Drawn: Dark Flight Demo

The staring eyes of Ken Levine's evil step-brother

In the early days of the Earth, in 2009, Jim posted about a demo for a cute point and click adventure, Drawn: The Painted Tower. Now, in the space year 2010, a sequel has been released: Drawn: Dark Flight.

Once again the game takes a paper-craft view of the world, asking you to solve small puzzles and enter magical paintings, with the goal of rescuing a young girl called Iris. Light three beacons you must. What’s rather interesting about it is the paper-within-paper-within-paper design. There’s a unique logic to the world, where painted items become real, images on paper can be used as that which they represent, and items within paintings can be used in the world. If the world were made of paper, this would work, right? So it works.

Sadly, the demo comes inside Big Fish’s downloader nonsense, but it’s worth persisting, as it’s really quite lovely. Very easy – and if it’s still not easy enough there’s limitless clues available to keep you progressing – but utterly charming. Also sadly, the claimed 60 minutes offered isn’t quite what it appears. The game stops you as soon as you reach the entrance to the city, dumping you back to desktop, but letting you start over again if you wish. But I am now rather tempted to pay for the whole thing, and get the first game while I’m at it.


  1. Rinox says:

    Took me a while to realise that this wasn’t about Dragon Age 2. Scary Red Eyes!

  2. Matt says:

    Seems rather odd to offer a collector’s edition of a download-only title. Collect those special bits, I guess.

  3. Trip Skyway says:

    Gave up on this ever coming out, really liked the first one.

  4. Al3xand3r says:

    Don’t let the screen fool you, that’s just part of a puzzle… Overall the atmosphere created with the audio and visuals is like a dark fairy tale. The puzzles are mostly good. If one in particular pisses you off the game actually includes a hint system and on top of that allows you to skip a puzzle (after a while of being stuck), so the few bad here and there can be ignored. Why only 4 comments? Try these folks!