The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 43

Quinns trundles up to North London again to sit around our second-rate microphone and do another cast of pod. We talk about everything from Amnesia to Civ 5 to Starcraft 2 to answering your lot twitter questions. You can download it directly from here or subscribe to it by RSS with this. Abstractly you can subscribe onon iTunes here, but it appears to be broken now. Oh noes! A breakdown of what we cover follows…

00:00 Intro music! Borrowed from The Duloks. Hail the Duloks!
00:25 Kieron and Quinns have a little think about the time of a year on Mars.
02:30 Quinns has been off chatting to the Civ 5 developers and going from a mod-maker to a lead designer in 5 years.
04:30 And straight onto the game of the moment and Amnesia. Quinns reviewing it! Just buy it!
07:47 And a break in conversation into the use of the phrase “it appears” in pen and paper RPGs. Also, namechecking The Enemy Within and Knights of the Dinner table.
09:30 Back to Amnesia, with a couple of feature ideas Kieron has which he may or may not write. The functioning of fear! Re-inventing the adventure game! The developers’ enormous mighty balls. Also, other developers with mighty balls.
15:10 Quinns talks about Starcraft 2 and how he’s better at it than PC Gamer and how he’s going to keep that fact true by refusing to ever play him again. Kieron drags out his old Speedball II anecdote too. Again.
18:00 And how we’re looking forward to Ruse and its lack of DRM, despite having never played it.
19:37 And Chime! Including mocking bald-headed techno-men and discussion of Charity.
22:45 Onto Recettear which neither Quinns or Alec have played and/or can pronounce. Or spell. We don’t let these things get the way of actually talking about it. Capitalism ho!
28:10 We chew over the Mass Effect 2 stats and how many hits we got from it. Capitalism Ho! It soon segues into general wibbling about Mass Effect 2.
33:00 We try and talk about Dragon Age and totally fail. Sort of segues into a talk about what the nature of PC and console games. We are totally our comment thread.
36:50 “It’s not that PC Gamers fancy women – it’s Console gamers want to fuck lizards. You heard it here first”.
37:00 We move directly to you folk’s questions. We start off with Quinns’ revealing his lack of education and pretty much goes downhill from here. Kieron’s synopsis of The Tempest is equally laughable. As is his description of Tempest.
40:00 Why Solium Infernum is perfect to play in Winter.
41:30 Duke Nukem Forever (Inevitably).
43:57 Our memories of Armed Assault 2. Is it the best co-op game ever? Also, conversation segues to Soldner and the original Operation Flashback, inevitably falling into discussion of bugs.
48:50 We try and work out what the question “Is Duke Nukem a backwards step for the games industry” means and then move onto what Podcasts we listen to. Here’s Irrational Interviews which we chat about.
52:00 Ever fancy development? No, basically. And some fun stuff about why Firaxis believe programmer/designers are tops.
56:00 Why are gamers horrible misogynists?
57:50 Go Jokero! Go Jokero!
59:30 Does free-to-play mean the death of narrative? In short: no, probably. Leads to talk about how to make Mass Effect 2 work in a free-to-play model.
1:00:02 And we decide to shut the fuckit up.

You can also listen to it RIGHT HERE.


  1. RQH says:

    Apropos of nothing, I always see “You can also listen to it RIGHT HERE” and think “Hurrah! No waiting! No fiddling” and then promptly navigate away from the page less than 10 seconds in. Truly I am of the internet generation: lazy, and with no attention span to speak of.

  2. Justin Keverne says:

    Yay, just in time for me to listen to it while I clean the bathroom… Erm, it’s possible you didn’t really need to know that.

  3. Nallen says:

    What’s up with the iTunes problem? it messes with my mojo.

  4. oceanclub says:

    Is there a problem on iTunes only with the RPS podcast or podcasts in general? I’m wondering if it’s a coincidence that none of my subscriptions have updated since July.


    • Nallen says:

      My other subs are working fine…

    • stahlwerk says:

      iTunes – and by extension Steve Jobs – knows when you don’t listen to all the podcasts it downloads for you. It then simply stops looking for new episodes, because obviously you don’t care enough, anyway. You monster.

      I wish I was kidding.

      Click the exclamation mark next to the podcast name. If there is none, look on the podcasts store page if they actually put out new episodes you are missing.

      What? Can’t find the podcast page, because the direct link arrow to it has been removed from iTunes 10? DEAL WITH IT.

    • Justin Keverne says:

      Listing the genre as Avantgarde probably isn’t helping the iTunes issue.

    • somnolentsurfer says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s the feed that’ broken, and it would be in any player, iTunes or otherwise. The last episode was broken too, before iTunes 10 came out.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Why don’t you just use another RSS reader for your podacsts?
      Hell my Nokia phone can cope with a podcast feed, if your iCrap can’t cope with it just switch and think of the money you will save by not using an Apple product in the future.

    • Arthur Barnhouse says:

      Because iTunes is already integrated into the process I use now to download itunes. Hell, I found this website by finding their podcast in iTunes. I don’t think it’s an insane request that the most used podcast download tool work with their feed.

  5. Army of None says:

    Yessss. This’ll make studying for the O-chem test tomorrow much more enjoyable.

    • Jeremy says:

      I think you meant to say “tolerable” because, man. Tests.

  6. Skusey says:

    Yeah, why isn’t the last podcast gettable through iTunes yet? It’s no problem, just a bit odd. Anyway, thanks for doing this.

    • Thants says:

      It works if you add the RSS feed (link to to iTunes by hand.

    • Mr Ak says:

      Thank you, kind sir!

      If you don’t know how to do that, let me save you five seconds thinking. Top menu, advanced, subscribe to podcast, control v, done. It’ll list all the early episodes again in the player (while still showing the previously downloaded copes), but it didn’t make me download them.

    • AndrewC says:

      Which is all Harry Dean Stanton’s character ever said in Alien, and look what happened to him.

      Quinns, I’m blaming you for this.

  7. Aldrenean says:

    Warning: possibly very minor spoilers, but really nothing much at all.

    The Amnesia demo is NOT the whole game up to the end of the water monster. It’s the very first sequence, but shortened (you get the lantern earlier, etc.) Then you skip most of the first part, straight from the intro to the water monster, pretty much. It’s only about 20-30 minutes.

  8. Nallen says:

    I played with a female Shepard first in ME2. The voice acting is better! I also played soldier first because I knew what it was :) Vanguard is alot more fun though.

    • Hidden_7 says:

      Having played with both Shepard’s I would say that the main difference between the two voice actors is that the female is more emotive.

      For most people, that’s going to mean better. But it also strikes me as somewhat akin to calling someone who’s somewhat deadpan in real life bad at talking.

      Personally I found both actors pretty serviceable and thought that Jennifer Hale’s performance was not nearly as leaps and bounds ahead of Mark Meer’s as the consensus opinion / hype had led me to believe.

  9. stahlwerk says:

    Listeners! Does this splendid example of auditory entertainment contain (medium to major) spoilers about Mass Effect 2?

    Still waiting for the GOTY Edition steam sale. :-(

    • Hidden_7 says:

      Light to medium at most. It “spoils” the basic narrative structure, but no more than any advertising or reviews have.

  10. Markachy says:

    Sorry to give Mass Effect 2 more attention, but along the lines of what is said, I reckon most people chose soldier because of how well it was described in the class choice screen. Each class had a few lines of text describing it (which can be read on the mass effect wiki class info pages). Soldier basically says you are a badass with the best weapons and superfast reactions, adept says you can beat people “without firing a shot” (what a shit description considering what an adept can actually do, ie lob enemies half-way across the map, slamming them into walls etc etc WHILE shooting the crap out of them) and the engineer was even worse, something about a deployable drone. Yawn.

    I’d be very interested to see if the percentages would change if those descriptions were changed. It was fine for me because I’m a big ME fan, but for average joe, all the other classes sound shit.

  11. Xercies says:

    I really am despairing at Amnesia, that is one of my games ideas up there and now everyones talkign abotu ti so when i finally make my game everyone will think i’m a copycat. i want to burn them forever!

    • Hidden_7 says:

      Come up with a new idea, do it better than they did, or be content with the fact that they got there first.

  12. The Dark One says:

    When I tried the Curfew last week, it worked reasonably well. I had to restart the thing once, though, when a bunch of environmental sound effects got stuck playing, no matter what scene or bit of dialogue I was in.

    Also, those Warhammer orangutan things sound a whole lot like the Watchmakers in The Mote in God’s Eye.

  13. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Yay, Podcast! Thanks a bunch! Probably 12.

    Thanks 12,7!

  14. wiper says:

    Hurray, finally the podcast team works out how to deal with my unreadable Twitter username: don’t read it at all!

    But yeah, I guess (hope) that the seeming misogyny rampant in the online gaming community is largely down to outlying personality-types being over-represented.

    Also, this and John’s article have convinced me to play Amnesia. Despite the fact it will surely terrify me so much I won’t be able to get any way through it (assuming System Shock 2 and every horror movie ever made are anything to go on), and that I really can’t afford the sodding thing.

    *shakes fist*

  15. jarvoll says:

    I am the only one who is concerned that Quinns couldn’t pay his rent last [period]? Poor Quinns!

    This is my way of addressing two things from the podcast at once, as I’m showing that not all gamers vocal enough to comment are horrible and mysogynistic. Though of course women are mere objects, to be appreciated only for their provision of man’s two favourite things: boobs and titties.

  16. Schaulustiger says:

    Hooray, podcast time! And filled with stuff that interests me, too. Now off to make me a mug of coffee and listen to it.

  17. terry says:

    Whatever happened to the triumphant opening jingle :(

  18. Dante says:

    Shame it wasn’t live then, I would totally have voted to keep talking about Shakespeare.

    I’m an Othello fan myself.