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Mass Effect 2 Statistics Are Properly Batshit

I made a lady Shephard. She fell in love with Garrus, then he was carried off by bees. True story.

Okay, so wrap your head around this. IGN have done a short feature where they talk to Bioware Executive Producer Casey Hudson about the studio’s stat harvesting in Mass Effect 2. For their part, Bioware have revealed some of those stats, and some of them are genuinely mad. More people chose the Soldier class for Shepherd than all the other classes combined. Players skipped an average of 15% of the game’s dialogue. Two PC owners finished their copies of the game 28 times.

Click through for the full list of stats, including some interesting differences between 360 and PC gamers.


33 hours average completion time? I finished my game in 24 hours, and I did almost all the side quests. What in the Hell were you lot doing?

In the article proper Casey states that 360 gamers did more of the crew loyalty missions, while PC gamers took longer to complete the game overall. Also, more PC gamers did Miranda’s loyalty mission, while more 360 gamers took an interest in cloned super-warrior Grunt. Maybe they mistook him for Marcus Fenix. Or maybe us lot are just more attracted to imaginary attractive Australians.

Casey also says some interesting things about using these stats in the article proper, but for anyone excited about Mass Effect 3 this is the key quote:

There was a great improvement in quality from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2, and that was without collecting this telemetry data. If this endeavor proves useful, we can expect great things from the final chapter in the trilogy.

Mm! I’m expecting some pretty great things myself, to the point where I’m a little sad that they’re only talking about this being a trilogy. Still, it’s not like games haven’t escaped their status as a trilogy in the past. C’mon, moneymen of the games industry. Don’t fail me now.

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