Chime On Steam And We Have Some Codes

UPDATE: Codes sent out! Thanks for entering.

Codes for you! But only ten. We’re going to have to devise some manner of competition to distribute them in a useful way. Head below the click for details on that. But what is Chime? Well it’s a musical puzzle game where the levels are set to soundtracks by Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll, Moby, Philip Glass, Markus Schulz and in the PC version, Jonathan Coulton. It’s pretty compulsive, and it’s also been produced by the initiative OneBigGame, so a chunk of the price of the game goes to charity. Hurrah for mildly addictive gaming philanthropy. I’ll write some more about it later in the week, probably. Anyway, head below for that competition.

So then, let’s do a competition to get out some copies of Chime out into the wild. Send an email over to this address (and keep the tagline “Jingle Bells Is a Good Song” on there, or miss out) and tell us what tracks you would have included in the PC version of the game, if you had been in charge of the universe. The most amusing or appropriate answers, as judged by a node of the hivemind, will win a copy of the game. Simple procedures for simple men.

Also: see competition rules for, you know, the rules.


  1. Rosti says:

    Ohhh! Fun and games! Thanks Hivemind. Thivemind.

  2. Nosgoroth says:

    I expect the judging to be fair and just and not influenced by the whole ham I just sent you.

  3. Swanky says:

    I too hope the judges to be fair and expeditious and not all influenced by those photos I sent of me dressed as a zzzexy maid.

  4. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Bought it earlier and have completely wasted my day, well I say wasted what I really mean is had a hell of a lot of fun, love how on the Portal level you get weighted companion cubes once you get your multiplier to 17.

  5. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    I expect the judging to be unfair and completely based on the fact that I didn’t bribe you yet. At least everyone will know that some brave men stood up against the pressure to supply the RPS staff with food and imagery.

  6. tomwaitsfornoman says:

    I expect the judging to be fair and just and completely influenced by whoever makes the most Bowie references.

  7. Sam C. says:

    Amerikaners allowed?

  8. Toby says:

    Let’s hope I win this time. Woo!

  9. Araxiel says:

    I expect the judging to be fair and just and not influenced by the threaths of lighting your dog on fire I just added in the mail. Remember, if you listen to me and give me the prize you will be able to see Snuffels again.

    And if you don’t have any dog named Snuffels, then I will release him…after setting him on fire

  10. Retro says:

    I looked at the trailer on Steam and it was just about the most unhelpful trailer ever.. a couple of quotes, a few fast cuts of totally obsure action, end. I have no idea what this game is about, and there’s no demo.. meh

    • zak canard says:

      @Retro Think a cross between Lumines, Qix and Daedalian Opus for the Game Boy and you’re pretty much there.

    • Howl says:

      The trailer is a lie. It makes out that the game is all dreamy and ambient but it’s super stressful trying to juggle all this crap without leaving scrag ends that ruin your multiplier.

      S’good though.. and for charity.

  11. Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive says:


    If I don’t find one of the codes in my mailbox tomorrow (but, the more the merrier), I will never, ever again allow you to preview one of my games, not even Valhalla Chronicles 2 !

  12. Jymkata says:

    Bringing out the big guns;

  13. Soobe says:

    @Retro It’s 4 bones bro, surly you can afford that : )

    Also, how in the world did the guy fro the screen shot make it to that level. This games freakin’ tough after the second song.

    • John Peat says:

      Agreed on the 4 bones – it’s cheap and it’s amazing value.

      On the ‘difficult’ thing – to get to the next level you only need to get 50% coverage – if you’re not getting this, stop trying to build on the same areas and expand your horizons (as capturing coverage also extends your available time).

      On the 6 min game I got through every level (to 50%+) first time.

  14. bill says:


  15. Olli T. says:

    Aw, I already bought the damn thing. Played it way past bedtime, too!

  16. Nihilille says:

    So has this competition been abandoned or what, 14 days without any winners listed!