With The Jetpacks And Stuff: Firefall

It’s late at night, and it seems the logical time for news of a free to play Tribes-alike shooter to appear in our inbox. It’s Firefall. It’s being shown at PAX. It’s got a beta sign up over on the official site. It’s being designed by veterans of Tribes and World Of Warcraft. It’s looking pretty good. There’s ten minutes of game footage embedded below. More on this soon, I am certain.

Oh, and watch the whole video. This one escalates.


  1. Howl says:

    Why do modern MMOs insist on 3rd person? It’s maddening. You can make your virtual world feel VAST with 1st person. It’s especially relevant now people are starting to kit out with 3 screens for PC gaming. You don’t need to zoom out to get a decent field of view now.

    • Dominic White says:

      You get a lot more awareness of scale and speed in third-person, as well as a wider field of view that would be afforded by peripheral vision, but can’t be done on a monitor in first person.

      I’d like to know when this crazy backlash against third-person cameras started. It seems to be only on a handfull of particularly old-school PC forums.

    • Freud says:

      It seems to be you have the option of choosing if you want to play in first or third person. So why would anyone have a problem with that?

    • pupsikaso says:

      The backwash is against the particular over-the-shoulder camera view that can be neither flipped (left side of screen, to right side of screen), nor changed to any other position (traditional behind-the-back camera view). It is uncomfortable, and often blocks off a large part of the view.

  2. Redford says:

    My first thought upon seeing this is “This game looks like what Global Agenda was trying to do in the first place.”

  3. pupsikaso says:

    Boy, doesn’t this look excitingly average?

  4. treat says:

    Giants is damn well due for a spiritual sequel. Get rid of these pansy voice actors and get some real hardened brits in there!

  5. Bremze says:

    … unless its co-op. Then the type of gamplay stays fun forever.

  6. The Snee says:

    I like video games.

  7. crash7800 says:

    While we’re excited for Legions and Tribes to come back (which they will!) the IA crew got a good look at Firefall at PAX and we were impressed! So while we agree that Tribes and Legions hold a special place in everyone’s hearts we’ve got a funny feeling that Firefall will soon have it’s own place too!

  8. WindowsGamer says:

    @crash7800 I’ve been looking forward to Legions since I heard about it – TribesNext has been an amazing gift to the T2 community, but it’s time a proper spiritual successor took up the mantle! I will likely be playing both Legions and Firefall :) Thanks for your hard work at IA, Crash! -Walker (@WindowsGamer)