Hang_ng T_ugh: Langman

This just reminds me of the Amstrad. DEATH TO THE AMSTRAD. SPEC-CHUMS FOREVER.

A Friday afternoon distraction here. Langman is really just a conceptually pure thing. It’s a unity-powered combination between the word-game hangman and a platformer, so you have to jump between the letters to select them. Fall to your death, and you lose a guess. Guess wrong and you lose a guess. Guess right, and you may add another guess. Battling against my (perhaps predictable) intrinsic dislike of word-games involving spelling, this managed to charm me with its Retro aesthetics and chiptune sounds, plus increasingly complicated levels. Cute. Play here or watch a trailer below…


  1. Quintin Smith says:

    This is rad potatoes. Especially the music.

  2. Skinlo says:

    Funner than I thought it would be, good game :)

  3. JimRyanor says:

    The second level became impossible for me as the blank square I started on ended up lodged on top of the letter I needed :(

    • JimRyanor says:

      And now I notice there’s a reset level button so I withdraw my complaint.

  4. Vague-rant says:

    I would’ve preferred a clearer font (might not have fit as well with the design though), but overall a nice game. Unfortunately I lacked the patience to finish it. In my defence, its not really fair when your main concern is finding a letter in the map rather than actually reaching it.

  5. Max says:

    Score: 63,496
    Guesses left: 5

    Wow. Those last two levels were frustratingly brutal. Clever idea, but it sucks when you screw up a block sliding puzzle and have to start the level over but with less guesses. I spent over 30 guesses on the second to last level because I kept getting stuck and had to start over.

    A suicide button would make the game a little nicer. It sucks the most when you’re trapped somewhere and can’t escape.

  6. Ehren says:

    @Max, thanks for the feedback. I agree: getting stuck is REALLY annoying. I’ve updated the second-to-last level to be less brutal.