Abbreviation Blowout: ME2 & DA:O DLC

I've been attending the same photoshop night classes as Kieron. They're so cheap!

What would it be like if Dragon Age’s Morrigan and Mass Effect’s Liara T’Soni met? I fed that question into the RPS supercomputer and it spat out the above image. I don’t think it was trying very hard. Anyway as of yesterday both ladies have received their very own DLC, with DA’s Witch Hunt and ME2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker both available for download RIGHT NOW. Witch Hunt costs $7 and adds about an hour of play time (according to the Dragon Age wiki), while Lair of the Shadow Broker costs $10, lasts about two and a half hours and lets you have sex with Liara. One of these packs is a better deal than the other, I feel.


  1. R. says:

    LotSB was fantastic fun and cost me about as much as a couple of G&Ts (and lasted a lot longer too). In short, all the moaners suck elephant balls and have done nothing except reveal themselves to be the kind of miserable, cheap bastards who’d probably freeze to death rather than throw another piece of coal on the fire.

    That said, I have heard nothing but terrible things about all the DA:O DLC so I will concede they have a point as far as that is concerned.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      I’m not going to spend a whole piece of coal for a just few minutes warmth! What a rip off. I’d rather freeze.

  2. Ignorant Texan says:

    Gamersgate has ME2 for 50% today. Is there any additional content(non-fluff) as a reason to buy the Deluxe over the Regular edition?

  3. Selendor says:

    The fact that this ME2 DLC is reviewing so well is making it all the more annoying. Not only is it overpriced but from my point of view it is too canon to be ignored. I feel this should have been in Mass Effect 3 and not as an optional add-on.

    There are many players like me who have ditched Liara in ME2 because of her lackluster showing, the thinking being that Bioware would follow the same logic through to ME3 and make all of your ME2 choices (including romance) largely irrelevant. So having done that and completed ME2, to have Liara shoe-horned back into the story feels like a betrayal of Mass Effect 2 as a whole.

    I take the point that people want DLC that means something and is not just Horse Armour but this one goes too far for me. I suppose if its cheaper or in a collection later on and I want to replay the game before ME3 that might work…

    • akeripper says:

      but all the fem romance options in ME2 sucks, so stay faithful

  4. simonkaye says:

    Lair of the Shadow Broker was superb. The artistry of the *sky* around the titular lair was probably worth the two London pints it cost me to buy it all by itself.

    Really really good. Lots of great character moments, lots of varied combat and exciting scenarios. My only complaint is that I’m too slow for those QTEs in the cutscenes, and now I’m worried that I’ve missed something – but it doesn’t feel like it.

    Of course it’s worth ten bucks.

  5. Tobias says:

    So, Lair of the Shadow Broker was actually the first DLC I ever bought. I didn’t even bother with the previous paid ME2 DLC because their price/value ratio didn’t compute, i.e. value was zero, i.e. they sucked ass. (Even the free DLC did – it wasn’t even worth the time I spent playing it)

    But Shadow Broker is an entirely different beast. It’s a fantastic quest with lots of variety and spectacle, and it expands the ME2 experience and plot in a meaningful way – hell, it’s better than most of ME2 itself.

    It’s spending 7 € spent on a very entertaining evening. To me, that’s a pretty good deal.

  6. Xiru says:

    The dollar/hour crowd seems to totally forget about the fact that both DA:O and ME2 are timeless classics which you play more than once. They’re the kind of game you dust off two, five, ten years after release to relive the experience. These DLC not only justify their price through multiple playthroughs, but enhance the overall experience by making the world feel so much more complete.

  7. TheBlob says:

    I got about 7 hours out of mine so far. I also have 4 Shepards. The DLC is mine to play as many times as I want it. I dont play a game once and toss it like most humans.

  8. Abase says:

    Witch Hunt DLC suck (((

  9. Mikel says:

    Hey, all DLC for Mass Effect works on illegal versions. I know, because my roommate had a pirated version, and he poured money into it to buy all the DLC, and they ALL worked. Even the Cerberus Network ones. Calling it DRM really didn’t make any sense…

    And now that I’ve acquired and played The Shadow Broker, I am very happy. The longest quest segment by far. Nice visuals too (I’m talking about the environments). Totally worth it. The fact that I had some Bioware points left in my wallet made it nice and cheap for me, though.

  10. File-o-soft says:

    > What would it be like if Dragon Age’s Morrigan and Mass Effect’s Liara T’Soni met? I fed that question into the RPS supercomputer and it spat out the above image. I don’t think it was trying very hard.

    My usual computer have a other result : a blue mage

  11. Reality Check says:

    Here is a reality check for you all. You are complaining about price correct? Now lets look at the value per hour the average person will get. Having not yet touched both of these DLC’s, as Im working on a full on run through of both first as its been awhile since I played either. Lets presume you spend 30 hours on each, spent 50 dollars on the game, a further 15 dollars on DLC content, a total of 4 hours on the DLC content. so 65 dollars, 34 hours played time comes out to around $1.40 per hour of expense. Both of these games offer a good deal of re playability. Changing how you pick through each individual encounter, who you bring in your party. The class you play.

    In short Id guess the average person will spend over 70 hours played time in the game before they shelf it. Of it, Id guess 8 of it In DLC content, yes its overpriced compared to the original game. But, when you look at its value over the life of you playing and enjoying the content, a little over a buck an hour is cheep. Movies = 12ish dollars, plus that 10-20 dollars in junk, and you will get around 2.5 hours of entertainment. This comes out to around around 15 dollars per hour of entertainment.

    Now, you tell me that is over priced. No offense but take things into perspective. Its cheep entertainment, Someone put a fair bit of work into it. Servers are NOT free to maintain. Bandwidth, costs an arm and a leg when you get into what they are working with. Its a business, they are there to make a profit.

    Could it be cheaper, yes. Is it? No. Is it worth its value. Id say so. If you think it costs to much money. Don’t waist your time crying over it. Do not come here and pretend you know the costs of developing a game and maintaining it. Love what you have, but Do not make assumptions (such as its paid DRM) when you do not know the think tank behind the idea. Its for money, yes, is it to make our lives a pain, no. Does it, sadly yes. Would you Pirate the game if you could? Well, Im not going to guess on you people. But their are people who could and would.

  12. Dubba Dee says:

    dude you are completely right

  13. quin says:

    Sex with Liara?
    What if I’m a female Shephard?
    Wait, lemme get my wallet…

  14. Double Take says:

    @Reality Check:

    One should always purchase goods based on marginal value, not average value.

    To pose an extreme counter-example to the average-value model, consider a $1 piece of ME2 DLC (let’s call it “Sucker’s DLC”) that adds 1 second of gameplay. By the average-value model, that would be worth it. To use your numbers:

    65 dollars, 34 hours played time comes out to around $1.91/hr
    66 dollars, 34.0003 hours played time comes out to around $1.94/hr

    And I would definitely pay $1.94/hr for ME2, so I should buy the Sucker’s DLC, right?

    Your point about the relative value of DLC versus other forms of entertainment is valid, although it will not hold true for everyone as the cost and value of a cinema trip is subjective.

    I for one object not to the price but the fact that canon (and thus “necessary”, at least for us fans) content is distributed seperately. Someone said earlier that ME2 is the sort of game you might play again in 3, 5, 10 or more years time. I’d like to know that at that time I can just slip in my original installation disc, perhaps load up an emulator, and have all the canon necessary for a coherent run through the ME series right there, rather than needing to keep track of the various DLC packages that may no longer be obtainable through legal channels. When all this content is sold in dribs and drabs, I feel like I’m being played. (Cutely enough, from this point of view the release of “good” DLC is actually more frustrating than “bad” DLC.)

    Of course, that concern is even more subjective than Reality Check’s cinema argument, but it is a strong one for me all the same.

  15. hakunushi says:

    i got all me2 dlcs coz thats the best game i have right now… i got like 45 gams on my steam account, and ME2 is the second one i made the 75 hours of gameplay.

    kasumi is the best character to have on ur team coz she uses invisibility and drops most enemies to the ground, her mission is short but rly cool, u act as a secret agent on that one, showing us mass effect can also have that aspect…. besides that kasumi has opinions about lots of events in game so they had lots of work to do that, many many speech lines…

    zaed add a rly great mission and i got him for free wne i pre-purchased the game.

    the firecracker adds lots of missions and adds a controlable vehicle rly fun to operate.

    i got a explendid weapon…. the arc projector and a nice visor wich adds damage for sniping.

    the warlord had a great new effect in game and the story was rly great, and gives u more hints about whats cerberus is rly up to

    on the shadowbroker ur presented to a new kind of alien and u end up knowing lots of stuff about the galaxy and how it all works, and something rly cool… a terminal to reset the status of all crew members.

    mass effect 2 was the most expensive game production of all time and still they didnt charge us $59.99 they charged us the normal $49.99 and they lowed the price later while modern warfare 2 still 59.99 for a danm small game and the multiplayer is worst than bad company 2 coz the scenario isnt destructible and i played it only for 25 hours nothing near my 75 hours of mass effect and im still playing it. (i got 207 hours on left 4 dead and i payed only $49.99 for it)

    $10 for a amazing content and not just crappy maps(static maps, nothing to distroy) to play online. cmon, i work and i make enough money for my entertaiment.

  16. GakFace says:

    A few things.
    Firstly, complaining that the milk is overpriced is one thing, hanging around in the shop for others to show to complain to every single one of them… is something else.

    DLCs cost about 10 bucks. THAT is their going rate. This isn’t a new price model used by ME2. But further more, people keep talking about 2-3 hours isn’t worth their ten bucks? I take it none of you have gone to the movies recently? I’m spending 10 bucks BEFORE refreshments just to watch a movie.. a (hopefully) 2=3 hour movie.

    If you’re going to bring up the original game and talk about all the content.. instead of complaining about the ratio, why not THANK them for the more content per dollar ratio? IF DLCs tend to be close to 10 bucks regardless of the game and the DEVS started thinking about these ratios like you guys are doing….

    Add it up. If 2 hours = 10 bucks, and ME2 was what.. 50 bucks on release? Ten Hour Games are what your arguments are ALSO saying. I know a lot of people that say the game was worth far more than they paid for it, suddenly a DLC pops up and they’re getting more content for less than they feel the game was worth.

    Complain if you want, but telling people the milk is overpriced doesn’t mean the new customer suddenly won’t want it.