buttertufts and murder-soda, that’s my guess. Anyway Doooors sees you navigating your way to various crystals using collections of doors which link to one another but can be thrown around like objects. This makes it, mechanically at least, an almost perfect child of Portal and Braid. All the levels are unlocked from the start, too. Give it a go!


  1. AndrewC says:

    Big doors?

  2. Berzee says:

    Things I snacked on in the 90’s, when I was but an American lad:

    Fun Dips ( hard white candy stick that you lick and dip in what is basically pixie-stick powder )
    Ring Pops
    Nuclear Warheads ( best of the sour candies, at least in terms of convincingly fruit-like flavors, especially enjoyed the realistic watermelony watermelon )
    LEMONHEADS ( of which I would eat as many as were put in front of me )
    Nikl Nips ( tiny amounts of generic fruit drink in a wax bottle that you could bite through and chew on … why? )
    Anything with gel in the middle ( Gushers; Those Spearmint Gum Cubes )
    GATOR-GUM ( man! Gatorade made this gum and it was awesome, but they stopped making it after a short time … my mouth still waters and my jaw is actually hurting right now with longing, though it is probably more nostalgia than real goodness ).
    Those icees that come in a long plastic tube that has got sharp edges to cut the sides of your mouth
    Push-ups orange sherbet

    • Okami says:

      I’ve always wondered: What does Freedom taste like?

    • Matt says:

      Like a steak-cut fried potato.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      When you say “Push-ups orange sherbet” I imagine you doing push-ups with your face directly over a large mound of orange sherbet, which sounds like an appropriately American endeavour.

    • Berzee says:

      @Quintin — much as I wish I could affirm that, it’s just these: link to
      You push the stick up, and it moves the platform thereby pushing more sherbet out into the wild to be consumed. They’re delicious!

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      Sorry, Quinns, but most of America is just as fat and lazy as ever. The only reason we’re constantly spouting “we’re number one” is because the fat lazy people aren’t #1 in any other case, except for maybe obnoxious asshole contests.
      Oh and we wear flags on our pants. You just don’t want it bad enough.

  3. airtekh says:

    Can’t get any damn Opal Fruits anymore because they’re Starburst now.


  4. Matt says:

    Cheetos & Starburst?

    And Pixy Stix. Never forget Pixy Stix. It was the essence of childrens’ candy: sugar and artificial flavors.

  5. Tei says:

    It don’t work here. The flash don’t receive my keys.

  6. Ian says:

    Opal Fruits. :(

  7. Pani says:

    Wowzer those puzzles were fiendishly difficult, enough for my brain to start hurting and subsequently feeling like a big loser failure.

    • GibletHead2000 says:

      I concur. Stuck on level 2… *sigh* — maybe I’ve been working too hard today or something.

  8. sfury says:

    Let me attempt a KG heading for this…

    “Break on Through : Doooors”